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Last updated Monday May 20, 2019

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Telegram Crypto Group Bitparadise
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They are offering an airdrop you can join it to get BDP on your ETH address Check their channel then Join the Bot

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  1. 2019-04-15 12:10:43

    Welcome to the Bitparadise Telegram group! Our admis are : @Jack0x, @Niko0x, @Djlakhany, @Whereismoon @Emmanuel_BTC Please join our Medium blog for important news: * Website (* Twitter ( * Facebook (* Meduim ( * Telegram (* Whitepaper : 🇱🇷English ( 🇪🇸Spanish ( 🇨🇳Chinese ( ❓ What is the Bit Paradise? Bit Paradise (BPD) is a new, innovative form of cryptographic exchange station based on game meta. BPD’s 1 + 1 profit-sharing trading mining system, which provides additional cryptographic exchange transactions fees rewards and winning returns, is operating by a stable payout and buyback system. It also has a safety device that minimizes value decline to build a complete BPD’s ecosystem of innovative and safe. Now you can enjoy the benefits of returns from the game in BPD as like you have Casino stake. <Bet coin> The BET coin is the exchange’s own coin with the same intrinsic value as the bit coin (BTC) in the BPD Ecosystem Expansion Project, and the BET point is only available through BTC Deposit. 💬 2019 Roadmap Founded in Singapore in October 2018, BPD has built a safe and complete ecosystem that ensures profitability through casino meta and minimizes the decline in token value. Now, the BPD platform is going to expand into the markets of South America, Latin America including Argentina, which has recently started to use cryptocurrency for bank remittances, revolves around Korea, China, and Southeast Asia. In addition, BPD are preparing for the official opening of eight countries by the second half of 2019 ❗️ RULES For a better communication in the group we have a few rules: We DON’T allow any hurtful comments, insulting others, outright FUD, false/inaccurate information, or advertising other projects/links. INSTANT BAN: Racism, explicit content, spam, trading bots, or anyone trying to imitate a team member. Important Notes: ❌ We will never ask you to send money to any address, for any reason. If someone asks you to do this, they are trying to scam you and they should be ignored. Report these users to one of the groups admins. ❌ Be careful of users who pretend to be any of the BPD admins with the same name and picture. Check the username of people you're in contact with and report suspicious contacts to us. ❌ Remember, we will never PM you, unless you contact us first. If you're not sure who you're chatting with, post a question and check with the admin in the group to confirm the conversation.