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Last updated Friday April 19, 2019

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Telegram Crypto Group OryxCoin Official
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OryxCoin runs on POS algorithm blockchain with staking and masternode rewards of 40% and 60% respectively. OryxCoin will become the gas coin in crypto exchange. OryxCoin will become the dividend coin in our security platform EST-LITE.

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  1. 2019-04-10 08:19:45

    Win a Masternode - Social Media Challenge! While you play, community plays an important role in building real value for the coin. We are open to suggestions when it comes to building utility while we also suggest in helping reaching out in social media on the oryx project. Come on Oryxians! This is your project so let’s get noticed. We want Facebook and Instagram posts on OryxCoin members around the world. Here is how you do it! We want you to post one great picture you think deserves a credit with oryxcoin logo and post in Instagram or your Facebook with Tag line - We are Oryxians! Community creating value through OryxCoin. And you post the entry in telegram proving your entry. And the winning entry will win 1 Masternode (10,000OryxCoins) Great opportunity. Let’s see who is open for the challenge. Campaign will end by 10th May 2019.