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Last updated Wednesday August 21, 2019

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Telegram Crypto Group KazuPay General Chit & Chat
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Kazucoin - "A decentralized way of life" - A brand to store value

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11 days AGO
  1. 2019-08-10 12:59:11

    Hello Kazuillionaires, we just want you to be aware that you can no longer talk to Frank or Blu (Colin) about Kazu or KazuPay in PM or publicly due to new regulation. Please refrain from contacting them in these circumstances. Your first port of call are the admins

  2. 2019-08-07 08:29:52

    We are working through our issues and we hope this will be permenant

  3. 2019-08-06 00:10:01

    Hi Everyone, If you have recieved an email from Altilly saying Kazu is being delisted please hold on for now. We believe this to be an oversight by the alitily team that can be rectified. We have been told that we failed their review process suddenly out of the blue after passing before. All 4 of our blockchains were created by the Altilly founder who is currently hosting many of our services. We have been shown documents by the reviewer that does not add up to any accusations made. we are also fully Compliant with the US government. One of the only blockchains in the world that is. For now i reitterate, hold back until we resolve this situation.

  4. 2019-08-03 16:41:08

    KazuPay Global Remittance MSB Corp Logo

  5. 2019-07-25 20:19:48

    What a Beautiful Site!

  6. 2019-07-24 11:36:58

    As of Today 24th of July 2019, the Kazu core team have decided to reduce the markets traded on to the following: KAZU/ BTC KBYTE/KAZU KSLV/KAZU KGLD/KAZU We hope this will benefit future plans for the Kazu family.

  7. 2019-06-26 08:11:47

    Ok let's move somewhere a bit more versatile. Come join us in discord if you are still Around.....

  8. 2019-06-14 08:13:11

    Hey Kazu family! Just a heads up. I may have to take the website offline at the weekend to do some maintenance. Worst case scenario it will be up again Monday. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  9. 2019-06-10 09:15:58

    So everyone we have our first leaflet /flyer that is open source for anyone to print out and hand out as a flyer in your local area etch Please do not change the content on the leaflet if you do decide to use it. If you need a version in your own or an alternative language please provide me with the translation and what goes where and I can get that to anyone as quick as possible. If you decide to print and hand out leaflet it is to help with the Kazu volume and therefore to help increase the value of what you own. Any materials will be at your own expense so please take that into consideration before going crazy. Kazu is decentralized and therefore owned by the people who own coins. It is in your OWN Interest to create awareness. That all being said your flyer is above

  10. 2019-05-25 20:56:40

    Random fun: Whoever buys the most KYBTE/DOGE from the sell category will Get 10M KBYTE from my personal fund Blu Finishes 24 hours starting now Go.....

  11. 2019-04-23 16:49:25

    Hey guys, just so we are clear. Kazucoin, KazuByte, Kazusilver and Kazugold are all decentralized blockchains. So if you own Kazu family coins YOU have the power to bring value. The core team only run the upkeep and technical side and act as a central point for communication, development and guidance. We own coins as well so we obviously want it to go in the right direction. But the value is purely down to you and your "invested interest" in the blockchains. Buying as low as you can and everyone having that same mindset shows us you want to keep the price low. That's exactly what will happen. That's fine for us. Is it what you want? The original developers set Kazu up in a direction and our job as core is to keep that on track. If you want to check things with us we are very happy to help. We are happy for people to go off and do things themselves within the parameters of the Kazu family brand. If you start something and we ask you to stop as it's out of any original parameters we are doing this from a guidance point of view. If you chose not to stop then that is your perogative which may differ from the larger consensus of coin holders and you may find yourselves distanced from the Kazu rooms and core team as a protection. This may not be permanent so always keep in touch with the core. If you are not sure what to do then ASK! We are not scary! We are all on the same team and we want the best for Kazu. We like ideas. We might not use most of them. Due to Kazu brand direction. But don't let that leave you disheartened. We're a family! Were all in this together! As always, Have Fun

  12. 2019-04-10 18:16:20

    Welcome to the Kazu Family!

