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Last updated Sunday October 13, 2019

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- Latest Crypto News, Updates, Advices, Tips, Resources, Deeper Insights, ICO's and the whole Crypto space.

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  1. 2019-10-11 15:06:38

    ​​We’re thrilled to announced a new partnership with the new big one, Burency Project ! ✅ The burency platform is designed to address key challenges that are preventing widespread adoption within the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem, especially in Middle-East., especially through 3 major points : 1/ REGULATED AND FULLY INSURED CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE 🔥 The Burency Exchange is a regulated exchange platform that addresses key challenges including security, liquidity, fiat to crypto transactions and vise versa, and more. The exchange is one of the world’s fully insured platforms, with coverage provided from LIoyd’s of London through the Nebbex Protocol. 2/ SUSTAINABLE MINING OPERATION ⚡️ The Burency Mining facility answers some of the challenges associated with crypto mining such as mining destruction to environment and excessive mining power expenses by creating a sustainable facility powered by renewable hydropower. Burency provides a streamlined platform for the generation of cryptocurrency via purchased timeshare slots within the mining facilities using the BUY token. Additionally, computational power can also be purchased via the BUY token which governs purchases across the Burency ecosystem. 3/ BLOCKAHIN RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CENTER 🚀 The Burency Blockchain Development Center is dedicated mainly for advising enterprises on Blockchain applications and helping them operate on the blockchain for more efficient operation and business transactions execution. In particular, the center focuses on the creation of smart contracts that enable businesses to trade with entities across geographical and jurisdiction boundaries. —————————— We have rarely seen such a qualified and competent team, as well as the project advisors, for example John Mcafee is one of them. Their fundraising is one of the fastest in the market today, the private sale has just started and they are already receiving a lot of investments. Feel free to take a look at their website for more information: We highly recommend you to join their Telegram group so you don't miss out on this incredible project. : 🔴 Advertising 🔴 Disclaimer: This article is sponsored content. CWN has not written this article.

  2. 2019-10-07 17:50:31

    ​​​​- Latest Crypto News, Updates, Advices, Tips, Resources, Deeper Insights, ICO's and the whole Crypto space. For Advertising requests: @CWNAdam Only official channels: @CryptoWorldNews @CryptoWorldICOs @CryptoWorldAnalysis 🔴🔴All other are Scam 🔴🔴 ❌We don’t have any Paid Signals Group❗️ ❌ We don’t charge money for News or something else ❗️ ❌ Don’t fall for scams ask our admin if you have questions @CWNAdam ‼️

  3. 2019-10-02 18:45:49

    4 simple reasons to join @TheBull_crypto ⬇️ - Entries for medium to long term holds 🎯 - Market analysis & scalping calls 📈 - Transparent spreadsheet 📃 - Latest market news 📰 Be a trader not a hodler! Join today #Sponsored As always, do your own research.

  4. 2019-10-01 08:20:21

    ​​Dear friends‼️ We have great news for you! 10th of October Coinsbit will launch its own token - CNB.💥 🕺 Each registered user will receive 5000 CNB. 1CNB = $0.1. Be ready to get $500 to your account. 🕺 🔥Do not miss the great opportunity to earn and become a part of something greater.🔥 🗓 From 01.01.20 you can trade and buy services with it.

  5. 2019-09-23 16:32:23

    ​​How does Sharing Economy work? The process and mechanism of using Blokchain of things Is it impossible? It’s not! Ten years ago, nobody believed that in few years people will be able to pay for groceries with credit card without even touching a terminal. However, Sharing Economy is a little different — it’s not about faith in this phenomenon or lack of this faith. Despite being really slow, it is already happening.

  6. 2019-09-02 10:52:22

    ​​​​​“The World Is Running Out Of Computing Power…” We Have A Solution. GAIMIN (GMRX) GAIMIN platform is a powerful yet elegant AI-driven software that aggregates a gamer's processing power, when not being used and therefore without affecting their gaming performance, to the Gaimin monetization network. In exchange for this the gamer receives purchasing power via the GMRX crypto token, which can be spent directly on gaming purchases. Gamers can now passively monetize their powerful PC resources without the need for any specialized knowledge or action. JOIN TELEGRAM NOW FOR UPDATE: 🌐 Website — Visit Site 📑 Whitepaper English— Read Whitepaper 📑 Whitepaper Korean — Read Whitepaper 📑 Whitepaper Chinese — Read Whitepaper 📌 Roadmap — View Roadmap 📑 Pitch Deck — Read Pitch Deck 📧Telegram — Join Group 🕊Twitter — View Twitter Account 📘 Facebook — Visit Company Page 📸 Instagram — View Instagram Profile 📺 YouTube — Watch Video 🔗LinkedIn — View Company Page 🗣Bitcointalk — Gaimin BitcoinTalk 🔷GAIMIN is carrying out their first IEO sale on the 7th September, 2019 ( Users, who would like to participate in GAIMIN.IO IEO, need to register an account on 🔷The details of the IEO on BORABIT.COM are as follows: First IEO Date: September 7th 12pm (KST) Total GRMX for sale: 2,000,000 Min Purchase: 1,000 GRMX Max Purchase: 50,000 GRMX 🔷Token-Information: Token Name: GAIMIN (GMRX) Token Type: EOS Price: $0.03 USD 🔴 Advertising 🔴 Disclaimer: This article is sponsored content. CWN has not written this article, nor do we endorse any content within the article. It should be clear for readers this is not investment advice. As always, do your own research.

  7. 2019-09-01 06:10:29

    Are you looking for an advertising space for your project or product to promote it effectively? Then you can secure your advertising space HERE. With more than 500k Views per day and 15 Million Views per month we make sure that you get the attention you want. If you have any questions please contact @CWNAdam Team @CryptoWorldNews

  8. 2019-08-27 08:51:56

    ​​Mercedes with a blockchain keys.  SmartKey - project. Blockchaincars is the first platform that connects the physical world to the blockchain. SmartKey technology can become the future of sharing economy. This market will rise to 110 mld dollars in 2025. Blockchain industry needs such of implementation. We will inform you about the progress of this project.

  9. 2019-08-12 15:37:35

    ​​Kuverit – Join us a we Build the Amazon of Guarantees Averts are long, Boring and usually full of Hype and BS We prefer to stick with the powerful facts! 1. Kuverit are building the world’s first Guarantee Trading platform designed to eradicate financial loss in bad transactions - Scams – Frauds etc. The global impact of this is colossal, we are first to market with the only viable solution to a $10 Trillion problem. 2. Kuverit will probably be the biggest mainstream blockchain project ever with an easily accessible target market of 780 million consumers globally. 3. We didn’t do a private presale because we think they stink, they only make the fat cat crypto elite richer and ruin the crypto market for the smaller investors. 4. Kuverit’s KUV token is being listed on a top ten exchange August 27th at a token price of $0.008 and three already approved IEO’s will follow. 5. We are letting everyone have access to our version of a private sale where you can buy tokens now at $0.001. 6. All contributions are held in escrow by a licensed brokerage to protect all contributor interests, funds cannot be spent on any other than the project development. We do not believe in spouting the hype lies and false promises that most of the blockchain project do. We are building a Global Mainstream project. You are invited to participate in our Private sale that will end soon so act now and profit like the crypto Elite for a change. This is your introduction to a Multi-Billion-dollar company in the making - but success belongs to those who have the advantage to see opportunity before it becomes obvious to everyone. Grab Your Advantage and Get Involved Now! If it's Worth it Kuverit (Pronounced "Cover It) 🔴 Advertising @CWNAdam 🔴 Disclaimer: This article is sponsored content.

  10. 2019-08-10 23:32:30

    ​​BNB Token Now Listed on BQT Exchange New decentralized exchange offering BQT has broken with the tradition of crypto exchanges by choosing Binance’s BNB token as its first-ever listing.

