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Last updated Saturday August 17, 2019

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Telegram Crypto Group Blockchain Whispers
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The official channel of Blockchain Whispers is
and Telegram @blockchainwhispersbaby

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about 1 year AGO
  1. 2018-08-15 10:25:21

    You see, in the sea of information, it is important to filter out the weed to know who to trust. In bear times, it is wise to reduce the amount of trades and do the analysis more thoroughly. Lets analyse what Blockchain Whispers gave you in this bear season: We told you to get into btc when alts were dipping, reducing your loss while not risking your potential gains (like moving to USDT would do). We told you that the alt season that you knew was over, and that now a new BTC-dominant season begins. We warned you early of the upcoming danger of the Ethereum. We warned you of the posibility of the flash crash twice, where you can set low buy orders that cost you nothing and that can only be a plus. Some of those orders got fulfilled and are now in a nice profit, even though we didn’t see a big flash crash yet. We told you to buy our super alt, Tezos at $1.22, while anything under $2 on the long run is a bargain. Most importantly we told you to hold Bitcoin. And now, we gave you a bitcoin call that already made you 109% in pure profit (and can go even higher, but with our adjusted stop it can’t go in any loss). Bear in mind this is bear times, you analyse how we did. You analyse how we do. And you be the judge. Should you decide it is a wise for you the decision to join premium now... use this time where we do not charge for premium renewals to get free even more advanced insights and recommendations for this bear market. All you have to do is to buy one month in premium (or three or a year as it doesn’t expire until the bull run starts) to get inside probbably the most advanced, the most trusted, and the most respected crypto premium channel on the planet. To begin, send a message to @bwregisterbot now. For human support contact our Crypto Kanik at @cryptokanik Thank you, D

  2. 2018-08-12 14:46:53

    Crypto Cartel Onboards The Last Two Members! Fuck competition. That is what cartel is for. If you follow Blockchain Whisper's journey you are aware we are the most trustworthy, most accurate and most respected Telegram community out there. I decided to use this new status as man of crypto people... to go not a step, but a planet further... and bring you traders otherwise unavailable... A hedge fund trader leverage trading pro top fundamentals analyst and the bitcoin expert guys, these guys are on the top of their game — and they never joined before... I talk about guys getting hundreds of thousands of followers on twitters.... over guys trading with hundreds of millions of dollars - very private guy... over guy whose btc predictions are scary-accurate lately... and to the guy who is forecasting months in advance the state of crypto and new momentums. You will feel the effect of the Cartel on both the free and the premium channel (in respective proportions) - you've seen the anti-liquidation tool... for those who don't trade on bitmex, it's just some calculator... for those that do trade... it's MONEY! We bought in premium btc at 6140 sold at 6515, we bought eth at very dip currently around 15% profit at 3x lev and truly, we don't care about earning now but about entering winning positions... however, now, this is bigger than me - and now I am as excited and as curious about what's following next! Thank you for being a loyal follower to Blockchain Whispers! D