  13. 2019-04-08 00:26:46

    guys you don’t wanna miss the price now on the KBYTE/BTC pairing. Right now only those in “the know” will benefit. Gets yours now at …

  14. 2019-04-01 08:01:31

    Happy Birthday Everyone!! This is your communities birthday today! Kazu is 1 years old! During this year so much has happened. Some of you have been with us through all of it. some of you got here for the official Kazu coin launch and others have just arrived. No matter when you arrived. As long as you are a positive community member you will always be welcome at Kazu. I sit here wondering now what this new year will bring to us. What changes will happen within the community and of course what value will Kazu sit at by this time next year? Whatever happens i hope you lot will hodl and join us for the ride! As always, Have Fun! Blu

  15. 2019-03-22 20:40:25

    Hey everyone!!! We have an exciting one time deal for 1 lucky person. We are offering 200M KBYTE at half the BTC price. That's right! You can get 200M KBYTE for the price of 100M KBYTE. That's 1 BTC for 200M KBYTE. We are looking to fund some crucial services that are due for renewal. Help out your Kazu family and grab yourself a bargain! 1 lucky Kazuillionaire is going to benefit from this 1 time deal!! Please contact Blu straight for this one time deal!

  16. 2019-03-17 22:22:41

  17. 2019-03-09 23:37:12

    A Usecase for KAZU / KSLV / KGLD / KBYT Acquiring vast amounts of Bitcoin these days is extremely difficult due to its high value. Kazucoin’s are a way to increase the amount of Bitcoin you can acquire, simply by acquiring these coins now while their value is very low and HODLing them until their value is higher. With KSLV / KGLD / KBYT, your chances of acquiring even more Bitcoin are increased, simply by Staking these coins on your desktop computers, as these three coins offer Proof of Stake.

  18. 2019-03-08 10:30:21

    Tip 1: If you see someone at a price you think will take a long time to get through then don’t put your coins up for sale below that price to “Undercut”. Firstly, thats bad business. Secondly, your devaluing the coin and every other coin that you own for no reason. Right now we do not have BIG buyers. But we have people that will “chip” away at the large order in order to get rid of it so the value can increase. If you want to gain from that place “on top” of that order. (Or even better DO NOT TRADE yet.) Placing below leaves kazuillionaires in a tricky position. If they buy low then they are labelled as not supporting kazu. At this stage, its all about supporting and growing. Not about you day trading. Theres not enough volume for that. So your low sell price is not going to get bought unless you get some “newbie” coming in not understanding the family we are forming. This just creates all sorts of havoc in the kazu ecosystem. At this stage you guys are not just family, owners, early adoptors or investors. At this stage we consider you as second tier founders. You lot are here at this stage for a reason. TO HELP KAZU SUCCEEED AND BE SUCCESSFUL. Everyone of you has their own ideas on how to promote and get people in. We want you to do this. You don’t need to ask us as long as you see it is within what we are building and brand. Liquidity: this also requires volume. We need to build that from the ground up. No exchnge is going to give us the volume we need. An exchange is a tool that allows us to “swap” our coins out. The volume needs to come from us. We need big buyers and and medium buyers to come in and help us build and spread the word about the kazu family. Again for us right now. We need to buy what we can and hold. don’t sink te price to buy more as this ends up being an everlasting loop because you guys seem to be trading. Stop the day trading. We are not in the position to day trade yet. It may take a while to get to that position. But the more you day trade the longer it will take. Our projections get put back 1 month for every week you day trade. So please stop and hold. Look at it this way. March was supposed to be liquidity month back in august. Think about that. Hopefully this will positively encourage you to do the right thing. We will know what you are thinking by the sell and buy orders and whether they exist. #Help us to help you “Think SMART not SMALL” Blu

  19. 2019-03-07 15:35:21

    *** Average down Your Position - If you bought High, as price drops buy more, thus lowering your overall average buy price. This is called "Averaging Down" 😊

  20. 2019-03-05 19:28:49


  21. 2019-03-04 05:11:34

    Welcome to the KazuFamily Kazu is a Crypto-Commodity with the sole purpose of being “A Store of Value”. It is NOT an investment and therefore does not promise profit. In fact, any profit gained is soley created by the user and their own actions 🔑 Kazucoin Key Features: - Public - Fast - Low Fee - Ownership Reward - Secure Network - Decentralized Team - Energy Efficient - Community Based SPECIFICATIONS KAZU [ POW ] = 28 M Total Max Supply KSLV [ POS ] = 84 M Total Max Supply KGLD [ POS ] = 28 M Total Max Supply KBYTE [ POS ] = 30 B Total Max Supply PoS Reward by Staking * 1st Year --- 9% Monthly * 2nd Year -- 7% Monthly * 3rd Year --- 5% Monthly 💯 Kazu is a Crypto-Commodity with the sole purpose of being “A Store of Value”. 💬 Channel Kazucoin Wallet 💻Wallet Windows : 🖥 MAC Wallet : 📱 Ios wallet : 📱Android wallet : KazuSilver Wallet KazuGold Wallet KazuByte Wallet 💹 Kazucoin Exchanges : 📌 Admin Telegram : See Each Rooms Admin List 🌐 Website : - all wallets are available from here. 🕊 Twitter: 💎 Facebook: 💬 Telegram: 📢 Kazucoin ANN Bitcointalk : 📢 KazuSilver ANN Bitcointalk : 📢 KazuGold ANN Bitcointalk : 📢 KazuByte ANN Bitcointalk :

  22. 2019-03-02 22:37:21

    We would like Everyone to move their coins to Altilly on by the 10th of March. We are looking to do the snapshot to get your KBYTE between the 10th and 15th. We will update you once we have confirmation. If you miss the snapshot there is no going back.

  23. 2019-02-24 12:23:03

    Hi Hodlers! ok so i know it seems like there is a bit of a run about. This is my fault and i apologise. Basically becuase of all the changes with the exchanges we have not been sure we are getting listed with KBYTE at altilly. So the first form is a “BACK UP” so we can get your coins out to you if we are not able to take the snapshot. The second form, because the snapshot wont be happenning for another 3 weeks or so, we don’t think its very fair you are all holding these wallets and not POSing. So as a thank you we are issuing all those with desktop wallets some undiclosed amount of coins to get started. We now think the snapshot will be on Altilly and thats why we are saying get them on their. If you want to wait till i give you a full confirmation of that, that is cool. Until then i will try get as much coins out to start POSing today. Blu

  24. 2019-02-12 15:36:53

    🚀Kazucoin : Kazu is a Crypto-Commodity with the sole purpose of being “A Store of Value”. It is NOT an investment and therefore does not promise profit. In fact, any profit gained is soley created by the user and their own actions 🔥Coin Swap for those wanting KSLV ! 4 KSLV for 1 kazu 🔥KGLD coin swap has now ended, 🔑 Kazucoin Key Features: -Public -Fast -Low Fee -Ownership Reward - Secure Network - Decentralized Team - Energy Efficient - Community Based 💯 Kazu is a Crypto-Commodity with the sole purpose of being “A Store of Value”. 📈 Strong tokenomics and unique price regulation system 💬 Channel 💻Wallet Windows : 🖥 Wallet : 📱 Ios wallet : 📱Android wallet : For wallet KGLD And KSLV please visit 💹 Kazucoin Exchanges : altility Satoexchange BITEXlive 📌 Admin Telegram : See room admin list 🌐 Website : - all wallets are available from here. 🕊 Twitter: 💎 Facebook: 💬 Telegram: 📢 ANN Bitcointalk :

  25. 2019-02-07 17:55:15

    Welcome to You can buy / trade KAZU , KGLD , KSLV at and KAZU ONLY @ Here are the links to KGLD & KSLV Proof of Stake wallets If you have any question then feel free to chat with us here 😊 Thank you

  26. 2019-01-26 16:02:58

    Welcome to You can buy / trade kazucoin , KGld , Kslv at Here are the links to KGLD & KSLV Proof of Stake wallets If you have any question then feel free to chat with us here 😊 Thank you

  27. 2019-01-23 12:05:40

    Hi you bunch of disgraceful people. We have no idea why you have taken the coins down so low. but we hope you get a bit of sense soon and stop thinking “Get Rich” and stat thinking “Daily Income”. Kazucoin is designed and being implemented in a way that everyone can benefit and not only the few. The idea of multiple coins is to give you a choice. Right now you can choose to POW, or POS. Soon we will have other options for you to create a great daily income for yourselves and be able to transfer that into the real world. We are alsolooking into have a mulit coin Mobile wallet where you can store ALL your coins. Don’t under estimate the value of KAZU and its brand. Start buying sensibly and not like an AMATEUR. But above the sell orders and sell above the last sell orders. This will increase the value. Let me explain something to all you newbies and oldies, to that matter. In terms of crypto we have been here quite a while now. We have a minimum 10 year plan that we are implementing and we WILL NEVER go anywhere. We wre here for good. We are a team that are getting on with the job we want to Provide not only a “Store of Value” but multiple “passive income” solutions for anyone who wants to support us. The Idea of the project is that it is “Community driven”. This is not only educational for our community but also reduces cost and means we do not have to perfom an ICO. Community Driven also means Kazu runs itself (apart form maintenance and development). Whats great about that is that YOU are the one that decides the Value/price of Any of our coins. If the coin crashes that is literally on you. Nobody else. We will still be here. But the lower the coin goes in value the more chance there is of creating negative consequences. What i mean by negative consequences i mean that nothing is free. If you want us to develop your coin further we need the coin value to be higher to pay for that. You cant expect to consiously crash the coins and then demand the creaters to work and do something. Becuase of this i want you all to think as we move forward. Act like professionals and not amateur traders trying to cash out free money before a coin goes down. We are here to stay and we are not just saying that. We have been through alot of negative attacks and hard times since our inception. We he came through it all. You know why because we have nothing to lose. We just need to sit through the negativity and we will be their on the other side. Afterall, the negativity is made up in peoples heads out of fear or vengeance. The negativity is irrelvant to a strong and focused community. In fact, we can turn it positive if we are strong enough. Where do we go from here? Well i ask you all to promote, retweet anything kazucoin positive. I ask you all to bring people to join the community. explain to these people that this is a no Bullshit community. We are straight up. We answer questions if they are put to us and we are inclusive of everyone. We ask you to start buying. Not placing orders and waiting. Start buying sell orders to get the price moving. Afterall, it will only benefit you in the long run. We ask you to POS and POW if you can. We ask you to Support us as we want to support you but we need you to follow instruction when we set out tasks etc. Lets do this right. We can try and try again forever if need be. but i don’t know about you. i would rather we started on the right path now.

  28. 2019-01-19 20:35:32

    1 Day to go!!!! woop!!!! I hope all of you have your coins on altilly or sato!!!

  29. 2019-01-19 10:36:21

    2 days to go!!!!!!! eeeekk!! Get your kazu. Hold it. Don’t sell afterwards. We have a suprise announcement after release! so hold hold hold!!!

  30. 2019-01-18 09:57:26

    if you want to support us, please retweet if can't make a tweet, please retweet if you want to find new buyers, please retweet if you want to kazu, kslv kgld rises, please retweet and once more, if u are kazuillionaires, please retweet 😊

  31. 2019-01-02 08:55:42

    Great Job Kazuillionaires, these are Tweet about $Kazu today, please Follow / Retweet / Like /Comment on each of them Lets spread $kazu to the world Lets make $Kazu Great again Lets go to the moon 🚀🚀🚀 Lets show The Kazuillionaires power to the crypto world 💪 Support us we will support u 😊