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Last updated Sunday June 16, 2019

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Telegram Crypto Group Trade PRO ™
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Trade PRO is a Crypto Currency Trading Group that gives you Unlimited Access to Trading Advice, Trade Signals and Tutorials.

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  1. 2019-05-31 11:03:43

    Hello Crypto Friends! Are you looking for help getting into Cryptocurrency? Are you new to this space and want to learn invaluable knowledge about Trading or Investing? Do you have an Investment amount that you wish to invest into Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP or any other Crypto Coins? Are you worried that you may lose your capital or are you recovering from losses? You want to Invest but you dont have the time to learn or follow your investments 24/7? We have designed this Telegram Group to be beneficial for people who do not have the time to learn about Trading Tactics or Follow their Investements 24/7 aswell as giving easy to follow advice for people who want to learn about Trading. If you have lost previous investment capital and want to recover losses, we give easy to follow Trade Signals on a daily basis. You can follow any of these Signals which are posted and set Sell Orders at the Price Targets. DAILY SIGNAL EXAMPLE; BUY - $XRP TARGET BUY ZONE - 4100-4250 SATS TARGET SELL ZONE - 6500-6740 SATS 50%+ GAINS ☝️ Trade PRO - MEMBERSHIP LEVELS BRONZE (3 Months Cost) 1 $ETH SILVER (6 Months Cost) 3 $ETH GOLD (12 Months Cost) 5 $ETH Joining Instructions 👇 Simply Send the the Membership Amount which corresponds to the Membership Level desired to the Ethereum Address below. Ethereum Address 0x5d2d9017cedb7036a6ae3d722aa3266c5bd4c498 Once you have sent your Membership Fee, Send a Screenshot of your Transaction which clearly shows the Transaction ID. This is important as the Transaction ID is like a receipt and shows us that the payment is from you. Alternatively you can send the Transaction ID number as a message. Once we receive your Membership Fee, you will be sent a Link to our Trade PRO Private Membership Channel. We look forward to welcoming you and helping you with your Trading and Investment Strategies. Trade Pro Team Contact Us Below @Trade_Pro_Team