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Last updated Thursday December 02, 2021

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Telegram Crypto Group AirSwap
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AirSwap powers peer-to-peer trading. Just plug in your wallet and go. Trade @ join Discord @

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almost 2 years AGO
  1. 2020-02-06 16:01:48

    Hi all, please join our Discord at We’ve moved away from Telegram as a community management tool and have set this channel as read-only.

  2. 2020-02-04 20:08:21

    Add your token, set your price. Delegates enable non-custodial, trustless limit order functionality and on-chain liquidity integrations on AirSwap. Check it out:

  3. 2019-08-06 15:14:30

    Trade OTC confidently with AirSwap Trader: the first shareable, trustless escrow with no deposits, no counterparty risk, and no trading fees.

  4. 2019-06-19 19:57:07

    Late April 2019, we released AirSwap Instant 2.0, a brand new version of our instant, peer-to-peer Ethereum token trading product.

  5. 2019-06-11 13:04:16

    We’re actively working with, the leading resource for discovering decentralized applications (dapps), to help educate new, incoming users on how to trade on AirSwap. Check out the complete beginner’s guide:

  6. 2019-06-06 16:56:20

    For new members of our Telegram community, you can catch up on what’s new with AirSwap with co-founder Don Mosites’ keynote talk at Fluidity 2019:

  7. 2019-06-04 19:38:04

    AirSwap is working on a new over-the-counter (OTC) trading experience. Help us build a better decentralized future by taking this survey.

  8. 2019-05-31 13:14:09

    ‘Earlier this month, we began publishing all product notes in an effort to maximize project transparency. We just released some major updates for AirSwap Instant. Take a look at’

  9. 2019-05-22 23:09:44

    We're continuing to make token trading easier with our newest wallet integrations: Portis, Equal, and Ledger. Come connect and make a trade today!

  10. 2019-05-16 18:30:15

    ICYMI: AirSwap Co-founder Don Mosites, gives us a looking into what been built and how that’s connecting with the future that’s being created. Watch how AirSwap is ‘Taking Flight’ in Don’s Fluidity Summit 2019 Keynote

  11. 2019-05-11 19:39:56

    "Fluidity processes the information and creates a smart contract with a tokenized representation of the mortgage. Todd Lippiatt said these loans could then be packaged together and resold as securities through something like AirSwap."

  12. 2019-05-08 01:12:44

    Livestream details for Fluidity 2019 on May 9, 2019: -Facebook: -YouTube:

  13. 2019-04-25 22:12:55

    The new AirSwap Instant is now live. With AirSwap, trading is easy. Come try out the new experience today.

  14. 2019-03-28 12:37:20

    A new AirSwap is coming. Sign up for the private beta today and be the first to test a new, streamlined trading experience.

  15. 2019-03-08 19:58:14

    AirSwap is hiring! Many positions open in Brooklyn including Frontend Engineer. Join one of the top blockchain application teams in the space building the future of decentralized finance.

  16. 2019-02-07 20:14:12

    “Wyre Partners with Peer-to-Peer trading network, AirSwap” by Wyre