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Last updated Sunday April 18, 2021

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  1. 2018-07-14 09:46:33

    /commands 1/ Public commands /all — show all fiat coins /Mcap — show market cap /Mcap [coin_symbol] — show the coin in market cap /Event 10 — show all events for the next 10 days /Event [coin_symbol] — show coin’s upcoming events /exdiff : Check the price difference among exchanges /btc [coin_symbol] — show the coin’s price in BTC base /usd [coin_symbol] — show the coin’s price in USD base /eth [coin_symbol] — show the coin’s price in ETH base /fav — show your favorite coins /favadd [coin_symbol] — add new coin to your favorties /favdel [coin_symbol] — remove coin from your favorites /alarm [btc|eth|usdt] [coin_symbol] [value] — alert specific value of coin /top — view top coins 2/ Private commands /Config — select trading platform /balance — check your account balances /myorders — show your open orders /history [coin_symbol] [number_of_entries] — show trade history of one coin /buy [btc|usd|eth][coin_symbol] [quantity] [price] — place a buy order in Bittrex/Binance/Houbi /sell [btc|usd|eth][coin_symbol] [quantity] [price] — place a sell order in Bittrex/Binance/Houbi /bttrade [coin_symbol] [% quantity] [price] [price] Place a oder for stoploss and takeprofit You can access this article ( to view the comprehensive guide of how to use ArenaBot Or join this tutorial channel