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Last updated Sunday October 13, 2019

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Telegram Crypto Group Invetas Signals
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Public technical analysis channel. For precise entry, stoploss and target points, as well as undelayed signals, contact @invetas1.

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6 days AGO
  1. 2019-10-07 15:38:05

    BTC Update: Weekly has closed yesterday, it's now the 3rd week of 50EMA acting as support. 7800 was the lowest point, just as I said it would be, and kept repeating it since September 24th. The same pattern, repeated every few years, is in play. The market structure of every Bitcoin cycle has remained the same, the only thing that changes is the timeframe. It keeps increasing every time. What took a single day in 2013, is now taking 3 weeks in 2019. 2013 cycle, starting from the previous top of $259 going to cycle top of $1163, took less than a year, only 234 days. 2014-2017 cycle, starting from the previous top of $1163 going to cycle top of $19666, took 1472 days, just over 4 years. It stands to reason that this cycle will be the longest and largest yet. It certainly falls in line with what we've observed so far.

  2. 2019-10-03 15:11:07

    Posting this again as a reminder. 2016 vs 2019. Kumo breakout, retrace to 50EMA, bounce. History doesn't exactly repeat itself, but it often rhymes.

  3. 2019-09-19 11:45:20

    #BTC - finally some volatility, no breakout - just as predicted in the last BTC update. At this point, the triangle pattern can safely be ignored - it didn't go anywhere, which probably means BTC is likely to become rangebound. Of all the coins called in the last few days, #DUSK was the only casualty. Extremely obvious in hindsight, no TK cross, perfect cloud edge rejection. Bullish euphoria got the best of me on that one. Out of all the rest of this week's calls - #EVX, #RVN, #ENJ, #ELF, #DASH, #POE, #NANO, #BCPT - only #BCPT is currently underwater, all of the rest are doing great. No stops hit, all above their entry prices, already bouncing up from the drop BTC caused. It goes to show how important it is to know how to place the stoplosses correctly, while still keeping acceptable risk/reward ratio and rational targets. You don't want to be left holding a coin while it's crashing. But if you set them too tight, you'll end up stopping out and rebuying higher - over and over again. You'll miss out on most of the profits, and end up regretting that you traded at all. That's how "hodlers" are made. You can learn more about stoploss placement strategies on Invetas Premium. Contact @invetas1 for more info.

  4. 2019-07-21 14:37:30

    #BTC is done for a while.

  5. 2019-03-12 17:37:24

    Invetas Private statistics Here are the results of every call made in the last 7 days, starting March 5th: #ENJ - 182% up at the peak, sold at 130% profit #LTC - 18% up at the peak, 12% up currently, stoploss moved to 0.013949 btc #TRX - stopped out #STEEM - 33% at the peak, sold at 11% profit #BAT - 17% at the peak, 8% up currently, stoploss moved to 4766 sats #ARK - 32% at the peak, 7% up currently, stoploss moved to 15010 sats #SKY - 9% at the peak, 5.5% up currently, stoploss will be updated later #LRC - 11.5% at the peak + target hit, stopped out afterwards #KMD - 5% up at the peak, 1.5% up currently, stoploss will be updated later #LINK - 15% up at the peak + target hit, stopped out afterwards #STORJ - stopped out #CMT - 17.5% up at the peak, 11.5% currently, stoploss moved to 904 sats #FET - stopped out #NANO - 11.5% up at the peak, 6% up currently, stoploss will be updated later #VIA - 135% up at the peak, sold at 87.5% profit #XEM - called today, no changes #FET - called today, no changes Click the hashtags to see the coins call history if you wish to check for validity. If you hold any of the aforementioned coins, make sure to update their stops.