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Last updated Thursday December 02, 2021

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Telegram Crypto Group Polygon(Matic)
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Polygon - Ethereum's Internet of blockchains, aims to transform Ethereum into a multi-chain ecosystem with Secured Layer2 Chains & Stand alone chains


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  1. 2020-06-15 17:44:40

    #Education #DeFi Don’t miss our next DeFi-focused Masterclass session with Zapper.Fi Co-Founder, Nodar Janashia, on the topic of 'DeFi Derivatives'! According to Investopedia, the derivatives market is estimated to be a $1 quadrillion dollar market. This massive market size is due to the large amount of derivatives in existence on virtually every possible type of investment asset. DeFi Derivatives offer immense flexibility across multiple assets and platforms. Smart contracts can issue tokenized derivative contracts which are executed permissionless and automatically. Derivatives are shaping up to be a major part of the DeFi revolution, which is giving economic power back to the people by creating a financial system that is accessible, efficient, and transparent. Join us to gain deeper insights from an industry expert. Date & time: June 19th, 8 PM IST (2:30PM GMT) Register here: RT:

  2. 2020-04-20 09:12:57

    #Community #Interview We were recently interviewed by KryptosChain regarding Matic Network's plans for 2020! Our VP of Marketing, Chandresh Aharwar, was invited for an in-depth interview with KryptosChain to discuss Matic’s progress so far and our plans for 2020. Topics covered include current development progress, our upcoming staking process, blockchain gaming, exchanges and much more. “There are around 50+ Dapps being built on Matic currently, so when our mainnet goes live, we already have a large number of Dapps in our ecosystem ready to migrate." Watch the full interview here: Retweet:

  3. 2020-04-12 13:36:32

    #Community #Education Get ready for the next Matic Master Class session, powered by Devfolio - a live panel discussion with Matic ecosystem projects Chain Guardians, Battle Racers, Decentral Games & Light Trail Rush! For the next Matic Master Class, we’re moving away from the technical aspects of blockchain development to discuss one of the most promising use cases of blockchain, & one which Matic is heavily involved in - gaming. We’ve invited Idon Liu - Chain Guardians, Patrick - BattleRacers, Miles Anthony - Decentral Games & Robert Hoogendoorn - Light Trail Rush for a panel discussion on the topic of ‘The Future of Blockchain Gaming’, hosted by our Growth Hacker & Community Manager, Nirbhik Jangid. Join us to learn more about games in the Matic ecosystem, the current state of blockchain gaming, and where the industry is headed on the road to mass adoption. Date & time: Mon, April 13th, 8PM IST Register: RT:

  4. 2020-04-07 18:09:14

    #NFTSale #Giveaway Blockchain gaming enthusiasts, get ready for the official ChainGuardians NFT crate sale - launching on April 14th! 🎮 During the NFT crate sale, there will be 9 different crates available for purchase, including a limited number of 25 Matic crates which each include a Legendary Matic-themed Mudra NFT. To celebrate, we're joining forces to offer an exclusive giveaway! 10 lucky entrants will each win $20 in $MATIC tokens 🎉 To participate in the giveaway, please click here: Find out more about ChainGuardians' NFT crate sale here:

  5. 2020-04-06 07:33:39

    #Community #Hackathon It was a pleasure to support blockchain development at this year’s Hack Camp hackathon in Kerala, India! Hackers came together to build innovative solutions using a variety of cutting-edge technologies including IoT, AI, AR/VR, and of course blockchain. We provided a range of interesting bounty tracks for the hackers who decided to try their hand at blockchain development. It was an honor to see so many hackers BUIDL their solutions on Matic - many even with no prior knowledge of dApp development. One of our core goals is to introduce mainstream developers to blockchain. We were therefore thrilled to be connecting with such a wide array of budding developers to present the opportunities that blockchain development can provide. India, let’s keep #BUIDLing! Retweet:

  6. 2020-03-28 14:50:55

    #TeamExpansion It’s a pleasure to introduce another new Matic team member - DevOps Engineer Intern, Himanshu Garg! Himanshu has recently joined the Matic Network team as part of our latest expansion round. As DevOps Engineer Intern, he will be assisting our dev team to oversee code releases and deployments. Himanshu is a Computer Science Engineering graduate and is proficient in a range of programming languages and DevOps Engineering tools. He has developed several websites and applications, and shares our passion for decentralized technologies. We’re proud to welcome Himanshu into the Matic team 🤝 More new team members will be announced over the coming days, stay tuned! RT:

  7. 2020-03-22 07:26:30

    #Community #Quiz Announcing the winners of the Matic Community Quiz Challenge! We recently held our first Community Quiz Challenge, offering Matic community members the chance to take part in a weekly quiz session in order to match your Matic Network knowledge against other community members for a chance to win a share of the prize pool. Thank you to everyone who took part in the first challenge, the response was incredible! Each of the 10 winners will receive 1,000 MATIC tokens 🎉 Winners list: @anuditnagar @Essah10 @Crypto_Secret_Circle @MaticNetwork_Fan @Nasty0023 @newbie_la_em_ne @VishalBlockchain @furkannabisumji @Badshah1no @Badshah1no Congratulations to the winners! Please contact @Shrey_27 to claim your rewards 😊 Stay tuned for the details of our next Community Quiz Challenge! Retweet:

  8. 2020-03-09 06:53:32

    #Community #Hackathon We recently had the honor of supporting Hack Infinity 2.0, one of India’s largest student hackathons! The event brought together some of India’s brightest young developer talent to build innovative solutions to real-world problems, followed by an entrepreneurship workshop to guide the BUIDLers on how to transform their hacks into marketable products. The winner of Matic’s bounty was the ‘Fintact’ team, who built a blockchain-based solution that helps bring investors, core enterprises and SME’s together to resolve cash flow problems. Winning hack: Honorable mention: Indian Crypto Rupee. Fully fiat-collateralized ERC20 version of the Indian Rupee which negates the aspect of volatility when using crypto to pay for everyday purchases. It was exciting to watch India’s next generation of BUIDLers innovate together to create real-world decentralized solutions! Retweet:

  9. 2020-03-04 07:29:02

    Congratulations to the whole community on Supreme Court of India lifting ban on crypto currencies in India. We are too excited with this positive development! Matic Network has always been focussed on adoption of blockchain based use cases in India and we are proud that with our massive Hackathon campaigns and developer focussed initiatives we have been able to attract large scale developer attention in India. By our conservative estimates 80-90% of all the dapps being built within blockchain developer community in India are someway or the other integrated with Matic Network. This judgement opens more avenues and enables us to attract more developers, businesses and large corporates to build blockchain enabled applications. Trailer of that soon ;) Let’s gooooo!!! Read More: Retweet:

  10. 2020-03-02 18:04:00

    #BTCSupport We’re thrilled to announce that Matic Network will support BTC and Lightning (😉) fast BTC transactions on Matic in coordination with REN Protocol! Matic is joining the first cohort of Ren Alliance utility members to enable cross-chain asset support on Matic Network sidechains. Matic Network will therefore be able to provide the transactional infrastructure for fast, cheap and secure BTC transfers, in the same way we are currently providing for Ethereum-based assets. This will essentially give Matic the similar end user features as the Lightning Network. We are thrilled to be providing another layer of valuable utility for Matic Network and supporting the evolution of DeFi alongside the Ren Alliance. Here’s to a new era of seamless BTC transactions, powered by Matic 🥂 Read more about the Ren Alliance here: Retweet:

  11. 2020-02-27 13:23:12

    #Community #Gaming Check out our interview with Chain Guardians, the first in our new Dapp 101 series! 👀 In the first instalment of our Dapp 101 interview series - designed to provide the community with insights and updates on Dapps building in the Matic ecosystem - our Growth Hacker & Community Manager, Nirbhik Jangid, is joined by Robbie Cochrane and Idon Liu, two of the co-founders of Chain Guardians, for an in-depth update interview. Learn more about the thought process behind Chain Guardians, the unique aspects separating them from other games, and their exciting plans for progression moving into 2020. “We are focusing on making sure that our Chain Guardians NFT assets have an increasing amount of utility value, including making them interoperable with other blockchain games.” Idon Liu, Co-founder – Chain Guardians Watch here: Retweet:

  12. 2020-02-24 10:25:31

    #Staking Educating the community on how to run a Matic node at the Trust-Less 2020 validator conference It was a pleasure to support the Trust-Less 2020 validator conference earlier this month alongside top validation service providers and other leading PoS blockchains to educate the community on joining the PoS validator ecosystem. Our Blockchain Engineer, Vaibhav Chellani, delivered a hands-on workshop on how to stake and run a PoS validator node on Matic Network, and took part in a Q&A session to clarify any remaining queries. Watch here: We are thrilled to be becoming deeply integrated into the wider staking ecosystem as our staking launch fast approaches. Stay tuned for more staking updates! 👀 Retweet:

  13. 2020-02-21 14:44:28

    #Community #Hackathon We’re hosting a ‘Dapp 101’ workshop tomorrow at 5:30PM IST, as part of ETHIndia Online ETHIndia Online, the world’s biggest online Ethereum hackathon, is well underway and the talent displayed by the hackers so far is incredible. Due to the huge amount of interest, the hackathon has been extended to February 29. Our Application Engineer, Sayli Patil, will be conducting a workshop tomorrow on the topic of ‘DApp 101 - Build a DApp from scratch on Ethereum & Matic’, to provide the ETHIndia Online hackers with the necessary information on building DApps and a solid understanding of web interaction with smart contracts. ETHIndia Online hackers, let’s keep BUIDLing! Learn more about ETHIndia Online: Retweet:

  14. 2020-02-19 09:15:18

    #Community #Hackathon It was an honor to support the BUIDLers at the Codebreak 1.0 hackathon! Hackers had just 26 hours to build an innovative solution in a domain of their choice, ranging from AI, blockchain, cloud, and other emerging technologies. It was an inspiring to see so many hackers try their hand at blockchain development using Matic. There were many excellent hacks built on Matic Network, but the winner was the Votercoin team who took home the Matic bounty for their decentralized voting solution which overcomes the problems of traditional voting mechanisms. Congratulations to the team! 🎉 Winning hack: The runner-up was the QuickID team who created a blockchain-powered digital identity verification system. The talent displayed at Codebreak 1.0 was humbling. It’s clear that India has a bright decentralized future ahead. Hackers, let’s keep #BUIDLing! Retweet:

  15. 2020-02-15 19:21:29

    #Community Come join us at Nuo Spark – Where CeFi Meets DeFi this Sunday, February 16th at 3:00 PM IST! Nuo Spark is a distinctive blockchain community meet up that brings together blockchain leaders of India. We will be joined by a few leaders in the blockchain industry to discuss what’s happening in the DeFi and CeFi space through a series of speaker sessions, masterclasses, trading competition, and networking. Our VP of Marketing & Operations, Chandresh Aharwar will join other panelists addressing ‘Where CeFi meets DeFi and how building on the native blockchains is different from building on Ethereum’. Learn more and register for a free ticket here: Retweet:

  16. 2020-02-14 09:43:10

    #Community #AMA Don’t miss our upcoming AMA with BiKi exchange, today at 3:30PM IST! Our VP of Marketing & Operations, Chandresh Aharwar, will be joining the BiKi Chinese WeChat group to connect with the community and answer any questions. We recently announced our listing on BiKi, a leading and rapidly growing crypto exchange serving the wider Asian crypto community. Join us to learn more about Matic Network and the importance of our listing on BiKi exchange. The AMA will take place in Mandarin, but messages on WeChat can be easily auto-translated by long-pressing each message, so everyone is welcome! Scan the QR code in the image to join. Retweet:

  17. 2020-02-10 13:09:57

    #Community We recently joined CoinGecko for an interview on their podcast! Our Co-founder & COO, Sandeep Nailwal, joined CoinGecko’s Co-founder, Bobby Ong, for a one-on-one podcast interview! Sandeep and Bobby discuss various topics regarding Matic's background & technical capabilities, Ethereum 2.0, the events that took place early December, the current state of crypto in India, and much more. Ethereum is looking to become the world computer. From the point where the Ethereum base chain is able to handle for example 10K TPS, 10x or 100x more applications will be being built, which will again eat up the entire bandwidth. Layer 2 solutions will always be necessary to meet this demand. Check out the interview here: Retweet:

  18. 2020-02-07 14:37:49

    #Day5 #DappWeek The first ever DappWeek was a great success for Matic. Many more to come. The next few weeks are very exciting for Matic. Signing off this DappWeek on a high , We’re excited to announce Zawadi’s integration with the world’s largest event ticketing platform, Eventbrite! With help from Zawadi, Eventbrite event organizers can now deliver tokenized tickets to their attendees through social messaging apps via in-built chatbot Matic wallets. In coming days, Zawadi expects to list at the app-marketplace of Eventbrite post which the ticket tokenization process will become automated. Through this integration Zawadi would be able to offer ticket tokenization to millions of users. Zawadi is already gaining a huge amount of traction. By integrating with Eventbrite, they now have access to 900,000 event creators managing over 4,000,000 events annually. That’s a lot of tickets! Furthermore, by leveraging Biconomy’s relayer infrastructure, ticket transfers are as seamless as sending a message or a photo. Zawadi’s revolutionising of ticket delivery, facilitated by Biconomy and powered by Matic Network demonstrates perfectly how our ecosystem is becoming stronger together 🤝 Watch the demo here to see how seamless the process of tokenized ticket delivery through Eventbrite is: We’re also teaming up with Zawadi to offer the community a chance to win MATIC tokens by testing out the Eventbrite integration! For details on how you can participate and more information about the integration, please see here: RT:

  19. 2020-01-28 14:52:39

    #Community #Dubai Join us for the ‘Crypto Adoption in the New Decade’ event, tomorrow in Dubai! We’ll be joining our ecosystem project, Biconomy, & our official staking service provider, Frontier Wallet, to connect with the crypto community to share our insights on industry trends leading into 2020 & our general future outlook for the blockchain space. The main focus point of the event is what’s needed for blockchain to achieve mainstream adoption, which will be discussed during a series of presentations, a panel discussion, an interactive Q&A and a networking session. Guest speakers include our CEO, Jaynti Kanani, & our COO, Sandeep Nailwal, who will be introducing the attendees to Matic Network and discussing how Matic is facilitating mainstream adoption through our high-performance Layer 2 scaling solution. Register here: RT:

  20. 2020-01-23 13:28:37

    #TokenListing In our continued efforts to increase the global availability of $MATIC, we are happy to announce that MATIC is being listed on global digital assets exchange Bitrue! Deposits will open Jan 30th in preparation for trading commencing on Jan 31st. MATIC will be available to trade under the pairs MATIC/BTC, MATIC/USDT and our first-ever MATIC/XRP pair. Retweet:

  21. 2020-01-18 18:23:07

    #GamingAdoption #BetaMainnet Congratulations to our ecosystem project TradeStars on launching their next-gen fantasy sports gaming platform on Matic’s Beta-mainnet! You can now join 7.7k+ users to own, create & trade NFTs that represent cricket players' performances & get rewarded for your sport knowledge. There are initially 10 player NFTs which can be traded & purchased by the platform’s native $TSX tokens. Over the coming days, the TradeStars team will be releasing NFTs basis community votes. The launch of TradeStars signals the growing adoption of our Beta-mainnet & the strengthening of the Matic ecosystem. We are thrilled to be working together to revolutionise fantasy sports 🤝 Read more: To celebrate the upcoming launch of TradeStars' fantasy sports gaming platform, we’re teaming up to offer an exclusive community giveaway! 🎉 Participate: RT:

  22. 2020-01-16 16:16:34

    #Staking Initiating our Top-Tier Validator Onboarding Process and Delegation Marketing Campaigns for Staking To ensure the utmost network security and performance, we have initiated our process of onboarding tier-1 industry Validators to take part in our mainnet PoS consensus as official Staking Partners. We will also be collaborating closely with our Staking Partners on marketing to spread awareness of Matic's staking program and delegation details, including industry outreach efforts and community AMAs. We are therefore thrilled to announce as an official MATIC Staking Partner! is one of the industry's leading staking service providers and is the first Validator to be welcomed as an official Staking Partner. They will be operating a Validator node for Matic Network to become part of the network’s PoS consensus mechanism. $MATIC holders will be able to delegate their tokens to's Validator node for staking upon launch to earn a passive income via staking rewards. This is only the beginning of our Staking Partner onboarding, many more tier-1 industry players will be announced as we continue to expand our decentralized network of Validators. Read more on our blog: Retweet:

  23. 2020-01-13 17:53:06

    #GamingAdoption Sports lovers - Get ready for Fantasy Cricket on TradeStars! 🏏 Cricket will be the first of many sports supported by TradeStars. Upon launch, users will be able to own, create and trade NFTs that represent cricket players and benefit from these trades by strategically speculating on the real-life performance of the athletes. The passion for Fantasy Sports worldwide is phenomenal. This interest is growing yearly, with 20m fantasy gamers in India alone. By integrating blockchain with Fantasy Sports, TradeStars has created a new breed of Fantasy Sports game based on four fundamental principles: digital ownership, transparency, liquidity, and decentralization. Join TradeStars' rapidly growing community of 7K+ registered users and show how much your sports knowledge is worth! Read more about TradeStars’ Fantasy Cricket and innovative gameplay model here: RT:

  24. 2020-01-06 15:32:29

    #Adoption We're excited to officially welcome digital collectible merchandise platform Showcase into the Matic ecosystem! Showcase is the first blockchain-powered platform allowing influencers to create & sell customized digital collectibles, known as 'Badges'. Over 1K influencers are already using Showcase to connect more closely with their 5m+ fans. By utilizing Matic's infrastructure, Showcase will be able to deploy their ERC1155 NFT collectibles on our network & will therefore be empowered with the fast, low cost and high throughput transactions required for mass adoption of their unique solution. We look forward to working with Showcase to bring a new era of digital collectible assets to the mainstream 🤝 Read more here: RT:

  25. 2019-12-31 12:38:41

    #YearRecap As we say farewell to 2019, let’s reflect on our achievements this past year🥂 After holding the best performing IEO to date via Binance Launchpad, we've made huge progress on the technical development front, witnessed outstanding rates of adoption, supported countless events & much more. Our goal is to serve as more than simply a scaling solution, but as an entire collaborative ecosystem of Dapps running on Matic Network which will become stronger together as the ecosystem expands. We couldn’t be more thrilled to see this already coming to fruition. We have surpassed even our own expectations for this year and have laid the foundation for an even more impressive year ahead. Read our Year in Review here: RT:

  26. 2019-12-26 19:32:05

    #MVCM #Community We are proud to reveal that Perry Hessenauer (@Perry1174) is our MVCM for the month of December! 👏🎉 With so many incredible community members, the choice for MVCM is always a difficult one. However, Perry has stood out from the crowd for his outstanding contributions in the form of written content. Perry has written many excellent articles covering different aspects of Matic Network and our progress so far, including: Matic Mainnet - a Simple Introduction Matic Network will Scale Ethereum Congratulations to Perry on winning the reward of $50 in MATIC tokens along with the title of MVCM!🤝 We are already on the lookout for our next MVCM (and even our next Guard of Honor). Retweet:

  27. 2019-12-25 09:22:50

    #Community #Christmas On behalf of the Matic team & community, we’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 🎅🏼 It’s been a fruitful year in the Matic ecosystem and may 2020 continue to bring wonderful things. Have a Merry Matic Christmas! 🎄🎁 RT:

  28. 2019-12-20 15:34:19

    #Adoption We’re thrilled to announce that Terminal has integrated with Matic Network! Terminal is a dApp monitoring platform that allows developers to surface side chain data in a convenient and comprehensible manner. The Matic ecosystem being composed of a diverse assortment of high throughput chains, organizing a block explorer interface that organizes this information in a comprehensive manner is quite difficult. With Terminal’s dApp monitoring platform, it takes away all the noise and only collects material that is actionable and relevant for developers and end users. We look forward to driving mass adoption through pushing through bottlenecks and make #BUIDLing easier for developers! Read more: RT:

  29. 2019-12-17 14:58:17

    #Community #Hackathon We were proud to support this year’s Hack-a-BIT hackathon at Birla Institute of Technology, India! It was exciting to see so many BUIDLers join together to create innovative solutions on Matic Network. Congratulations to the Distributed EC2 Over Blockchain team, who won the Matic bounty prize for their efficient & cost-effective decentralized cloud computing system 🎉 Winning hack: Honorary mention: Conserve-a-BIT - A decentralized & transparent blockchain-based crowdfunding platform, whereby contributors have the authority to release funds from the contract if they see fit. It is an honor to support the #BUIDLers of India's decentralized future, and we look forward to many more local hackathons which are in the pipeline! Retweet:

  30. 2019-12-11 05:34:28

    #Community #Hackathon Get ready for the final Gitcoin Hackathon of 2019! Matic Network will be offering a bounty track for participants to ‘Create a Video Tutorial on setting up the Matic Validator Node’ and sync it with Counter Stake public testnet. We will be offering $600 in prizes for the top 3 video tutorials: 1st place - $300 2nd place - $200 3rd place - $100 Learn more: Retweet:

  31. 2019-12-03 17:04:29

    #GamingAdoption #NFTSale Battle Racers Season 1 crate sale is live! For the first 48 hours of the sale there will be 15% early bird discount, provided by Matic 😎 There are four types of crate on offer (Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Wood), each containing up to four random parts belonging to the 52 new sets of cars that are exclusively for the item sale. The sale will end on December 20th or when all crates have been sold, so don’t miss your chance! To take part in sale: To celebrate the launch of the Battle Racers Season 1 crate sale on Matic Network, we're teaming up with Battle Racers to offer a giveaway for the community! 10 lucky participants will each receive $25 of MATIC tokens along with a surprise Battle Racers NFT🎉 To participate, click here: Retweet:

  32. 2019-12-02 16:55:34

    #GamingAdoption We are thrilled to welcome TradeStars into the Matic ecosystem! TradeStars is a new breed of fantasy sports game where users can own, create & trade NFTs which represent real-life sports personalities. Due to launch during the first week of December, TradeStars is an innovative fusion of blockchain and sport with the potential to introduce many of the world’s billions of sports fans into the blockchain space. Through onboarding to Matic Network, TradeStars will be empowered with instant & scalable blockchain transactions required to provide a superb user experience. Together, we will be able to power their unique platform with mass-adoption level performance. Let’s #BUIDL 🤝 Read more: Retweet:

  33. 2019-11-30 04:41:52

    #Community #ThailandBlockchainWeek If you’re attending Thailand Blockchain Week, be sure to attend our keynote speech today at 12 PM (GMT+7)! Our VP of Marketing, Chandresh Aharwar, will be attending the Blockchain Thailand Genesis event to deliver a keynote speech to the audience on the topic of 'How Matic is Enabling Blockchain Mass Adoption'. Blockchain Thailand Genesis is the biggest event of Thailand Blockchain Week, with over 3000+ attendees including many Thai government officials. We hope to see you there! Retweet:

  34. 2019-11-25 19:26:53

    #Adoption #NeonDistrict We are thrilled to announce that we will be teaming up with Blockade Games, the team behind Neon District Game, arguably the most anticipated blockchain game in the space! Blockade Games, the creator of cyberpunk RPG, Neon District, is a leading video game development company which specializes in games which incorporate crypto-assets in a way that pulls together today’s largest communities of players in the blockchain space. Matic will be the recommended partner for game developers on the Blockade Game Developer Platform at its launch in early 2020. Blockade games will also release a surprise Neon District release on Matic as well as companion games on Matic Network We share the common goal of creating an experience which will bring blockchain gaming to the mainstream. Together, we will #BUIDL the future of mainstream-level blockchain gaming. Read more: Retweet:

  35. 2019-11-23 15:37:43

    #Community #IndianBlockchainEcosystem Matic Network is proudly supporting Genesis DevCon 2019! Genesis DevCon’s mission is to create a learning environment for budding blockchain developers, by bringing the thought leaders in the industry, community and academia. The two-day event will run through the 24th-25th of November and will be held in NSSC, IISc, Bangalore. Our very own Blockchain Engineer, Arpit Agarwal will be hosting a workshop based on ‘Layer-2 Scaling w/ Matic Network’. Following after will be our very own Co-founder & CEO, Jaynti Kanani who will be joining other thought leaders for a panel discussion. Matic Network is excited to continuously grow the blockchain ecosystem in India. We look forward to seeing you there! Retweet: More info:

  36. 2019-11-22 09:24:24

    #Community #TokenUtillity $MATIC token can now be spent globally via the Monolith Debit Card! To celebrate the integration of MATIC into the Monolith Wallet & Debit Card, Matic is giving $50 of MATIC each to 4 users who order a card by the end of November! In addition, 4 people who retweet our tweet below will also each win $25 of MATIC🔥 Monolith is a decentralised banking alternative powered by Ethereum, designed to offer a full DeFi experience whilst allowing users to retain complete control over their funds. By integrating MATIC, token holders can now use MATIC for real-world purchases anywhere globally that accepts Visa. The future of finance is decentralized. We are thrilled to be providing another layer of real-world #DeFi utility for the MATIC token alongside Monolith! Check out the demo: Learn more about Monolith & download the app here: Retweet:

  37. 2019-11-21 14:51:30

    #Community #Hackathon 📢Matic at ETHWaterloo: Talk, Workshop & Bounty Prizes📢 Matic Network was thrilled to support ETHWaterloo earlier this month – ETHGlobal’s premiere hackathon event of 2019. Not only did our CEO, Jaynti Kanani, deliver a tech talk on ‘Making L2 usable’ & host a workshop on ‘Building applications using fast Plasma asset swaps on Matic’, but we also provided a range of bounties to encourage the hackers to try their hand at building on Matic. Congratulations to the winners of the Matic Network bounty prizes! The winning hacks are as follows: Woo-Matic-Torrent Incentivised torrent which enables seeders to receive MATIC tokens based on the data they seed. Ethereum Listener Real-time Ethereum transaction visualizer utilizing Matic Dagger APIs. It was a joy to see over 500+ developers hack together with a common goal of strengthening the Ethereum ecosystem. Let’s keep #BUIDLing 😎 Read more about the winning hacks on our blog: Retweet:

  38. 2019-11-20 15:18:57

    #Adoption #BetaMainnet We’re thrilled to welcome Zawadi, the official ticketing partner for Latin America’s biggest conference LABITCONF, into the Matic ecosystem. Zawadi is a mobile ticket delivery platform that provides event organizers and ticketing companies with the tools and APIs to deliver tokenized event tickets to their attendees through social media messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook & WeChat. Through our infrastructure, each ticket holder will be able to store their tokenized ticket on the blockchain. This will eliminate fake or duplicate tickets by ensuring all transactions are transparent. We look forward to working with Zawadi to bring the mass adoption of tokenized ticketing to the world! Read more: Check out this walkthrough showcasing how easy it is to purchase tickets to Latin America's biggest Bitcoin conference, LABITCONF, using Zawadi - powered by Matic:

  39. 2019-11-18 07:59:54

    #Community #MaticMitra We’re thrilled to welcome in the first-tier of Matic Mitra applicants! Matic Mitras will join the exclusive community group where Mitras will have a direct line of communication with the core Matic team. Over the next 6 days, @ChandreshAharwar will be announcing the latest round of applicants accepted to become a Matic Mitra in the community group. Their primary objective will be to curate a global outreach program that empowers individuals in different international cities to further Matic Network’s engagement with local blockchain communities. The first-tier class members’ geographic locations range from Brazil, Ghana, India, Nigeria, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, and Venezuela. This diverse class collectively have over 20+ years of experience in cryptocurrency/blockchain. Additionally, each and every one of these Mitras has prior experience in organizing events. Let’s give a round of applause to our first-tier Matic Mitras: @rich_crypto @dmoto @olisadon @Crypto_Secret_Circle @cryptopreach @akshay_narkar @daniejjimenez @Essah10 @ErkanG1 @LDA_Roc @dxbman Congratulations to those who have been accepted. We look forward to working with each and every one of you! Retweet: For those that would like to become a Matic Mitra and missed the first deadline. For the next 6 days, we'll be re-opening the Matic Mitra application form! Apply here:

  40. 2019-11-11 16:07:56

    #Community #ProjectUpdate Announcing Matic Network’s Project Updates #7 This past month has been extremely busy for Matic Network, to say the least! We've hit several key milestones on the technical development front, expanded our ecosystem by onboarding many top-tier Dapps, spread the word of Matic Network’s mission and progress at several high-profile events, and much more. We’re one month closer to the mainnet and couldn’t be more excited for the month ahead! Check out our teaser video with highlights from this past month 👀 Read the full update here: Retweet:

  41. 2019-11-02 12:48:38

    Don’t miss tomorrow’s blockchain gaming powerhouse AMA! Rene Schmidt from Chainbreakers will be joining Jeffrey Zirlin from Axie Infinity to talk about their respective efforts in furthering the blockchain gaming space and to connect with the community to answer your questions about the dynamic decentralized gaming industry. The AMA will take place in the Axie Infinity Discord channel tomorrow at 2PM IST. Join us and learn what's new and upcoming in the exciting world of blockchain gaming! Join here: Retweet:

  42. 2019-10-30 16:45:46

    #Community #SFBW We are co-hosting the DeFi and Drinks meetup, taking place today during SFBW! DeFi and Drinks is a casual meetup offering the opportunity for those who are interested in decentralized finance to network with likeminded individuals, with prominent projects including AAVE, Elrond, Cere Network, Set and dYdX in attendance. We’ll be holding a crypto/DeFi themed pub quiz including $1000 of DAI in prizes! If you’re attending SFBW, join us for a night of great conversation, drinks and prizes! Register here: Retweet:

  43. 2019-10-29 20:08:17

    #Community #SFBW We are co-hosting ‘Who’s Building on Ethereum’ event, taking place during SFBW! The events aims to introduce attendees to some of the Dapps, tools and platforms currently leveraging Ethereum to provide an insight into the array of solutions being built in the Ethereum ecosystem. Whether you’re new to Ethereum or are a seasoned enthusiast, you’re sure to gain valuable insights into how smart contracts are executing unstoppable code that controls digital value amongst various industries. We look forward to connecting with the attendees! Learn more: Retweet:

  44. 2019-10-28 21:27:18

    #Community #SFBW Come join us tonight at 6:00 PM PDT, as we kickoff SF Blockchain Week 2019! Matic will be co-hosting the #SFBW19 Kickoff Party with IoTeX, Harmony, and Elrond at the Press Club. We look forward to meeting you! Learn more: Retweet:

  45. 2019-10-26 21:24:54

    #Community #SFBW #GameOasis Earlier this morning, Matic's CPO, Anurag Arjun provided his insights on the convergence of Gaming & Blockchain at Game Oasis SF. More specifically, he addressed how Matic aims to make Blockchain Gaming ubiquitous! Watch the LIVE stream here: Retweet:

  46. 2019-10-24 15:12:25

    #Community #SFBW Matic Network is proud to be supporting San Francisco Blockchain Week 2019! SFBW, the biggest west coast blockchain conference, will be taking place from October 28th to November 3rd. The Matic team is coming to San Francisco for a variety of exciting events! More info: During our time in the US, in the run-up to SFBW, we will be co-hosting the San Francisco segment of the Game Oasis Hackathon from October 25th-27th alongside Binance Labs, Celer, Contentos, Cocos-BCX, Marlin Protocol and Republic. Game Oasis Bengaluru was incredible, and we can't wait to see what the hackers #BUIDL on Matic during SF chapter! More info: We will also be supporting the DeFi Hackathon, taking place during SFBW between Nov 1st-3rd. The 3-day event will see hackers #BUIDL the future of finance by transforming traditional financial products into trustless & transparent solutions without intermediaries. More info: We look forward to connecting with the Matic community from the states ☺️ Retweet:

  47. 2019-10-23 09:57:23

    We are proud to reveal that Anarchy (@dxbman) is our MVCM for this month! 👏🎉 The decision was tough, we have so many outstanding community members, but Anarchy has stood out from the crowd for his consistent support. Anarchy has been supporting our journey for a long time, always providing valuable input in the group and making great efforts to spread the word of Matic on Twitter. Your ongoing support has not gone unnoticed. Congratulations to Anarchy on winning the reward of $50 in MATIC tokens along with the title of MVCM! The award is well deserved 🤝 We challenge you all to become our next MVCM!

  48. 2019-10-22 20:07:15

    Get your questions ready for CryptoIndia’s AMA with our VP of Marketing & Strategy, Chandresh Aharwar today at 6:30PM IST! Top 10 questions will each win $10 $MATIC tokens 🎉 Read More: Retweet:

  49. 2019-10-19 07:53:14

    #Community We are proudly supporting India’s biggest community hackathon, InOut 6.0! The hackathon is taking place at JP Nagar, Bangalore. Matic Network’s Blockchain Engineer, Arpit Agarwal, will be speaking on stage on the topic of ‘Blockchain 101’. Since 2015, InOut has been an event at which tech leaders and the brightest minds come together to collaborate on building tools that solve real problems. The Matic team thoroughly enjoys supporting such events, which cultivate the future of blockchain in India. Developers of all types and backgrounds are welcome to join InOut 6.0 & we look forward to seeing what the hackers #BUIDL on Matic Network! Click below for more info: Retweet:

  50. 2019-10-18 09:33:37

    #Community #DevconV As we bid farewell to #Devcon5, let’s take a look back at our eventful experience! Devcon has always been a primary source of inspiration, energy and creativity for those working towards building the decentralized future, and this year it's safe to say that this has never been more true! A wide array of prominent blockchain projects were in attendance, alongside representatives from leading educational institutions and tech titans - all present to pitch their visions of our decentralized future. It was an honour to be invited to deliver multiple speeches at the main event, and was a pleasure to host and attend such a wide range of sub-events and meetups. Needless to say, the Matic Network team left Devcon5 with a renewed sense of purpose after witnessing all of the efforts devoted towards nurturing the global developer ecosystem for Ethereum. Here's to our bright decentralized future! Ethereum community, let’s keep #BUIDLing! Check out our full recap of Devcon5 on our blog: Tweet thread:

  51. 2019-10-14 13:01:34

    We are thrilled to announce that $MATIC token is being added to the next phase of Binance Lending Products, joining the ranks of behemoths such as ETH, BNB, XRP etc! As of 2019/10/16 at 12:00 PM (UTC), MATIC holders will be able to earn interest on their holdings through contributing to Binance’s 14-day fixed term lending products. MATIC will be the first token outside of the top 30 by market capitalization which will be added to Binance’s range of lending products! Read more here: Retweet:

  52. 2019-10-12 09:34:16

    #Community #Hackathon Game Oasis Hackathon Bengaluru was an incredible experience & a huge success! It was an honour hosting India’s first ever blockchain gaming hackathon alongside other prominent projects, including Binance Labs, MakerDao, Axie Infinity, Celer Network, Cocos-BCX, Contentos, Marlin Protocol & Ankr Network. Over 100+ developers from all across India came together to hack with the common goal of furthering the blockchain gaming space. The talent displayed by the hackers was humbling to see. Congratulations to the winners! Many incredible solutions were built on Matic Network. The future of blockchain gaming is bright indeed. Developers, let’s keep #BUIDLing! Read more on our blog: Retweet:

  53. 2019-10-11 09:58:43

    #Community #Devcon5 Devcon attendees, get ready for the User X Devcon afterparty! We are co-hosting an afterparty for Devcon5 attendees tonight alongside other prominent user experience & scalability focused projects including Torus Labs, Portis, Authereum and Offchain Labs. Representatives from the projects will be speaking at the event, including Matic’s COO & Co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal! Get ready for a night of great conversations, networking, learning, and drinks on us at the iconic landmark of Taiko-En in Osaka 🇯🇵 We can’t wait to connect with the attendees! For more details: Retweet:

  54. 2019-10-06 11:37:47

    What are the main industry problems that Matic Network is solving with our infrastructure/technology? This is an open ended question and you can answer in next 12 hours tagging me. Winner will receive $20 reward in Matic Tokens

  55. 2019-10-05 15:00:43

    #Community #DevconV We are honored that our CEO, Jaynti Kanani, has been invited to speak at Ethereum's biggest annual conference, Devcon5! Jaynti will be delivering a speech on 'Scaling Ethereum with Security and Usability In Mind' on October 9th at 2:25pm-2:45pm in the Convention Room. If you’re in attendance, be sure not to miss it! 😬 Retweet:

  56. 2019-10-03 12:51:51

    #Community #Hackathon Matic is proudly supporting the Wiz-A-Thon Hackathon at Parul University! Wiz-A-Thon will take place on October 5th & 6th at Parul University, India. Developers of all backgrounds and types are welcome to gather to work on hacks incorporating various cutting-edge technologies, with blockchain being one of them. One of our core goals is the acceleration of blockchain adoption in India by presenting the amazing opportunities that blockchain development can provide for current and future developers of all types and backgrounds. We can’t wait to see hackers #BUIDL on Matic Network! Read more about Wiz-A-Thon: Retweet:

  57. 2019-10-01 14:19:15

    #Community #DevCon Konichiwa Matic community! Matic is heading to DevCon in Osaka, Japan this October 10th where we’ll take part in the Layer 2 Meetup. Thought leaders of Layer 2 solutions will gather to discuss the development that’s gone in to second layer solutions. Our Co-founder & CPO, Anurag Arjun will be speaking on the topic of "UX and DX in Layer 2 solutions". Get ready for all things Layer 2 solutions. Lightning talks, panel discussions, and networking to conclude the event. We look forward in connecting with the Japanese community! Register here: Retweet:

  58. 2019-09-30 17:13:51

    #BetaMainnet We are incredibly excited to announce the long-awaited release of the Matic Beta mainnet today. Yay! 🎉 After months of hard work, the entire Matic Network team is proud to release the 2nd iteration of the Matic mainnet (after the Alpha mainnet in June 2019). This is in preparation for the final mainnet to be released later. Tons of work has gone into this release! We have been painstakingly refactoring the Plasma and staking smart contracts. We have also added support for Plasma predicates and a bunch of other cool stuff, such as the ability to mint NFTs directly on the sidechain first (mass low-value NFT minting, anyone?). This is only the start of our unveiling of our Beta mainnet, over the coming days we will delve into more details regarding the implementation specifics. Also stay tuned for further updates regarding projects onboarding to our Beta, there are plenty still to come! To the next chapter! 🥂 Read More: Retweet:

  59. 2019-09-23 07:12:36

    #Hackathon Announcing the winners of the Ethereal Blocks Hackathon Matic Bounties!📢 As part of Ethereal Summit Tel Aviv 2019, Gitcoin & Ethereal hosted the Ethereal Blocks Hackathon, in which Matic Network offered a range of bounties. Congratulations to the winners of Matic's bounty prizes, totalling over $7,000USD equivalent! Our COO and Co-founder Sandeep Nailwal had the honor of revealing the winners on the workshop stage at Ethereal Summit 2019. The winning entrants of each bounty prize are as follows: - Enable a set of Decentralized protocols on the Matic Network Reward to be split between: - Build a Mobile app for Remittances Winner: The talent displayed by all entrants was humbling, but the winners particularly impressed us with their incredible hacks. Retweet:

  60. 2019-09-20 14:19:56

    Matic is proud to have supported the first ever HackInIt hackathon! The event, which took place at Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology (BPIT), New Delhi, it was a 24-hour coding sprint which centered around tech-oriented designing, building and creating. The students of BPIT displayed incredible talent while creating their hacks. We were thrilled to be supporting India’s next generation of blockchain BUIDLers, and couldn't be more excited for India's decentralized future! Of course, the attendees didn’t go away empty handed - they were able to get their hands on some awesome Matic swag! Retweet:

  61. 2019-09-18 17:06:35

    Announcing Matic Network's staking economics! We are thrilled to be sharing staking economics details with our community! First thing first, and the answer to the most asked question is, Minimum number of Matic tokens to apply on mainchain to be a validator would be 1.5mn MATIC !! If you want to be a validator, you should start preparing for the same now. In order to inform our community of the upcoming staking specifics, we are releasing a detailed article outlining incentives, staking rewards, validator information and more. As a Layer-2 solution utilizing a network of Proof-of-Stake validators for asset security, staking is an integral part of the Matic ecosystem. Validators will stake their MATIC tokens as collateral to become part off the network’s PoS consensus mechanism. All the details shared are tentative as of now and are subject to change based on the feedback received. The community will also be given the opportunity to take part in our incentivised testing program, the details of which will be rolled out soon. Here’s to the next monumental step in the journey of Matic Network! 🥂 Read here: Retweet:

  62. 2019-09-16 15:01:59

    Matic Network is coming to MNNIT Allahabad, Prayagraj, India, for the Webster Hackathon! As part of our ongoing efforts to introduce mainstream developers to blockchain, we are thrilled to be supporting the Webster hackathon taking place at MNNIT Allahabad, India. Webster is a web development event organized to introduce the students of the MNNIT Allahabad Institute to development tools & technologies. We can’t wait to connect with the students to spread the word of the opportunities that blockchain development can provide! India is poised to become a leading hub of blockchain innovation, and it will be the students of today #BUIDLing our decentralized future of tomorrow. Read more about the hackathon here: Retweet:

  63. 2019-09-13 03:36:13

    #Community Indonesian crypto community, get ready for the Matic x Harmony Meetup! We're thrilled to be hosting a meetup alongside @harmony_one in the beautiful city of Jakarta, Indonesia, this coming Monday 16th September! Our VP of Operations and Marketing, Chandresh Aharwar, will be joined by Harmony’s Head of Marketing, Garlam Won, as they deliver a speech and hold a Q&A session! We will be providing insights into our latest developments, roadmap progress, and wider updates regarding our respective projects. As fellow BUIDLers of the decentralized future, we couldn’t be more thrilled to be coming to Indonesia to connect with the Indonesian crypto community and deliver inisghts on our progress alongside one another. If you’re an Indonesian crypto enthusiast, this is the event for you! We hope to see you there. Read more and secure your FREE ticket here: Retweet:

  64. 2019-09-07 08:13:30

    Our Co-founder & COO, Sandeep Nailwal, recently joined HashTalk Podcast for a particularly insightful interview, covering topics relating to both Matic Network and the wider blockchain movement as a whole. Sandeep dives into Matic's background, our stellar rate of adoption on our journey so far, and how our technological advantages over other scaling solutions & Plasma implementations is helping us to overcome the problems of Layer 2 solutions as recently proposed by Vitalik. Sandeep also provides his insights on government regulation and the importance of the wider decentralized movement in building a better future. “[Blockchain] is not just technology; it’s a fundamental revolution in terms of human collaboration and by extension how human organisations can be built in the future.” #BUIDL Listen here:

  65. 2019-09-06 13:10:21

    #Enterprise Matic Network is just getting started in Korea. Also inline to improve our offering to enterprises, We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Korea-based Layer 2 solution, Tokamak Network! Matic intends to leverage Tokamak's privacy-focused endeavours to provide an enhanced layer of privacy for enterprise solutions building on Matic Network, while Tokamak will gain insights into our scaling research to further improve their network capabilities. Tokamak is a recipient of an Ethereum Foundation Grant and their CEO, Kevin Jeong, is a co-organizer of Seoul Ethereum Meetup. Our collaborative efforts will strengthen the connection between the crypto communities in Korea and India, and will facilitate cross collaboration of Korean and Indian projects and developers. We are excited to further deepen our integration with the Korean decentralized movement! Read more about our collaborative efforts here: Retweet:

  66. 2019-09-05 10:58:30

    #Community Our COO and Co-founder Sandeep Nailwal will be joined by Matic’s VP of Marketing & Strategy, Chandresh Aharwar, for a live AMA session with Coin98 today at 6:30PM IST! Coin98 is a cryptocurrency research group, based in Vietnam, committed to shedding light on the latest goings-on in the blockchain space for its base of 10,000+ active crypto enthusiasts. Vietnam is home to a growing crypto community and a developing blockchain industry. We're excited to spread the word of Matic's mission to the Vietnamese crypto community. Retweet:

  67. 2019-09-03 06:49:38

    📢Calling all budding blockchain developers!📢 As part of Ethereal Summit Tel Aviv 2019, Gitcoin & Ethereal are hosting the Ethereal Blocks Hackathon, in which Matic Network is offering a range of bounties including: - Enable a set of decentralized protocols on the Matic Network - Build a Mobile app for Remittances - Build a Cocos 2D SDK equivalent of Matic.js - Build a Unity SDK equivalent of Matic.js Developers can take part remotely and are to submit their hacks online through the Gitcoin website linked below. Submissions can be made from NOW until September 11th. Are you a talented blockchain developer? We want to see your skills! Join us for the virtual hackathon and you could be the recipient of one of our lucrative bounty prizes. Developers, get #BUIDLing! For more information on the hackathon and further details of our bounties on offer, please visit: Retweet:

  68. 2019-09-01 14:04:13

    At 7:30 PM IST, we’re going LIVE with Holochain, QuarkChain, & Credits! CryptoChico will be moderating as we discuss “The Future of Blockchain Technology.” Watch at: Retweet:

  69. 2019-08-30 15:58:06

    #ETHBerlin and #BerlinBlockchainWeek 2019 have been an incredible experience and were a huge success! Matic team was present at Berlin Blockchain Week, ETHBerlinZwei, & DappCon 2019 among a range of other networking events with notable thought leaders, emerging projects, and community developers. Among all the meetups, mixers & panel discussions we were able to connect with countless budding blockchain developers and fellow leaders of the decentralized movement. We were joined by some of our old friends and make many new valuable connections during the events. It was amazing to see all of the emerging projects that were showcased during the week. Needless to say, the Matic Network team left ETHBerlin with a renewed sense of purpose after witnessing all of the efforts devoted towards nurturing the global developer ecosystem for Ethereum. Here's to our bright decentralized future! Developers, let’s keep #BUIDLing! Read our full recap of the event on our blog: Retweet:

  70. 2019-08-28 19:22:07

    On September 1st, 2PM GMT, Matic Network will be participating in a joint “Future of Blockchain Technology” AMA on Chico Crypto’s YouTube channel in collaboration with Holochain, CreditsCom & Quark Chain to answer questions from the community on the topic “Future of Blockchain Technology.” To submit questions in advance, go to: To join us on September 1st, 2PM GMT, go to: Retweet:

  71. 2019-08-26 03:52:19

    What an incredible week it's been at #BerlinBlockchainWeek Connected not only with countless #ETH developers but also fellow executives from other outstanding & emerging projects. Attending & supporting #ETHBerlin has only fueled the fire for Matic Network! #BUIDL Stay tuned for more updates later this week as we recap our experience in Berlin! 😊 Retweet:

  72. 2019-08-17 18:35:39

    Announcing Matic’s Community Guard of Honor 🏅 We are thrilled to present Gavin McDonald (@Gbhoy) with the title of Matic Network Community Guard of Honor for his consistently outstanding contributions to the Matic community. Having already won our monthly Most Valuable Community Member (MVCM) initiative, launched in July, Gavin has taken his commitment to spreading the word of Matic’s mission to the next level. Specifically, Gavin’s efforts to spread awareness on Twitter and provide valuable engagement in our Telegram community have been particularly impressive. As a symbol of our gratitude, Gavin has not only been presented with the title of Community Guard of Honor but will also be rewarded with $100 in MATIC tokens for his incredible contributions. We sincerely appreciate the efforts of all of our valued community members in spreading the word of Matic Network, online and in-person. Your hard work does not go unnoticed. Could you be our next MVCM or even join the ranks of Community Guard of Honor😄

  73. 2019-08-14 13:09:03

    We’re excited to announce Global decentralized WiFi coverage network StacksCity into our growing Dapp ecosystem! StacksNetwork's , parent company of StacksCity, has current reach extends to 600,000 households - a number which is growing constantly. StacksNetwork also has over 70 rented and self-built data centers across 26 provinces and 30 cities in China, 6 patents relating to the Telecom industry & a revenue of $15m in 2018. StacksCity is primed to become a huge player in the decentralized WiFi space by developing a unique distributed intelligent WiFi advertising ecosystem, creating new revenue channels for WiFi router owners, and providing advertisers with efficient, accurate, and transparent advertising solutions. We’re honored to have StacksCity choose Matic Network as their platform and partner of choice and look forward to working alongside StacksCity to build their next-gen smart WiFi ecosystem. Read more: Retweet:

  74. 2019-08-13 19:02:29

    So much has happened since our α-Mainnet launch in June! The Matic Network development team has since fully enabled Plasma contracts, implemented Plasma predicates, expanded our list of resources for game development, & launched the α-mainnet wallet, among countless other updates. For more information, please refer to Thank you guys for your continued support! Retweet:

  75. 2019-08-13 09:02:51

    Join Matic Network’s Co-founder & CPO Anurag Arjun for a live YouTube broadcast as he delivers an overview of our latest Technical Update! Anurag will provide insights on Matic’s recent technical developments from his perspective, shortly before the release of the full Technical Update on our blog. The live broadcast will commence at 02:30PM IST on Matic Network's Youtube Channel. We hope to see you there! See Matic’s Co-founder & CPO Anurag Arjun deliver his insights into the most recent technical updates at Matic Network! Watch here: The full release of our latest Techincal Update will be posted on our blog later today. Stay tuned! Retweet:

  76. 2019-08-12 14:19:45

    ETHIndia 2019 has been an incredible experience and was a huge success! The talent displayed was humbling and we were thrilled to see Matic being the first choice of hackers with 11 project submissions. The event was filled with engaging workshops, insightful talks and, of course, a ton of #BUIDLing! The talent displayed by the hackers was humbling and we are thrilled that so many teams opted to build their incredible solutions on top of Matic Network. Congratulations to the following winners of our ETHIndia Photo Booth event, who will each be rewarded $25 worth of MATIC tokens for sharing their excellent photos/captions on Twitter: @punit2403 @DivyanshuNSingh @vaibhavgupta512 Matic Network was also honored to co-host the ETHIndia DevLounge alongside MIH Ventures- one of India's leading venture capital firms spearheading blockchain development. MIH Ventures has been integral to Matic Network’s success since the very beginning. Working closely alongside one another, we are mutually committed to facilitating widespread blockchain adoption in India. The DevLounge provided hackers with a space for some well-deserved rest & relaxation, the ability to experience DeFi first-hand via the Incento app (which is built on top of Matic), and access to incubation and funding opportunities via the Binance Labs Incubator Program. DeFi adoption at DevLounge, ETHIndia featuring @incento : Read about the DevLounge on our blog: We’d like to extend a huge thank you to all of the attendees, volunteers and the other organizers for making ETHIndia 2019 such a momentous event. It’s clear that India is positioned to become a leading hub of blockchain innovation, and we’re honoured to be playing a prominent role in India’s decentralized movement. India, let’s keep #BUIDLing! Read our full recap of ETHIndia 2019 on our blog:

  77. 2019-08-10 14:36:58

    Announcing yet another top project partner on Matic Ecosystem Initiative which intends to conduct tokens sales using Matic Network and work with Matic community. Cere network is a Binance Labs incubated project and is invested by top investors like Neo Global Capital, Fenbushi Capital, Arrington XRP, Kosmos Capital and many others. Cere Network is building the first blockchain-powered CRM and CDP ecosystem that allows businesses to extract meaningful, actionable insights on the customer journey. Cere would be using Matic Network sidechains for the scalability of various layers of their product. Cere team is very well connected in the Enterprise space and already has some large paying customers doing various POCs. Cere CEO Fred Jin has co-founded a Tencent backed startup previously. The other team members have backgrounds from Huobi, Amazon, MIT & Wharton. More and more high quality projects want to work with Matic and interact in various forms with Matic community resulting in tremendous growth in overall utility of Matic Tokens. We are very excited. More details to be shared by Cere team at their channel @cerenetwork_official . All the best to Cere team

  78. 2019-08-08 15:41:20

    Matic is now listed on Binance DEX. This is in inline with our efforts to make MATIC utility tokens more accessible to our global community. Binance DEX is on the forefront of providing high-capacity transaction volumes comparable to Binance’s centralized exchange and other top-tier centralized exchanges. Pairing the Matic Network community with the Binance DEX team will not only strengthen the decentralized finance ecosystem but also provide greater liquidity for the existing circulating MATIC supply. Token Swap Bridge: Token swap Guide: Read more: Retweet:

  79. 2019-08-07 20:02:01

    It’s official – Matic Wallet is moving to Alpha-Mainnet! Matic Wallet is an integral part of our ecosystem, bridging the gap between scalability issues & user experience by enabling seamless interaction with Dapps deployed on plasma chains on top of Ethereum. We're thrilled to see our flagship product move to our newly launched Alpha-Mainnet - and it's better than ever. You spoke, we listened! Based on feedback from our community, the new and improved Alpha-Mainnet version is packed with new features including a fresh onboarding screen and PIN functionality. Read more on out blog: We’re constantly striving to create a better product & keep improving it basis your feedback. We would love to get your feedback through a brief survey : Retweet:

  80. 2019-08-05 20:06:58

    Thanks Coinbase for the kind consideration 😊

  81. 2019-08-04 16:28:36

    Congratulations 🎊 to the top 3 ETHIndia teams who have won the Matic Bounty rewards for their incredible projects! The competition was fierce but the following teams pipped the rest with their outstanding ideas: Maticgram – Monetizing Instagram Posts Eezeetzee – Confidential Loans HackitLikeMtgox – Community Storytelling Teams will equally share the total reward of $3k. Stay tuned for a full recap of the ETHIndia event!

  82. 2019-08-03 18:07:46

    ETHIndia participants also have a fast track application to Binance Labs for the incubation of their early stage startups exclusively at the Matic DevLounge! Enroll here:

  83. 2019-07-30 20:32:43

    We’d like to thank our wonderful community for participating in our Decentraland Avatar Campaign and joint AMA. Congratulations to all AMA and Avatar winners! 🎉 - Decentraland Avatar winners will each get a rare NFT and will share $300 worth of MATIC and $300 worth of MANA tokens. - Matic AMA Winners will share $200 worth of MATIC tokens. - Decentraland AMA Winners will share $200 worth of MANA tokens. Matic AMA Winners: @Dixitd00 @snsbreakout @chavinamathur Decentraland AMA Winners: @Sal3119 @Kunal233 @nandhas Decentraland Avatar Winners: @Brymanager @Gobzizaz @sstarrk Please contact our Community Manager @nirbhik to claim your rewards. 🙂 We will also distribute 100 MANA to 100 eligible participants for claiming their unique name for Decentraland Avatar.