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Last updated Sunday July 25, 2021

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nifex airdrop group

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about 1 year AGO
  1. 2020-06-15 17:10:34

    NIFEX BUYBACK. Nifex global ventures are offering our coin sale to 400 User that are willing to make a profit from this matrix. *Interested candite is to purchase $100 worth of nifexcoin *Nifex will then buy back this nifexcoin from this candidate. * The buyback will be done after nifex IEO and it will on the current market price of nifex. *This arrangement gives these users high ROI. Why not buy today and let your money work for you and earn a high return on your $100. WIN-WIN MOTIVE Buy now

  2. 2020-04-06 09:37:14

    🔥🔥Dear Nifex exchange Members🔥🔥 💎💠We thank all our members for their great support in many ways, and we encourage them to keep supporting this great project most especially during the token sale stage until the aim for this project is achieved ✅✅ ♨♨ TOPIC: Nifexcoin sale.♨♨ We want to inform all members that the Nifexcoin pre-sale will start soon, and we urge all our members to buy as much token as they can for them to have enough to spend on how platforms when they are launched. For those that participated on airdrop, we advise them to buy more too because the airdrop token will not be enough for them to spend on our platforms. PLACE & REGISTRATION: The pre-sale will hold on our official website ( Members can now register on our website as fast as possible and get ready to purchase token once the pre-sale start. Note: Use any email address during registration and make sure that you use an ERC20 token compatible wallet address only. Example: MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Trustwallet etc. DISTRIBUTION: Token members purchased will be sent to their wallet immediately. Note: The maximum wait time is 24hours. DISTRIBUTION ISSUE: If any members token did not arrive in their wallet after 24hours, they should send the following details to @nifex_bot for review and if the fault is from our side, the token will be sent to the member immediately; 1) TXN harsh. 2) ERC20 wallet address. 3) Screenshot of the transction. 4) Amount sent. EXCHANGE LISTING & PRICE: After the token sale (Pre-sale and crowdsale and IEO) Mickle token will be listed on the following exchanges at the price of $0.2 per Nifexcoin. Exchanges are: Latoken, P2pb2b, Crex24,, HotBit, CoinTiger, Catex, Livecoin, VinDAX,CHAINX Other exchanges will be announced in the future. USECASES: Nifexcoin will be used on our platforms (decentralized applications) as a medium of exchange for service These platforms are: Nifex exchange, Chat App and others Therefore, we advise members to buy more Nifexcoin now so that they will a have enough to spend on our platforms when launched and also to benefit from the huge increase of the price soon. CROWD-SALE UPDATE: crowd sales/IEO we will start after the pre-sale and the price will be $0.006USD per NIX. It will hold in an exchange platform. More information about the crowd-sale/IEO will be announced here. Stay tuned. ❓ AIRDROP F.A.Q.❓ ▫️What is the price of 1 NIX? -- 1 NIX = $0.2 ▫️Is it necessary to complete the KYC process to participate in the airdrop? -- It is not required to complete the KYC process for the airdrop campaign. ▫️When are the tokens going to be distributed? -- Will be announced ▫️What are the terms for the referral campaign? -- Each valid referral will be ($2), the referral program does not have a limited number of participants. ▫️What is a valid referral? -- In order to be counted as a valid referral, the referred person needs to perform at least the mandatory tasks and submit their data to the bot. ———————————————————————— ⚫️ TOKEN INFORMATION Name: Nifexcoin Token Type: ERC20 Token Price: 1 NIX = $0.006 - $0.2 Total Supply: NIX ———————————————————————— 👏 Thanks to you all our great nifex members for your wonderful support so far and welcome once again 👋.