  11. 2019-08-08 17:22:51 - New Crypto Exchange Announcement, BQTX Loyalty Token Listed on Coinall and other exchanges Background: The company was officially founded in 2017 however been in developments a few year prior. BQT developed a social crypto trading ecosystem for traders with emphasis on a community and culture of Crypto Traders utilizing the Platform. BQT has developed a social crypto trading ecosystem for traders with emphasis on a community and culture of Crypto Traders utilizing the Platform. BQTX Loyalty token is also traded on Coinall and other exchanges with high trading volumes and soon company will be announcing new major listings. BQT Book Order Exchange is now live - BQT University – certified courses on blockchain. Blockchain courses for Beginners and Advanced future enthisiasts has been developed by industry experts. BQT Hedge Trade system is to be released Q4 2019 which is a flexible leverage trade method for Traders of acquiring Crypto Assets for a short-term period by means of escrow of their existing Crypto holdings. Dynamic Leverage Trading Engine – allowing traders pick 2x – 100x leverage trades against their crypto holdings. Similar to Bitmex, but risk would be managed through USDT (and other stable tokens) collateral and therefore allowing users dynamically to change/adjust their positions or add to their positions (complex leverage options). – Q4, 2019 release Social Trading Channels – Allowing traders open up their activities to others (for a fee or free) and provide signals and analysis. - Q1 2020 release Team highlights: Eddie Mandel, CEO - E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, recent appearences on NASDAQ Studios/ NYSE Studios/Trading Floor Enrico Rubboli, CTO - Father of ERC20 USDT / Ex-Architect BitFinex, iFinex Luca Cotta, Crypto Driver / CRO - Ex EthLEND team (LEND on Binance), Top ICObench Expert (Channel Admin) Website: BQTX Exvhange: White Paper: Telegram Community-

  12. 2019-08-05 16:44:46

    ​​✅ Awesome news! Take your free cryptocurrency today 20 NBX (~$8)! At last you can spend your time surfing the web and get rewarded just for that. To get paid just use Netbox.Browser as usual: read news, hang out in your social networks, watch videos, etc. For that you will be rewarded daily with crypto without any mining. Based on Proof-of-stake only! 🔸Download and install Netbox.Browser now and you will get your first welcome reward 20 NBX - 🔹Join us @NetboxGlobal 🔴 Advertising 🔴 Disclaimer: This article is sponsored content.

  13. 2019-08-04 16:00:39

    ​​Evimeria (Greek word for "prosperity") is a charity-based blockchain project Its goal is to bring together two seemingly very distant sectors; blockchain and charity. In the present world, charities have a substantial amount of controversies regarding corruption; the "lions share" of the donations from generous people often ends up in the wrong pockets of powerful people, instead of in pockets of those who truly need it. Humanitarian work should be the last sector where corruption occurs, yet recent high-profile scandals in this "nonprofit" sector have proven otherwise. BBC research revealed that charities get their biggest slice of income from individual donations out of ALL sectors in the world - Bigger than government grants & contracts, trusts, foundations, investments, private sectors..the list goes on. Where does that money go? Poverty and unemployment are at its peak, while the donators money cannot be tracked, with no proof of its final destination - the pockets of less-fortunate ones. That is where blockchain technology steps in. Evimeria will disrupt the unbalance, root out the corruption in what once was the best way to help the needy. The donations made through Evimeria Platform will be trackable, audited and accounted for. YOU will know where YOUR money is going, and you will be able to track it yourself, thanks to blockchains transparency. Moreso, with charity partnerships, these options will expand as you will be able to donate directly to a very specific and direct cause. Charities around the globe have already expressed interest, a whole year prior to platform launch. The platform will provide its users with unique and revolutionary experience of donating; all while ensuring TRANSPARENCY for both charities and donators alike. Users are able to track their funds, while charities benefit from more exposure on the blockchain. The project is young and has been regarded as the most promising and prolific charity-based blockchain project. Evimeria had NO ICO, as that would contradict everything they stand for. Evimeria's longterm goal is clear, but what lies straight ahead of us? Tomorrow, 5th August, after months of anticipation, Evimerias first big product is officially launched - "EviEx", the new-age exchange that's looking to go shoulder to shoulder with current top exchanges. Secured by one of the greatest security firms today in blockchain sector, developed with time, care and security - it is the biggest product the project is launching in 2019. To find out more, visit the official website with Whitepaper, Roadmap, Team-info and Exchange Preview. 🔴 Advertising 🔴 Disclaimer: This article is sponsored content.

  14. 2019-07-31 15:03:16

    ​​New XBTOptions (Crypto Binary Options) Platform Launched #info Binary options (binary bets, XBTOptions) - is a new way of fast and high profitable exchange trading. Unlike traditional crypto asset exchanges binary bets allows you to get profit about hundred percent a month. However, risks, of course, are much higher. It is mostly like casino. You predict the direction of price, make a bet and get a profit or a loss. However, in contrast to the casino, you make a prediction on the basis of market analysis and fundamental factors that significantly increase the probability of win. Live Trading 📈 Demo/Practice 📈 Quotes Currently we work on pair BTC-USD (other coins/tokens will be added in the future). Quotes are taken from CoinDesk ( every minute. You can see last 10 points in Quotes menu (the latest at the bottom). You can change your quotes interval from 5 mins to 24 hours. Use Quotes-> Change to make it. Also you can create new bet with chosen interval in Quotes menu. Use Quotes-> Create. Bets To start the bet you need to select the time interval (from 5 mins to 24 hours), the amount of the option, and the price direction: up (CALL) or down (PUT). If your forecast is right you will get up to +80% to bet amount. In case of failure, you lose the amount (we partially compensate a losses if you use referral links). To start a bet use My bets->Create new or Quotes->Create. Referral System You get 5% from every bet of your referrer. Also you get back 10% of your losses. Live Trading 📈 Demo/Practice 📈 Our news channel XBTOptions Support Team 🔴 Advertising 🔴 Disclaimer: This article is sponsored content.

  15. 2019-07-25 21:55:48

    ​​- Latest Crypto News, Updates, Advices, Tips, Resources, Deeper Insights, ICO's and the whole Crypto space. Admin of the Channel for Advertising requests: @CWNAdam Only official channels: @Crypto_World_News @CryptoWorldICOs 🔴🔴All other are Scam 🔴🔴 ❌We don’t have any Paid Signals Group❗️ ❌ We don’t charge money for News or something else ❗️ ❌ Don’t fall for scams ask our admin if you have questions @CWNAdam ‼️

  16. 2019-07-22 12:29:22

    Use your #crypto to buy and sell ANYTHING on the TREOS #marketplace A new economy based in #Malta TOKEN CONVERSION EVENT (TCE) starts Aug 01 2019 $GCR to $TRO 1:1 $TRO anchored to price of 1g of gold (~$45USD) 750% profit guaranteed upon conversion participation **based on current price of $GCR Buy $GCR now to help fuel the new economy with $TRO Telegram: More Information: 🔴 Advertising 🔴 Disclaimer: This article is sponsored content. CWN has not written this article, nor do we endorse any content within the article. It should be clear for readers this is not investment advice. As always, do your own research.

  17. 2019-07-21 17:29:57

    BEYOND THE EXPECTED… At Bob’s Trading Community, we go way beyond what you would expect from the average signals group. Our ultimate goal is to make each of our members a confident, successful trader. To this end, Bob takes the time to explain the TA/MA behind each trade. His authenticity can be verified on his Trading View. VIP's have access to: 🔸Bitmex leverage signals 🔹Binance & Bittrex altcoin signals 🔸Stocks & Forex signals 🔹Autofollow - Semi & Fully Automated 🔸Active Trading Chat (support) Preview VIP treatment: 👉Join Bob's Free Bitmex Channel 👉 Join Bob's Free Altcoins Channel Contact @Blockchain_Bob 👉Check Bob's TradingView 👉Follow Bob on Twitter 🔴 Advertising @CWNAdam🔴 Disclaimer: This article is sponsored content. CWN has not written this article, nor do we endorse any content within the article. It should be clear for readers this is not investment advice. As always, do your own research.

  18. 2019-07-14 13:27:21

    ​​​​AKROPOLIS (AKRO) IEO Akropolis is an end-to-end pensions & savings protocol that act as a decentralised marketplace and data exchange for the pensions sector. We are pleased to announce that Akropolis token AKT will be launched on Huobi Global, a leading digital assets exchange, through Huobi Prime, Huobi’s pioneering launch platform for emerging premium coins, on July 16, 2019 at 20:00 (GMT+8) From 18:00 8th July to 24:00 14th July 2019 (GMT+8), Huobi will launch the “Answer Quiz and Win Cap!” to all overseas users. How it works: 1. Huobi PRIME Quiz Reward: There will be 10 questions in the Quiz, with each question answered correctly, you can get 200HT cap. Stand the chance to win up to 2,000HT trading cap! 2. ! Extra Bonus! If you correctly answer 5 questions and above, and have 5,000HT in your account on July 14th, you can enjoy an extra 2,500HT cap. So in total, you have a chance of winning 4,500HT Cap for Prime 4! Total cap to give away: 5,600,000HT How to participate? Answer the Quiz Now Other options to participate in this IEO: 1. Akropolis community quest till July 13 2. Huobi Quiz till July 14 3. Huobi creative competition till July 15 🌐 Website — Visit Site 📑 Whitepaper — Read Whitepaper 📧 Telegram — Join Group 🕊 Twitter — View Twitter Account 🔗 LinkedIn — View Company Page 📝 Medium — View Medium Page 🔴 Advertising 🔴

  19. 2019-07-09 12:32:56

    ​​​​🔴 Advertising 🔴 Win a TON of Grams 💎 The Gram Token Sale is almost here (July 10 🗓). To show appreciation to our Telegram Open Network community, we’ve put together a special raffle with a prize pool of more than half million USD worth of Gram tokens. Here's the full list of prizes: Grand Prize: 100,000 USD Second: 90,000 USD Third: 80,000 USD Fourth: 70,000 USD Fifth: 60,000 USD Sixth: 50,000 USD Seventh: 40,000 USD Eighth: 30,000 USD Ninth: 20,000 USD Tenth: 5,000 USD prizes are applicable USD worth of Grams How To Participate 1️⃣ Sign-up at 2️⃣ Join Gram Asia and Liquid Telegram Channels 3️⃣ Contribute at least 100 USD to get a chance to win the Grand Prize To be eligible for Grand Prize, one must: 1. Contribute within the first day, July 10 2. Hold at least 50 QASH tokens by end of sale For more details, read Liquid's blog on Gram Token Raffle. For more Grams, stay tuned for a Social Media Contest #DoItForTheGram.

  20. 2019-07-06 19:05:12

    🔴 Advertising 🔴 🚀🌕 JOIN BOB's TRADING GROUP 🌕🚀 My focus is on helping my community 🌻grow their bitcoin🌻 while they learn to be successful traders! 🚦Signals based on TA and protection of capital are provided with reasoning and support. 👨🏻‍💻I walk you through the trades from open to close👨🏻‍💻 💥VIPs get ALL of Bob's channels for the price of one!!!💥 💎Bob's BitMEX VIP 💎Bob's Altcoins VIP 💎Bob's Stocks & Forex VIP 💎Bob's Autofollow 💎Bob's Trading Chat Join my free channels to preview VIP benefits & enjoy some FREE PROFITS and TA! 🔸Bob's Altcoin Signals! - Binance & Bittrex signals 🔸Bob's Bitmex Signals - Bitmex leverage signals 🔸Bob's Stocks & Forex Signals - forex & stocks signals Contact @Blockchain_Bob

  21. 2019-07-04 11:30:51

    🔴 Advertising 🔴 🚀Trade Cryptos with FXOpen UK!🚀 👉🏻Go short or long 👉🏻Leverage up to 1:3 👉🏻43 pairs with BTC, ETH, BCH, EOS, Ripple, Monero, ETC, LTC, etc. 👉🏻News trading, Scalping, Expert Advisors 👉🏻Keep your funds safe in a segregated account 👉🏻Free deposits and withdrawals by card 👉🏻FIX API trading 🔴Open an account now!🔴 RISK WARNING: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 57% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Professional clients can lose more than they deposit. All trading involves risk.

