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Last updated Monday September 21, 2020

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Telegram Crypto Group AgentMile
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The world's first decentralized commercial real estate marketplace -

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over 2 years AGO
  1. 2018-05-16 07:02:18

    📌Welcome to the AgentMIle ESTATE Token Sale📌 [Token Pre-sale 1st August - 15th September // Token Sale 15th September - 17th November] 📝 Sign up now to get exclusive bonuses during our pre-sale which starts on August 1st! 🕑 SIGN UP - ====================================================== ⚡️Latest News:⚡️ AgentMile signs MoU with OmiseGO confirming its intent to implement the OMG Network AgentMile Goes DAICO in Partnership with OpenLedger AgentMile Becomes 5th Largest Telegram Group with 61.3K Members and Counting! ====================================================== Beware of spammers and scammers! We will never ask you to purchase tokens via private message. All token purchases are made through our official website only. Scammers might use the same name and profile pictures of AgentMile admins and will firstly greet you with a friendly message via PM, then run! Please report any such incidents in our Telegram group. OFFICIAL WEBSITES Our Telegram admins: Wladimir - @wladimirbr Philip - @philipdimitrov Angel Luis - @gelit0 Denis - @iam_that Alex - @aorfevrebr Ira - @IraChopovska Alex - @alex_cs Nikola - @nikolasavov Kaloyan - @ClarenceCarter Important AgentMile links: Official Website White Paper Lite Paper One Pager Presentation Telegram: AgentMile (Official) AgentMile (Announcements) AgentMile (Translations) Social Channels: Medium Twitter Facebook Instagram Reddit GitHub VK LinkedIn YouTube Bounty & Referrals Stakes Bounty Translation Bounty Referral Program Bitcointalk: English Russian Japanese French - Bounty Spanish - Bounty Korean - Bounty Filipino - Bounty Hindi - Bounty Turkish - Bounty Croatian - Bounty Vietnamese - Bounty