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Last updated Thursday December 02, 2021

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We Do:
The best ICO/IEO/DeFi Reviews,
Signals, Airdrops, Blockchain News.
Token Sale, Marketing, Consulting.
🗣Chat @icospeaks
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  1. 2020-06-17 14:18:50

    ​​Looking to Meet local investors in your City? Pitch your project, discuss Face2Face, exchange your business cards, fundraise money for your startup, and many more? Did you know that ICOSpeaks successfully arranging local meetups around the world? Yes, we do. We have 3 ways of Meetups 1.Offline Local meetups 2.Online Zoom Meetups 3.Private Telegram Group Meetup Send us your idea/project/ or business proposal. And we will talk about it. 📩 🕴

  2. 2020-06-15 05:59:46

    ​​Launch your ICO/IEO from Scratch. ICOspeaks provides help in launching Blockchain startups from scratch. Means, we Find: 1. Team for project CEO, CMO, CFO, Developers, CM, SMM, PR. 2. Develop website, design, White Paper, create a Token. 3. We create social media and manage it, (Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, bitcointalk, YouTube, Medium) 4. Attract new investors via Advertising and negotiation with private investors. 5. Launch Private sale with private investors, sale tokens on early stage. 6. Negotiate with Top crypto Exchanges to List token. 7. Launch Public sale with community users. 8. Set up Market Making on exchanges. Read a full article by the link below

  3. 2020-04-14 11:19:42

    ​​⚡AAB Flash Sale starting from April 14th- From 50% off to completely FREE ⚡ The platform token of AAX - the most trustworthy crypto exchange powered by London Stock Exchange Technologies; trusted by 100K users; institutional-level performance and security 💯 - 100% revenue daily buyback and burn - Use AAX to enjoy up to 50% trading fee discount ⏰ Set up a reminder for the sales > 📧Telegram group >

  4. 2020-04-04 13:26:22

    ​​ICO Speaks community — The hottest discussion for investors; — inspiration knowledge for Newbies; — Latest News for everybody. ICO Speaks create the best ICO/IEO Reviews inside the Telegram. Airdrop, Promotion, Crypto News. Token Sale, Marketing and Hype. 👋Visit them by links below👋 🌐 🌎News Channel @icospeaksnews 🗣Conversation chat @icospeaks

  5. 2020-03-31 15:41:47

    ​​🙋‍♂️🤦‍♂️AMA FAQ⁉️ We chose the most common questions about how to Launch AMA with ICOSPEAKS. Here’s the answers below. 1) What steps before AMA? Any announcements for the upcoming AMA? If yes, how many? 1 day upcoming announcement in @icospeaksnews channel and @icospeaks group 2) Should the questions be prepared in advance? How many questions are covered? Questions can be prepared by you or our users will ask own questions. Our Moderator will moderate correct questions, not spam questions. 3) Should it be a CEO or can be another person from our company? Any member from your team can participate in AMA. CEO, CMO, CFO and others. 4) What is the process during AMA? We launch AMA 1-st hour users ask questions 2-nd hour your team reply 5) How much time does it usually takes? How many members participate in one AMA? AMA Session takes 2 hours Usually 250-500 members participate. At the end you will get a Final PDF Report from AMA. 6) Do you have an example of previously organized AMAs? Yes, Here’s by Link

  6. 2020-03-08 03:09:33

    ​​Introducing you a Top 7 Telegram Channels and Groups to promote your project. Watch Video Description ABOUT US: ————— We connect investors with promising blockchain projects. —————————————————— We Do: ———— The best ICO/IEO Reviews. Airdrop Promo, Blockchain News. Token Sale, Marketing, Consulting. Our channels: @ICOspeaksNews @ICOspeaksru @icospeaks Partners channels: @ieopools @btcchamp @icolisting Buy Ads by link

  7. 2020-03-05 02:13:25

    ​​​​Buy Advertising in Telegram channels and groups Introducing you a Top 7 Telegram Channels and Groups to promote your project. Watch Video Description ABOUT US: ————— We connect investors with promising blockchain projects. —————————————————— We Do: ———— The best ICO/IEO Reviews. Airdrop Promo, Blockchain News. Token Sale, Marketing, Consulting. Our channels: @ICOspeaksNews @ICOspeaksru @icospeaks Partners channels: @ieopools @btcchamp @icolisting Buy Ads by link

  8. 2020-03-03 15:09:52

    ​​WANNA LAUNCH AMA SESSION??? ICO Speaks will host your project in our community @icospeaks 🏆Users who will participate will be rewarded. Smart Questions — Smart Reward💰 2Hours 🔥Hot Question - Answer Session. ✔️Brand awareness 🚀 ✔️Traffic acquisition 🚀 ✔️Money Raising 🚀 👨‍✈️Moderator control the process Keep users engaged, moderate best questions, Moderate Time for users and Team. Users drop questions — project choose the best ones and reply. Interested in Launching AMA ? DM @icoadmin

  9. 2020-03-02 09:18:46

    ​​​​​​ICOspeaks provide IEO Listing Help for new promising startups. ICO Speaks community of investors glad to Launch and support your Start up. Our Team provide: Full IEO Campaign + IEO Listing + Marketing services + Top Advisors support during IEO. All that makes your IEO Successful 100%. Exclusive offer is only this week for ICOSPEAKS Members. 🤙For investors, we provide Consulting services. Double your deposits, see reference by link. ———————————————— Contact us via website or Telegram 🌐 ☎️@icoadmin

  10. 2020-02-22 05:40:54

    ​​Would you like to introduce your project to potential investors? Let us introduce to you a list of telegram groups and channels for advertising your project. ABOUT US: ————— We connect investors with promising blockchain projects. —————————————————— We Do: ———— The best ICO/IEO Reviews. Airdrop Promo, Blockchain News. Token Sale, Marketing, Consulting. Channels: @ICOspeaksNews @ICOspeaksru @icospeaks Partners: @ieopools @btcchamp @icolisting To become a partner Ask @icoadmin Buy Ads by link

  11. 2020-02-15 02:17:19

    ​​📌Last Round to buy Sti tokens with 35% Bonus. ⏩Listing on probit 02/20/2020 13:59 (GMT+8 Register and Buy Tokens by link below 🔥35% Bonus : PROB 🔥30% Bonus : USDT, BTC, ETH, XRP 🌐Website — StiB 📖Read WP — White Paper 📧Join in Telegram @StiBenglish ⏩Download the StiB P2P app links for both Android and iOS Apple App Android App

  12. 2020-02-13 05:15:01

    ​​Would you like to Fundraise 5M-10M Euro from Asian and European Private Investors? Welcome To ICOSPEAKS Offline Meetups with interested investors. Local Meetups in: 1. Zurich 2. Kuala Lumpur 3. Singapore 4. Dubai 🧍‍♂️Totally 1000+ investors Fundraising Goal Start From $5M USD —————————————————— Online Telegram Promotion We introduce your project to our investors via social Media. News Channels: @ICOspeaksNews 350k members @IEOpools 230k members @ICOspeaksru 110k members @BTCchamp 30k members Discussion Groups: @ICOspeaks 100k members @ICOlisting 60k members

  13. 2020-02-12 11:53:34

    ​​Are you still considering about Advertising on Telegram groups and channels? Let us introduce to you a list of telegram groups and channels for advertising your project. Channels: @ICOspeaksNews @IEOpools @ICOspeaksru @BTCchamp Groups: @ICOspeaks @ICOlisting Here’s a description about channels and groups Stay tuned: 😉 Call to Admin @icoadmin

  14. 2020-02-11 04:56:28

    ​​Join ICOSpeaks — Invest in Statups with high Return Profit. 100% ————————————————— Submit this Form Visit us in your country on Private meetup. ✔️We already collected 10M USD for blockchain Startups. ✔️1000+ Private investors joined us. ✔️ Zurich, Hong Kong, Macau, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore hosted private meetups for us. increase your cash with Us.💸💸💸 Investments ROI Choose one of 3 packages 📦 1. Invest $10k - get $20k 2. Invest 50k - get $500k 2. Invest $100k - get $1000.000 To Start earn - submit this Form

  15. 2020-02-03 13:41:57 is a new generation Telegram bot that makes it possible and easy for you to execute trades instantly, no matter where you are! To have different long-running trading processes, that execute your strategy. To be notified about pumps, dumps, positions profits or losses and all of your trading activities. Be in the know when to get into the position and get out of it. Advantages 1️⃣ Easy to use 2️⃣ Trade with me anywhere and anytime 3️⃣ Be notified about all the relevant events on the exchange and your deals status 4️⃣ Get your positions performance notifications 5️⃣ Calculate profit/loss of your trading 6️⃣ Accumulate cryptocurrencies 7️⃣ Execute your trading strategies with our long-running processes 8️⃣ And many more Bot @CryptemberBot Website YouTube Happy 2020 to all of you and we wish you a profitable year ₿ 🛥 🌴

  16. 2020-01-20 01:28:25

    ​​Telegram Promo Pack ROI from ads on 200 crypto groups 4M user total 1M Active users 100k users online every hour ————————————————— What You can expect from promo? 1. Amount of investors who’ll join — 10.000 of investors 2. Amount of $$ money they’ll minimum invest — 100$ each 3. How much money will be raised Minimum? — 1.000.000$ ————————————————— We do promo post in 200 groups which had ICOs/IEOs, means investors already invested before. ————————————————— What investors expect from your project 1. Real project 2. Long term profitable 3. Give XXX profit If your project fits our description, then welcome to promote it. — @icoadmin

  17. 2020-01-16 08:29:44

    ​​Every project who will order a Gold Listing package, will be automatically Mentioned in our next private meetup with investors in Kuala Lumpur. See our past meetup Here Every Private Investor have opportunity to invest $10k - $100k Don’t miss your chance to be known among Big investors. Become a private investor Get access to base of Legit and Profitable projects with 100%- 200% bonus discount. ⏩Register Here 1000+ private investors from all over the world already joined us and Make daily success in trading and investing in bitcoin and startups. Our key features in making money: ✔️Algo-Trading ✔️Early stage projects Our Services for investors ✔️Trust-Management ✔️Consulting services Have any questions? Ask @icoadmin

  18. 2020-01-06 03:07:47

    ​​-50 OFF for Telegram Promo package — Only 24H. Book today to get success tomorrow — Admin @icoadmin

  19. 2019-12-24 08:11:14

    🚀🚀🚀NEW AIRDROP🚀🚀🚀 MAX $1000 for per person of Airdrop Christmas event in IMO Eco System 💥Dear all crypto users, XRPα(XLA) will Strikes back for King of cryptocurrency XRP! 💥The XRPα(XLA) will be listed on IMO Exchange and before we will hold 1 million of Airdrop event. 🔉Airdrop Event schedule: 23.12 to 25.12 in 2019. After Airdrop completed, you will get tokens automatically on your wallet. 26.12 Token will be listed on Imo Exchange. ——————————————— 🤔HOW TO GET AIRDROP? Join to telegram IMO Eco System and get each person for MAX$1000 airdrop now!! 📧

  20. 2019-11-20 11:08:51

    ​​🔥🔥Burency Airdrop is Live Earn up to (45 BUY Tokens) for doing tasks and 5 BUY Tokens for each referral. Join Airdrop via 👉 @BurencyAirdropBot ⚜️ What is Burency ? Burency 3 projects in 1 1-Fully Insured Crypto Exchange 2-Mining Farm 3-Blockchain R&D Centre Burency is an advocate for crypto and Blockchain adoption, particularly in the Middle East. The platform is designed to address key challenges that prevent widespread adoption within the cryptocurrency and Blockchain ecosystem such as exchange’s lack of liquidity and security, unsustainable mining, unawareness of Blockchain applications to businesses. 🌐 Website Visit Site 🕊 Twitter Follow 📖 White Paper Read ————————————————— ⚜️BURENCY SALES 🔷Private Sale Price: $0.07 🔷Pre Sale Price: $0.10 🔷Public Sale Price: $0.14 TOTAL SUPPLY: 700,000,000 BUY SOFT CAP $20,000,000 HARD CAP $50,000,000 ———————— Participate in Burency Contest

  21. 2019-11-13 11:14:37

    ​​🚀 IEO Announcement - SNK Token IEO on OceanEx We are glad to announce that the SNKr Project (SNK) Public Sale will start on the OceanEx Launchpad beginning November 20th, 2019. SNKr is building a complete ecosystem that appeals to every person with an interest in music, art, fashion, sports, and street culture. SNKr aims to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions using blockchain application, including a Blockchain-as-a-Service platform, an eCommerce and trading platform, and an ecosystem social media portal to enhance customer interactions with the streetwear industry. Products are attached with encrypted NFC chips and then uploaded to blockchain, thus, eliminating counterfeit products. Trading products with NFT assets will make the transactions open and transparent. Token incentives for contributing and participating will re-energize the fashion community. It’s a new way to interact, network, and be rewarded for hard work. Check out the Whitepaper here with all the information. ⏩ Social Media Channels: 🌐 Website: — Website 🕊 Twitter: — Twitter 📧 Telegram: — Telegram Ⓜ️ Medium: — Medium

  22. 2019-10-27 09:00:22

    ​​We’re thrilled to announced a new partnership with the new big one, Burency Project ! ✅ The burency platform is designed to address key challenges that are preventing widespread adoption within the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem, especially in the Middle East through 3 major points : 1/ REGULATED AND FULLY INSURED CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE🔥 The Burency Exchange is a regulated exchange platform that addresses key challenges including security, liquidity, fiat to crypto transactions and vise versa, and more. The exchange is one of the world’s fully insured platforms, with coverage provided from LIoyd’s of London through the Nebbex Protocol. 2/ SUSTAINABLE MINING OPERATION⚡️ The Burency Mining facility answers some of the challenges associated with crypto mining such as mining destruction to environment and excessive mining power expenses by creating a sustainable facility powered by renewable hydropower. Burency provides a streamlined platform for the generation of cryptocurrency via purchased timeshare slots within the mining facilities using the BUY token. Additionally, computational power can also be purchased via the BUY token which governs purchases across the Burency ecosystem. 3/ BLOCKAHIN RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CENTER 🚀 The Burency Blockchain Development Center is dedicated mainly for advising enterprises on Blockchain applications and helping them operate on the blockchain for more efficient operation and business transactions execution. In particular, the center focuses on the creation of smart contracts that enable businesses to trade with entities across geographical and jurisdiction boundaries. —————————— We have rarely seen such a qualified and competent team, as well as the project advisors, for example John Mcafee is one of them. Their fundraising is one of the fastest in the market today, the private sale has just started and they are already receiving a lot of interest from investors. Feel free to take a look at their website for more information: We highly recommend you to join their Telegram group so you don't miss out on this incredible project : Twitter :

  23. 2019-10-18 06:13:39

    ​​🏘”C Estates” — a Real Estate project, Launch their own IEO on Latoken🏘 ⏱IEO START October 31 2019 ⏱IEO END December 31 2019 💡C Estates connects people around the world to seamlessly transact and conveniently buy and sell real estate properties. Whether to verify a document, confirm notarization, validate asset’s ownership, buy or sell a property or finding someone to manage properties, C Estates has got everything to do your business in one place. Using the most robust technology of blockchain, everyone can now have a reliable way to do fast, secure and efficient transactions while you monitor and manage your investment portfolio right in the palms of your hands! PROBLEMS “C Estates” Solve: 📯Illiquidity 📯High-barrier entries 📯Time Consuming Processes 📯High taxes and fees 🌐Visit for more information ⭐️TOKEN SALE INFO⭐️ Pre IEO Sale Token Price: $0.010 (25% discount) 20% Bonus for 50k USD and above 30% bonus for 100k USD and above 40% bonus for 500k USD and above 🤑IEO Bonuses First Round: 277,777,777 XCET Token Price: $0.012 USD First 5,000 participants of worth 500 USD and Up 40% Token Bonus Second Round: 277,777,777 XCET Token Price: $0.016 USD Next 10,000 participants of worth 500 USD and Up 25% Token Bonus Third Round: 277,777,777 XCET Token Price: $0.020 USD Succeeding participants of worth 500 USD and Up 15% Token Bonus Token price: $0.012 📍We would advise you to register an account on LAToken and apply for Tier 2 verification in order to participate! ⚡️ Check out a Whitepaper with all the information regarding the C Estates Project & IEO: ⚜️Pls be reminded as well of “C Estates” official channels, ethics and authorized admins. 👋Social Media Channels: 📘Facebook: — Facebook 🕊Twitter: — Twitter 🔉Telegram: — Telegram ©️Crunchbase: — Crunchbase 🔗LinkedIn: — LinkedIn 📷YouTube: — YouTube Ⓜ️Medium: — Medium ✅Bitcointalk ANN: — Bitcointalk ICO Speaks community are support and promote current IEO Project.

  24. 2019-10-14 19:40:32

    ​​Sign up to the Eterbase Exchange Today European fully compliant Exchange with negative trading fees. Instead of paying fees, Eterbase pays you! Premium members earn up to 50% of the exchange fees! Features include: ✅ Fiat on/off ramp with Zero fee deposits! ✅ Individual Iban accounts on exchange ✅ Direct fiat pairings ✅ Negative trading fees (50% paid) ✅ Euro anti inflationary stable coin ✅ Above is airdropped to premium members ✅ Margin and Derivatives coming soon! ✅ Airdrops of new listings to premium members ✅ 5 tier, 25% referral scheme so you can also earn by sharing your link after you sign up! Join here and start earning:

  25. 2019-10-11 15:46:38

    ​​🔥 HOT Bitcoin Multiplier Game 🔥 📈 1-2-3 easy way to multiply your Bitcoins 📈 🚀 Check out 🚀 🎁Special BONUS for ICOspeaks members - deposit 2 mBTC and we'll give you 2 mBTC extra for FREE 🎁 💸 Early Access Opportunity: invest in the bankroll for guaranteed returns 💸 ⭐ High-rollers and investors PM @rayrocket (admin) for more info ⭐ => <=

  26. 2019-10-09 07:38:58

    ​​⏱🔥New ongoing IEO on Shortex🔥 👥 Fiducia: connect blockchain applications with real world data through a distributed and trust-worthy network of data provision nodes. 📅IEO started on the 8th of October! ✔️Round 1: Oct 8 - Oct 18 15% bonus, ✔️Round 2: Oct 25 - Nov 1 10% bonus More info: ➜ SOCIAL MEDIA 🌐Website: — Website 📖Whitepaper: — Whitepaper 🕊Twitter: — Twitter 🗣Telegram: — Telegram 🤑Exclusive % bonus for ICO Speaks users.

  27. 2019-09-11 11:45:03

    We Create the best ICO/IEO Reviews. Airdrop, Promotion, Crypto News. Token Sale, Marketing, Hype. ♛ Admin @ICOAdmin 🔊 🗣Conversation chat @icospeaks

  28. 2019-09-07 12:41:08

    ​​Telegram Promo package📦 🗣Introduce your Idea or project to potential investors, crypto users, partners, traders. 🔊Promotion on 2 Largest crypto groups @icospeaks @icolisting 🔊Promotion on 4 crypto channels @icospeaksnews @ieopools @btcchamp @icospeaksru ⏩Find more details on our Website Ask Admin @ICOAdmin

  29. 2019-08-30 12:58:00

    🏛The IMO Exchange will make new Initial Offering🏛 ⚡️ICO was demise ⚡️IEO is demise soon and 💥 IMO(Initial Model Offering) will Available💥 🔷IMO telegram: 🔶IMO website: 💥IMO will give low risk and solid return for investor💥 IMO exchange has also 👉High volume token trade 👉OTC trade 👉Cheap fee for tread and transfer 📣Firast Opning Aridrop event📣 8/30 to 9/1 (GMT+9) 💥AirDrop:100IMO💥 💥1 IMO =0.0075 USDT💥 💥Distribution: 9/2 (GMT+9)💥 ⚡️How to get AirDrop?⚡️ 👉Download IMO Wallet on your smartphone Download Wallet from here : 👉Submit Account in IMO Wallet ⚠️you will need Invitation code⚠️ you can get Invitation code from IMO telegram group IMO telegram: 🔥Partner license 🔥 license price:1500USDT 🎉Partner can get IMO token in each day by mining return. 🎉 Mining amount: 3 billion   50% of the proceeds will be used as shareholder investment buy-back funds The number of the partnersh

  30. 2019-08-09 12:14:57

    ​​📌 Welcome to the Cryptoknowmics- CKM Airdrop! 📌 1. Cryptoknowmics is an innovative and decentralized platform that serves almost every aspect of the crypto space. 2. It aims to be the top destination and the largest media portal in the crypto space and the all-in-one solution for information and services for the industry. 3. The platform incentivizes its user interaction with tokens for almost any action including reading content, watching videos, clicking sponsored links, gaming, crypto trading, claiming airdrops, buying event tickets and subscribing to premium resources. The innovation of the platform lies in the content strategy where the users are incentivized for almost every action they take on the platform. CLAIM UPTO $1,000,000 WORTH OF TOKENS! Individual Rewards $ 5 to $ 25,000 ✅ Rules of the Airdrop ✅ 👉 STEPS ➡Be registered and verified at: ( ) Sign Up and Verify your mail - 50 Points ➡ Join to our Telegram Group – 100 Points ➡ Join to our Telegram Channel – 100 Points ➡Follow to our Facebook Page - 100 Points ➡Follow us on Twitter - 100 Points ➡Follow us on Instagram - 100 Points ➡Follow our LinkedIn Page - 100 Points ➡Join our Reddit Group - 100 Points ➡Referral - 100 Points Daily tasks are added for more points Check your position on the leader board and claim rewards according to a position.

  31. 2019-08-05 08:50:21

    IEO Announcement — UOS Token Sale U°OS is a universal reputation system constituting an open-source blockchain protocol. It is built to be the standard for evaluation of trustworthiness of those to deal with online. The implementation of the system would positively impact the peer-to-peer economy as it contributes to faster customer decision-making. We are excited to officially announce the details of upcoming IEO! ⏱START: August 8, 09:00 (UTC) ⏱END: August 14, 09:00 (UTC) PLATFORMS: ✔️Bitforex ✔️p2pb2b 1️⃣Subscription Amount (BitForex): ⚡️16,000,000 UOS 2️⃣Subscription Amount (p2pb2b): ⚡️4,000,000 UOS Accepted Currency: USDT Subscription Price: 0.025 USDT The subscription will stop when reaching the hard cap or reaching the end time. As the process of KYC verification may take a while, please go through with it ASAP to make it before the hard cap is reached! ✔️Bitforex U°OS IEO Page ✔️p2pb2b U°OS IEO Page 📍Other Social Media 🗣UOS Community 💭Telegram Chat 🌎News Channel 🕊Twitter Ⓡ Reddit

  32. 2019-07-08 10:17:37

    ​​🔔TELEGRAM GOLD LISTING🔔 ⏱7 Days We introduce your bussines idea to potential crypto investors and community. 🔉Promotion on 4 Crypto channels @ICOspeaksNews - 500k members @ICOspeaksru - 210k members @IEOpools - 110k members @BTCchamp - 100k members 📌Pin post on Largest crypto groups @ICOspeaks - 100k members @ICOlisting - 130k members ⚡️We Promote and discuss about your project in 6 Largest channels Contact our Admin to get personal offer.

  33. 2019-07-04 09:22:18

    ​​​​​​⏱ Launch your AMA session to potential investors Have you ever wanted to do your own Ask Me Anything (AMA) event? Wondering how to run these online Q&A sessions on Telegram ? ICO Speaks Introducing you First AMA session in Telegram. Telegram AMA session is a great way to learn more about your audience’s interests and help to inform future investors about your project. AMA in @icospeaks Brings attention from all telegram communities, such as, others carefully look at Us and listen Us. Why Run an AMA on ICO Speaks is so important for your Marketing ? 1. Engage with an Targeted audience; 2. Find Investors, Traders and invite them to join your project. 3. Promote new features, updates, and products; 4. Connect with investors in real time. 5. 1hour Question & Answering ⬇️ See example below

  34. 2019-05-22 12:14:27

    🔥IEO - Initial Exchange Offering 🚀How to Launch IEO and promote it with Hype in 2019 ? 🗣Promote Your IEO on Largest Telegram Channel and Group ICO Speaks community was created for investors and crypto enthuthiast in 2017. These days ICO became more offisialy and has a new form of abbreviation called “IEO” Initial exchange Offering. ICO Speaks News Channel shows latest IEO Projects and News in telegram. ICO Speaks group will help you find a right partners, investors and new IEO Projects to invest. Stay with us, We help Launch, Promote and invest in Crypto.😉

  35. 2019-05-12 18:08:14

    ​​​​​​​​⭐️Telegram Promo Package⭐️ 💥+1000 CRYPTO GROUPS💥 ——👥10M USERS👥—— Here’s example: +800 different crypto groups I will show you after. Ask @icoadmin to order a promo today.

  36. 2019-05-12 14:05:19

    ​​Public PR messages about your idea We send your text messages to all Top crypto groups without any ban or restrictions from admins. We have connections with Moderators of all Top groups which allows us to post our links there easily. We can post everywhere, where do you want. Binance, huobi, okex, kucoin, and other groups are under our control. ⏩Find more services on website You can check it in binance group our username is mentioned 12 times. We did it to show you example. Pic below shows you example.