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Last updated Friday March 05, 2021

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Telegram Crypto Group Coin Whisperers ™ Chat (dedicated free members chat)
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CW since Day1 has been a different type of #Crypto Community, we are a true family!
CryptoInfo is TA/FA specialist and focuses on helping the free members/new traders to have an edge on the Crypto Market.
#CryptoTrading #Bitcoin #Cryptocurrency

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9 months AGO
  1. 2020-06-15 09:03:54

    🥂 To a new CW Future 🥂 We here at Coin Whisperer have been hard at work. Something new and very exciting is brewing. Read more if you’re interested in finding a whole new, trailblazing way to trade (If you like your old way and hate change then don’t read on). We have taken the first steps toward developing our own application (iOS, android, and web) that will combine all of the features that we already use into one single platform. Our Coin Whisperer App plans to initially provide: - Coin market Overview - Exactly what it sounds like. - Portfolio Tracker - Track all of your exchanges, accessible with one fingertip. - Signals - All of the same quality signals you have come to expect from Coin Whisperer in one easy layout. - Smart Orders – We plan to give you 5+ targets and totally replace your trading method with an increased performance trading platform. - Chat integration - Fully compatible with telegram to keep track of all your chats so you never miss what's going on in the crypto world. - User Page - Security, settings, wallet connections. You know, all that technical stuff in one place. - Payment - I’m sad to say this is not free. However, we have made this portion as painless as possible for you. Interested? There is more! Get in on being part of this. Now is your chance to have a say and give input. You can help us by being a sponsor as well. Here is what we propose if you decide to become a sponsor. We want to offer different tiers in the initial development stage of this app. We know all of our CW family members have portfolios of different sizes and different financial situations. The end product intends to assist trading with smart orders combined with our signals. Everyone who contributes a minimum of Tier 1 gets 6 months of smart orders starting from the date of the sponsor transaction. This is an exclusive just for our sponsors. This deal will be limited in time and will be off the table soon. Each tier comes with discounted services which we already offer and will begin immediately in the current CW operating platform. The remaining time of these services will then be transferred to the app after it is released. - TIER 1: 0.03 BTC - 12 months; Auto Trader Gold - TIER 2: 0.12 BTC - 6 months; Breakout or Premium & AT Gold - TIER 3: 0.23 BTC - 12 months; Breakout or Premium & AT Gold - TIER 4: 0.40 BTC - 12 months; Breakout or Premium & AT Platinum The membership(s) will be added on top of your existing membership(s). Below are the CW wallets: - BTC: 1Xr9q6ffNdf6omR3dECEpVn5XD8oWCMeM - ETH: 0x0Ec2e714e5225DC2e5E2f0A1f448C6176cD26737 - USDC: 0x0Ec2e714e5225DC2e5E2f0A1f448C6176cD26737 Send @Bigrichardo a dm for the transaction details or for questions. Based on conversations with our development team, we expect that the build time should be roughly 2-3 months. This of course could take more or less time depending on multiple factors, but we will strive to deliver a working product as soon as possible. As a sponsor, you will be a member of a private channel that provides direct updates during the development process and you can even provide input as the project is ongoing. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to providing a product that we can be proud of and that will provide you with the tools for financial freedom. 👮‍♂️‍ Legal Disclaimer 👮‍♂️‍ We are not a financial advisor. The use of our signals is at your own risk.

  2. 2020-04-11 21:12:21

    We had a new algorithm to detect people who aren't supposed to be in our group. So if you are in here; you are wanted an important to be part of our family. We removed 283 fake accounts as we speak. #WeAreCrypto #WeAreFamily #WeAreTheWhisperers

  3. 2020-02-20 06:56:50

    🤐We will never pm first! 🤐 Never send your money to someone unless you verified it with one of our admins in @coinwhispererschat. 🤖❇️ Auto Trading on our signals ❇️🤖 We offer an Auto Trade Bot on our signals! Download our Auto Trader manual. You will need a subscription on 3commas (cheapest subscription will do). Trade on signals from Coin Whisperer. Below here the membership subscriptions for auto trading: Subscr. | Month | 6 month | Limit ----------------------------------- Bronze | .005BTC | .02 BTC | .01 Silver | .01 BTC | .04 BTC | .02 Gold | .03 BTC | .12 BTC | .05 Platinum| .05 BTC | .20 BTC | .10 Diamond | .12 BTC | .48 BTC | .25 DDiamond| .35 BTC |1.40 BTC | ∞ Limit = amount used per signal BTC address: 3PNbYwo6cijd1cz9pxGjPsLFjjGQanKhhk Other payment options available. Contact @Bigrichardo for signing up! No refunds. 🙋‍♂️ Invite friends with your referral link 🙋‍♂️ Invite friends with your referral link and earn some BTC when they join a paid channel. We created a referral bot to keep track of members who refer a family/friend/contact to our group. Talk to our service and referral bot @coinwhisperersbot and type /referrallink in that chat. With /membershipdetails you can check your membership information and your referred members. Our Premium Signal Channel and Newest Channel #Breakout both have separate dedicated Chats, with 24/7 conversations on the signals and market updates. 🚨 Hot Breakout Membership 🚨 Breakout Signals term: 0-3 days Breakout Membership fee: - 1 month 0.03 BTC - 3 months 0.075 BTC - 6 months 0.12 BTC BTC address: 3JdcSBASLhiz7tb1nms4FQKf1DRSC4a4dH 🔥 Premium Signal Channel 🔥 Short/Mid/Long term signals given for maximum profits. Premium Membership fee: - 1 month 0.03 BTC - 3 months 0.075 BTC - 6 months 0.12 BTC BTC address: 3PNbYwo6cijd1cz9pxGjPsLFjjGQanKhhk 🚨 Breakout Focus & Premium Focus 🚨 With a Focus subsciption you focus on our quality signals and attached news. This subscription will be without chat and without premium BTCupdates. You can auto trade on this sub as well. The signals are the same as Breakout and Premium. - 1 month 0.017 BTC - 3 months 0.0425 BTC - 6 months 0.068 BTC To join our Paid Channels please contact @Bigrichardo or @cryptoinfo2017 for signing up! No refunds. ✨ CoinStats Portfolio Tracker ✨ We have been using CoinStats for a while now and this portfolio tracker is really unique! Even @bigrichardo is impressed (for real, he is a whiner if it comes to using software). Couponcode 50% discount on the Pro edition: coinwhisperers Throw away your current tracker and start using CoinStats! 👑 Coin Whisperer's tip 👑 Looking for a way to trade with a stop-loss and sell targets at the same time? Sign up at 3commas ( and get good software to manage your trades! We partnered up with 3commas. As a result of that you guys can get 20% discount on your first subscription on 3commas. 📺 Check us on YouTube 📺 5 Awesome videos about Coin Whisperer: - Introduction to Coin Whisperer: - Auto Trading for Free: - The best telegram channel? - Auto trader: - Auto Trading & Forwarding Signals: - Use Auto Trading for Free: 🎱 Rules to keep our chat clean and crypto related 🎱 🎲 Respect other members ❌ Don’t spread FUD 🖼 Don’t over feed us with GIFs 🔔 Don't give buy & sell advise to other members 🚽 Don't talk about leverage trading 👨‍ No Referral links ⛔️ No forwarding from other tradergroups or bots 🗑 No Promotion 💣 No Spam 🔞 No Erotic content Violating any of these rules will result in restricted access. 👮‍♂️ Legal Disclaimer 👮‍♂️ Always do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency as the market is highly volatile. We are not a financial advisor. The use of our signals is at your own risk.