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Last updated Sunday July 25, 2021

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  1. 2018-06-26 20:51:18

    ‼️Blockmason - Credit Protocol Community Rules‼️ Welcome to the Blockmason community! We're excited that you've joined our Telegram chat, where we discuss Blockmason, the Credit Protocol, Lndr and blockchain technology. We look forward to you joining the discussion and sharing your thoughts and insight! To keep this chat a safe, pleasant and positive experience for all community members, we politely request that you read and adhere to the following community rules: 1) This is Blockmason's English language chat. Please communicate in English only. 2) Please take the time to read through any pinned posts and messages from our moderators and admins. Many of your questions may already be answered. 3) If you are communicating with admins or moderators, please ensure that they have the "Admin" tag next to their messages in the chat. No Blockmason admin will ever contact you via private message for your password, wallet addresses or other private information. 4) Please be respectful to each other and to moderators and admins. While constructive criticism is encouraged, engaging in an uncivilized manner will not be tolerated and may result in a warning and/or permanent ban. Also, please post appropriate content. Pornographic or inappropriate imagery is not allowed and may result in a warning and/or permanent ban. 5) Negativity, profanity, insulting others, racism, FUD, doxxing, threats of violence, discussion of religion/politics, posting false or inaccurate information, or advertising other projects will not be tolerated and may result in a warning and/or permanent ban. 6) No manipulation policy: Due to current uncertainties in the blockchain technology space, there is to be absolutely no discussion of BCPT token price, trading, pumping, volume, exchange listing speculation or any other "trading" related matters. This includes replying to or otherwise participating in such conversations or sharing any BCPT-trading-specific Telegram chats. The violation of this rule may result in a warning and/or permanent ban. 7 ) Please do not post ads, spam, or referral links in our community. Please do not troll our community or PM members with this type of communication. Violation of this rule may result in a warning and/or permanent ban. 8) Impersonating other users, moderators or admins will result in an immediate permanent ban. 9) Please do not reveal any of your personal information in this group -- this is for your security. Further, please do not post Ethereum, Bitcoin or other wallet addresses in threads, posts or replies. Doing so may result in a warning and/or permanent ban. Our Community Admins are: @Skiley112, @Tiricilo, @Cryptoraptor, @Sty1er Please note our community admins are volunteers and thus don't speak in an official capacity on behalf of Blockmason. However, they are valued, long-time community members and are here to help with enforcing these community rules. 📱 Download Lndr 📱 Lndr for iOS: Lndr for Android: Lndr Bug Reporting Telegram Group: 📰 Keep Up To Date with Blockmason 📰 Please note that as a matter of policy, the Blockmason team will no longer reply to chat questions regarding exact timing of technology releases or partnership updates. Please stay up-to-date with our company and our projects through our official channels: The Blockmason Blog: The Blockmason Announcement Channel: The Blockmason Github: and 💳 Blockmason Credit Protocol Tokens (BCPT) 💳 Blockmason Credit Protocol Tokens -- or "BCPT" -- are available for purchase at the following cryptocurrency exchanges: Binance, Bittrex, Cryptopia, EtherDelta, Gatecoin, HitBTC, KuCoin and Upbit. The official BCPT contract address is: 📨 Contact Blockmason 📨 Email: