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Last updated Monday July 26, 2021

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Telegram Crypto Group [WOLF] Forex, Stocks & Crypto Trading Community
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Wolf of Crypto is a place to be, where experts calls are backedup with sound Technical and Fundamental analysis. We believe in team work, for maximum trading success 🐺

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  1. 2020-04-29 06:44:30

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  2. 2020-04-15 21:14:37

    Hello! 🐺 My name is 'Wolf', formerly knows as 'WolfOfPoloniex'. If you're new to the online Cryptocurrency community and have no idea who I am, you can learn a little more about me, here: I will be releasing my Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis & Daily VIP Pumps! If you are new to trading and have no idea what these charts mean, then feel free to study some of the free content I have created over the years. 🌬 VIP-Pumps & VIP Ƀ |0.01 BTC - Lifetime Membership 🇪🇺 Contact: 👉🏻 @WolfDean 😊 🌬 In the vip group we offer much more 'behind the scenes' informations. We give you the hottest VIP-Pumps about a coin 48 hours early, before we post it in our main groups with over 2,000,000+ Members (We have even more Crypto Channels just ask for it). We will also give VIP-Pump Huge Investor access to our private Telegram|Slack|Discord|Facebook|Websites groups and include our 240-hour Cryptocurrency Trading & Investing video educational series. Our Signals Are Based on Technical & Fundamental Analysis by a team of 18 full-time professional traders & market influencers! Learn in as little as one week all of the tools you need to be a professional trader! VIP Group VIP-Pump Signals are given 48 hours earlier than our public groups. We offer 2-3x VIP-Pumps & 2-3x Daily VIP-Pumps Payouts. In addition we offer 24/7 support and are always available for you. We have over 8000 VIP-Pump investors. You are welcome to invest with a small investment to give us the chance to show you our skills. We have over millions of members so we can pump the coins so we call it [VIP-Pumps] Both sides benefit so it's a win win situation. 2020 will be the year especially after Bitcoin Halving 📈 🌬 VIP-Pumps twice a day! Thanks to over 2.000.000+ members on Telegram & over 7000+ VIP Members. We will be doing daily payouts and VIP-Pumps. We step in to 2020 with new offices in London witch will add 18 additional traders to support our Premium VIP program, information will follow we have limited spots for our customers that would want to Invest 1-20 BTC That will include personal assistant with your investment over the phone or skype,zoom. very limited number of spots for this program. We know that many investor platforms can't be trusted, so we recommend you invest small and then increase your investment to feel secure.Minimum investment for the Small VIP-Pump will be 0.02 - 0.25 BTC. For the Huge VIP-Pump 0.25 - 20 BTC. We cannot accept more than 20 BTC because our wallets have only this limit. Contact: 👉🏻 @WolfDean 📲 🌬 We do offer a monthly trial money-back guarantee, so you can test VIP for two weeks and have the option of a full refund of your investment we offer 24/7 pay out! 🌬 VIP 2020 Lifetime Price is 0.01 BTC for channel access and 1 BTC for Premium Personal Trader OFFER LIMITED TO 20 To maintain high quality service we can't accept more to our Premium Personal Trader Program launching 2020 🚀 Don't wait invest with us and make profits daily! don't Let your bitcoins sit like 60% investors make it work for you at lowest possible fee's dependant on your initial investment. Contact: 👉🏻 @WolfDean😊