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Last updated Tuesday January 15, 2019

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Telegram Crypto Group Bitscape Bankbot's HQ
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🤖 @Bitscapebankerbot
🤖 @BitscapeTipperbot
🤖 @FreeDogeFaucetBot
💬 @bitscapebotchat
💬 @bitscapechat
💬 @bitascapegameroom
📣 @bitscape
📣 @BitscapeBankPoE

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1 day AGO
  1. 2019-01-14 13:08:28

    Hey guys Bitscape is looking for new workers people who can bot, trade , and handle more stuff for us to apply type #BitScapeStaffapply And say what you would like to do and why we should trust you and one of our support members will interview you note you must own 10+ bsp to apply More information about Bitscape :

  2. 2019-01-13 16:43:20

    Congrats on those who level up, keep this room alive by chatting and earn that level. Nah, by that level you're more capable to catch the rain. Good Luck guys, build a friendship here, keep chatting. Don't forget to dice and flip in @bitscapegameroom !!!

  3. 2019-01-12 17:10:04

    Me waiting for your tutorial in any form 😂😂 Boss announced it. Anyone who'd like to make a tutorial on how to earn here or how bitscape work, please send your entry/entries to me. Am still waiting😂 It was announced by boss @smartzprime lol

  4. 2019-01-11 17:40:16

    Who wanna make 80k doge on 2/9/19

  5. 2019-01-09 23:55:52

    ⬆️ Pinned Message

  6. 2019-01-08 14:33:35

    HELLO! Did you know that buying BSP is a safe way to get daily funds to play with in @bitscapegameroom or that playing Games like (/ flip small mid big ) and .b_xnumDoge_%to bet one(dice) is one of the fastest ways to get free coins to buy more BSP

  7. 2019-01-05 18:28:40

    Members with 100+ BSP will get coins daily if asked to DICE with up to 1k and will repeat only if returned Please use this room to dice(.b_amount_10-90%) in

  8. 2019-01-03 14:46:48

    Hey guys so chat and talk about anything you feel More you chat more Level exp you earn Chat levels effect your Earnings Higher your level and more BSP you own the more you will earn BSP = BitScape Point(s) "BSP will earn you a % of the team(bank bot, chatrooms, website ads, and more) earnings [we will do pay outs weekly(Fridays at 4:20pm EST)] " Rules 1.) Don't beg 2.) Don't spam/repeating words 3.) Talk ENGLISH 4.) No porn 5.) No abusing 6.) No fake rains 7.) No double accounts 8.) Don't use admins commands like .ban .info .warn 9.) 3 warns = ban ( warns reset every 24h) 10) Try and have a display picture. @smartzprime is buying all eca for doge 10:1 eca:DOGE When you depost 1k+ to your Bitscape Bank ( We will give you a 10% top up when you post a screenshot here. Depost 10k+ and get a 50% top up. Depost 100k+ and get a 100% top up Use /tunes & if we can hold 100 users for 3hours something big will happen NOTE: Higher you lvl and more rep you got more payouts you will earn when u do /tunes or /games

  9. 2018-12-30 12:06:51

    How to earn > Start Using @bitscapebankerbot >Starting using you personal Radio to earn 0.5-1 doge every 60Mins you tune in ------COMING SOON--------- > Earn for being active every 10 minutes in chat > Daily trivia (do / trivia to find out more ) > Weekly Raffles to buy tickets you need to / buy 1 ticket equivalent to 1 doge > More ..... Chat Rules: Beg - Warn Asking for rains - Warn Non-english - Warn Spam(flooding) - Warn Link to channel / forward - Warn Non bitscape Reflink - Warn 3Warns = ban @bitscapebankerbot deposit are used to buy BitScape Profit shares. All deposits are final read pinned in @bitscapebankpoe for more information so do the math [xnumber of doge/(Beta Price) = xnumber of BSP] before you make any decisions Tips from @smartzprime : 1. Tell your friends to join (message @chatmodbot privately to get your unique referral link) and you will get 10 doge for each that starts using @bitscapebankerbot (tell them to use your invite link so you can earn 10% off them) Please note: users will be able to see their referral link only if they are actively chatting). If You've been silent , ChatMod will not know that you are part of our Community! 2. buy 100 BSP+ ( new buy-ins ) and I'll give you a 50% refund 1st 300 only post your buy and wait 3hrs (08:00-22:00 EST) for refund via @bitscapebankerbot 3. Buy 300 BSP in the next 12hrs & post screenshots and we will give you 200 BSP on top 4. sell BSP back to @smartzprime for 40% of cost if you wish to cash out and stop the bot 6. Follow @bitscapebankPoe trades[NEW] will post trades 4hrs atfer each trade start and will be doing live streams as i trade from 10:00-17:00 EST starting 01/06/19 link!

  10. 2018-12-28 21:35:21

    When 3k more BSP is sold I will use my bank balance for givaways raffle rains and trivia via @BitscapeTipperbot (down for maintenance )

  11. 2018-12-27 09:44:18

    hey guys so sorry we been super busy with a lot of stuff and there alot of updates about to come out and guys try your best to remember we are still in bata and we need you guys to find the bugs so that we know what needs to fixed there will be down times with the bots here and there as we fix and update them and they may be profit roll backs from time to time untill beta is over

  12. 2018-12-26 10:30:59

    hey guys sorry about all the downtime and late replys but as you know our bots are still in beta so there will be a lot of down time but your accounts are safe

  13. 2018-12-23 12:01:27

    @bitscapebankerbot deposit are used to buy BitScape Profit shares. All deposits are final read pinned in @bitscapebankpoe for more information so do the math [xnumber of doge/50(Beta Price) = xnumber of BSP] before you make any decisions Tip from @smartzprime : Tell your friends to join and have them say #BSR_@yourusername and you will get 10 doge for each that starts using @bitscspebankerbot and if they deposit 10k+ you will get 5k doge

  14. 2018-12-21 15:52:51

    Tell your friends to join and have them say #BSR_@yourusername and you will get 10 doge for each that starts using @bitscspebankerbot and if they deposit 10k+ you will get 5k doge

  15. 2018-12-20 18:30:23

    Buy(/buy) 100+ raffle tickets and get 10 doge back from me

  16. 2018-12-19 20:55:20

    🆕 New project! 🌐 @DogecoinMiningAPK ❓ Turn your phone into dogecoin miner! Low withdrawal minimum, instant payments!

  17. 2018-12-18 10:49:38

    Hey guys so im thinking of doing something with this where every friday memebers holding !toprep (s) will get 100 doge v- to lower peoples reputation and V+ to help them increase to the top chat more be friendly and get voted for ( v+ ) if you are inactived in the chat you will be removed atfer 7days ban list will be reset atfer 30 day all bots will still work for you you will just not be able to chat and earn tell me what you think if you like the idea you have to active everyday and chat with each other to get v+ but if you just chat one words or not even trying to be active give them v-

  18. 2018-12-16 11:33:41

    OK so weekly we will have 300 doge for the top 4 post about bitscape!!! Who wanna give it a try really easy made a post on Reddit ( and send @smarzprime the link use your @bitscapebankerbot link in the post to earn more