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Last updated Monday March 01, 2021

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  1. 2019-02-26 15:30:11

    ​​🔥 Best Binary Options Signals 🔥 🥇Signals come 1-2 minutes before opening. 🥈 WINRATE: 80-95% 💜 We provide signals Monday - Friday at 04:00 - 18:00 GMT. ❤️ Expiration time 5 minutes. 🖤 We give signals from resistance / support levels. Start Earning 💰 Lets Make Money 🤝 📮 Join now - @RussianTrade

  2. 2019-01-14 12:30:16

    ​​Great news from – the company has launched a beta version of its blockchain app for booking beauty treatments. Users can order beauty & wellness services from both salons and private practitioners using Joycoins – a new cryptocurrency issued by the project. Joycoins will stimulate a wider adoption of The Joy platform. The token’s value is directly linked to the KPIs of the project: the more users and activity on the platform, the higher the demand for Joycoins and their value. The Joy has already raised $2.1 million in investment. Soon, a bounty program will be launched, allowing members to earn Joycoins for completing simple testing tasks. Joycoins can be both used to pay beauty professionals (hair stylist, make-up artists, etc.) and sold on a crypto exchange. For this reason, many users have already chosen to register at this early stage in order to benefit from the future growth of Joycoins’ value. Join the largest English-speaking Telegram group dedicated to The Joy:

  3. 2018-12-18 14:54:51

    Hello! 👋 ⏱ Today we’d like to show you a fast developing project — Humans. These guys have a curious idea, excellent team, and innovative technologies. The thing they are lacking right now is feedback. As you all know, this part is essential for every project. Otherwise, the team is risking to create a useless product with common problems. 📍In brief, HUMANS is a technologically advanced solution for trading skills, help and work together. The fully automated process of searching will provide the most accurate matches. The platform combines blockchain with AI, thereby saving user’s time and giving the best UX than ever before. Here is our advise — check their Telegram Chat 👥 @humans_net, because they are always discussing hot topics from news blockchain news to jobseeking tips from experienced freelancers. HUMANS Team is very competent, friendly and always can help you with any problem you have.

  4. 2018-12-13 16:30:34

    ​​Win up to 100 MGO every day! MobileGo Airdrop is now Live! Hurry up, MGO airdrop will finish on 19th of December! Rules are simple: Follow MobileGO on social media channels, retweet the news about GShare and esports platform – get 1 MGO; Install GShare and earn at least 1 GShare Gold – get 1 MGO; Participate and receive up to 100 MGO daily! Don’t miss your chance! Full instruction for the airdrop:

  5. 2018-12-10 15:13:24

    Receive up to 100 MGO tokens every day! MobileGo Airdrop starts on 6th of December! Follow MobileGO on all socials, retweet the news about GShare and esports platform – get 1 MGO; Install GShare and earn at least 1 GShare Gold – get 1 MGO; First 100 participants who complete 2 tasks will get 2 extra MGOs! 10 users with the largest amount of GShare Gold earned in GShare will get 6 additional MGO. Play esports tournaments and receive up to 100 MGO daily! Don’t miss your chance to get free MGO! Full instruction for the airdrop: Also, MGO is now a part of a beta version of GShare app and esports platform. GShare is an app which can be used to earn GShare Gold by using your PC power. Esports is a platform for gamers and MGO token holders which hosts tournaments and allows to earn even more MGO and GShare Gold!

  6. 2018-12-06 14:27:13

    Hi all! Recently, I got tired by switching between a number of crypto exchanges and wasting time and money on scattered crypto trading tools. And a month ago, I came across Kattana - a desktop crypto-trading terminal that allows to trade on multiple crypto-exchanges from one app and has the tools that cover the whole workflow of a trader in one place, from market analysis to measuring trading performance. The terminal is in beta right now, but it looks really cool and promising. I’ve found these benefits to be a game changer for my crypto-trading experience: 1. Being a desktop-based app, Kattana is completely secure. Your API keys are stored locally, on your device only. 2. Kattana has a fully customizable interface. You can save your custom layouts that suits your trading needs best. Moreover, it works perfect with 2+ monitors. 3. The terminal offers a unique feature: it calculates your actual trading performance as compared to a benchmark index. It shows whether your trading is better than a regular buy&hold strategy. 4. The app works with Binance, Bittrex and HitBTC. The team also plans to add more exchanges in the nearest future. 5. Kattana is absolutely FREE. The app has some minor cons as well, but the team is very responsive and improves the product with a lightning speed. For instance, they didn’t have a Windows version of the terminal at the moment of start, but it was launched this morning 😱. Coming from a successful crypto hedge-fund, the team knows what they are doing. So, I definitely urge you to try Kattana! You can download Kattana and improve your trading experience here:

  7. 2018-11-29 16:13:08

    Hey! Our friends from HUMANS are going for a Token Sale! They will start selling the Humans GEN token from the New Year, but now they are giving away bonuses to all early bird sign-ups. 💡Accredited investors are already capable to participate in tokensale according to SAFT agreement. HUMANS is a project that combines humanization, technology (Blockchain and AI) and social networking for evolutionized approach of communication design in one platform. Visit their Official @humans_net Telegram Group and get a unique code for 25% bonus for your first purchase.

  8. 2018-11-23 20:21:14

    Want to take advantage of crypto-market volatility? Set Trade Santa bot and benefit from the strategies used by thousands of traders worldwide. Start trading on any of 6 exchanges (Poloniex, Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, KuCoin and HitBTC) in just two clicks. TradeSanta helps to make crypto-trading fast, convenient and safe. Join us !

  9. 2018-11-12 07:27:34

    Limited time open for public. JOIN This guys made approx 1500% profit during October 2018. Which other were struggling with Losses.

  10. 2018-11-09 13:03:09

    ⭐ Great news!⭐ Join MobileGo Airdrop! 1,000 of early birds will receive 2 MGO coins on their Ethereum wallets after filling in the forms on social media channels. The following 10,000 users will also get a reward — 1 MGO coin! ❗ Follow MGO social media and fill in the forms with required details. More info here: