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Last updated Monday September 16, 2019

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We Create the best ICO/IEO Reviews.
Airdrop, Promotion, Crypto News.
Token Sale, Marketing, Hype.

♛ Admin @ICOAdmin
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  1. 2019-09-11 11:45:03

    We Create the best ICO/IEO Reviews. Airdrop, Promotion, Crypto News. Token Sale, Marketing, Hype. ♛ Admin @ICOAdmin 🔊 🗣Conversation chat @icospeaks

  2. 2019-09-07 12:41:08

    ​​Telegram Promo package📦 🗣Introduce your Idea or project to potential investors, crypto users, partners, traders. 🔊Promotion on 2 Largest crypto groups @icospeaks @icolisting 🔊Promotion on 4 crypto channels @icospeaksnews @ieopools @btcchamp @icospeaksru ⏩Find more details on our Website Ask Admin @ICOAdmin

  3. 2019-08-30 12:58:00

    🏛The IMO Exchange will make new Initial Offering🏛 ⚡️ICO was demise ⚡️IEO is demise soon and 💥 IMO(Initial Model Offering) will Available💥 🔷IMO telegram: 🔶IMO website: 💥IMO will give low risk and solid return for investor💥 IMO exchange has also 👉High volume token trade 👉OTC trade 👉Cheap fee for tread and transfer 📣Firast Opning Aridrop event📣 8/30 to 9/1 (GMT+9) 💥AirDrop:100IMO💥 💥1 IMO =0.0075 USDT💥 💥Distribution: 9/2 (GMT+9)💥 ⚡️How to get AirDrop?⚡️ 👉Download IMO Wallet on your smartphone Download Wallet from here : 👉Submit Account in IMO Wallet ⚠️you will need Invitation code⚠️ you can get Invitation code from IMO telegram group IMO telegram: 🔥Partner license 🔥 license price:1500USDT 🎉Partner can get IMO token in each day by mining return. 🎉 Mining amount: 3 billion   50% of the proceeds will be used as shareholder investment buy-back funds The number of the partnersh

  4. 2019-08-09 12:14:57

    ​​📌 Welcome to the Cryptoknowmics- CKM Airdrop! 📌 1. Cryptoknowmics is an innovative and decentralized platform that serves almost every aspect of the crypto space. 2. It aims to be the top destination and the largest media portal in the crypto space and the all-in-one solution for information and services for the industry. 3. The platform incentivizes its user interaction with tokens for almost any action including reading content, watching videos, clicking sponsored links, gaming, crypto trading, claiming airdrops, buying event tickets and subscribing to premium resources. The innovation of the platform lies in the content strategy where the users are incentivized for almost every action they take on the platform. CLAIM UPTO $1,000,000 WORTH OF TOKENS! Individual Rewards $ 5 to $ 25,000 ✅ Rules of the Airdrop ✅ 👉 STEPS ➡Be registered and verified at: ( ) Sign Up and Verify your mail - 50 Points ➡ Join to our Telegram Group – 100 Points ➡ Join to our Telegram Channel – 100 Points ➡Follow to our Facebook Page - 100 Points ➡Follow us on Twitter - 100 Points ➡Follow us on Instagram - 100 Points ➡Follow our LinkedIn Page - 100 Points ➡Join our Reddit Group - 100 Points ➡Referral - 100 Points Daily tasks are added for more points Check your position on the leader board and claim rewards according to a position.

  5. 2019-08-05 08:50:21

    IEO Announcement — UOS Token Sale U°OS is a universal reputation system constituting an open-source blockchain protocol. It is built to be the standard for evaluation of trustworthiness of those to deal with online. The implementation of the system would positively impact the peer-to-peer economy as it contributes to faster customer decision-making. We are excited to officially announce the details of upcoming IEO! ⏱START: August 8, 09:00 (UTC) ⏱END: August 14, 09:00 (UTC) PLATFORMS: ✔️Bitforex ✔️p2pb2b 1️⃣Subscription Amount (BitForex): ⚡️16,000,000 UOS 2️⃣Subscription Amount (p2pb2b): ⚡️4,000,000 UOS Accepted Currency: USDT Subscription Price: 0.025 USDT The subscription will stop when reaching the hard cap or reaching the end time. As the process of KYC verification may take a while, please go through with it ASAP to make it before the hard cap is reached! ✔️Bitforex U°OS IEO Page ✔️p2pb2b U°OS IEO Page 📍Other Social Media 🗣UOS Community 💭Telegram Chat 🌎News Channel 🕊Twitter Ⓡ Reddit

  6. 2019-07-08 10:17:37

    ​​​​Reach 1 Million of Crypto investors. 🔥🔥Become ⓥ Ⓘ Ⓢ Ⓘ Ⓑ ⓛ Ⓔ🔥🔥 Daily Notifications 📌Pin Messages in Largest crypto channels Channel @icospeaksnews 500к Memb. Channel @icospeaksru 180к Members Channel @btcchamp 100к Members Channel @ieopools 110к Members 🗣Discussion about your project in Largest crypto groups. Group @icospeaks 100к Members Group @icolisting 125к Members 📩 Contact To @ICOAdmin