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Last updated Sunday July 25, 2021

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Telegram Crypto Group Bitseven Winning Strategies
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Disccussion about leverage trading with best strategies, tips, tricks and signals for trading on Bitseven and Bitmex are given by admin.

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almost 3 years AGO
  1. 2018-10-21 16:15:27

    The strategies below could be used effectively on Bitmex or Bitseven where you could use leverage trading up to 100x. Register an account if you don't have one. ▶️ Bitmex: ▶️ Bitseven: ✔️ The strategies are very simple: Never use 100% of your fund. Using 20% of your fund is so enough for 100x leverage in BTC/USD pair. Winning 10x for first month. That means you have 2x of your fund after 1 month. In n months, you win 2^n x your initial fund. After 7 months, you earn nearly 100x. Starting with any amount of money. 0.001BTC or under 10$ is OK. You probably achieve 0.1BTC after 7 months and about 10btc after 1 year. ✔️ How to win with this strategies? 🔵 Be patient. Never make an order if you do not ensure it will win. 🔵 Be patient. Only make an order when there's a strong confirmed breakout. A strong confirmed breakout ensures the price will not rebound too far to liqidate your positions. 🔵 Be patient. Calculate and analysis signals carefully until you find out the most suitable time and good price to make an order. 🔵 Be patient. Wait for swing, rally, hard pump or dump of price. These are heaven of margin traders. ...more trading strategies, tips and tricks come 🔜 Any donation for development of this free group is much apppreciated. BTC address: 14q1DodSWXdcn5pq9HCj6E2faaf5vCZ7TX ETH address: 0x81663e9eB3dB23d4f9d759843E7dee676E38E2E6