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Last updated Saturday January 23, 2021

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Welcome to @ICOTOP_English🇬🇧

One of the largest, multinational crypto-community!

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  1. 2019-12-01 19:02:19

    In the Monero network, a hard fork took place to activate the PoW RandomX algorithm in order to combat hidden mining.

  2. 2019-07-23 08:09:52

    ​​BitMEX Customers Withdraw $85 Million Following CTFC Investigation🔥 In the wake of the news that the Commodity Futures and Trading Commission (CFTC) is investigating BitMEX due to suspicion of illegally offering trading to the U.S. citizens, users of the popular Bitcoin derivatives exchange have withdrawn almost $85 million, the highest amount among other leading exchanges. According to data provided by TokenAnalyst, BitMEX saw $85 million in withdrawals compared to $54 million withdrawn from Binance and $52 million withdrawn from Bitstamp. While Binance and Bitstamp number smight also seem quite high, both exchanges saw relatively equal amounts of deposits while BitMEX only saw $12 million deposited. The most likely reason for the customers to start moving out their funds from BitMEX is the recent news that the CFTC has set up an investigation against the margin trading platform for letting U.S. residents trade on the venue. The news appeared in brief on Bloomberg Terminal on Friday. That was soon followed by a report from Bloomberg citing sources familiar with the matter. Bloomberg said the CFTC investigation is “ongoing” and may not lead to misconduct allegations though. The CFTC considers cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin commodities and has jurisdiction over derivatives such as futures based on cryptos. As such, BitMEX would need to be registered with the agency to allow the U.S. customers to trade such products. The CEO of BitMEX Arthur Hayes in an interview in January said that the exchange does not encourage customers who go against company guidelines. Therefore, U.S. residents had been blocked from accessing exchange. This could mean that that some customers used software that hides location to bypass the barrier.

  3. 2019-06-10 15:57:26

    🚀Hi & a warm WELCOME to our chat to those of you just joining! 🚀 100 000 💰 will be allocated to the Bounty Campaign.TAN tokens are getting listed on an exchange! Taklimakan Network is a blockchain platform that aims to bring together financial analysts, crypto enthusiasts, and traders into a community. This allows you to improve your investment literacy and personal capital. Watch explainer video about our project: This telegram is about our Taklimakan Network. ‼️The Bounty program starts on the 3rd June 2019 and ends on the September 9th 2019 ‼️ More info: ❗️ General rules❗️ All bounty participants are required: 1. To register on the platforms Taklimakan Network - 2. To join Taklimakan Network telegram group - 3. To subscribe our Facebook - and Twitter - 4. One participant can receive the maximum number of tokens with an equivalent of $ 1000. More rules https: Any questions? join our Bounty Support group -

  4. 2019-03-21 14:57:34

    ​​❤️Blockchain Life 2019 is revealing its agenda: ❤️ Blockchain Life 2019 is a series of top companies' keynotes; sections on cryptotrading, insights of global funds, cryptoexchanges and ICOs/STOs/IEOs, blockchain implementation in real business; a StartUp Pitch and a Blockchain Life Awards. Forum is also accompanied by a range of after parties and side events. Top Companies: ICO-TOP, Listing.Help, CoinMarketCap, KuCoin, Cointelegraph, Draper Associates, BitForex, Neo, Nem, BitBlock Capital, IvoryBay Capital, Gravitas Holding, InfiniVision, Jets Capital and other prominent speakers are coming to Blockchain Life 2019. Join! @blockchainlife

  5. 2019-03-05 06:15:11

    ​​​​Who Wants to Be a COINALL-inaire | To win US$ 100,000 bonus A crypto-edition of the world-famous quiz show, Who Wants to Be a COINALL-inaire is presented by CoinAll( and our listed project teams to give away big prizes to crypto pantomaths. There are two sessions in this round, with 10 questions in each session. Contestants need to answer each question within 15 seconds. One can move on to the next question after answering one correctly. At the 8th or 9th question, the contestant may opt to quit and take away the corresponding prize (equally share with others 5% of the prize pool if quitting at question 8, 10% at question 9), or to game on to win a bigger prize. Contestants who answer all questions correctly can equally share 85% of the prize pool and are eligible to join CoinAll's think tank and be our business and marketing gurus in the future. Date & Time: March 8, 2019, 11:00 HKT. Beginners Session - US$ 20,000 Bonus March 8, 2019, 22:00 HKT. Masters Session - US$ 80,000 Bonus You may also join the "CoinAll Official English Group" on Telegram and watch the live streaming of the game. Before the game starts, some tips will be given in the group! Challenge yourself on your blockchain and digital asset knowledge and win a big prize here!

  6. 2019-02-25 21:48:03

    ​​A bit of humor: *This made my day* 😂😂😂

  7. 2019-02-21 13:48:21

    ​​🙌CoinMarketCap, NEO Singapore, BitForex, AKG Venture BitBlock Capital to speak at Blockchain Life 2019 forum in Singapore this April 23-24🙌 Join Blockchain Life 2019 at Marina Bay on April 23-24 to see CEOs and Founders of NEO Singapore, BitForex, AKG Venture BitBlock Capital and to see CoinMarketCap's exclusive performance. More prominent speakers are revealed every new week, don't miss out the news and the Forum itself! Join @blockchainlife to stay tuned! Representatives of ICO-TOP will also be on the forum, join guys 😊

  8. 2019-02-05 13:23:38

    ​​💥ICO-TOP to partner with Blockchain Life 2019 💥 🔥Blockchain Life 2019 - is one of the hottest upcoming events this year and ICO-TOP is happy to partner with it🔥 Blockchain Life 2019 - a 3d edition of a significant global forum on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency organized by Listing.Help - comes to Singapore this April 23-24. 🖲Forum’s Tracks 🖲 Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, StartUps and Mining 🤘Who will be there🤘 Crypto Enthusiasts, Investors, Business Owners, StartUps, Miners, Developers 💰Why attend💰 Learn about all possible ways of earning money and creating projects in the crypto and blockchain industry and grow your network 🤔Where & When🤔 April 23-24, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Get your Early Bird ticket from $149: Find more details Join Blockchain Life 2019’s Telegram Chat Contact

  9. 2019-01-06 15:29:13

    Cryptoprofile's Public ICO Pre-sale is now on! Do not miss this golden opportunity to purchase CP token at a very attractive 50% discounted price for only $0.05 per token. Cryptoprofile's ICO Ratings on ICOmarks 8.3 : Cryptoprofile's ICO Ratings on ICOholder 4.03 : Cryptoprofile's ICO Ratings on Cryptototem 8.8 : Cryptoprofile's ICO Ratings on TrackICO 4.7 : More ratings to come. Link to purchase CP token: Watch our explainer video to understand what is Cryptoprofile ICO is all about and why it may worth as much as Ethereum! Watch on Youtube: 🚀The "Empowering a blockchain revolution towards a safer ICO ecosystem" Crypto Community CryptoProfile🚀 Cryptoprofile ICO website: Cryptoprofile product: Instagram: Reddit: Twitter: Linkedin: Medium: Slack: https.// Github: BitCoinTalk Link 1: BitCoinTalk Link 2:

  10. 2018-12-29 15:24:30

    🚀The "Empowering a blockchain revolution towards a safer ICO ecosystem" Crypto Community CryptoProfile🚀 ⁉️What is CryptoProfile⁉️ 🔍CryptoProfile Is a Singapore Based Snapshot Information Website. It combines Google's simple search function and Yahoo's comprehensive database to provide the most accurate snapshot for each crypto token. 📍Why CryptoProfile📍 Cryptoprofile Initial Community Offering Explainer Video Youtube Link : 💬CP believes in the importance of credible ICO projects. All ICO Projects will be check and research thoroughly before we accept them as our clients. We offer our clients 100% return of all profits through marketing and also a 6-month return on the original value of tokens invested through a smart contract . Moreover, token holders are guaranteed maximum value through airdrop marketing. ⚡️Solutions⚡️ 🔹Super big airdrop machine. 🔺Full-service ICO project management. ✍🏼Transparency and trust-based solutions. 🔥Efficient bounty program integration. 🔔Proof of community on blockchain. ⚠️Strenghts⚠️ 💡We deliver business and financial information, news and insights to crypto enthusiasts around the world. 👩🏻‍💻CryptoProfile balances the interaction between its website and the social web to broaden reach. 💥Benefits💥 📮Knowledge base. 🔉Airdrops. ⏳Bounties. 🔸Full-service ICO promotion. 📎Investment opportunities. Cryptoprofile ICO website: Cryptoprofile product: Instagram: Facebook : Reddit : Twitter : Linkedin : Medium : Slack: Github: BitCoinTalk Link 1: BitCoinTalk Link 2:

  11. 2018-12-28 11:16:43

    🔥Do you like taxi Uber? This is a cool project, right?🔥 🔔We want to be Uber in the Beauty and Wellness industry. ⚠️The main goals of The Joy are to⚠️ 📌Help every single customer have a convenient, profitable way of ordering wellness and beauty services; 👩🏻‍💻Make logistics and financial planning simpler and cheaper for every practitioner and salon owner; 📮 Increase brand awareness and business efficiency along with providing new marketing channels; ⏳ Provide access to an innovative advertising platform and increase one’s sales with The Joy. 💡Using The Joy app consumers can book practitioners to any place or make instant appointments at a nearby salon or spa. The app runs on the blockchain. ✔️The Joy app is available for download ✔️Softcap: $2,100,000 (❗️reached❗️) 🔍Learn more about The Joy project and ICO in the group 👉

  12. 2018-11-26 16:41:25

    Hey! Our friends from HUMANS are going for a Token Sale! They will start selling the Humans GEN token from the New Year, but now they are giving away bonuses to all early bird sign-ups. 💡Accredited investors are already capable to participate in tokensale according to SAFT agreement. HUMANS is a project that combines humanization, technology (Blockchain and AI) and social networking for evolutionized approach of communication design in one platform. Visit their Official @humans_net Telegram Group and get a unique code for 25% bonus for your first purchase.

  13. 2018-11-13 22:49:07

    ​​​​🚀Decentralized Trading on Metamorph.Pro🚀 ⁉️What is MetaMorph⁉️ ⭐️MetaMorph is a decentralized all-in-one cryptocurrency platform that makes it easy, fast and inexpensive to trade cryptocurrencies. 🔎7 Benefits of Decentralized Trading on Metamorph.Pro🔎 📌Control Of Your Funds Stays With You 💡Security from Theft 🔺Low Exchange Fees ✔️Higher Liquidity 🔑Privacy & Identity Protection 💣 No Withdrawal Limits or Delays ⚠️More Currency Trade Options ⁉️Why invest in and hold METM⁉️ ⚡️METM can be used the same way as many other exchange-bound cryptocurrencies (see Binance, Huobi etc.) and lowers the fees when trading. Holders of more than 1000 METM are given greater discount on trades. Premium features are currently being developed for holders of more than 10000 METM. 💣Summary💣 🚨With Metamorph.Pro you remain in full control of your coins while keeping your privacy. Servers do not store assets which means 100% safe trading from peer-to-peer. Simply connect your wallet and you are ready to trade within moments. See: how to use the platform 👀 🔹Website: 🔹Telegram: 🔹Facebook: 🔹Twitter: 🔹Medium:

  14. 2018-11-12 22:24:31

    ​​🚀EndChain Patent-Pending Company Ending Counterfeits and Logistical Complications 🔥ICO starts in December! Official site: 🌟Investing in is investing in a complete logistical solution for all markets and supply chains! 📣 ICO from December 2018 to January 2019 💼With representatives from: - Huawei Cloud Data Center - Audi/VW - CIMIC Group - Activision Blizzard - Montebay Capital - Lalamove 🔑 Key Features: - Patent-pending integrated QR code and barcode solution - Cost-effective logistics - Burning tokens based on our revenue percentage for long-term token price growth - Self-correcting token system 💯 Patent pending company 🔗 MVP complete 💻 400 github commits 🏭 Chinese factory partner 💰 $4 million soft cap 📈 Strong tokenomics and unique price regulation system 💬 Channel ⚡️ Channel bounty 🔥 $975,000 Bounty Program 📖 BITCOIN NEWS: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Telegram: Bounty Campaign:

  15. 2018-10-31 09:33:37

    ​​🚀CDRX SMARTDROP CAMPAIGN🚀 💣A total of 750.000 tokens (with an equivalent value, based on current Ether value, of $375.000) will be allocated to the SmartDrop. ⚡️This will be a staged reward for TOKEN PURCHASERS. 🔈Only one purchase per person. ⚠️CDRX Smartdrop Campaign requires KYC and minimum investment of 1 token. 🔺General rules🔺 1. The Smartdrop Manager and the Team reserve their right to make changes to the terms in any moment (except the allocation). 2. Payment addresses will NOT be changed after submission. 3. Any kind of offensive or inadequate behaviour when promoting CDRX will result in immediate disqualification from the rewards campaign. 4. Managers/Team decisions are final. 5. People who fail to pass KYC will not receive any tokens at the end of the campaign. ❗️If you would like to to complete all the stages to get your rewards, follow the link 👀

  16. 2018-10-24 11:09:26

    ​​​​🚨EMX is entering the scene as a massive BitMEX competitor. Built by traders, technologists and exchange operators, EMX will be the first crypto derivatives exchange to open access to traditional global markets. Trade equity, commodity and currency futures, along with BTC and altcoin futures. Imagine using your bitcoin to trade gold, crude oil, and Euro futures. 💡EMX is also striving to be the first regulated crypto derivatives exchange. The exchange is already in its beta stage and looking to launch in Q1 2019. 🚀Sign up today for early access - there’s a Rewards Program happening now which will get you $10 to $1,000 in trading fee credits if you join their telegram and complete simple actions. 👉 Sign up now to start earning $$ 👉 Telegram 🎥 Explainer Video

  17. 2018-10-13 11:40:47

    ​​CDRX CDRX is creating securitised crypto-tokens (aka Crypto Depository Receipts – CDRs) from existing stocks and bonds that you can trade directly: Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Wal-Mart, British Telecom, Adidas, BMW etc. Buy an Apple CDR, you have the legal right to an Apple stock, including dividends, voting and all other shareholder rights. Buy 1/50 of an Apple CDR, and receive 1/50 of the rights. Tokenisation allows fractional ownership, lowers costs and shortens transfer times. Each CDR is held by an independent depository bank/trust (outside the control or ownership of CDRX) on behalf of you, the token owner. To complement the introduction of CDRs, CDRX is also building an institutional grade platform that operates 24/7 to allow you to trade both non-securitised tokens (eg. bitcoin, ethereum, ripple and alt-coins) and securitised tokens (eg. CDRs) safely and easily. In most jurisdictions, trading of securitised tokens must be conducted via authorised and regulated entities and CDRX is pursuing authorisation in a number of key jurisdictions. It is also working with regulators more broadly to help champion the combination of real-assets and crypto. CDRX's approach is not just another "idea", the team are experienced investment bankers, with an average of 15 years experience each and crypto developers. Between them they have built 30-40 trading platforms/exchanges, in the largest and most competitive markets in the world. It's a global team of experts, spanning software engineering, ecommerce, electronic cash and derivatives trading, machine learning, structuring, sales, securities law and regulation. ▪ Investors Trade securities like crypto-currencies. Significantly faster transfer, significantly lower cost, and (via fractional ownership) the ability to buy stocks or bonds that would previously have been out of reach ▪ Issuers Pay dividends, conduct voting and execute corporate actions directly through the CDRs. Significantly lower costs, elimination of intermediary errors and drastically increased efficiencies Private sales are now underway. Pre-sales ICO will commence on 5 Nov 2018 while the Public ICO will commence on 18 Nov 2018. ▪ Website: ▪ Telegram: ▪ YouTube:

  18. 2018-10-04 14:45:04

    ​​CDRX CDRX is creating securitised crypto-tokens (aka Crypto Depository Receipts – CDRs) from existing stocks and bonds that you can trade directly: Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Wal-Mart, British Telecom, Adidas, BMW etc. Buy an Apple CDR, you have the legal right to an Apple stock, including dividends, voting and all other shareholder rights. Buy 1/50 of an Apple CDR, and receive 1/50 of the rights. Tokenisation allows fractional ownership, lowers costs and shortens transfer times. Each CDR is held by an independent depository bank/trust (outside the control or ownership of CDRX) on behalf of you, the token owner. To complement the introduction of CDRs, CDRX is also building an institutional grade platform that operates 24/7 to allow you to trade both non-securitised tokens (eg. bitcoin, ethereum, ripple and alt-coins) and securitised tokens (eg. CDRs) safely and easily. In most jurisdictions, trading of securitised tokens must be conducted via authorised and regulated entities and CDRX is pursuing authorisation in a number of key jurisdictions. It is also working with regulators more broadly to help champion the combination of real-assets and crypto. CDRX's approach is not just another "idea", the team are experienced investment bankers, with an average of 15 years experience each and crypto developers. Between them they have built 30-40 trading platforms/exchanges, in the largest and most competitive markets in the world. It's a global team of experts, spanning software engineering, ecommerce, electronic cash and derivatives trading, machine learning, structuring, sales, securities law and regulation. ▪️ Investors Trade securities like crypto-currencies. Significantly faster transfer, significantly lower cost, and (via fractional ownership) the ability to buy stocks or bonds that would previously have been out of reach ▪️ Issuers Pay dividends, conduct voting and execute corporate actions directly through the CDRs. Significantly lower costs, elimination of intermediary errors and drastically increased efficiencies Private sales are now underway and dates for the public ICO will be announced very shortly ▪️ Website: ▪️ Telegram: ▪️ YouTube:

  19. 2018-10-03 10:33:21

    ​​🔥 McAfee Alliance Is On Board 🔥 🔊 John McAfee, a developer of a popular antivirus and one of the most popular crypto enthusiast, told on his Twitter of an alliance he established to fight corruption in the crypto community. He also calls for support for coins decided to delist from corrupt centralized exchanges and promises guaranteed listing on CoinBene and other exchanges, the names of which will be made public soon, for such coins. 👁‍🗨 McAfee also promises everyday to report on those projects decided to move to CoinBene, so that the crypto community will be able to help the alliance and each of these companies: 1️⃣ "We start with Apollo, one of the best anonymous coins, although there are others. Apollo sacrifices much by refusing listing on crypto exchanges, which they consider as corrupt". 🔝 The first partner of McAfee Alliance in the fight against corruption, CoinBene crypto exchange, competes with the largest centralized exchanges. In June, it several times held the number one position in terms of trading volume, according to CoinMarketCap, thanks to an innovative business model that was first used within the FCoin exchange. 😏 Earlier, McAfee announced the decision to stand for the next presidential election in the United States and the creation of an "ultra secure" crypto wallet with Bitfi. ⚠️ For your information, according to some studies, centralized crypto exchanges charge astronomical sums for listing, create fake volumes, and also enjoy other privileges of their authority.

  20. 2018-10-02 18:38:49

    ​​🎉 xRapid Is Commercially Available 🎉 📢 Three companies started commercial use of the xRapid payment platform. This was announced at the Swell event in San Francisco on Monday by Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse. 💎 The main feature of xRapid is the XRP token use. The solution is focused on payment providers and financial institutions seeking to improve user experience and minimize costs for cross-border payments, as well as to increase their speed. 👍 According to the Ripple's head, three companies have already started xRapid commercial use: MercuryFX, Cuallix and Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union. 👀 MercuryFX specializes in international payments, Cuallix settles payments between the United States and Mexico, while Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union provides financial services to about 1,400 credit unions, mainly in the western and southwestern regions of the United States. MercuryFX and Cuallix have previously participated in xRapid testing, while Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union is a new Ripple partner. 🔥 The results of the first pilot projects with the use of XRP token and xRapid technology were presented this May. Financial organizations piloting xRapid were able to save 40-70% on average compared to traditional foreign exchange brokers who facilitate cross-border payments. In addition, transactions took slightly more than two minutes, while usual international bank payment takes 2-3 days.

  21. 2018-10-01 18:17:54

    ​​💰 Cyber Capital Invest 💰 💫 Cyber Capital Invest ( is a cryptocurrency investment fund where professional traders bring users profit. It's like investing with an experienced trader sat right next to you. 😛 Cyber Capital Invest is an online investment fund platform, aimed at people who would like to trade on the cryptocurrency market but due to a lack of experience or skills, don’t know how to get started. 😎 Cyber Capital Invest also aims to help skillful traders who do not have access to large asset portfolios. The platform will thoroughly select strong crypto traders to give them this opportunity. Cyber Capital Invest platform offers users the most flexible and safe way to profit from trading by: ✔️ Enabling Users with small deposits to leverage being part of a collective investing group, with the skill of professional traders, to deliver stable rewards; ✔️ Enabling trading transparency whilst being able to remain completely anonymous; ✔️ Enabling buying and selling across multiple established exchanges (Gdax,, Poloniex, Kraken, Binance); ✔️ Enabling multi currency deposits and withdrawals. Take no commission; ✔️ Building in anti-fraud measures from the ground up. CCI Platform provides: 🔥 A set of Investment Plans that will include plans with only 24 hour lock-up period, after which the account balance (original investment plus the profit) will be fully available for withdrawal; 🔥 A range of investment plans offering different lengths of time. Short term plans offering easy access, and long term plans with a set active period; 🔥 A fully flexible investment plan, whereby the original investment + profit may be held in the system for as long as the user wants, and will be fully available for withdrawal after 24 hours; 🔥 No charge commission fees. User will be able to withdraw their original investments plus profits without paying any commission fees; 🔥 Anonymous accounts where they don’t have to submit any personal identification documentation; 🔥 A vast array of deposit methods: BankWire, credit card deposit, PayPal etc. The platform will also support multiple cryptocurrencies types for deposit and withdrawal; 🔥 Several account security levels, based on users' personal preferences. 🔜 ICO: October 29 - November 26. 💲 Token Price: 1 CCI = $0.2.

  22. 2018-09-30 11:03:22

    ​​👋 Adieu To Fiat Currency 👋 💸 The developers of the Bitcoin Samourai Wallet, oriented to the increased privacy of users, announced the update of the product (0.98.87), the main feature of which is fiat currency removal. 🌍 Samourai Wallet welcomes new international users and emphasizes that, from now on, it supports 12 languages, including Russian, Chinese, Spanish, French and German. Samourai Wallet 0.98.87 is available for Android devices. ❗️ However, as we've mentioned above, the most notable development is the display of users' balances exclusively in Bitcoins, not in US dollars as we used to. 💭 "We believe it is fundamental that our existing and future users understand that when they transact within the Bitcoin network, when they participate in the Bitcoin economy, they are transacting with the token native to that network, BTC, and nothing else", - said on the Samourai Wallet blog. 😞 The developers explain that when the wallet was launched in 2015, they thought that conversion in fiat would be convenient for those users who would like to have a rough idea of ​​how much their Bitcoins are in fiat. Nevertheless, assuming that users are not ready to abandon associations with fiat, the decision was made to set the "street price" of Bitcoin, based on the average rate provided by exchanges and services without KYC/AML requirements. 💎 Of course, they understand that it can be inconvenient for someone, and may even lead to the loss of a certain number of users, but they are convinced that it is necessary to perceive Bitcoin as Bitcoin, and not associate its value with fiat currencies. 🔄 However, the possibility to convert to fiat will be retained in the Sentinel Watch Only app, since this function is required at least by independent merchants. 🔜 For your information, the 1.0 version of the wallet is expected to be released before the end of this year.

