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Last updated Sunday July 25, 2021

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Crypto Club Community Channel 🔥
We share news and information about cryptocurrencies and upcoming Blockchain projects.
We share in no ways financial advices ! #DYOR

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  1. 2020-02-07 10:50:00

    Crypto Club Community 🔥, Let us first explain you our Risk Management Strategy. For each trade we decide to take, we will risk a maximum of 4% of our starting Capital. (You can of course decide whatever % of risk you are willing to take. We personally use 4%). For example : Starting Capital : $5000 4% risk maximum : 200$ per trade Assume we have identified a potentiel set up with an entry price at 10$ and a Stop Loss price at 7$ That means our Stop-Loss is -30% down from our entry price. The amount for this trade will be calculated as follows : Max Risk Amount / Stop Loss performance 200$ / 30% = 666$ So we will enter this trade with a capital of 666$ and a maximum loss risk of 200$ Benefits of this strategy : - We manage our risk and the maximum amount of $$ we are ready to lose without risking our entire capital - It leaves us enough capital to enter other trades, always with the same Risk Management Strategy

  2. 2019-07-15 17:52:49

  3. 2019-06-30 15:26:20

    💎 We want to introduce you the first ever Tokenized Crypto Fund managed by & for the Community 💎 🔥 CCC Tokenized Fund 🔥 What is CCC Tokenized Fund ❓ It is a newly created Crypto Fund hosted on the ICONOMI platform. It 's purpose is to help people solve the problem of not having enough knowledge and/or time to invest in cryptocurrencies. While ICONOMI is taking care of the complexity behind the technology and legal and compliance issues, users can invest in Crypto Funds in just minutes and also withdraw funds in the same amount of time ! YOUR funds belong to YOU and we don't have access to them ! The platform has a selection of 70+ cryptocurrencies. Why invest in a Crypto Fund ❓ - It saves you time - It’s less risky (diversification is key – your investments are diversified) - One click diversification: when investing in Crypto Funds, you invest in multiple cryptocurrencies with a single click (70+ cryptos in one place). How does it work ❓ When you invest into a Crypto Fund, your investment gets diversified across all cryptocurrencies that are in the structure of the Crypto Fund at that moment. Let’s take a look at an example: Say you invest 100 units (100 BTC, 100 EUR, 100 USD, etc.,), into a Crypto Fund with a structure (index weights) of: - Bitcoin (BTC) 30%, - Ether (ETH) 27%, - EOS (EOS) 19%, - Litecoin (LTC) 15%, - Monero (XMR) 9% With just one-click, your investment (100 units) is diversified into the exact same percentages of cryptocurrencies that are in the structure of the Crypto Fund (30 units go to BTC, 27 to ETH, 19 to EOS, etc.,). Am I the owner of my investments/assets at all times ❓ Yes. The Crypto Fund Expert/Manager does not have access to your assets. Your assets are safely put into ICONOMI’s cold storage. The only owner of the assets is you. - But why is CCC Tokenized Fund different from other Funds in the platform ❓ CCC Tokenized Fund is a fund opened and managed by the CCC Team but it does not belong to just the CCC team, it belongs to the CCC Community ! Seems unusual ? Read more to understand... We have created a private Discord Group that is only accessible to investors in the Fund. Within this group, investors will be able to make decisions on everything relating to the Fund. Each investor will have 1 voting right. The CCC teams aim is to give everyone in the community the power to have total control over their investments. We believe in democracy and our sole purpose is to work with the community, for the community. Every decision is made based on voting results. The majority vote always wins ! You will be able to vote for the number of lines that should constitute the portfolio and the coins/tokens you would like to add to the portfolio... every 24 hours. 🤜 Basically, you/we are the architects of our/your own success (and also failure if so!). ⚠️ We only manage the Fund by rebalancing the portfolio according to voting results ⚠️ We only manage the Discord by ensuring everyone is adhering to the rules ⚠️ We only do the promotion of OUR Fund in order to grow the Fund; but the key to success will be OUR performance. The more we perform, the more opportunity we have to attract new investors, increasing our chances of success. Of course, everyone can invite people to join the group, but only serious investors will maintain access to the group. No one will have access to the discord if he is not an investor ! - What if we exit ❔ Well, not possible. Again you have access to your own funds. What if we don't respect the majority votes ❔ Well, we have been in this space long enough and we have always delivered. We will always respect majority's decision. If we don't, you can leave the Fund anytime ! What if you don't agree with the majority's decision ❔ Well, we are in a democracy and you can leave the Fund by selling your share directly on ICONOMI. We are not holding anything and you can get out anytime ! But what this type of Community Fund can bring ❓ 👍 Good question. Honestly, we don't know...

  4. 2019-05-06 16:58:32

    Crypto Club Community 🔥 🗣 We’re doing our first referral competition! 💰The prize will be $25 worth of tokens (Token will be decided later!) To enter, all you have to do is : 📍Message @chatmodbot privately 📍Click on « Show me my referral links » 📍Then, get your unique referral link! 📍Copy your referral link and invite members to the group 🥇The Member with the most invites wins ! 🚦Competition ends May 31st at 00:00 UTC ! If you have any question do not hesitate to ask in the group ! ⚠️ In order to receive your referral link with the bot, your account need to be active and you need to be part of the Chat Group ! 👉🏻 link : ⛔️ No need to invite bots or fake accounts, our bot can detect them and you will be automatically banned ! ⭐️ And do not forget that you need to be following our announcement channel 👇 :

  5. 2019-04-30 18:09:17

    Crypto Club Community 🔥 As promised, I have finished the past IEOs spreadsheet. For the projects in grey, it is very worrying since I couldn't find accurate information. Be careful with these ones ! I will not touch them All prices have been taken either from CMC or directly from exchanges when no CMC listing All information regarding circulating supply has been taken from either CMC or directly teams projects when not available Last IEO of the month : Bittrex... 😏 Well, well, are we gonna see the first uncomplete IEO ??