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Last updated Saturday January 18, 2020

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Telegram Crypto Group Mike Crypto Signals
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- Professional & Experienced trader.
- Premium Service.
- Not edited messages.
- Buy range and fixed targets shared.

Twitter - > @Mikeocalah3
Tradingview - > MikeCryptoSignals
Premium Membership, Ico promotion, Cross -> @Mikeocalh4

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10 months AGO
  1. 2019-03-27 18:30:19

    Hi there, My name is Mike, i'm technical trader who has been running this channel and sharing my trades on my premium service since 2017. People who have been following me know how i have been working fully legit since i started. 📈My signals are from these exchanges : - Binance - Bittrex - Binance ⭐️ My shared signals are based mostly on technical analisys, market psychology and news ⭐️ I use differents indicators to forecast my charts, specially Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages, RSI, MACD , CCI, Stoch RSI, TD Sequential , Fibs , Sar and CMF ⭐️ I always provide Buy range, Stop loss and Fixed targets to sell, trying to make as easier possible to you all. ⭐️ I dont edit/delete any messages. Real trading is risky and will have some loses trades . The most imporant thing is being sucesfully in average. ⭐️ Im not supporting any kind of pump and dump like other scammy channels 🔥Details of my Premium Service🔥 1. Exclusive full and early access to analisys, insides and signals. 2. Fixed Buy Ranges, Stop Losses and Targets. I try to make easy to follow and track 3. Quantity shared signals will highly depends on the market. I prefer to focus on less quality signals than giving a lot of ramdom signals 4. Update and tracking on our picks/market 5. Consulting and support in private chat 24/7 for each Premium user 6. No ads and cross-promo, just useful info, analyses, insides and signals 🏅Pricelist to join Premium channel : 🥉Monthly subscription - 0.025 BTC (instead of 0.03 BTC) 🥈Year subscription - 0.08 BTC (instead of 0.1 BTC) 🥇Lifetime subscription - 0.11 BTC (instead of 0.15BTC) If you are interested in join or got any question , just contact @mikeocalh4

  2. 2019-03-08 14:50:07

    These are the results of the signals given on my premium channel from the beginning of the year until today. Potentially up to 850% maximum profit if we add all the trades. As you see I try to give the precise signals putting quality over quantity. There is a great success of the first objective in the short term, typical of scalping in the bear market. In addition, the clogged signals are still in process and will probably reach their objectives soon. I will continue working hard to offer the best results

  3. 2018-07-08 22:46:40

    if you want to follow my early signals you can join my Premium channel. 💥How i'm working💥 ⭐ Mostly of my signals are from these exchanges : - Bittrex - Binance - Bitfinex - Poloniex ⭐ Mostly of my signals are based on Tech Analisys. However, I look into fundamental news too ⭐ I always provide buy range, stop loss and targets to sell. I wont tell you buy something without targets and count as profit max pump range like most groups works. Fixed buy range and fixed targets. Easy to follow ⭐ I dont edit any messages. 💥Details of my Premium Service💥 📌 Exclusive Trading Signals & Analisys only avaliable on Premium Service. Quantity highly depends on market. More when market is favorable and profitable, less when market is bearish. 📌 Bitcoin Market Updates. I will check BTC charts because is the main factor to understand the what direction point our altcoin signals 📌 Update and tracking on our picks/market 📌 Personal support anytime you need 📌 No advertisement-Crosspromotion 🏅Pricelist to join Premium channel : 🥉Monthly subscription - 0.025 BTC (instead of 0.03 BTC) 🥈Year subscription - 0.08 BTC (instead of 0.1 BTC) 🥇Lifetime subscription - 0.11 BTC (instead of 0.15BTC) If you are interested in join , just contact @mikeocalh4