  23. 2018-09-29 18:18:36

    ​​💫 Have You Heard About StellarX? 💫 🚀 StellarX, a new trading platform built on the Stellar universal marketplace, is fully open. A new decentralized trading platform with zero fees and support for fiat currencies is launched. 📄 StellarX is a product of Interstellar, which was established earlier this month, after Lightyear Corp. has acquired Chain, a developer of blockchain based solutions for the financial industry. 💎 The new exchange offers the same functions as the decentralized exchanges based on the Ethereum blockchain, like IDEX and EtherDelta. However, due to the unique mechanism of consensus, it bears the users' costs. 💸 At the same time, the most notable feature of StellarX is the support of fiat currencies. "If you have a U.S. bank account, you can deposit dollars directly, via the Automated Clearing House (ACH), right inside our app", - said StellarX Co-creator. In the future the platform also intends to add support for the euro, the Philippine peso, the Nigerian naira, the Chinese yuan, the Hong Kong dollar and the British pound. 👤 Also, taking into account the difficult regulatory environment, StellarX enables token issuers to require from traders to pass KYC procedure before they gain access to assets. 🔮 Additionally, the exchange plans to add support for accounts with the multi-signature function and tokens issued on other blockchains besides Stellar, as well as a number of other functions.

  24. 2018-09-28 10:03:12

    ​​🤓 Understand, Explore And Buy 🤓 🚀 The leading US cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, has introduced new servies developed especially for new users: Coinbase Bundle, Coinbase Asset Pages, and Coinbase Learn. These new services are designed to help people understand, explore, and buy their first cryptocurrency. 1️⃣ Coinbase Bundle allows to invest in several crypto assets at a time, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin. Moreover, the weight of each currency in the user's portfolio is formed in accordance with the market capitalization of these assets. Bundle's start as low as $25. ♨️ Coinbase represantatives claim that this update is a convenient way to purchase all five cryptocurrencies listed on Coinbase without having to create a separate order for each one. 🌍 The new tool will be available for the platform's users from the US, EU countries and Great Britain. 2️⃣ Coinbase Asset Pages service provides information on 50 leading cryptocurrencies, including data on their market capitalization, the current price and its changes, as well as links to relevant information sources. 🌐 Coinbase Asset Pages is available to anyone, not only for the Coinbase's users. 3️⃣ Coinbase Learn is an educational service for those people who are totally new to crypto. It designed to familiarize users with the basics of working with cryptocurrencies. 🔙 As a reminder, recently Coinbase introduced new rules for new digital assets listing.

  25. 2018-09-27 17:45:51

    ​​💰 S Coin For Mobile Payments 💰 📲 The Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings will launch a token called "S Coin" in October, in a test mode. The coin will be available for mobile payments. 🔅 Companies Orb and Glory Corporation will act as partners of the holding. Initially, the new token will be tested by the SBI employees as payment in corporate restaurants. The project's creators believe that this will allow to explore the possibilities of blockchain technology for non-cash transfers and to examine the details of the process. 🔥 During testing, SBI will also introduce ATM technology from Glory to the S Coin platform. So, the coin's credit cards and wallets will be integrated. ⚙️ The developers promise that the solution will allow to carry out transactions with fast exchange of fiat currency for tokens. Also, the S Coin platform will allow users to produce their own digital coins. ✔️ The Orb provider, in its turn, will provide blockchain based solutions for payment transactions.

  26. 2018-09-26 10:01:37

    ​​😇 A Little Slack 😇 🚥 Google has announced an update of its advertising policy for financial products and services. As a result, advertising of crypto exchange services will be allowed in the US and Japan. This is reported on the company's website. 🔖 However, this option will be available only to certified cryptocurrency companies: "Advertisers will need to be certified with Google for the specific country in which their ads will serve. Advertisers will be able to apply for certification once the policy launches in October". ⏳ The "Financial products and services" page, where you can learn more about the new requirements, will be updated after the new rules come into force. 🔙 As a reminder, Google imposed the ban on ICO and crypto advertising this March. Earlier, a similar ban was imposed by Facebook. However, six months later the company allowed previously approved advertisers limited crypto advertising. For your information, Coinbase was included in the list of approved advertisers.

  27. 2018-09-25 10:22:25

    ​​💫 Zk-SNARKs To Scale Ethereum 💫 💡 The Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin proposed to use the zk-SNARKs protocol (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge), initially applied in the ZCash network, for onchain scaling of the platform. 💎 This approach will allow to convert transaction data into so-called succinct proofs, which remain the same size regardless of the amount of inputs. According to Buterin, special "relayer" nodes can aggregate transactions in exchange for transaction fees. 🔥 Buterin believes that zk-SNARKs will help to increase the number of transactions per second in the Ethereum network 24 times, and for ERC-20 tokens - 50 times. Thus, the second cryptocurrency network will be able to process about 500 transactions per second. 💬 Buterin wrote: "We can actually scale asset transfer transactions on Ethereum by a huge amount, without using layer 2s that introduce liveness assumptions (eg. channels, plasma), by using zk-SNARKs to mass-validate transactions". 🔮 Buterin also stressed that "relayer" nodes will have to perform significant calculations, but expressed confidence that more and more developers will concentrate their efforts on the development of such technologies.

  28. 2018-09-24 10:07:03

    ​​📈 Upward Trend 📈 🔮 BCEX, the 13th cryptocurrency exchange in terms of daily trading volume according to the CoinMarketCap rating, is going to add support for two stable coins in the near future: Gemini Dollar (GUSD) and Paxos Standard (PAX). 💭 Additionally to the announcements on stable coins support, the exchange stressed that listing of these assets aligns with the BCEX vision of building a more trustworthy, transparent and reliable digital trading world. ✅ For your information, Gemini Dollar is already in the listings of HitBTC,, and Gemini itself. Let us note, HitBTC emphasized that it strongly supports the concept and philosophy of stable coins in general. In addition, according to the available information, the Singapore BITKOP exchange is also ready to join the above mentioned exchanges and add GUSD in the near future. 🤑 Speaking of Paxos Standard, the coin was added to the listing of the world's leading crypto exchange, Binance. 🚀 As a reminder, both stable coins (PAX and GUSD) were launched on September 10.

  29. 2018-09-23 18:39:29

    ​​🛒 BLOCKSCART 🛒 🛍 Blockscart ( is a global e-commerce marketplace powered by blockchain technology. 🔘 The Blockscart Marketplace is an online platform that will allow for buying and selling of goods and services online without cost to buyer or seller. 🔘 The Blockscart Marketplace is a payment processor solution that enables merchants to accept cryptocurrency from customers without payment processing fees or the high risk of chargebacks. The sellers will be able to offer their items through the general catalogue dividing them into relevant categories as well as create an independent online shop with a full portfolio of their listings. 👍Benefits:👍 Customers: 🔹 Fee Free Buying and Selling; 🔹 Multiple sellers from different parts of the world; 🔹 Internal transactions of the members; 🔹 Feedback and Rating type system like eBay; 🔹 Making purchases in Blockscart using BTC, WAVES & BLXS; 🔹 Verified sellers; 🔹 Buyer protection available using Escrow service - 100% guarantee on purchases; Sellers: 🔸 Payment Approval Speed - approve payments immediately after a customer confirms their order is received or complete and make the process hassle-free for both parties; 🔸 No seller fees - escrow cost is 3% only if payments are made in cryptocurrencies other than BLXS; 🔸 Safety of funds; 🔸 Performance-based rating of Seller; 🔸 Decentralized utility token linked to platform value. Main Advantages: 💎 The Platform holds no payment information, no private keys and no possible way for a hacker to access your funds. The payment gateway is constantly monitored using some of the best security protection on the market. If somehow they get past that, it locks out the platform until our security teams fix it; 💎 Blockscart has no restrictions on where you are from. Some countries have limited access to selling items online. Blockscart removes that barrier; 💎 The project already has a fully working marketplace platform that users can now sign up to and start their journey to becoming a Blockscart platform seller. The Blockscart team made it very simple to allow anyone with a basic understanding of selling online to start selling and get a business running without fees. 🔛 ICO: March 20 - October 4. 💲 Token Price: 1 BLXS = $0.06.

  30. 2018-09-22 17:20:52

    ​​🌟 Binance Rating 🌟 📊 The Binance exchange has announced the launch of a beta version of the Info 2.0 rating platform, which collects data on blockchain projects from more than 50 agencies and the media. 📌 In addition to the basic information on each project, including white paper, the number of issued tokens and graphics, a new list of reports has been added, which includes rating reports, reviews from research organizations, investors, the media and key experts. 📝 Each report always contain the project name, source and rating on a five-point scale. 🌎 As a reminder, during the year Binance intends to launch from 5 to 10 trading platforms supporting fiat currencies on five continents.

  31. 2018-09-17 11:01:00

    ​​⚡️JOIN THE WORLD’S FIRST BLOCKCHAIN MOBILE OPERATOR WITH TOKEN HOLDER REWARDS⚡️ 🔥 Welcome, MIRACLE TELE! 🔥 💎 Miracle Tele is a magical place where users enjoy blockchain based mobile and data services all over the world and profit from the telco network growth. Features: 📈 Passive income via TELE tokens every two weeks; 📲 Calls at €0.2 per minute, traffic from €0.01 per MB; 🌍 Fully functioning SIM cards in 160+ countries; ✅ Instant sign-up and no ID requirements; 🔜 Bounty ongoing, airdrop coming soon; 💰 10% referral bonus. 🔮 More awesome features to be added: proprietary wallet, free use of messengers, VPN access, prepaid debit cards, integration with IoT ecosystems, and more. ‼️ Don’t miss out on the most exciting ICO of this year and become a part of the future of mobile industry! ➡️ Get TELE tokens now: ➡️ Telegram group:

  32. 2018-09-13 14:07:57

    ​​​​MOVING NIGERIA INTO THE WORLD OF BLOCKCHAIN AND CRYPTOCURRENCY Nigeria is no doubt the largest black nation in world gifted with both natural and human resources and continuously striving towards attaining the rank of a developed nation. Despite reforms in her banking sector in previous years, financial operations had been tied to fiat currencies with no indicators of moving into the world of blockchain and crypto currency. With the western world advancing in blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and developing arrays of decentralized applications, Nigeria and many of her neighboring countries are still in the fight to digitize banking services. In 2012 the country announced her intention to run a cashless economy by the year 2020. Six years down and it is obvious that the goal is far from actualization. While private investors in the banking and technological industry had contributed immensely to the cashless economy goal, by developing countless online banking applications with diverse services, USSD codes to facilitate online transaction and spending millions of dollars on advertisement of those services, the queues in banking halls tell a different story. Millions of Nigerians are still dependent on fiat currency for their transactions. According to the Nigerian communication commission’s online database, the number of active internet subscribers in quarter 1 – 2018 is 126,378. This number is nothing compared to the estimated 198 million population. The figures above reveals that only 0.000064% of Nigerian’s population where on the internet in the first quarter of 2018. One would begin to wonder how long it will take to achieve the cashless economy milestone talk more of moving completely into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The Nigeria government currently are making no effort at bringing blockchain and crypto currency to stay. This may be as a result of lack of proper awareness on the part of both legislative and executive arm of government. It is believed that information precede transformation but Information alone can’t fix the transformation required in the case of Nigeria’s financial revolution. A deliberate effort at educating, enlightenment, provision of data infrastructure, technical support and making the cost of internet affordable for the ever growing population of Nigeria will help push Nigeria. A step towards her cashless economy goal and further into blockchain and cryptocurrencies. More so, the education sector needs to include courses on Blockchain technology such as Blockchain 101 and the likes to her current curriculum for students studying finance and Information technology related course. Organizing blockchain events across the country will help in crating awareness. Best Julie is 23 year old from Delta State, south-south Nigerian whom through her friend picked interest in blockchain technology and currently developing her career in the crpto space. I love to build and develop communities. Reference Nigerian Communication Commission. Subscriber Statistics. Retrieved on September 8, 2018 from Premium Times. Nigeria’s population now 198 million – NPC April 12, 2018. Retrieved on September 8 2018 from

  33. 2018-09-12 17:05:24

    ​​📚 ÕPET FOUNDATION 📚 🤓 Õpet ( is an intelligent AI companion chatbot designed to help secondary students with their exam revision. Covering the entire GCSE and "A" Level (and their equivalent in various jurisdictions) curriculum, Õpet is an effective, affordable and convenient digital private tutor to help students revise effectively for their exams. The platform introduces progressive education which combines distributed ledger, AI, machine learning and chatbot technology with personalized learning. 🗂 Õpet seeks to deliver sophisticated conversations to help expand students’ horizons. Through continuous engagement, Õpet will record accurately and securely on a blockchain all information relevant and useful to college admission processes - like users’ interests, preferences, academic progress, records of extra-curricular activities, testimonies, and even personality profiling using the University of Cambridge’s Unique Personality Profiling Tool. 🔅 The platform is bringing the AI recommendation engine technologies used in YouTube, Netflix and Spotify into the education space. Its powerful and adaptive recommendation engine will then recommend relevantly, educational and job opportunities to users in ways they won’t even imagine. Features: ✅ A learning companion; ✅ Sophisticated ngagement capabilities powered by DialogFlow; ✅ Quiz - feature and gamifying the high school curriculum learning experience; ✅ Instant messaging application; ✅ Personality profiling and secure recording; ✅ Relevant recommendations; ✅ A robust distributed ledger - secured, tamper-free and global in nature. 💰 Opet Token (OPET) is designed to power an ecosystem supporting all education related expenses, from digital tuition to college admissions, scholarships and philanthropic funding. 💎 Õpet is essentially an educational chatbot which is digitally available to students at any time. Its primary function is to serve as a personal learning companion which provides a customized learning experience to every student. 🔛 Pre-Sale: September 1-30. 🔜 Main Sale: October 1 - December 31. 💲 Token Price: 1 OPET = 0.002 ETH.

  34. 2018-09-11 10:01:04

    ​​🚀 New Consensus Algorithm 🚀 🌟 One of the developers of the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm, Sunny King, is preparing a new protocol for blockchain transactions confirmation. The consensus algorithm called Supernode Proof-of-Stake (SPoS) will differ by the use of special equipment. 💎 To work with the SPoS protocol, customers will need computers with large amounts of memory - "supernodes". What's important, all supernodes of the network must have equal voting rights. The concept of SPoS isn't far from Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) in that it allows for the concentration of staking pools. 👏 King aims to create a platform on which millions of blockchains will work simultaneously without compromising security. In addition, according to King, the SPoS algorithm will be much more energy efficient than the Proof-of-Work (PoW) protocol. Nevertheless, some members of the community have already criticized the idea because of the perceived threat of centralization. 🔮 The SPoS release date is still unknown. However, it's supposed taht the new algorithm will be implemented in the Sunny King's project Virtual Economy Era (VEE). The launch of VEE is scheduled for September 17. But initially the project will work on the familiar PoS and PoW algorithms. 🙈 It's expected that thanks to the use of the SPoS protocol, the blockchain will get unprecedented scalability.

  35. 2018-09-10 19:10:54

    ​​📊 NEIRONIX 📊 📌 Neironix ( is an international rating agency of the assessment of investment risks in the blockchain economy, where ratings are given to projects automatically basing on the results of mathematical scoring, neural networks and multidimensional analysis of the great amount of data. ⚙️ The platform is designed for analysis and subsequent management of risks typical of projects with investments in projects with high degree of uncertainty. The professional risk management standard ISO 3100:2018E is employed in Neironix rating methodology. ‼️ Mission: to become a global provider of financial and analytical information about cryptocurrency markets, required for making carefully weighted investment decisions and building long-term market strategies. 🔅 Neironix practices a comprehensive approach to drawing up the rating using no less than 75 key dynamic risk factors. This approach allows one to draw an objective picture as to the investment attractiveness of an ICO or blockchain project, and provide potential investors with unbiased information about the key strategic indicators and potential risks. 💠 The main principle of building Neironix ratings is a reduction in the share of experts’ judgments and increase of the role of algorithmic and methodological constituent parts. Main Advantages: 🔸 Information transparency; 🔸 Online data analysis; 🔸 Online tracking. 📲 The beta version of Neironix platform is available on the website. It presents the global listing of ICO projects, extended analytical data for cryptocurrency exchanges, and the current condition of cryptocurrency markets. The Neironix project is also available in the form of mobile app versions for IOS and Android, as well as extension for Google Chrome browser. 🔛 ICO: September 1 - November 30. 💲 Token Price: 1 NRX = 0,001061671 ETH.

