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Last updated Tuesday October 23, 2018

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Telegram Crypto Group ORCA 2.0
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Version 2.0 of the Official ORCA Alliance project Telegram group

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  1. 2018-10-22 08:36:26

    Join our fresh Telegram group without bots and fake accounts! The new group comes with many awesome perks and features, you should definitely try it out.

  2. 2018-10-16 11:47:01

    Hey there, Orcans! The decision has been finally made and approved. We are proud to announce that the second round of ORCA ICO starts on October 29th - on the last Monday of the month. The Halloween this year is going to have a special ORCA vibe, so be sure to get your costumes in order before the big day. Don’t forget to ask your neighbors for trick or treat or ORCA tokens. 😉 If you’ve not whitelisted yet, be sure to do so before the start of the round. You can do it by visiting the ORCA Alliance website. Already confirmed whitelisters will be sent invite links to the cabinet before the sale starts. Whitelist for round II More specific information on round duration, hard cap, procedure, bonuses available and more will be announced during the upcoming days. You can highlight your calendars and circle round the date. We will publish all relevant information in our blog, Telegram group, and social media channels - we will make sure you won't miss it! On other relevant news: our CEO Natan participated in an online AMA session last Friday during which he and Adomas answered a multitude of community questions, talked about the upcoming equity round, PYGMY development and how the team is doing getting ready for the second round. You can find the video in the official ORCA Alliance Youtube channel. Feel free to review other videos as well - a lot of interesting material is located inside including clips with ORCA advisors, team members, and animated platform descriptions! View the video Those are the news for today. Stay tuned and we will provide you with all the details ASAP. 🔜

  3. 2018-10-10 06:58:57

    Dear Community members, Due to a huge success on the launch of our new Telegram group, we have decided to expand our interaction and will hold an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session this week. It will probably happen on Friday and we will announce the link to the live-stream here. We encourage you to think about what you'd like to ask us. The AMA will be hosted by ORCA CEO Natan, Gytis (Viziris) and Adomas. Maybe someone else from the team will join us, so if you would like to see someone or ask them questions - let us know :) Please leave your questions here: Cheers, family! ❤️

  4. 2018-10-09 09:29:56

    We are moving our Telegram group to ORCA 2.0 Make sure to join it. Please keep in mind that every user has to pass an authentication test or else will be kicked from the new group.

  5. 2018-10-04 11:43:55

    ORCA Telegram group is migrating! Message me for an invitation link or read the Medium article :)

  6. 2018-10-01 10:38:29

    Getting back from a short holiday we’re starting our week with some important stuff right away. We’re migrating our Telegram Group and setting up a new one which is significantly better, faster, stronger and more efficient than our last one. The decision of group migration has been approved for a number of reasons. First of all, due to the nature of Telegram coding, we suspect a significant number of accounts present in the legacy group might be bots. These accounts display peculiar inactivity in the group nor engage with other members, and may have compromising goals. These suspicious accounts were one of the reasons why we had to mute our group during the first hours of ORCA ICO Round I. What is more, our admins and moderators have faced multiple challenges when trying to set up moderation rights and implement automated services within the group. Inside the new group, we plan to initiate new measures oriented towards community building. The most appropriate news and announcements will be shared within the group, community support will be available 24/7 coupled with the most relative news, tweets, and articles coming from the crypto industry. To prevent issues that constituted problems in the legacy group, we will be initiating ‘prove you’re a person’ validation process similar to the CAPTCHA program you find in websites over the internet. The updated policy of the group is structured to prevent bot accounts from joining and staying present in the group. One more new implementation is that we will be awarding karma points to existing users for their active participation. Acquired points will be listed in group’s leaderboards and rankings. Community points will not only be earned through active chatting but also via engagement in weekly community activities. Other group members will have the option to dedicate points to each other based provided merits. For now, to get an invitation link, please contact @Adomass (admin of ORCA) The changes to be set up are a part of the iteration process in order to achieve higher efficiency and user satisfaction. We believe that Telegram group quality and its functions are an important asset of our project and we are continuously striving to achieve this goal. Be sure to check out our new Telegram Group and evaluate the changes for yourself. We are looking for feedback and are always open for suggestions on how to improve even more. See you inside ORCA 2.0

