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Last updated Saturday August 17, 2019

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    🚨 Incoming IEO ALERT 🚨 --------------------------------------------- 🎉 What: Digipharm (DPH) IEO 🏪 Where: Coineal Launchpad ⏰ When: From 3:00 (UTC) - May 29, 2019 To 15:00 (UTC) - May 30, 2019 💰 Price: $0.10 per DPH 💱 Tokens for Sale: 15,000,000 🚀 Launchpad Link: ------------------------------------------------ 💊 DIGIPHARM's VISION: "Our vision is to be the pioneer of sustainable and value-based healthcare delivery, innovative evidence generation and patient empowerment across the healthcare industry." 💼 Major Partnership: 📡 Swisscom - a state-owned major telecommunications provider in Switzerland. ➡️ $25 Billion USD Market Cap ➡️ $1.5 Billion USD Net Income (2018) 👔 Major Clients: ✅ Two government entities ✅ Numerous Top 10 pharmaceutical companies ✅ Several large health insurers 🔎 Important links: 👉 Website 👉 Medium 👉 Twitter 👉 Facebook 👉 Reddit 👉 LinkedIn 👉 Meet the Team 🔎 Useful Materials: 👉 Whitepaper 👉 Explainer Video 👉 CryptoGEMS. Review

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