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Last updated Tuesday September 25, 2018

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Telegram Crypto Group 🔥Gric Coin| 🔥Airdrop🔥 Agriculture ICO🔥
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Gric Coin is a decentralised open source currency that is created with focus on the Agricultural sector. Gric coin is aimed to improve agricultural practice and increase agricultural output globally

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  1. 2018-09-11 16:21:01

    🔥🔥 Gric Coin Private Sales and ICO 🔥 Welcome to Gric Coin Agricultural Blockchain Project. Visit our site for information relating to this project including our white paper. 🔥Private Sales In 🔥 Gric Coin private sales is on. Visit to get your 20% bonus on private sales @ 1 GG = $0.004USD 🚨 Scam Alert 🚨 All Gric Coin sales is done only at If anyone send you message offering to sell our token to you, report such person to any of the admins. We do not transact business outside our website

  2. 2018-08-20 09:52:39

    🔥🔥🔥Gric Coin Private Sales Starts Today🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 visit to register your account. 🔥🔥💎💎Grab your 20% discount on private sales. 1 GC = $0.004

  3. 2018-08-16 15:45:56

    🔥🔥Official Release Of Gric Coin Project #ICO Website And White Paper🔥🔥 The highly awaited Gric Coin agricultural block chain ICO Website and white paper was today. Visit

  4. 2018-07-25 22:39:44

    🔥About Gric Coin Project🔥 Gric Coin Token is created to improve agricultural practice and food production in Africa. We are creating a brand that will become a benchmark for Agriculture in Africa. This brand will integrate Blockchain to Agricultural practice. We intend to establish a 1000 acre farm / agricultural processing factory in Africa where we can plant, process, standardise and package Farm produce for final consumers. The project is divided in to the farm project and token utility project. The farm project is the 1000 acres commercial farm and processing factory. But we are incorporating a working product we have. A site where people invest in agricultural business and are paid return on their investments. Visit to understand how it works. Part of the fund we are raising will be used to upgrade the farm site we have and build an apps for it. When the site is ready. Members can invest on farm business with Gric Coin as it’s main method of invest. At the end of he agreed time when the fund have been used to rent land, plant crops and sell the product. The investors will be paid their initial capital and also an agreed percentage of return. For this investment we will have small farms in different part of Africa. Investor will pick on their choice of product and location to invest in. With this we will make sure that even a market downward trend will not stop earning ability of Gric Coin to her holders. Unique selling point. 1. 🔥Removal of imitation through Blockchain. Food can be traced from our farm to factory to consumers through Blockchain 2. 🔥Transparency through Blockchain. Investors will have opportunities to see what we are manufacturing through Blockchain transparency. 3. 🔥Use of smart contract. 4. 🔥Payment with Gric Coin and other crypto in Farm partner investment site through Blockchain and smart contract. 5. 🔥Payment of token bonus to token holders. ( 20%) yearly bonus. 6. 🔥Token buy back. Gric coin will buy back some percentage of her token yearly as these tokens are needed to seek to investors that will invest in farm partner project. Gric Coin official website is under construction. Our Referral Bot. 🔥To use our referral link and earn 500 GC token, Click on @GCAirDropBot🔥 It will take you to the bot page. 🔥Click on the start. It will take you to your private bot page.🔥 🔥Click on Referral Link to get your link. 🔥 🔥Send your link to friends, group, share on twitter, Facebook and other social network site. 🔥 When anyone click on it to join our group, the bot will count them as your referral. 🔥 You will get 500 GC ( $1) for each referral.🔥 To make the best use of your referral, add a little message to the link and share on twitter, Facebook, Facebook groups, telegram and other social media. PLEASE JOIN OUR NEW TELEGRAM CHANNEL