  7. 2018-09-24 13:27:58

    Good day everyone, We have some news to share with you all. So without further ado, let’s get on with it. ORCA community has spoken – showed overwhelming support regarding trademark opposition As you may be well aware a couple of months ago we received a trademark opposition from Allianz SE. To help formulate our action strategy and tactics, we wanted to consult with our community and came up with a survey poll for you to answer. The community has spoken and we want to share the results with you. Community opinion poll gathered information coming from community members of the ORCA Alliance. Majority of respondents (78%) answered that they are familiar with the Allianz brand, however, only 35% have actually used its services before. When asked if they think that ‘Allianz’ and ‘ORCA Alliance’ are similar trademarks the overwhelming majority (93%) said ‘No’. What is more, roughly the same amount of people responded they do not think that the financial services company ‘Allianz’ has the right to own all trademark claims including a general word like ‘Alliance’, nor do they think that it could cause confusion having these two brands coexist simultaneously. The most popular course of action suggested by the ORCA Alliance community (49%) was to bring this matter to the public and challenge Allianz’s opposition openly. We are extremely grateful for the support you showed us and promise to do our best to drive this issue to the most positive outcome. We will surely keep you informed if any major developments come up. Stay tuned! ORCA communication taking some rest Today is a bit different than any other Monday for ORCA communication team. We have spared the last week of September as days off. It has been almost a year since we started the ORCA project and we haven’t had any vacation yet. It’s no secret that good rest enhances productivity and that’s why we decided to give our crew some breathing space before we roll up our sleeves for Round II of ICO. Don’t you worry, the development is not stagnating – developers are not allowed to rest until they deliver on PYGMY. That’s why they’re still bashing their keyboards from 9 to 5 and more on a daily basis. If you still need some answers you can swing by our Telegram group and ask admins directly, they are on standby duty as well and will respond to any questions you may have ASAP. Starting next week we have some news and changes coming up so stay alert, keep an eye on ORCA and you’ll be delighted!rajkir You can feel confident that we will not let all ends loose this week and will check in periodically on the development progress our developers are achieving. And for you, see you early next week, we will be coming out with an announcement. Best regards, ORCA Alliance

  8. 2018-09-17 10:56:48

    Building an all-in-one tool for personal finance management is not as easy as it might sound. We are super happy that quite a lot has already been done. This is what ORCA did so far:

  9. 2018-09-14 09:53:02

    Dear ORCA people, please be extremely cautious and aware of fraud. The amount of scam nowadays is simply insane. We receive fake promotion offers every single day and we can only imagine how many fake accounts there are that impersonate ORCA team members. We will not contact you directly to sell tokens! ORCA ICO Round II did not start yet. If you receive a message from someone of ORCA team, please check the username very carefully and inform us here in the group immediately. The tactics of scammers usually follow a similar pattern, they set up a same profile picture and Telegram name, change/add/remove one letter from the username. It can be very hard to distinguish the fraud from the first sight, so please take your time and carry out proper investigation. We appreciate your interest and care for your funds, personal information and overall well-being, so we urge you to be extremely critical whenever having a contact with someone. It is very frustrating to be hurt by the scammers, so let's collectively do our best to avoid that scenario! We wish you a beautiful weekend. All the love from ORCA team, take care ❤️