  36. 2018-09-09 20:30:33

    ​​🏢 AGENTMILE 🏢 🔩 AgentMile ( is a decentralized commercial real estate leasing platform powered by Al. It enables brokers and landlords to list their commercial properties on the project's blockchain powered MLS and offer enhanced leasing capabilities, management and reporting. ‼️ Aim: to leverage blockchain technology to simplify core CRE processes and introduce tangible benefits for key parties during each stage of the leasing life cycle both in the short and long term. AgentMile allows to: ➡️ Transform the property search process into an easy, quick and transparent experience; ➡️ Accelerate due diligence and simplify property and cash flow management; ➡️ Help build connected real estate markets worldwide that would respond effectively to consumer and investor demand. Main Features: 🔸 Real estate CRM and marketing automation; 🔹 Smart property search; 🔸 Upfront due diligence; 🔹 Full property history at a glance; 🔸 Smart Contracts; 🔹 Digital identities of people and properties; 🔸 Easy and secure data sharing; 🔹 AI for decision making; 🔸 AR/VR walkthroughs. AgentMile can be divided into three layers: 📂 Blockchain Network - the backbone of the project utilizing the benefits of distributed technology such as transparency and security; 📂 AgentGrow - the front-end that makes searching and leasing CRE property fast and efficient; 📂 AgentDrive - the heart of the project, combining data driven decisions with a real estate CRM system. 💎AgentMile will not only be the place to advertise and find the best commercial deals, but to also empower agents and brokers to utilize the technology for their own brokerages. 🔛 Pre-Sale: September 15 - October 15. 🔜 Main Sale: October 15 - December 17. 💲 Token Price: 1 ESTATE = $0.2.

  37. 2018-09-08 17:06:10

    ​​✂️ Cut Costs To Attract Users ✂️ 🤑 The EOS blockchain project hopes to become more attractive for new users due to lower costs for account creation. 👍 15 out of 21 block producers approved the protocol update, which reduces cost of a new account by a quarter - from 4 kibibytes (KiB) to 3 KiB. ‼️ Moreover, according to the available information, new accounts will be provided with 1,400 bytes of RAM for free. At the same time, existing accounts can buy, delegate and undelegate RAM to also receive 1,400 bytes for free. 💬 "EOS account creation cost is an extremely important aspect of the health of the platform. Many users of EOS decentralized applications are early adopters, people who are eager and willing to spend the time to understand the EOS blockchain. But in the future, users will not be as eager", - said one of the 21 block producers. He also emphasizes the importance of achieving maximum decentralization at the earliest stages of project development. 🔹 For your information, accounts on EOS blockchain are used to transfer tokens and carry out other transactions on the network.

  38. 2018-09-07 17:01:31

    ​​🦈 WORLDOPOLY 🦈 🏬 Worldopoly ( is a real-time multi-player strategy game that implements Blockchain/DAG and augmented reality into a world building simulation. It provides an economic incentive as well compelling gameplay through the implementation of its own cryptocurrency WPT. Main Characteristics: ⭐️ Real time - real world: the player can buy real streets in real cities (underlying technology: Google Maps/openstreetmaps); ⭐️ RTS + AR + Blockchain / DAG = endless opportunities: Worldopoly is the first mobile game that implements Blockchain / DAG technology in compelling gameplay, therefore, creating an insightful understanding of Blockchain / DAG. Augmented reality makes it possible to actually "see" one’s in-game progress. With the introduction of the WPT there is real money to be made playing the game; ⭐️ Risk-free introduction to cryptocurrencies: with the possibility to trade every in-game item for WPT the player can earn cryptocurrency without investing real money. This is a great way to introduce players to the world of cryptocurrencies without the financial risk. All features under the following principles: 💎 Preventing "pay2win aversion" by casual gamers; 💎 Game mechanics that keep the players involved; 💎 A clear and rewarding progression system; 💎 The inclusion of a social component. ‼️ With AR users experience the game in real life, Blockchain / DAG provides an advanced level of security and Geopositioning brings the cities of the world onto users' devices. 🔛 ICO: August 17 - February 17. 💲 Token Price: 1 WPT = $0.12.

  39. 2018-09-07 13:38:42

    ​​🇺🇿 Uzbekistan Offers Benefits 🇺🇿 🖌 Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the President of Uzbekistan, signed a decree, legalizing cryptocurrency exchanges. 🔥 The new decree will allow foreign companies to open crypto exchanges in the country under the following conditions: 🔸 an authorized capital at least 30 000 minimum wages (to date, minimum wage in Uzbekistan is about 184,300 soms per month = 24 US dollars), 20,000 of which has to be reserved in a separate account in Uzbekistan’s commercial bank; 🔸 deployment of servers in the country; 🔸 storage of information about transactions for 5 years; 🔸 compliance with measures to combat money laundering, terrorist financing and market manipulation. ‼️ Cryptocurrencies in Uzbekistan will not be considered as securities. Thus, the activity of crypto exchanges will not fall under the securities legislation. 💰 Additionally, under the new rules, which will enter into force the following month, revenues from cryptocurrency transactions will not be listed in the tax base. 👏 There are also benefits for miners: the document orders federal and local government officials to provide industrial miners using more than 100 kWh of power with land without requiring an auction (which is normally required to acquire land) on "specially designated territories". 📄 Earlier, the President of Uzbekistan signed a decree on cryptocurrencies, blockchain and minig legalization.

  40. 2018-09-06 17:17:45

    ​​💫 Coinbase Pro Progress 💫 ✅ Bitcoin exchange Coinbase Pro announced the launch of trading in the British pound paired with ETC, ETH and LTC. According to the exchange's general manager, David Farmer, new pairs will be available from tomorrow, September 7. 🇬🇧 Farmer noted that thanks to the support of bank payments through Fast Payment System (FPS), Coinbase Pro users from the UK obtained the opportunity to trade in crypto much easier, faster and cheaper. 🔥 Coinbase Pro was the first cryptocurrency exchange, received own bank account in the United Kingdom. 🔜 According to the available information, the launch of new trading pairs is scheduled for 09:00 BST, September 7. It will be carried out in three phases: 🔅 Post-only (minimum 10 minutes): customers can post limit orders but there will be no matches; 🔅 Limit-only (minimum 10 minutes): limit orders will start matching but customers are unable to submit market orders; 🔅 Full trading: a full-fledged trading will be available, including limits and stop-orders.

  41. 2018-09-05 17:47:22

    ​​🌿 SILKCHAIN 🌿 🌎 SilkChain ( is a blockchain project dedicated to improving international trade and consumer spending ecosystem. Silk represented the common currency in ancient international trade. SilkChain is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or DAO, in where Silk represents the digital token. ⭐️ SilkChain managed to incorporate service trades across the world into an ecological system. Such trades of service can cover tourism, retail, shopping, education, immigration, healthcare, among others. SilkChain Advantages: 🔸 SilkChain operation team has completed the initial integration of the supply chain as well as the connection between the centralized procurement center of Chinese manufacturers and global large-scale commercial nodes. The number of connected large commercial nodes is gradually increasing thanks to the services provided by SilkChain; 🔸 SilkChain has enough cross-border e-commerce creation experience and relatively mature technology system. SilkChain is ready to provide one-stop B2B/B2C, IT application, blockchain and Token solutions for new customers; 🔸 SilkChain has completed the service & finance integration of third-parties of cross border e-commerce; 🔸 SilkChain has established a firm social network and close connections with politics and business circles of the Belt-and-Road countries. Currently, SilkChain operation team has already set up a number of joint venture companies, and has long-term business contacts established with local business nodes and chambers of commerce. SilkChain operation team has become an international team; 🔸 SilkChain endeavors to innovate business models with Token and blockchain technology. 🔅 The project is going to boost efficiency and cut costs associated with transacting. To achieve this, it will create an authentication system and smart contract standard for trade. 🌐 SilkChain platform is going to drive business globally to ensure the creation of a harmonized credit system. It will also offer support for the storage of data, transactions, supply chain management, quality tracking, and even financial application. 🔛 ICO: August 7 - October 30. 💲 Token Price: 1 SILK = $0.04.

  42. 2018-09-04 10:07:59

    ​​🇯🇵 News From Japan 🇯🇵 ‼️ The Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA) has tightened its registration screening for cryptocurrency exchanges to see whether they are properly conducting risk management. 🖌 The FSA has edited the Payment Services Act, which took force in April 2017, adding about 400 new questions, which new exchanges have to answer while applying for the launch. 📮 Additionally, the FSA will now request records of board meetings from trading platforms and data on companies' shareholders in order to check their possible participation in "antisocial groups". 💎 The Japan's largest bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), has started testing its own cryptocurrency - Mufg coin - among the employees of its Tokyo division. For the first time, the bank announced its plans to launch own cryptocurrency not so long ago, in March this year. ⚙️ Mufg coin has a huge commercial potential of using for micro-payments in retail trade. In order to examine in practice what problems may Mufg coin holders encounter in ordinary stores, MUFG installed in its minimarket a cash register for payments in new cryptocurrency. It scans a special QR code directly from the screen of the customer's smartphone. Also, MUFG employees can exchange cryptocurrency among themselves. Mufg coin is directly pegged to the Japanese yen and costs the same as a national currency. 🔥 In May, MUGF also announced the development of a "hyper-scale" network of blockchain payments in collaboration with Akamai, the US giant of cloud data storage. It's expected, that the network will provide users with faster and cheaper payments. According to the announcement, it will process a million transactions per second in thr real world. The waiting time for the transaction will take less than two seconds, i.e. the system will have to confirm and finalize a number of transactions in the distributed ledger during this time.

  43. 2018-09-03 18:36:02

    ​​💠 AENCO 💠 ⚗️ Aenco ( is a blockchain based global financial solutions platform, combining decades of experience in traditional financial services and prime brokerage, with network of Healthcare technology innovation partners and new-age applications, collectively developed under the umbrella "Aenco Global HealthTech Financial Solutions platform". ⭐️ The Aenco platform empowers emerging and innovative healthcare companies with digital financing capabilities, so that they can focus on generating high potential and impactful technologies that can transform our world and day to day lives. Service Objectives: 🎯 Providing digital financial solutions platform, including, but not limited to, sponsorship of HealthTech token offerings, listing and research coverage for prospective token issuers, pursued within channels of accredited regulatory frameworks and delivered under a gold standard of best practice; 🎯 Providing an in-house developed exchange trading platform (AENX) for major cryptocurrencies, AEN Token and the sponsored HealthTech partner tokens; 🎯 Offering a decentralized custodial and secure escrow services for digital assets; 🎯 Validation of client issuers via in-depth financial, legal, and business due diligence; 🎯 Initial and ongoing research coverage across the sponsored partners and their respective token offerings and post token offer monitoring of company performance and objectives, with the view to continuously involving and updating our community to promote participation, awareness and discussion of such projects; 🎯 Providing a decentralized prime brokerage service platform to originate ongoing liquidity on digital assets such as cryptocurrency based loans, borrowing, structured products and over-the-counter services, including the AEN token and sponsored tokens as eligible collateral against other major cryptocurrency financing; etc. 🔍 Aenco is actively identifying companies and projects in areas of high impact potential in the healthcare sector. More specifically, it focuses on empowering entrepreneurs and emerging growth companies where their principal product and service outcomes have potential to address important societal issues, create deep impact solutions globally, and thoughtfully drive human innovation. 🔛 ICO: September 1-30. 💲 Token Price: 1 AEN = $0.1.

  44. 2018-08-24 13:53:43

    ​​🔥 Sidera Blockchain Technologies: smartwatches with crypto-wallet and coins-to-FIAT payments via NFC. First smartwatch, ever, to support NFC crypto exchange, biometric input and multicurrency wallet. ✅ Features: Security: Rocksolid military grade AES 2048 encryption Private key: Biometric Input and digital key generated by wrist movement Additional Security Layers: Ghost Mode Exchange: Continuum, a proprietary exchange Technology: NFC for wrist-to-wrist offchain transactions Multicurrency support Sidera combines cutting edge encryption with next generation hardware to provide security and user-friendliness never imagined before. 🔒- Security: custom version of ARM architecture and native AES2048 military grade encryption standard, to guarantee the highest standard of security ever dreamed of in a multipurpose wearable payment solution. 🔑- Private Key: will be generated by a unique gesture, recorded by sensors. This, combined with Biometric Input, provides unmatched security. 👻- Security Layers: additional Security Layers like Ghost Mode will enhance this virtually perfect system to bring threat potential next to zero. 🏆- Exchange: Continuum, a proprietary exchange, will be the backbone of the circulating system, and a source of income for the company. ⚙️- Technology: cutting-edge technology that can be adopted not only in cryptocurrency transfers and common smartwatch applications, but in every use-case requiring rocksolid security, unique identity, high portability and easiness of use. Sidera allows for instantaneous crypto-to-Fiat payments via NFC, and offchain wrist-to-wrist transactions. Planned use-cases are military and medical purposes, along with authentication in security systems (doors, badge readers, cars...) ❤️- IBM and Sidera (Coperation) : the project already developed a stable network of cooperators: development is conducted teaming with leaders of e-payment and NFC systems. Sidera achieved a notable endorsement from a Big Player: IBM is incubating the project providing access to cloud services, expertise and the potential of its developers, hardware and infrastructures. An incredible synergy that will push the project beyond expectations. Big Blue is walking with us. ✅ ICO Date: Start: September, 1 - 00:00 UTC End: September, 30 - 24:00 UTC Discover the vision of blending the revolution of Blockchain with the innovation of IoT Wearable Devices on our: ⬇️ 👉 Website: 👉 Login/Donations: 👉 White Paper: 👉 Telegram Channel:

  45. 2018-08-23 13:30:40

    ​​🔥 ATTENTION, PLEASE! 🔥 📢 Humaniq (HMQ) have announced today three major news at a time: 🚀 Humaniq entered into a partnership with Jamii - a healthcare insurance provider in Africa, that is aiming to develop the new mobile application to provide health insurance targeted at low-income population through the Humaniq platform; 🚀 Humaniq released its "Business Chats" feature - a public marketplace where users can buy and sell real products with HMQ; 🚀 Humaniq was named as one of the "Leading Companies" in a "FinTech for Social Good" report. ➡️ For additional information visit Humaniq Website

  46. 2018-08-22 17:26:34

    ​​🎼 SOUNDEON 🎼 🎤 Soundeon ( is a decentralized and vertically integrated blockchain music platform built on the Soundeon ecosystem – a protocol for the modern media. ‼️ Mission: to discover new talent and empower creators to take control of their works by developing a blockchain-based digital media rights management and live ticketing environment that is uncensored, immutable, fair, transparent and fosters an evercloser relationship between the artist and fan. 🔥 Soundeon helps artists regain control of their creations, monetize their talent and offer fans an ever-closer connection with their artists. ⚙️ Through the native adoption of proprietary technology – the CSC (Creative Smart Contract) Soundeon Protocol resolves industry problems by developing the following initial application layers: 🎶 Music Token Sale - an opportunity for artists to launch Token Sales and finance personal projects through the support of the Soundeon community; 🎶 Soundeon Exchange - a tokenization tool and a decentralized exchange of intellectual property where everyone can buy or sell their royalty income with an opportunity to create diversified personal music royalty portfolio; 🎶 Soundeon Tix - fan-centric blockchain-based smart ticketing platform is natively embedded on the Soundeon environment. Dynamic QR codes and Creative Smart Contracts eliminate ticket scalping, fraud and empower organizers to take full control of ticket resells both on primary and secondary markets; 🎶 Soundeon Monitor - royalty data aggregation from Soundeon and third-party providers, with integrated data analytics that covers all aspects of the artist’s creative output (including: copyright, royalty collection, ticket sales); 🎶 Soundeon Player - a music player that utilizes blockchain technology for transparent royalty distribution. 🎵 Features: Fans & Backers: 🥁 Participate in music token sales and become a co-owner of copyright and other intellectual property rights; 🥁 Buy existing royalty streams; 🥁 Collect all of you "worldwide" royalties within a single application environment with insight analytics. With built-in smart contracts this process is automatic, verifiable and transparent; 🥁 An opportunity to support your favourite artists directly; 🥁 Discover new tracks and personalized playlists with built-in loyalty rewards, both online and offline; 🥁 Discover latest events, book and purchase tickets at face value. Get personalized suggestions and promotions for upcoming events; Musicians & Authors: 🎸 Create your own token sales for your music and video projects; 🎸 Sell existing music royalties on the platform in fractions through smart contracts; 🎸 Register and protect copyrights and other intellectual property rights worldwide; 🎸 Collect worldwide royalties through a single, free, and easy-to-use digital interface with an integrated smart contract and gain revenue insights along with data analysis; 🎸 Stream your music via our blockchain player with transparent royalty distribution technology. 💎 Soundeon transforms previously closed and private market into a public with music assets securitization and blockchain technology. It covers all aspects of the music industry. From the creation and copyright of a work to contractual resale of both existing and future music assets, to concert organization and ticket sales. 🔛 Pre-Sale: June 27 - September 29. 🔜 Crowdsale: September 30 - October 30. 💲 Token Price: 1 SND = $0.056923.