  22. 2019-07-01 16:01:30

    🚀Join Bob's Bitmex Signals🚀 Bitmex leverage signals based on sound TA & risk management. 💰🔥Over 6600% in profits over the last 3 weeks!!!🔥💰 💥Join Bob's Bitmex Signals💥 👉Join BitMEX here👈 ( Advertising @CWNAdam )

  23. 2019-06-27 16:22:33

    🔴 Advertising 🔴 0.02 BTC 👉 69.07 BTC 👌 @trading_signa You want to earn 69.07 BTC?? how ? 😱 follow first and start trading now👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 @trading_signa

  24. 2019-06-24 07:33:21

    🔴 Sponsored Post🔴 If you heard about 🤑 BITCOIN HYPE 🤑 and you want to make profit today, not next month then I advise you to take a look at Aircrypts 👈 😱 Verification in JUST 48 hours 🚀 😱 JUST 250USD will be enough to get started🙊 😱 Withdrawal in JUST 24 hours 💰 🔥 The system works automatically, using an algorithm. All you have to do is just two clicks per day! ✌️ ✅ GET MORE INFORMATION ABOUT AIRCRYPTS ✅ 🎁 Every new customer gets up to 0.1 BTC to his account! Your promo code is 👉 CWN-BTC 👈 🤑 GET YOUR 0,1 BTC 🤑 #PaidPromotion

  25. 2019-06-21 16:01:15

    💡 What do you need to know about MidasCaps? 🔹 MidasCaps is a unique development that has come to light thanks to the personal needs of its founder Octaviano Menezes. 🔹 MidasCaps is unique capsule, which can be combined with a bottle of water or inserted into a blender bottle, which, when activated, turns water into a variety of drinks with the help of powder products without the use of preservatives! 💻 Visit our site of our project and learn more about MidasCaps - 👉🏻 Also you can watch a short intro video of us: 💡 What about your token? You can got MidasCoins using MidasMobile app, scan the hiden QR code minted on each capsule and receive MidasCoin for original capsules. MidasCoin increases consumers purchase power, allowing them to buy capsules, take part in sports events. The capsule MidasCaps is very convenient to use during travel and to take with you to work or to training. In addition, MidasCaps can replace a light snack during the working day, if you do not have time for a full lunch. More information about the types and functions of MidasCaps – on our web 📌 We will be glad to invite you join our social networks:

  26. 2019-06-13 10:00:54

    ​​XCOEX continues its «Transfer crypto - GET CASH» promo with $30,000 for a Prize Fund! XCOEX has already picked 11 winners who got $1000 each as prize. There is still $19,000 to go! They have also lowered a minimum deposit to $20! Hurry up and don’t waste a chance to become a lucky winner!

  27. 2019-06-12 16:11:27

    ​Paid promotion: 🤑I am 26 and my life is ALREADY good =) 💰 Got my first million $ when I was 24, building of many thousands MLM structures experience since I was 20. I could tell you, that I bought 100 000 btc when I was 18, but I won’t lie=). 💎 In my Telegram channel you can find regular profitable recommendations about different altcoins. From the latest - Matic Network (900% income of the purchasing); from the older ones (investment from the beginning of 2018), which is known already, - Cypherium (preliminary x30-40 (3000-4000%) income in Ethereum when entered the stock). 🌐 Also I share my experience, give recommendations and provide free learning for the partners in the Internet-project area. 💠 One of my recent posts - trendy topic Cloud Token (500$ income per day). ✅ Subscribe) ✌ ( paid promotion)