  10. 2018-09-13 11:06:44

    Over the last few months we have gathered quite an alliance! Here is an incomplete list of our most successful partnerships - take a look! - ORCA Alliance sponsors EDHEC students association, a renowned French Business school with more than 8000 students, proposing a large panel of programs: from innovative Management courses, International Economics, while ranked #1 worldwide by the Financial Times in 2017 for its Masters of Finance programme. - Connect Capital - Blockchain Investment Fund Backs ORCA The financial backing of Connect Capital is an earnest testament to the potential of the ORCA project. - FundRequest Accepts ORCA’s Friend Request Our network keeps on expanding. After ongoing communication ORCA Alliance and FundRequest found multiple areas for mutual benefit. FundRequest is a decentralized platform for developers to collectively solve issues. It’s an open source marketplace where aspiring programmers — no matter how knowledgeable they are — can start working on blockchain projects, gain competence and get rewarded. - A Symbiosis: Trust Wallet and ORCA Trust is a mobile application which acts as an online wallet in sync with tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain. Trust Ethereum wallet also supports other two blockchains belonging to the Ethereum ecosystem — Ethereum Classic and Callisto. - Road to Security and Compliance: Partnership with Essentia Essentia is developing expertise in the field of identity application. A field which is becoming critically important while deploying any digital service into the market. Following recent data leaks by some of the largest social platforms in the world, the topic of data security and control is only going to escalate in the nearby future. To battle this lurking threat head-on, ORCA Alliance is teaming up with Essentia project. - ORCA platform secures first e-money institution for SEPA payments, partners with MisterTango EU-based fintech ORCA just signed a partnership with an e-money institution MisterTango making the first step into the world of payment processing. From now on ORCA, a platform bridging traditional banking and cryptocurrency services, will have the ability to develop solutions for SEPA payment account creation using technology utilized by MisterTango. - It’s a Fact: Setting Camp in S. Korea, Partnership with Factblock ORCA is making waves going into the Korean market. Multiple trips over the last couple of months starting to pay dividends. ORCA has established a partnership with Factblock — an information sharing platform connecting blockchain and crypto-related content from industry leading experts. - Tomochain and ORCA Alliance shake hands, begin working together ORCA Alliance, an Open Banking platform for technology-led personal finance pivots and relocates development plans to Tomochain. A technologically-advanced blockchain infrastructure fulfills multiple needs that ORCA can utilize during development. - Sending Money Home: New Partnership between ORCA Alliance and Sentbe ORCA Alliance is proud to unveil a new partnership with Sentbe, an online remittance company that is one of the fastest growing providers of the service in South Korea. This FinTech (Financial Technology) company is the leader in providing cheap and reliable financial services to the people in need and we are more than happy to announce that we will be integrating this solution-provider into our platform. Many more are still to come, many hands are still to be shaken. Interested in working with us? Let us know! EDHEC Sponsorship Connect Capital Backing FundRequest Partnership Trust Wallet Partnership Essentia Partnership MisterTango Partnership Factblock Partnership Tomochain Partnership Sentbe Partnership

  11. 2018-09-12 10:14:13

    Good news might not be only in the numbers ORCA believes that in order to achieve cryptocurrency mass adoption, safe and sustainable regulatory environment is one of the key ingredients. Building a platform that gives an actual use case is also just one of the ingredients, but not the whole thing. We need both. And we've been taking the initiative for a long time now, last December ORCA Alliance and delegates of various blockchain-based startups have gathered to the European Parliament to discuss the alternatives on how should Europe react to the ongoing boom of Cryptocurrencies. The event aimed at shedding light on the regulatory gaps existing in this domain including a lack of clear definitions and at trying to define the way forward. Without harmonized rules regarding cryptocurrency there is a risk of fragmentation and of double standards vis-à-vis other payment means that are extensively regulated both in terms of security, anti-money laundering and passporting, among others. At the same time, the industry believes it would be important to have some guidelines, if not a legislative framework, to make sure that these new means of payments are recognized as a legitimate tool. The cryptocurrency community awaits further guidance from decision-makers to make sure that they “tick the necessary boxes” and avoid ending up in a grey area from a legal perspective. We believe small steps like this do contribute to achieving the main goal of our mission. More events like this and soon we might just have what we all needed in the first place - a safe cryptocurrency market that is fully and transparently connected to fiat. Today, we have some good news The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has approved a draft of regulations governing Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), local media outlet WAM reported Sunday, September 9 citing government sources. The reported move comes in addition to lawmakers in the country adopting plans for a regulatory sandbox aimed at attracting greater fintech activity. “The sandbox will act as an environment that attracts innovators to test innovative products, services, solutions and business models in a controlled space,” a report from the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) published September 4 reads, adding: “This can be achieved by adopting an approach of relaxing and / or waving regulatory requirements for participants in the sandbox, while at the same time, ensuring that appropriate consumer protection safeguards are in place.” Once UAE starts to see real benefits from having a great regulatory system for ICOs and crypto in general (which I'm sure they will), the rest of the world might want to follow. Including Europe and hopefully regions that have a strict and sort of conservative view on cryptocurrency. Another small step towards mass adoption, hooray! Articles:

  12. 2018-09-11 10:15:01

    Hard Times - Tough Players Funding for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) has seen its hardest slump in 16 months, Bloomberg reported September 10. Analysis from Autonomous Research shows that in August, startups raised $326 million, which is the smallest amount since May 2017. Cointelegraph article And despite that we have successfully reached the cap of the early round and raised $1,500,000 USD. It took us 50 hours to do it and tokens have been distributed. A total of 33,052,748.9 tokens have been sold. Good mood, better start: Early round cap reached in 50 hours No doubt the second round will be just as exciting (if not more) as the first one. Register for the whitelist and secure 10% bonus

  13. 2018-09-10 10:11:33

    Cash-strapped millionaires: Ideas on how to manage your money digitally This guide will seek to show newcomers the often unexplored potential of managing money online. Perhaps the old-dog will also learn a few tricks for his next trip to the digital clouds. And if you get intrigued by these tips and want to instantly take advantage of them, ORCA Alliance is one of the most reliable platforms that can cover your needs. Visit here:

  14. 2018-09-06 15:00:11

    BOOM! Another, long waited ORCA quiz is here! Completing it without mistakes will grant you 25 ORCA Tokens, so don't miss the chance :) @MenjoXD just as promised, exclusively on your demand <3

  15. 2018-08-23 07:27:54

    The Storm Will Pass: ORCA Crowdfunding Round II will be Rescheduled We have successfully ended the early round closing the it in 50 hours a week ago raising $1.5 M. After that it took no more than 2 days and the cryptocurrency market started slumping down drastically. Not wanting to shoot ourselves in the leg, the ORCA crowdfunding round II will be rescheduled from August 27th until the month of October (exact date to be published at a later stage), in order to strive for best results and not trap the killer-whale in a perilous storm and ride out strong from hiding with the crypto bulls. We don’t feel there’s urgency to rush anywhere neither from our community nor from our advisers or partners. Currently, major crypto-news sources are reporting that Initial coin offering (ICO) market is in downturn. That is understandable, as July has not been great, in terms of funds collected by the firms conducting Initial Coin Offerings. However, there is no reason to ring the tower bells just yet. These effects are mostly seasonal (July of last year has been just bad in comparison with other months) while the overall market is set on a tall, upwards-pointing curve. Over $20bn has already been invested into cryptocurrencies and ICOs since the start of 2016, according to CoinDesk. Overview of the essence Many ICOs disappoint their supporters by never releasing their products to the market. And that’s what we want to change - come out for Round II with a working and usable product version. At ORCA we want to stand out from the crowd. Thus, it only seems fair to start the second round of crowdfunding with the better-than-ever, updated version of the initial PYGMY platform, which is currently being refashioned by our team of dedicated developers. During the first round we have collected more than $1.5m in 50 hours, which is more than enough to release the first version of the platform to the public. We hope that this will clear all doubts about ORCA’s ability to deliver results and offer sustainable products to those, who choose to support us. Swim, little fish, swim Apart from being free of charge, PYGMY, the portfolio tracking tool, will solve multiple issues ravaging the crypto-community. It is revoliutonary in numerous ways. Crypto traders often get frustrated as they are maintaining active accounts on several cryptocurrency exchanges. PYGMY will aggregate the data from the top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges so you will be able to gauge your true exposure on a single screen. Moreover, the product won‘t require manual updates, which is a major drawback of many such tools found on app stores. PYGMY will contantly update the informaton of your crypto assets, displaying everything in a real-time feed. During the first round of our crowdfunding we have collected more than $1.5m in 50 hours, which is more than enough to release the first version of the platform to the public.   Arguably, the most awaited superpower of PYGMY is the use of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) which allow easy connections to  different accounts. When users exchange assets or invest into other coins, the values and portfolio structure will automatically update in PYGMY dashboard. Users will no longer have to input trades by hand, saving them from maddening headaches, which is always a plus.  It’s always more fun together More new features have been made possible because of our new partnerships. Our colleagues at MisterTango have agreed to see their payment interface integrated into the PYGMY platform meaning that as a user, you will be able to monitor not only your crypto, but also fiat holdings. Out new friends at Sentbe, an online remittance company in South Korea, will also see their product integrated into PYGMY platform, offering ORCA users access to its services. Numerous new features await in the updated version of PYGMY. And we will be releasing it together with the start of the second round of crowdfunding in the month of October.

