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Last updated Sunday March 24, 2019

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Telegram Crypto Group Elixxir (David Chaum's Community)
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  1. 2018-11-09 22:16:13

    Hello and welcome to our Elixxir Telegram group! We're excited for you to join our community, meet our team, and learn more about what we are working on. First, some quick background on us... Led by David Chaum, the Elixxir team comes from diverse backgrounds across the Security, Defense, Investment Banking, Venture Capital, AR, VR, Machine Learning, Consumer Electronics, and Cryptography industries to help bring David’s seminal digital currency and encryption protocols to the blockchain space. Elixxir is a significant step forward in blockchain technology providing users with a confidential and secure decentralized platform capable of scaling to meet the demands of mainstream adoption without compromising its characteristic high transaction rates and short processing times. We're a small community now, but are excited to grow with you! Feel free to ask us questions about Elixxir, get to know the team, and engage with members of the Elixxir community across our other forums: Twitter: Reddit: Facebook: LinkedIn: Medium: Discord: Our community guidelines will mature with our community, but for the meantime we have 3 main rules: 1. Be respectful of others 2. Refrain from using language you wouldn't use in front of your mother. This goes for "moon", "hodl", and "Lambo" talk. 3. Reach out to us directly with side-projects, offers, & collaboration opportunities - spamming the community will result in immediate removal Official Admin List - Please make sure usernames are spelt exactly as they appear below: @stephvaughan @AmandaCavaleri @wjcarter3 @frankzenfeld @rcarback @chris_rocks @Denis_Elixxir @Natacha007 @Lisi_linares @myaksetig @Kenneth_4D Signed, The Elixxir Team