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Last updated Sunday March 24, 2019

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Telegram Crypto Group ITBIT OTC TRADING DESK
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  1. 2018-11-17 18:00:11

    📣 Welcome to itBit's OTC (over the counter) DESK where you can make any digital asset exchange via an ADMIN as your trusted escrow. This chanel is only for OTC deals. We decided to open this channel of communication for investors that are not accredited or have a high net worth, in order to make it possible for them also to exchange without risk. For Crypto Asset Exchange and Custody services please visit our website : Feel free to join our recently created feedback channel: ✅@FeedbackOTCitBit FIRST, if you have not done so ensure you have an username or you will get banned. Secondly, please post all ads in the following format or risk having your ad deleted: Format: If you want to buy something, post like this: Want to buy: #Token Name , Ammount , Offer For Example: "Want to buy: #FTW (1k) for X ETH Pm offer" If you want to sell something, post it like: For Sale, Want to Sell: #Token Name, Ammount , Price For Example: "Want To Sell / For Sale: #FTW 10K (25 Neo)" 🔴Should you post an offer for locked tokens, be sure that you are going to follow these rules: 1.Seller will get his funds after buyer receives his tokens 2. Seller NEEDS to deposit some funds as a security(Minimum 30%), so if he/she backs out from the deal at the unlocking of tokens the security fund will be sent to buyer for compensation. 3.If you are not ready to follow these rules, DO NOT post offer for locked tokens. 4. Buyer will always assume some risk in this situation, so beware. OTC Escrow Fee: For all trades fees are only 0.5% over 1000$ deals and 1% for deals under 1000$ ⚠️⚠️RULES - Read carefully !!!⚠️⚠️ 1️⃣ You can post only one ad per 24 hours, new day starts at 00:00 Malta (GMT+2). 2️⃣ Ads without a price will be deleted. 3️⃣ For convenient chat search, write - #ICOname. 4️⃣ It is forbidden to delete ads, but you can edit them. 5️⃣ The ad must be as compact and understandable as possible, without pictures, emoticons and empty lines. 6️⃣ Flood will be deleted. 7️⃣ The minimum price of the ad for sale is 0.1ETH per account. (the buyer can bet any purchase price) 8️⃣ Always use and admin as an escrow. Make sure you are dealing with a real one. His username must match the one that it is provided in our channel. 9️⃣ Escrow fee : All trades are processed and secured against 1% fee for ammounts under 1000$ and 0.5% fee for ammounts over 1000$ paid by the buyer or/and the seller 🔟 This group is only for ads for buying and selling accounts. 1️⃣1️⃣ If you are interested in an ad, pm to the selleror buyer 1️⃣2️⃣ Do not forget to leave feedback with (@username) of seller/buyer (Feedback without a (@username) will not get a star ⭐️) ✅@FeedbackOTCitBit ⚠️Violation of the rules will be punished by only-reading mode for a week ❗️unban from mute before timeline 0.05 eth 🕵🏻️‍♂️ Admins available for escrow : 1. 🇺🇸@MaxXium 2. 🇲🇹@JohnathanCiL Always double check usernames 🚫Beware of scammers❗️ Anyone who asks to trade without escrow can be out to scam you, it’s your responsibility to ensure you use an official admin for escrow always. ALWAYS PM the admin first using the links above, BEFORE accepting any group invites! ❗️Ban without warning for: - fake feedback - fraud - any actions from multiple accounts in the chat - other suspicious activity determined by the admins with or without the help of the community Frequently asked questions (FAQ) : I. How to trade? 1. Always use an admin as escrow. Make sure you are dealing with a real one. Check username, it should match the admins username from our channel. Scammers will try to use similar letters. 2. When you are ready we will create a telegram group and invite you there. 3. The deal process : - The buyer sends the funds to the admin / escrow who will confirm the reception - The seller sends the token/coins... to the buyer who will confirm the reception - The escrow sends the funds to the seller - All trades are processed and secured against 0.5%-1% fee paid by the buyer or/and the seller