  16. 2018-08-21 09:49:14

    What's the difference between ORCA and NASA? ORCA will actually go to the Moon! 🚀 Instant crypto to fiat withdrawal

  17. 2018-08-13 16:46:05

    ORCA ICO Round II will start on 27th of August GRAB THAT 10% BONUS ORCA ICO info: - 42% of the tokens are to be sold during the ICO - ORCA Token (ORCA) is an Ethereum-based ERC-777 token - First round of the ICO is hardcapped and closed - Price of 1 ORCA Token - $0.06 - ETH pegged at $500 ORCA admins will NEVER contact you to sell tokens. We are not accepting contributions at this time. During the second round, all contributions have to be made through our cabinet. Please be very caferul, there are hundreds of scammers. GROUP RULES Don't spam Be polite and constructive Don't be rude Respect fellow community members Try to keep the conversation meaningful Obey admins Start a topic Have fun List of official ORCA admins: @Adomass @EnchStyle @Allewds @RajkiranSingh @Viziris @dodovano_ORCA @natanav @Sleepyforages @Vachtangas @Kotryna_ORCA For marketing matters, please contact General questions at Take care ❤️

  18. 2018-08-10 09:42:04

    We have successfully closed the first round of ORCA ICO and reached round hardcap in 50 hours. Round II will start on 27th of August GRAB THAT 10% BONUS ORCA ICO info: - 42% of the tokens are to be sold during the ICO - ORCA Token (ORCA) is an Ethereum-based ERC-777 token - First round of the ICO is hardcapped and closed - Price of 1 ORCA Token - $0.06 - ETH pegged at $500 Whitepaper Presentation Team Token Roadmap ⚠️ORCA admins will NEVER contact you to sell tokens. ❗️We are not accepting contributions at this time. During the second round, all contributions have to be made through our cabinet. Please be very caferul, there are hundreds of scammers. List of official ORCA admins: @Adomass @EnchStyle @Allewds @RajkiranSingh @Viziris @dodovano_ORCA @natanav @Sleepyforages @Vachtangas @Kotryna_ORCA For marketing matters, please contact General questions at Take care ❤️

  19. 2018-08-09 22:10:55

    Don’t miss the second round! Register at

  20. 2018-08-07 13:12:05

    ORCA ICO is live! Log in to your cabinet for quick and easy participation :) ONLY CONTRIBUTE THROUGH THE CABINET

