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Last updated Saturday January 23, 2021

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Telegram Crypto Group AlphaTradeZone Group
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Testimonials: @alphatradezone_testimonials

Contact: @AlphaTeamSupport




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  1. 2020-06-27 22:42:47

    ⭐️ AlphaTradeZone® Premium service ✅ Automated trading via ✅ 80% Accuracy rate of calls with proven track record from 2018 until now ✅ Voted best crypto signals channel by the community ✅ Tons of High Quality education ✅ Mentorship and personal help Join now by leaving a DM to @alphateamsupport JUNE PROMO 50% DISCOUNT on your first month! Promo ends 31st of June. Performance LIVE:

  2. 2020-06-17 15:46:38

    ⭐️ BTC Trading competition! Summer is coming, let's have some FUN together while trading BITCOIN, shall we? ATZ and BYBIT are giving you the chance to win up to 1.3BTC prize pool in the BITCON COMPETITION hosted by AlphaTradeZone and ByBit exchange ! 🥇 Prize Pool: up to 1.3 BTC ⚠️ Registration: Until 22th of June 👉 Competition: From 22.06 to 06.07 (2 weeks) ‼️ HOW TO REGISTER ⁉️ ✅ Step1: Have an account on bybit via . ALL current members are Eligible! No need to make new acc. ✅ Step2: Join competition here with 0.025 BTC equity in account: We will trade the BTC/USD contract 👍 You may invite your friends - the more participants we get, the more prize pool we will have! This is the first Exclusive trading competition AlphaTradeZone is hosting for our awesome community! Let's have some FUN together, while having the chance to also win some Bitcoin! After all... we know #WeAreAlpha any questions, dm @alphateamsupport

  3. 2020-06-14 15:06:41

    ⭐️ Our Web Portal is finally released! 👆👆👆 Remember that name! From today officially our new website is launched. ⚠️ What you will find there is: Information about our work, services, our latest blog publications, latest YouTube videos, Crypto news and more! ✅ 🙏 OUR WAY TO SAY THANK YOU!! for being the most awesome and supporting community through all these years is.. ‼️ 🎁🎁 For the month of JUNE all new members of our community will get 50% Discount on their first month in! 🎁🎁 👉 Regular price is 0.018 btc, now you may join US for ONLY 0.009 btc! If you ever wanted to join our amazing insider trading team, NOW is the time to ACT! message @alphateamsupport and start your journey with us now!

  4. 2020-04-19 23:55:16

    #BTC/USD BTC Review 20.04.2020 ⚠️✅ Check out our latest #BTC and #Crypto market analysis.

  5. 2020-03-15 23:08:32

    🔥 AlphaTradeZone® Premium group 🔥 Our Premium group is still open. Despite the recent downfall of BTC price our membership fees REMAIN UNCHANGED and pegged to the BTC value. As firm believers in BTC we decided to not make any changes. So basically you can now still get access to our closed community at a very teasing price. Message @alphateamsupport for more details how to join and don't forget to ask for your private discount offer. 💪 Let's kill it in the markets together!

  6. 2020-02-25 22:43:58

    🔥 NEW Hot news from ByBit exchange! You know AlphaTradeZone® keeps to its promises. And what did we promise you? ‼️ MORE BYBIT GIVEAWAYS and GAMES! ‼️ Here's the next one! EXTRA $100 BONUS! How? ⁉️ ✅ 1) Make sure you're registered at ✅ 2) To Qualify for the Giveaway you must have: >= 0.1 btc deposit. and Trading volume above 5 btc for the period of 24.02 to 01.03.2020. Additional info: After you register at, fill in your UID here: Good luck! ⭐️

  7. 2020-02-14 17:26:00

    ❤️ Happy St. Valentine's Day ‼️ As a celebration of the day of LOVE, we at AlphaTradeZone decided to launch a promo today, offering our Premium services at 20% discounted rate for ANY of our current membership plans! 🥰 Plenty of gains, everyone is happy! Why not make ourselves more affordable at once! 👉 What you will get inside? ✅ Top notch TA 24/7 ✅ Automated Trading ✅ VIP Chat! ✅ HQ Education on Trading and money management! ✅ Risk assessment and portfolio recommendation! AND MORE! DM @alphateamsupport to take advantage of this opportunity and join NOW! From US with ❤️

  8. 2020-02-11 21:26:12

    Couldnt resist guys but to SHOW you what is happening in our closed group TODAY LIVE 🚀 What you see that we are posting as content in the public channel is top quality but the biggest pie is for the people who chose to trust us and join in our Inner Circle. 🏆 THAT TRUST is paying off big time already! Thank you! You deserve more! ❤️ And the best is yet to come!!! 💪💪💪

  9. 2020-02-01 00:57:58

    🔥 ByBit & AlphaTradeZone® PROMO 🔥 Guys, still not too late to join the GIVEAWAY promo on our Partners from BYBIT! Get a $100 additional bonus to all other welcome bonuses when trading on ByBit! ⁉️ How to get the $100 bonus? ⁉️ Very simple! ✅ 1) Make sure you have account registered via our link: ✅ 2) Until 05.02 make sure you have 0.2 BTC deposit more than BTC withdrawal amount. ✅ 3) Wait for Bybit Staff to credit your account! 4 more days until this promo is active. Go get those easy money, do not miss this out! ☑️

  10. 2020-01-27 03:43:34

    ​​🎁 1 month AlphaTradeZone® Premium membership Giveaway! 🎁 Hello everyone! 🔥🔥🔥 This week we are running a giveaway promo on our Discord server! You have the chance to win a FREE membership to our Premium group worth 0.018 BTC! ⁉️ How to participate in the giveaway? ⁉️ 👉1) Join our Discord server 👉2) Participate in the giveaway promo on 💗giveaway-promo💗 channel 👉3) Wait till time us up and we pick up the lucky winner! ⚠️ Promo Ending: Feb 1, 2020 11:11 PM (PST) 🏆 Good luck to all participants and thank you for the awesome support!

  11. 2020-01-20 22:34:54

    🔥 HOT PROMO with BYBIT Exchange! 🔥 Hi Everyone! The good news about AlphaTradeZone® and ByBit just don't stop coming! 🎁 As we've been promising you already, many new bonuses, discounts, giveaways and games are underway! 🚨 Now Bybit has decided to grant EACH and EVERY one of you who register under our link, $100 additional bonus! 👉 How to get the money? Very simple! ⚠️ Make sure you have registered your account at and within the next two weeks make sure you deposit 0.2 btc or more! ✅ If that condition is met, you will receive $100 bonus and this is on top of all other welcome bonuses, discounts and privileges that all AlphaTradeZone members are getting! Please remember, ALL CURRENT members are eligible for this promo and you don't have to register a new account if you already are a member of the ATZ group! ‼️ Duration: ‼️ 21.01.2020-05.02.2020 Claim your rewards and enjoy trading on Bybit as much as we do! Let's see who can get the most out of this bonus! 😎🚀

  12. 2020-01-02 15:40:09

    📌 You got 4 more days to register at ByBit and qualify for the ATZ giveaway! It will take place on 6-th of January! ‼️ Registration link: ‼️ 💥 3 Prizes: ✅ One Bybit Hoodie and a Badge ✅ One Bybit T-shirt and a Badge ✅ One Bybit T-shirt and a Badge ⚠️ Remember, only registered accounts with the link will be eligible! 👉 On top of that, you get: ✅ 10% discount on trading fees for the next 30 days ✅ Receive up to $90 welcome bonus after registration ✅ You will be eligible for further participation in AlphaTradeZone® Games, sponsored by Bybit! Join us on the fun side with trading on Bybit exchange! 🥇 And never look back ;) Just as we did! Much more new and fun games and giveaways to come! We will announce the winners on Jan 6th! Here on the public channel

  13. 2019-12-21 14:44:06

    🔥 AlphaTradeZone® officially migrates to ByBit exchange from Today! Today is the day that we officially announce our migration from BitMEX exchange to Bybit. Our margin trading signals will be made according to bybit prices. It's been quite an easy decision to make for all the advantages that we had the chance to see for ourselves Bybit has infront of BitMEX. 👉 Join us on Bybit via our short registration link here: ‼️ You will get: ✅ 10% discount on trading fees for the next 30 days ✅ Receive up to $90 welcome bonus after registration ✅ Participate in our Giveaway - we will draw 3 winners to win - hoodies, shirts, bybit badges and porcelain cups! ✅ You will be eligible for further participation in AlphaTradeZone® Games, sponsored by Bybit!

  14. 2019-11-28 23:56:35

    ⭐️ HOT BLACK FRIDAY DISCOUNT 30% OFF ⭐️ It would be a shame if we didn't think about YOU again and didn't give YOU again the opportunity to join our Premium group at a discount at Thanksgiving day and sequentially Black Friday! If you havent been following our group, here's what you've missed in November! 🔥 3 signals closed on more than 50% profit each on Binance! 🔥 bitmex calls with more than 10R 🔥 Many more profitable calls with combined profit over 400% on binance! Crazy isnt it? So, on this great day, we announce: 🎁 30% OFF on all AlphaTradeZone® subscription fees! ‼️ It is VERY rarely we make such discounts so make sure to take advantage. It is only valid for tomorrow - Black friday party at ATZ! DM @AlphaTeamSupport to get ON BOARD NOW! 😎🔝

  15. 2019-11-24 23:31:35

    🔥 Registration to OUR TEAM at the BYBIT Challenge still OPEN! JOIN NOW! 🔥 Dear Friends, 3 more days are left till registration closes for the bybit challenge! We have gathered a top notch performance team with our analysts inside to join this challenge and attempt to win it! On top of that Bybit Marketing team have been so kind to offer us amazing bonuses like: ⭐️ 20% OFF on all fees for 2 weeks! ⭐️ $50 welcome bonus to new people who join US! ⭐️ 0.1 BTC Giveaway! ⭐️ Two sets of amazing merch giveaway - hoodie, shirts, hats, stickers and badges! On top of all that, you will have the chance to: For the duration of the challenge - join our CLOSED SPECIAL GROUP, where we will discuss tactics, strategies and trades! How to join this AMAZING OPPORTUNITY to gain invaluable experience and join forces with the best? 1) Register on BYBIT via our link: 2) JOIN OUR TEAM! ✅ Tournament starts 28.11.2019! Don't miss out this opportunity to upgrade your wallet and skills!

  16. 2019-11-21 20:18:06

    ⭐️ BLACK FRIDAY DISCOUNT PARTY at ATZ! ⭐️ Yes, today was a good day for our group! Whether you are our Premium member, OR just following the public channel, you had the chance to make good gains with our analysis and calls! Our public charts, calls and analysis have been good enough so you can judge for the quality we have in our closed group! BLACK FRIDAY IS APPROACHING! We are not forgetting this! Hence - ONLY for tomorrow (FRIDAY): ✅ All AlphaTradeZone® Premium subscription plans get 20% Discount! ✅ Premium bot license also gets 20% Off! It is VERY rarely we make such discounts so make sure to take advantage. It is only valid for tomorrow - Black friday party at ATZ! DM @AlphaTeamSupport to get ON BOARD NOW! 😎🔝

  17. 2019-11-17 20:05:30

    ​​⭐️AlphaTradeZone® has been found back in 2017 as a group of professional traders and digital marketers with previous experience in trading with brokers at the NYSE. ✅ The main purpose of this channel is to rely on EDUCATING the audience of retail traders on effective and yet basic principles of trading applicable to any market even outside of Crypto. That would help you start understanding the logic that markets move towards liquidity where big players can fill their orders. 👉 In the channel you will see trades and analysis we are taking based on our understanding of Price action concepts and some simple techniques that have proven to be successful over the years in our trading experience. ✍️ We also are providing TIMELY DAILY ANALYSIS on BTC and the current outlook of the entire market so by following the information you will be able to learn, adapt and finally take the way to achieving better financial independance as a trader.

  18. 2019-11-05 22:26:42

    ⭐️ November continues with 75% success rate on Premium calls ⭐️ Results speak for themselves. Our Premium trades keep showing amazing profitability maintaining 75% strike rate. 🤔 Get a 15% discount on any of the Premium plans we provide. How? Simply register an account with our Binance ref link, use it and we will grant you a 15% off. 🏆 Check out our Performance sheet here: ✅Completed trades in November: 15. ✅Real account growth cumulative: 17.6% For premium subscriptions, DM @AlphaTeamSupport

  19. 2019-11-02 20:00:34

    🔥 October is over! 🔥 ⚡️ Registrations for AlphaTradeZone® are now Open! 📌 What we have accomplished in October? ✅ Performance sheet is out and you may see all the trades we made in our closed group. Win after win we progress through the crypto space with same old passion as before! ⚡️73 trade entries. ⚡️49 profitable trades. Alot of educational material. Because we are here to ensure your progress in the crypto space is effortless and stress free! 🤩 Markets are turning bullish and that's what we've been preparing throughout all the cold crypto winter months. We have endured and mastered our trading skills to ensure maximum profitability for our followers in any market state. 🚀🚀🚀 For everyone who joins by 4th of November we've prepared a 10% discount on ALL plans. 💪Stop missing out on opportunities and get your spot in AlphaTradeZone® Premium, by messaging @AlphaTeamSupport. 🙇‍♂️ Still hesitating? Check out our testimonials at:

  20. 2019-10-23 21:49:33

    Giveaway Promo winners! Congratulations to everyone who won one of the 12 prizes on our giveaway lottery on Discord! We have announced the names of the winners on our discord server today! Awaiting you to claim your rewards! Everyone else, please feel free to join the party, by joining our high quality discord server at: You will find alot of value and knowledgeable traders as well as profitable insights and alot of information about the crypto space! Thank you! ❤️ 👊😎✅