  28. 2019-05-12 10:01:48

    ​​Roobee - IEO which has already been invested by crypto-whales 🐳  Today we would recommend you Roobee IEO, the project begins global expansion! Roobee starts IEO at 13th May on Bitforex 👉 In 2017 Bloomberg unknown cryptocurrency trader turned $55 million of paper wealth into $283 million in just over a month. They called him "200Mtrader». In 2018 this trader invested in Roobee 10,955 ETH ($4.5 million on that moment). In 2019 one of top-250 Bitcoin whale wallets (over 7000 BTC) has closed first stage of $1 mln private round IEO Roobee instantly He sent $1 million (200 BTC) transaction to the Roobee’s wallet with the message “In Roobee I Trust”. All proves you can check at website. Roobee is a service that will open easy access for every person to the world of investment. It will be possible to make your investment portfolio in a few minutes using Roobee intelligence. Invest even from $ 10, getting access to tools all over the world (from crypto to the stock and venture markets), including tools with a large entry threshold. For example, Roobee will allow you to invest even in closed projects previously only available to private investors. For example in winners of Techcrunch and other startup competitions. And even in IPOs! We've analyzed the project and found out that there is a strong team and a great background behind Roobee. 💪 OUR TEAM RATING 9/10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  -Whales are already invest in this project. -The team has a large community of more than 400k followers (blog and media resources) -Many famous media (Forbes, Bloomberg, Reuters) has written about Roobee (all links you can check at Roobee website).  -Public founders and experts on the team who are wellknown on the crypto market. They always speak at main conferences around the world. -The team has a clear strategy for the development of the project and token to be in demand. You can read all materials at:  -It is not just an idea. Roobee is a working business model with over $15,000,000 allocated through the test system ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 13th MAY Roobee starts IEO on BITFOREX. Information about roobee IEO:  🔥 13th May project will give valuable bonuses for investors who will support IEO on BITFOREX To learn more about bonuses and not to miss the start of this IEO, subscribe to the Telegram channel Roobee 👉  👉  And join roobee chat, where you can get answers to your questions:

  29. 2019-04-26 16:05:21

    ​📣TRONLAND game which started recently has already collected more than 14 million TRX coins. TRONLAND is the economic strategy, built on TRON blockchain. Participating in the game you gain money reward in cryptocurrency. Gamers are supposed to bring their plantations to prosperity by developing the production and making profit from the export crop sale. Project’s key elements: • Safety and reliability of TRON network • Open source code of smart contract • Live statistics • Automatic hourly coin accrual • Short payback period and stability You will need TronLink or TronPay wallet to start the game. The strategy is available in 5 different languages. Play and get TRON cryptocurrency daily! 📌Website: 👉🏻Chat: @Tronland_Chat_En

  30. 2019-04-21 15:40:18

    CryptoPro400 is one of the best trading (yet relatively unknown) crypto trading channels we've come across. Why? 📈 The level of accuracy when it comes to forecasting the movement of tradable crypto assets is extraordinary. CryptoPro400 accurately predicted the drop of BTC from $4000 twice (and their subscribers benefited) and also called the rise from recent lows. The client section has been benefiting from amazing calls till date. 💡 The channel - far from expecting passive trading - focuses on training its followers on how to independently spot good trading setups to maximize profit and minimize losses. Learning how to trade effectively is a critical part of your trading success. Don't just follow; learn and earn. 📊 Followers are taught how to scalp/swing trade on BitMEX with maximum potential accuracy and gains. Lessons are accompanied with detailed explanations and charts. 📈 BitMEX trading is a main priority. Their XBT trade has made +900% gain till date and they look forward to higher prices. Everyone was told how the trade would develop, even free members. Over 2000% profit made in February alone. That's relatively unheard of. Further - their charts, technical analysis and recommendations are clean, easily understandable yet detailed, allowing subscribers to appreciate the full scope of the trade setup. Check them out. You won't be disappointed!

  31. 2019-04-20 17:42:23

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  32. 2019-04-15 20:36:23

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