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Last updated Tuesday September 25, 2018

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Telegram Crypto Group Wall Street Trader School
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Secretary, Promo and Private Channel @ElizabethNY Support RUS @Vladburno
Support ENG @Bravo990

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  1. 2018-06-26 09:29:41

    📌Read this message carefully before you start trading📌 🔑How to Buy and Sell There are 3 targets for each signal that we give. When you buy a coin, always use Stop-loss order at -5% from the buy zone we give. We advise you to trade according to these two strategies Strategy 1: Active trading💡 If the price reaches 1 of the 3 targets, put always Stop-loss at -3% below target 1, 2 or 3. So you will keep your profit. If the price continues to rise higher than target 3, keep an eye on it and put the Stop-loss at -3% from the highest price at that moment. Maybe you can hold it for more days. Strategy 2: Busy traders⌛️ This strategy is for busy traders, who do not have much time to trade or to constantly monitor prices. With this strategy we use Stop-loss by achieved target. Put Sell-order at: Target 1: 25% Target 2: 25% Target 3: 50% Important trading rules: *Don't buy at on all time highest price. Even if it’s your favourite coin!! LOVE HURTS *Patience is the key to success. *Never panic, never sell in loss if coin is already dumped. That’s why we recommend you to put Stop loss at -5% from the buy zone *Always wait for right time to buy. *Don't fall in love with one coin. *Never invest all amount in one coin. *Don't worry or cry if market get dumped due to bad news. *Don't enter in the peak value of coin if you have no idea about the target. *Never buy a coin if price already archived target 1. *Never trade with emotions. *Always use your stop loss and adjust it once you're in profit zone. *Never sell in loss (Sell only with Stop-loss -5%). Join our Wall Street Trader Private School Channel We offer: *The best analysed Trade Signals. *Margin Trading Signals. *Alerts. *Market news. *Global market data. *Online Support 24/7. *Mobile app (coming soon). *Trade Bot (coming soon). *100% Money back guarantee. Membership Price: 1 month: 0,2 ETH 3 month: 0,5 ETH 6 month: 0,8 ETH 12 month: 1.4 ETH Life time: 2 ETH For Long-term subscription ask @ElizabethNY Each Private School member will get 24/7 support. He / She will help you how to trade, answer your questions and give you advice. In our Wall Street Trader Private School Channel we guarantee you 75% profit every month, otherwise you will receive your money or a month free membership. DON’T WORRY!! If you don’t have money to join our Wall Street Trader Private School Channel, you can benefit from our free signals. With the free signals you can make a profit in order to buy membership. Attention!!!!! Pay attention of the Scammers who pretend to be a Wall Street Trader Private School's Admins in Public Chats. They offer you to buy a lifetime subscriptions. Our admins will never send you private message to buy membership. Only @ElizabethNY is authorized to give you membership. Best Regards, WST team