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Last updated Sunday July 25, 2021

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Docai wants to create a decentralized, open and sustainable ecosystem to improve health care access to everyone, regardless of income.

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almost 2 years AGO
  1. 2019-10-14 22:53:48

    Dear all, this Telegram group was created to build the community for's NRN network. Given we are unable to launch a viable NRN network and have initiated the SAFT repayment process (after notifying investors by email accordingly), we have decided to close down the Telegram group. For SAFT repayment questions please contact us at Thank you for your support.

  2. 2019-10-14 20:13:42

    Dear all, was founded on the principles of privacy, security, and decentralized access to health data to accelerate medical research. The aim of the NRN network was to create a unique currency for AI in medical research, however, given the uncertain regulatory environment, it is no longer viable. Accordingly, we have initiated the process of repaying SAFT purchasers. If you participated in's tokensale, you should have received an email with instructions on the repayment process just now. Kindly note that we will not be able to discuss the details of the repayment process beyond what is already in the email. If you still have a question you would like to ask - please email us at Thank you for your support.

  3. 2019-10-03 16:40:54

    Hello all, sorry for the delay with the report. We expect some really good news for you soon, I hope we will be able to announce in the next couple of weeks or even sooner. I know you’ve had to be very patient with us throughout the whole process but we ask you to give us just a bit longer. Promise you it’s not just a request to wait for no reason, we are really close to being able to announce a solution that we hope will be taken very well by the vast majority of you.

  4. 2019-09-06 16:42:51

    We have not confirmed there will be no token distribution. Per the terms of the SAFT agreement, we have until Dec 31, 2019, to launch the network/NRN or we must return funds to SAFT holders. We are diligently working with our advisors to determine the right course of action given the regulatory environment. Once we reach a decision on the path forward, we will communicate the plan with all SAFT holders. If we determine despite our best efforts we are unable to proceed with the network/NRN launch, we will then develop a repayment process and circulate the details to all SAFT holders.

  5. 2019-06-25 19:40:29

    At the moment we are diligently working with our advisors to determine the right course of action for NRN network given the regulatory environment. Once we reach a decision on the path forward, we will communicate the plan with all SAFT holders. If you have specific questions or concerns in the meantime, please email us at from the email address you used to participate in the token sale (so that we can verify you as an investor) and we will respond accordingly.

  6. 2019-04-10 00:25:42

    I will repeat it again, the summary of last week’s AMA(you just have to scroll up actually). Converting to equity or security token would require majority of each tranche (early advisors sale, pre-sale and public sale) to agree to the terms of the new instrument. Unfortunately, it appears that it will be hard to achieve that majority because many of our investors are either in need of liquidity (so they cannot take illiquid startup equity) or they cannot hold securities. End of q2 we will issue an Annual report audited and fully traansparent, but only for verified investors of course, we are a private company not a public one. We will adhere to the T&C of the SAFT agreeement, we are not in a position to refund now, but we expect to refund at or before deadline. My team and I are trying to be constructive here within the limitations that the SEC has imposed on everyone.

  7. 2019-03-28 21:52:03

    Due to last minute change in travel plans the AMA in this channel will now take place on April 4th, at 9am Pacific Time. Apologies for rescheduling.

  8. 2019-03-19 20:59:26

    Dear all, please mark your calendars - the next AMA for will be on April 2, 2019 at 09:00 Pacific Time

  9. 2018-10-25 17:06:04

    Dear all, as requested by many of you, we are organising an AMA here in Telegram with Walter and myself. It will take place at 9:30am San Francisco / 4:30pm London time on Monday October 29th. Please prepare your questions. As per the previous post here is the link to the feedback form to reach out to us via email: The link to the blog post on the token economy modelling:

  10. 2018-10-23 09:13:26

    Thank you for your support everyone. Yes, we had to make this tough decision to postpone token distribution and the full details were outlined in the investor email. That email you have received as the investor is the official announcement / communication. We are not planning to make any further announcements via Twitter etc as we prefer to communicate with investors directly. At the bottom of the email there is a link to the google form that you can compete if you would like to express your opinion and we promise to come back to every investor. We believe this Telegram group is not the most appropriate place for investor communication, hence switching to the direct communication with investors via google form. Please feel free to continue using this group for project discussion amongst yourselves but please don’t be surprised that we don’t entertain some of the less appropriate / rude messages we receive here. Here is the link to the form: Thank you

  11. 2018-08-01 14:08:16

    Big news from us today - partnership with Fortune 500 company Anthem to do the AI data trial:

  12. 2018-06-09 00:00:27

    Dear all, Many of you have been asking us about our second token offering. Following your requests and significant reverse enquiries that we have received from both new and existing SAFT purchasers, we have decided to do a small private round selling SAFTs at a conversion price of $0.20 per token, capped at $5m. Unfortunately given it is a manual process we can only accommodate larger orders (we are not using a token platform for this sale). Accordingly, if you are interested to contribute $100,000 or above please email us at with your desired allocation and currency of funding (USD, BTC or ETH) and we will share the purchase information. Please note that the lock-up for this new sale is 1 year from the end of the sale. Very importantly, we have great news for our existing SAFT purchasers, regardless of whether you want to participate in the current round of private sale. We intend to provide 10% bonus tokens on respective original purchase amounts, which may be implemented though a purchase price adjustment on your original SAFT. While we consider specific implementation points, we did want to let you know about this as we appreciate your commitment! Our current expectation is that you would receive these NRNs at the time of the network launch currently targeted for mid-October this year. We will provide more details closer to the date. To all our investors whom we will be unable to accommodate in this round - thank you very much for your support. As you have seen we are making significant progress with our network and are on track to release the tokens sold in the ICO in October 2018.