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Last updated Wednesday August 21, 2019

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Telegram Crypto Group Bytemine
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Welcome to the Bytemine. Find details at

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9 months AGO
  1. 2018-11-14 20:14:01

    Hello everybody and welcome! ⭐️ BYTEMINE : Read all about the ecosystem, token offering and values at (number of tokens, token prices, dividends, etc.). ⭐️ BYTEMINEX : Read all about the members club and investment opportunities at (airdrops, crypto/fiat account, exchange, early stage free ICO tokens*, events and courses*, depositing BTC into BTT hedge trading robot*, free commodity tokens*, free hybrid bond tokens*). *: paid membership --- Link to current white paper: An ERC20-enabled wallet is necessary for the transfer of (free or purchased) tokens. Recommendation from SITV: Tips & Tricks under: Overview of possible wallets: Information required to add the BYTEMINE-Token to MEW: Contract Address : 0xBD79BCA023A7CC4A92d1DB1b57338d5c69Ad07dB Symbol: BYTM 18 decimals --- BYTEMINE (ecosystem) - Homepage - - Telegram - Telegram (News channel) - Twitter - Facebook BYTEMINE X - Homepage - Twitter - Facebook - Instagram --- Stockholm IT Ventures Group: Publicly listed FRA stock exchange, tradable WKN: A116BG / ISIN: SE0006027546 / Ticker Symbol: SVAB STOCKHOLM IT VENTURES AB - Homepage - LinkedIn - Twitter - Facebook With support channels by SRCFM: - Telegram (News channel) - Telegram (English group) - Telegram (German group) BLOCKTRADE TECHNOLOGY (AI Crypto Trading) - Homepage - Linkedin - Twitter - Instagram - YouTube Communication between group members and Board members should be done through the admins. For this you can send us questions via PM, which we on our turn will pass on to SITV. Factual discussions are welcome. Posts without verifiable facts, insinuations and meaningless or even insulting contributions are deleted without justification. This may also result in a 24-hour suspension or expulsion from the group. Copyright violations lead directly to the exclusion. Adopting of the copyrighted logos, of entire texts or parts of text by third parties is expressly not allowed. Violations result in immediate exclusion. Please report any violations incl. Screenshot as PM.

  2. 2018-07-16 13:29:47

    💥💥 BYTEMINE ICO PRE-SALE 💥💥 Private sale: 🔥🔥🔥 Minimum Investment: 20.000 € Price above 50.000 € invest: 0.11 € Price from 20.000 Euro - 49.999 € investment: 0.12 € Pre sale: 🔥🔥🔥 Minimum investment: 1.000 € Price above 10.000 € invest: 0.13 € Price between 1.000 and 9.999 € investment: 0.14 € Shareholders 🔥🔥🔥 will in the pre sale get a price of 0.13 € whatever amount you invest above the minimum cap of 1.000 € Bytemine contract address : 0xBD79BCA023A7CC4A92d1DB1b57338d5c69Ad07dB Symbol: BYTM 18 decimals Further information ✨⚡️✨ Create your Ethereum wallet ⭐️ Add Bytemine Token ⭐️