  21. 2018-08-06 16:10:58

    Dear Community, We have opened a support group for ORCA ICO, please contact one of the admins to get an invitation link. BEWARE OF SCAM and ONLY CONTRIBUTE THROUGH OUR CABINET ORCA ICO | Round I Duration: August 6th 9 AM GMT - August 13th 9 AM GMT or until the cap is reached Cap: $1,500,000 Bonus: 20% KYC verification: mandatory First 48 hours are closed only to members whitelisted until August 6th How to participate: Login to ICO cabinet through a link sent to your email. All emails have been sent. If you haven’t received your email, please contact one of our admins: Support: @Adomass @EnchStyle @RajkiranSingh @Allewds @Viziris @cryptowaton @dodovano_ORCA @Kotryna_ORCA Lead team: @natanav @Sleepyforages @Vachtangas Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, TOMO Min. contribution: 0.1 ETH ETH pledged to: 500 USD Gas: 110000 Remember that contributions to ORCA ICO should ONLY be made through our cabinet. We will not contact you to sell tokens, so please be very careful to avoid scam.

  22. 2018-08-02 07:34:31

    Early whitelisters' round of ORCA is oversubscribed! Congratulations for those who made it. Newcomers are still able to register for the next round. Check out the full factsheet. Important info inside. ORCA FACTSHEET

  23. 2018-08-01 21:33:19

    ORCA ICO starts on 6th of August, 9:00 GMT. ✅Register for 10% bonus now! ✅ Check our article to learn about the ICO process! Quick facts: • ORCA token (ORCA) is an Ethereum based ERC-777 token. • Total supply: 460.000.000 • Available for ICO: 42% • Softcap: Reached • Hardcap: 9.8M USD • Token price: 0.06$ USD • Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, TOMO We welcome you to register for early testing of PYGMY! ORCA News channel ORCA Token WHITEPAPER PRESENTATION ORCA AI Crypto to Fiat in 6 seconds You can find ORCA Alliance on all major social media channels, make sure to check us out! ORCA TEAM MEMBERS WILL NOT CONTACT YOU DIRECTLY OR PUBLICLY TO SELL TOKENS Trust ONLY ORCA admins: @Adomass - Adomas @RajkiranSingh - Rajkiran @Allewds - Ludovic @EnchStyle - Artur @cryptoangel01 - Victor @Viziris - Gytis @natanav - Natan @Sleepyforages - Dmitrij @Vachtangas - Vachtangas [Private Sale] @Dodovano_ORCA - Dominykas If you are interested in the private sale, please contact Vachtangas. Stay safe ❤️

  24. 2018-08-01 10:40:28

    Our partner Trust Wallet has been acquired by Binance. It's a big day and we want to extend our congratulations. It's the first public acquisition coming from Binance ever. What a happy day! I guess you understand how important that is and how much legitimacy it gives!

  25. 2018-07-31 20:00:12

    Be smart - use ORCA Make sure to secure your spot for the 20% bonus by whitelisting REGISTER HERE

  26. 2018-07-19 15:09:38

    20% BONUS ORCA ICO starts on 6th of August, 9:00 GMT We welcome you to register for early testing of PYGMY! ORCA News channel ORCA Token ICO info • 60% of total ORCA tokens will be on sale. • ORCA token (ORCA) is an Ethereum based ERC-777 token. • Token supply - 460,000,000 - is final and new tokens will not be issued in the future (single issue). • Price of 1 ORCA when the public sale starts - $0.06. • Decimals = 18. WHITEPAPER PRESENTATION ORCA AI Crypto to Fiat in 6 seconds You can find ORCA Alliance on all major social media channels, make sure to check us out! ORCA TEAM MEMBERS WILL NOT CONTACT YOU DIRECTLY OR PUBLICLY TO SELL TOKENS Trust ONLY ORCA admins: @Adomass - Adomas @RajkiranSingh - Rajkiran @Allewds - Ludovic @EnchStyle - Artur @cryptoangel01 - Victor @Viziris - Gytis @natanav - Natan @Sleepyforages - Dmitrij @Vachtangas - Vachtangas [Private Sale] @Dodovano_ORCA - Dominykas If you are interested in the private sale, please contact Vachtangas. Stay safe ❤️