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Last updated Saturday August 17, 2019

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    17539 users public discussion group related to storage services and applications. Feel free to join and ask questions.
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    We are working on project: community and Peer-to-Peer powered public File Library of useful files. This is community channel. We invite You to join us: use to store, share or sell the content, ask the questions and express your opinion. Please use ENGLISH. Peer-to-Peer sharing features works the right now in Beta - test them and any feedback welcome. We are open to discussions and kindly would like to receive any feedback from our users - about products, UI/UX, roadmap and features. We plan to improve the usability of the current and introduce new options for content publishing, The Library and Tokens! 📣📣Thank you for your continued support! Posted below is a wide range of information that will acquaint you with our project and bring you up to date with project developments. Please be sure follow us on our website, and our social media outlets listed below. If perhaps your question is not answered in any of the information pinned here, Admins are available to answer your concerns. We respectfully ask you take the time to read the material beforehand. Thank you again for your support! 📣📣 👮‍♂️COMMUNITY RULES 👮‍♂️ 🔹Use only English language. 🔹Respect each other. 🔹Focus discussions on or Library project. 🔹No fud or swearing. Act like a gentleman/lady 🔹No speculation or trading talk. 🔹If you get a warning, please respect it. 🔹Deliver value to the conversations. 🔹Share any relevant news and articles. 🔹No solicitation is allowed 👮‍♂️Security👮‍♂️ DON'T EVER SEND ETH TO ANYONE MESSAGING YOU PRIVATELY. ADMINS WILL NEVER ASK YOU TO SEND ETH TO ANY ADDRESS. BEWARE OF FAKE ADMINS. The & websites are the ONLY websites for the accessing of services relating to the Library Project. • emails will only come from a extension and no other email webservers. • Emails from will only ever be sent in reply to a support request that you have made • If you are not sure about an email you received, please ask for confirmation • Always check the header details of email you receive to verify that it is from our servers Your Due Diligence: Whitepaper and Roadmap FAQ Q: Is KYC required for tokensale? A: Only for large volume. Volume size will be communicated shortly Q: What's the bonus structure A: Pre-sale bonus starts at 50% and decreases by 1% every day Q: What type of token is FFM? A: FFM is a utility token for services on Q: What's the token rate? A: $0.01 per token Q: What currencies are accepted? A: BTC, ETH, and Fiat Q: Any airdrop/sharedrop event? A: To be announced Social Media Outlets: Website: Telegram: Bitcointalk ANN thread: Twitter: Facebook: Reddit: Medium: Youtube: Bounty: Contactable Files.FM Team Members: @lamsters @paulrgn @ElinaPlume @Janis_filesfm @MartinManT Community Admins: @Bowtiesarecool @tonyhughesdesign @CoinrizonKev