  47. 2018-08-20 10:02:24

    ​​🚛 To Track Global Shipping Data 🚛 🏗 The US logistics giant United Parcel Service (UPS) has applied for a patent on the use of blockchain technology to track packages around the world. 📑 The application "Autonomous services selection system and distributed transportation database(s)" describes a method that involves storing a variety of different types of data within a distributed ledger network. In addition, the blockchain will also contain information on a package's destination, its movement and transportation plans. ⛓ Moreover, UPS plans to use more than one distributed ledger. "Thus, certain embodiments enable tracking of a first set of shipment units and a second set of shipment units associated with the first set of shipment units separately, thereby enabling the use of various smart contracts relating to shipping services and shipment unit handling in a bifurcated manner", - the UPS representatives note. ✳️ For your information: last November, UPS became a member of Blockchain in Trucking Alliance (BiTA) - a consortium that aims to develop standards for blockchain technology use to track packages and make payments between supply system participants.

  48. 2018-08-18 20:27:13

    ​​👀 Hey, Don't Want Some Bitcoins? 👀 🔓 US investors, tired of waiting for the launch of the regulated Bitcoin ETF in their homeland, now have access to the exchange-traded notes (ETN) on the Bitcoin exchange Nasdaq Stockholm (NASDAQ OMX Nordic). The ETN value is now quoted in US dollars. ⭐️ The new product is provided by XBT Provider and is traded under the ticker CXBTF within the Bitcoin Tracker One, which was launched in May 2015, but before, was only available in euros or Swedish krona. ⏳ Thus, US residents with an investment account can now get access to Bitcoin, while they are still waiting ETF in their country. Exchange notes are essentially depositary receipts and work on the fairly similar principle as ETF. ⚙️ According to the XBT Provider website, Bitcoins are purchased for money received from the sale of certificates. This guarantees hedging of certificates, as well as the fact that they are structured in such a way as to track the exchange rate of Bitcoin. The certificates are backed by Global Advisors (Jersey) Limited guarantees, which includes CoinShares and XBT Provider. 💎 Thus, XBT Provider through a broker-dealers network purchases and stores Bitcoins for its customers, and ETN becomes an indirect way of buying them.

  49. 2018-08-17 10:06:01

    ​​👋 Please Welcome Lisk Core 1.0.0! 👋 🚀 Developers of the platform of decentralized applications Lisk announced the launch of Lisk Core 1.0.0 into the mainnet. 🔜 According to the Lisk official blog, migration of Lisk Core 1.0.0 to mainnet will take place after the reach block height 6,901,027 at the end of round 68327. It's expected that this will happen on August 29, not sooner than 11:00 AM CEST. After the migration all the nodes of the Lisk mainnet will be updated to Lisk Core 1.0. 🆕 In addition to Lisk Core 1.0.0, a new API design, a new P2P communication layer, and additional features (such as an entirely new data field providing the option to include a custom message with transaction) are launched. The protocol code will be migrated to JavaScript ES6. 💬 To avoid technical difficulties, Lisk developers recommend users to avoid making any transactions during the 24 hours prior to and after the migration. They also recommend exchanges and trading platforms to not accept withdrawals/deposits 24 hours prior to and after the migration as well.

  50. 2018-08-16 11:16:26

    ​​💎 Small But Precious 💎 🔒 The American financial company Prime Trust, linked to several digital currencies pegged to the US dollar, announced entrying the market of crypto custody services. 📌 As became known, cold storage for Bitcoin became available to Prime Trust customers as early as mid-July. And next week, the company will add support for Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. 🗄 In cold storage, cryptographic keys to wallet are kept offline, on a hardware device or a piece of paper that's typically locked away in a safe. 🚀 Lately, several giants of financial market, including Goldman Sachs, Northern Trust and Intercontinental Exchange, have also announced their plans to provide custodian services for cryptocurrencies. However, according to Prime Trust CEO Minister Scott Purcell, Prime Trust was able to outrunits competitors. 🔝 Additionally, Scott Purcell notes that Prime Trust will be the first company to offer storage for ERC-20 tokens.

  51. 2018-08-15 17:26:59

    ​​💠 ENDO Protocol 💠 ♻️ ENDO ( is a Blockchain Protocol designed for verification, storage and exchange of data. It provides a ready-made solution for organizations - the ability to deploy their own private Blockchain for data storage, verification and transfering it from paper to digital form. ‼️ Goal: to create a single, secure and certified environment for any type of data. 🔅 ENDO solves the problems of fragility, resource-intensive audits and fraud of documents and data. It’s a new protocol with unique decentralized infrastructure combined with all advantages of the Blockchain technology. 👍 Using the ENDO protocol, you can create private and public Blockchain, configure levels of access to information, the conditions for data exchange between different organizations, and depersonalize and protect data. ENDO Systems: 🗃 ENDO Documents - a data verification and exchange system. The service allows users to receive various kinds of information from organizations: personal documents, medical certificates or prescriptions, diplomas, property rights, etc.; ✳️ Users can see the creator of the document;who certified and issued it, and use this document as an analog of a paper medium. 🗃 ENDO KYC - a system for verifying the identity of a user or business. The project is deployed to meet the needs of a number of business processes, where it is required to "Know Your Customer". 🗃 ENDO Legacy - a system of verification of goods. It allows to determine the authenticity of the product and to attach the product to the buyer's account. 🗃 ENDO WorkFlow - a data and document exchange system for organizations. The product allows companies to carry out document circulation and data exchange both within the organization and between several companies connected to different WorkFlow accounts. 🔥 The Alpha version of the first ENDO-based application is already operational. At this stage of development, the following basic functions are available in the Alpha version: creation and publication of documents in the test network, cancellation, distributed document acknowledgment, owner addition and sharing, open API and OAuth for integration with institutions. ICO: May 20 - August 25. Token Price: 1 ET = $0.375.

  52. 2018-08-14 10:16:16

    ​​❌ Official Ban ❌ ⚠️ Companies and residents of Vietnam have stopped importing mining equipment in accordance with an order of the Ministry of Finance of the country. The order was also supported by the Central Bank of Vietnam. 🇻🇳 The first reports indicate that the Ministry of Finance is going to ban the import of mining equipment appeared in early summer. The agency explained its decision by the complexity of regulating the crypto industry and frequent cases of fraud. The official ban on the import of mining equipment is in effect since July. 🚛 According to the Ministry of Finance, over six months of 2018, more than 3,500 equipment was imported to Vietnam. Of these, 3,000 devices were bought by four mining companies. Basically, there were Antminers from the Chinese giant Bitmain. 📌 For your information, the decision of the Vietnam Central Bank to ban the issue and use of Bitcoin as a means of payment came into force on January 1.

  53. 2018-08-07 22:14:11

    ​​Bitmart is excited to announce new Registration and Referral Sign-Up Bonus. All BMX and BTC bonuses will be sent to users accounts after meeting the requirements @ 🔥 Registration After registering an account on the official website you will earn 20 BMX. 🔥 Referral For each friend you invite, you will earn 10 BMX. 🔥 Earn Commissions You can earn 50% +10% trading fee in BTC from friends invited by you. 🚀🚀🚀🚀Check for more details