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Last updated Sunday July 25, 2021

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Telegram Crypto Group squirrelcoin
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Official Squirrelcoin telegram ®️
[News] @squirrelcoinnews
[AirDrop] .....

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about 3 years AGO
  1. 2018-06-05 09:47:12

    📮 WELCOME TO SQUIRRELCOIN 📮 Welcome to Squirrelcoin's telegram channel. You are at the right place to discuss anything related to Squirrelcoin or digital real estate! New to squirrelcoin? Be sure to take a look at our website and whitepaper! 👉🏻 WEBSITE: 👉🏻 WHITEPAPER: Still have questions? Feel free to contact one of our admins and they will be happy to support you! Squirrelcoin's team has a keen eye for innovation and the rapid changes in this world. Our CEO has close to 30 years experience as an entrepreneur and has enough experience to lead the team and project to a succes! We at Squirrelcoin are determined to bring you the best and easiest experience when investing in real estate. Curious? Be sure to take a look at our team! 👉🏻 TEAM: To keep our channel user-friendly, we apply a few rules wich has to be obeyed at any given time: 1️⃣ No offensive language 2️⃣ No Racism 3️⃣ No FUDI 4️⃣ No Spam 5️⃣ No Advertising 6⃣ English only Breaking these rules multiple times will result in you being permanently restricted from the channel. We thank you for your support. __ Squirrelcoin, the new way of investing in real estate! 👉🏻 WEBSITE: 👉🏻 TWITTER: 👉🏻 ANN Channel: 👉🏻 Telegram Channel: 👉🏻 WHITEPAPER: