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Last updated Sunday January 26, 2020

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Telegram Crypto Group AlphaTradeZone®
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Analysis, news, education and signals on Crypto. We make your account grow.

Contact: @AlphaTeamSupport


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  1. 2020-01-20 22:34:45

    🔥 HOT PROMO with BYBIT Exchange! 🔥 Hi Everyone! The good news about AlphaTradeZone® and ByBit just don't stop coming! 🎁 As we've been promising you already, many new bonuses, discounts, giveaways and games are underway! 🚨 Now Bybit has decided to grant EACH and EVERY one of you who register under our link, $100 additional bonus! 👉 How to get the money? Very simple! ⚠️ Make sure you have registered your account at and within the next two weeks make sure you deposit 0.2 btc or more! ✅ If that condition is met, you will receive $100 bonus and this is on top of all other welcome bonuses, discounts and privileges that all AlphaTradeZone members are getting! Please remember, ALL CURRENT members are eligible for this promo and you don't have to register a new account if you already are a member of the ATZ group! ‼️ Duration: ‼️ 21.01.2020-05.02.2020 Claim your rewards and enjoy trading on Bybit as much as we do! Let's see who can get the most out of this bonus! 😎🚀

  2. 2020-01-02 15:40:01

    📌 You got 4 more days to register at ByBit and qualify for the ATZ giveaway! It will take place on 6-th of January! ‼️ Registration link: ‼️ 💥 3 Prizes: ✅ One Bybit Hoodie and a Badge ✅ One Bybit T-shirt and a Badge ✅ One Bybit T-shirt and a Badge ⚠️ Remember, only registered accounts with the link will be eligible! 👉 On top of that, you get: ✅ 10% discount on trading fees for the next 30 days ✅ Receive up to $90 welcome bonus after registration ✅ You will be eligible for further participation in AlphaTradeZone® Games, sponsored by Bybit! Join us on the fun side with trading on Bybit exchange! 🥇 And never look back ;) Just as we did! Much more new and fun games and giveaways to come! We will announce the winners on Jan 6th! Here on the public channel

  3. 2019-12-21 14:44:02

    🔥 AlphaTradeZone® officially migrates to ByBit exchange from Today! Today is the day that we officially announce our migration from BitMEX exchange to Bybit. Our margin trading signals will be made according to bybit prices. It's been quite an easy decision to make for all the advantages that we had the chance to see for ourselves Bybit has infront of BitMEX. 👉 Join us on Bybit via our short registration link here: ‼️ You will get: ✅ 10% discount on trading fees for the next 30 days ✅ Receive up to $90 welcome bonus after registration ✅ Participate in our Giveaway - we will draw 3 winners to win - hoodies, shirts, bybit badges and porcelain cups! ✅ You will be eligible for further participation in AlphaTradeZone® Games, sponsored by Bybit!

  4. 2019-12-16 16:00:48

    Guys, the registration will end in some days, hurry up! 🔥 Ubikiri (a part of IDL ecosystem) in cooperation with AlphaTradeZone starts the registration process to the unique Traders Battle! ❗️One purpose - to get as much profit from the trading as possible. ❗️Each participant is given a starting balance, consisting of virtual money. ❗️All transactions are carried out through buy and sell orders. ❗️The winner will be determined by total profit. ❗️Exchange rates will be taken from the API of real exchanges. ❗️The schedule will be updated periodically once every 1 minute. ❗️The duration of the game being up to one month. ❗️An entry fee is 0.3 ETH from which the prize fund will be formed. ⚠️ In order to become a participant, please join their Telegram group @traders_battle and register on (the whole trading process will happen on this platform). The Battle starts in 1 day. More updates to follow! ⬆️ Sponsored content

  5. 2019-11-29 18:04:05

    🔥 BLACK FRIDAY PROMO 🔥 ✅ Only 4 hours left till our PROMO expires! 👉 Take full advantage now and get 30% OFF on any of our Premium subscription plans! 🎁 If you've ever considered getting a Premium membership At AlphaTradeZone®, NOW is the time! 🚨 This is actually the first and may be the last time we make such a big discount! If you want to check other people's opinion about us, check: dm @alphateamsupport

  6. 2019-11-24 23:31:34

    🔥 Registration to OUR TEAM at the BYBIT Challenge still OPEN! JOIN NOW! 🔥 Dear Friends, 3 more days are left till registration closes for the bybit challenge! We have gathered a top notch performance team with our analysts inside to join this challenge and attempt to win it! On top of that Bybit Marketing team have been so kind to offer us amazing bonuses like: ⭐️ 20% OFF on all fees for 2 weeks! ⭐️ $50 welcome bonus to new people who join US! ⭐️ 0.1 BTC Giveaway! ⭐️ Two sets of amazing merch giveaway - hoodie, shirts, hats, stickers and badges! On top of all that, you will have the chance to: For the duration of the challenge - join our CLOSED SPECIAL GROUP, where we will discuss tactics, strategies and trades! How to join this AMAZING OPPORTUNITY to gain invaluable experience and join forces with the best? 1) Register on BYBIT via our link: 2) JOIN OUR TEAM! ✅ Tournament starts 28.11.2019! Don't miss out this opportunity to upgrade your wallet and skills!

  7. 2019-11-21 20:17:52

    ⭐️ BLACK FRIDAY DISCOUNT PARTY at ATZ! ⭐️ Yes, today was a good day for our group! Whether you are our Premium member, OR just following the public channel, you had the chance to make good gains with our analysis and calls! Our public charts, calls and analysis have been good enough so you can judge for the quality we have in our closed group! BLACK FRIDAY IS APPROACHING! We are not forgetting this! Hence - ONLY for tomorrow (FRIDAY): ✅ All AlphaTradeZone® Premium subscription plans get 20% Discount! ✅ Premium bot license also gets 20% Off! It is VERY rarely we make such discounts so make sure to take advantage. It is only valid for tomorrow - Black friday party at ATZ! DM @AlphaTeamSupport to get ON BOARD NOW! 😎🔝

  8. 2019-11-21 12:10:03

    🔥 HOT NEWS! AlphaTradeZone® is joining the upcoming BYBIT Trading Competition! Dear friends! We would like to invite ALL of you who want to come and join OUR TEAM for the upcoming bybit challenge! We have been offered exclusive giveaways for joining this Tournament by the ByBit Marketing Team itself! What you are going to get when you join! + $50 giveaway if you do it by tomorrow! After that by 28.11 you can still join and you will get again $30 only for registering! ⚡️ TWO SETS AMAZING MERCHANDISE! Including Hoodie, Shirt, Hats, and Badges! 0.1 BTC will be given away to four of the first 10 team members, 0.025 BTC each! You will have chance to WIN some of the share we are going to get as a team! ⁉️ How to JOIN? ⁉️ 👉 Make an account here: 👉✅ Join our team here:

  9. 2019-11-20 17:41:12

    🔥 AlphaTradeZone® bot nailed this BTC move! 👀 What a thrilling last few days it's been. 🔝 Have you been willing to get that AI weapon to aid you in EMOTIONLESS Trading? 🔥Our Top performing indicator is nailing it again! Script is shorting since $8890 as indicated on the chart. That trade alone is already at over 10% profit. ✅ As some of you already know you are now able to completely automate your trades following our script! If you wish to give it a try, we welcome everyone to try it first before you decide to buy it! ‼️ Lifetime license still is only $98! ‼️ PM @alphateamsupport to test it out for FREE and see its performance for yourself!

  10. 2019-11-05 22:25:52

    ⭐️ November continues with 80% success rate on Premium calls ⭐️ Results speak for themselves. Our Premium trades keep showing amazing profitability maintaining 80% strike rate. 🤔 Get a 15% discount on any of the Premium plans we provide. How? Simply register an account with our Binance ref link, use it and we will grant you a 15% off. 🏆 Check out our Performance sheet here: ✅Completed trades in November: 15. ✅Real account growth cumulative: 17.6% For premium subscriptions, DM @AlphaTeamSupport

  11. 2019-11-02 20:00:22

    🔥 October is over! 🔥 ⚡️ Registrations for AlphaTradeZone® are now Open! 📌 What we have accomplished in October? ✅ Performance sheet is out and you may see all the trades we made in our closed group. Win after win we progress through the crypto space with same old passion as before! ⚡️73 trade entries. ⚡️49 profitable trades. Alot of educational material. Because we are here to ensure your progress in the crypto space is effortless and stress free! 🤩 Markets are turning bullish and that's what we've been preparing throughout all the cold crypto winter months. We have endured and mastered our trading skills to ensure maximum profitability for our followers in any market state. 🚀🚀🚀 For everyone who joins by 4th of November we've prepared a 10% discount on ALL plans. 💪Stop missing out on opportunities and get your spot in AlphaTradeZone® Premium, by messaging @AlphaTeamSupport. 🙇‍♂️ Still hesitating? Check out our testimonials at:

  12. 2019-10-30 20:58:56

    Enjoying the content we provide?🔥 Likely yes, because we read the markets like no other! 🔥🚀 Here's a snapshot of our latest trades we did in our Premium group. Yes, all of those trades have been taken for our Premium members and uploaded live on our performance sheet! 24 wins out of the last 28 trades! 👀 Well I have some bad and some good news for you! 🤷‍♂️ Bad news: If you're not inside, you're simply missing out, brother, I am sorry for you! 😍 Good news: You can still get in by leaving a DM to @alphateamsupport! Do not get left behind! Be a smartguy and join our army of profitable traders now! What we got inside: 1) Guidance on trading and how to setup automation. 2) Premium Alpha bot alerts on bitcoin trend shifts. 3) Advanced and beginner educational materials sections 4) Position trading binance portfolio. 5) Access to amazing community of experienced traders and live market analysis.

  13. 2019-10-23 21:49:22

    Giveaway Promo winners! Congratulations to everyone who won one of the 12 prizes on our giveaway lottery on Discord! We have announced the names of the winners on our discord server today! Awaiting you to claim your rewards! Everyone else, please feel free to join the party, by joining our high quality discord server at: You will find alot of value and knowledgeable traders as well as profitable insights and alot of information about the crypto space! Thank you! ❤️ 👊😎✅

  14. 2019-10-14 06:46:16

    Giveaway is still ongoing! ⭐️ It's not too late to join the giveaway, we still have 9 more days to go! Join our Discord and take the chance to win one of those 12 awesome prizes!

  15. 2019-10-08 20:11:59

    ⚠️Announcement⚠️ 🔶 Automation of AlphaPremium Bot is officially LAUNCHING TODAY! 🔶 Yes, you've been waiting long enough for that! 💯 We at AlphaTradeZone® Team are proud to announce our official partnership with the guys from Profit-sync in a forward leap to enhance the automation of our services! 🚀🚀🚀 Yes, we know alot of our Premium users have been asking for this for long time now, and we are happy to announce the launch of this service to EVERYONE starting from today! Get yourself comfortable, because this is what you will get: ✅ Full automation on ANY order/alert of the bot you set in Tradingview or the GUI. ✅ Ability to trade on any given trading pair ✅ Supported exchanges BitMEX & Binance ✅ Consistent profitability trackable through backtesting the platform on bitmex ✅Easy & Advanced GUI as well for manual & auto traders ✅24/7 Support and advise form our Technical team Over the next couple of weeks we will also automate all our premium binance and bitmex channels through this system! 🏆Considering your feedback we wanted to design a complete "Plug&Play" trading solution, where you can simply connect your account and let the bot trade for you after you set it up with the desired settings. Here, you have it! Go ahead and register your account here. 🎁🎁🎁 You will get a free 14-day trial of the auto trading service and a whooping 50% discount since you have the privilege to be following AlphaTradeZone® ;) You can find a short guide how to install the automation service here: ❇️ Leave a PM to @AlphaTeamSupport to get you all sorted out now! Test it, try it, make some gains, buy it and let it run and earn money while you sleep! Yes, we care for our people! Enjoy! 🎁 ALL members will receive also our Guide on how to set up the bot with the optimal settings for profitability. Easy step-by-step setup guide. Follow it and turn the bot on in no time!🎖

  16. 2019-10-06 23:51:35

    Access to our Premium Group ⚠️ Since we've been receiving many requests about our Premium group and pricing, here's a short info how to secure your spot. Contact @alphateamsupport on Telegram, or join our Discord server here. We need your: Telegram username Tradingview username Discord username. 👉 Fees: From 0.018btc /month to 0.28 btc Lifetime. This could easily turn into one of your best trading decisions ever, as we keep receiving positive feedback from you. ⭕️ Stop missing out and start earning good with the Alpha team of traders. 1 day, 20% OFF. ‼️ Only for the next day, we open 1 lifetime spot with 1 on 1 coaching sessions availability for 20% discount from the price totalling 0,224 btc. Get in touch with a team member and start the onboarding procedure now.

  17. 2019-10-01 17:19:07

    Join our Discord Server How to get in touch with the entire team of AlphaTradeZone®? We are easy to approach, talkative and open. People just like YOU! During most of the day you may find us support our community within the Discord server. ✅ What you will find there: ⚙️ Plethora of trading tools, alerts, coin listings info with the help of our bots. ⚙️ Discussion board ⚙️ Dedicated channel for TA ideas where we discuss each other's calls. ⚙️ Live market updates. ⚙️ Extraordinary community of traders. ⭕️ Get closer to us, join the ACTION HERE:

  18. 2019-08-30 09:17:21

    🚨 AlphaTradeZone® new developments! 🚨 Dear friends, alot has been going on with our platform during the past few months, we have been silently developing behind the scenes. 💚 Our vision has always been to make a place where every crypto enthusiast will be able to educate, learn, grow and earn money on the way up while the crypto industry is taking over the World. Yes, we sincerely believe that Blockchain technology will re-shape the financial industry as we know it by improving the efficiency and transparency of many of the current business practices. During the past month we've totally reshaped our ⚠️ Performance sheet ⚠️ and our Discord server Adding numerous new features. Since our quality and team is growing and we want to maintain our longterm mission and goals giving back to the most loyal of our community, we've decided to lower our LIFETIME subscription fees for the Premium group even further. Current lifetime sub is now 0.28BTC down from 0.33. ‼️ Also, starting from September 1st, our Premium group subscription will cost as follows: 🔥 1 month VIP (Telegram+Discord access) 0.018 BTC 🔥 3 months VIP (Telegram+Discord) 0.048 BTC 🔥 Annual VIP (Telegram+Discord) 0.17 BTC 🔥 LIFETIME access 0.28 BTC 🚀 New features implemented for our Discord subscribers, ALL of you receive full access to: 💥 Complete ALL-IN-ONE TA Educational Video course we've been developing during the past year, consisting of 40 animated and narrated videos! 💥 Advanced TA trading techniques and tips you will not find anywhere else! 💥 Access to our Alpha Premium Bitcoin accumulation bot signals 💥 LIFETIME Access to two additional Tradingview indicators with amazing accuracy. All that is on top of our old quality of service, we have been consistently providing to you during the past TWO years! Time to step up our game as we keep improving every day! ⚙️ Want to join the winning side for cheaper? NO WORRY - next two days you can still join with the current sub fee structure: 👉 1 month - $98 👉 12 months - $785 Message @AlphaTeamSupport on Telegram and we will get you onboard!

  19. 2019-04-25 21:34:02

    🚨 New AlphaTradeZone® customer audit and review uploaded 🚨 👏 After one month of extensive review of our channel, we have been now added to the updated list of reviewed and approved channels at the website. 🎉🥇🔝 Our channel was listed as a top signalling provider on Discord/Telegram for Cryptocurrency trading! Read the full review here: 👉 Big thanks to the support from Steve and user Cryptobalito, who took the time to do a thorough check on our hard work! 🙏✅❤️ We would appreciate and be very grateful if you could go, read the review and leave some comment and/or feedback about us in the designated field under the review! That would really help us keep pushing valuable content for all of you in the future as well! Yours, AlphaTradeZone ® Team

  20. 2019-04-15 02:59:07

    🚨 Open Doors FREE TRIAL VIP MEMBERSHIP WEEK on AlphaTradeZone® NOW 🚨 It is here! You know we've been doing as much as we possibly can for our loyal community, so here's our next surprise for you guys! 🤷‍♂️ Ever asked us for a free trial? 🤷‍♂️ Wanted to check what it is to be among the Alpha Traders, but still hesitant to take the leap? 🤷‍♂️ Still looking for that best-for-my-money deal on a trusted signals provider? LOOK NO FURTHER! We open Premium to you until 21.04.2019, end of this week! ✅ We open our doors to EVERYONE for this upcoming week - you can join, see what we offer, decide if you like us and if you like us, welcome to stay for more! ;) ✅ Markets turning bullish and we are giving you a chance to make the most out of it WITH US! ✅ Take advantage of our AUTOMATED TRADING TOOLS in Premium! We at AlphaTradeZone® respect the right for everyone to have access to as much information and guidance as possible, and although in order for us to be able to sustain, we charge small monthly fees for our premium group, we decided to open the inside doors of AlphaTradeZone® to EVERYONE who wants to join and try us out until the end of the 3rd WEEK of APRIL! ❓ How to join? Simply message @AlphaTeamSupport on Telegram, OR AlphaTradeZone®#4675 on Discord! Week already started. Our DOORS ARE OPEN TO YOU! 15.04-21.04 What people say about us?

  21. 2019-04-02 21:23:50

    🚀🚧 Welcome to the Universe of AlphaTradeZone® 🚧🚀 🙏 We are glad that you have found our Free Group for Cryptocurrency market analysis, trading tips and education. From now on, you need to look no further. We will be your guide and assistant in the field of trading the Crypto World! 🙂 🔝🔝🔝 Our best-in-class analysts and researchers are the fuel that will bring you the most profitable and easy to follow daily calls, bring you daily updates on trends and market forecasts. You, our subscriber and follower, are what we care about the most! ✔️If you are happy, we are happy too! What you will find here is: ✅Daily Tradingview ideas on Bitcoin ✅Daily market analysis on altcoins ✅Binance trading calls ✅Bitmex trading calls ✅Educational content on Technical Analysis ✅Top notch Analysis on the S&P500 and traditional markets We provide signals that are: 📌 Easy to follow. Automated trading option available! 📌 Profitable (75% success rate on average) 📌 Thoroughly analyzed by our top TA Team. 📌 Provided on high liquidity pairs. 🤷‍♂️ You want more? Check our Performance tracker HERE 💚 Join our Premium trading community and get exclusive access to: 👉 Automatic trading with our signals 👉 Premium trading calls 👉 Exclusive market analysis with charts 👉 Follow up on current trades 👉 Live chat support 24/7 from our team 👉 Premium educational video content ❓Want to join NOW? ❓ 👌 Message @AlphaTeamSupport and start your journey with the Alpha Team! 🤷‍♀️Still not sure about joining?🤷‍♂️ Check out the testimonials for us or ask in the community chat! ❤️ Got an idea? Reach us out: ❤️ 🔶 Website: 🔶 Twitter: 🔶 Discord: 🔶 Telegram: 🔶 email:

  22. 2019-02-20 02:40:12

    🚨Welcome to 🚨 What you will find here is: 📉 Daily Bitcoin Analysis 🎯 Altcoin trading signals 📈 Charts and analysis, helping people with personal consultation. 🚨Providing education on the best practices in trading. ✅ Join our Premium! message @AlphaTeamSupport ✅ All that accessible also in our Discord community. ✅ Register/Open your Binance account HERE and support us. ✅ Our trading results are publicitly available at the Performance Tracker.