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Last updated Friday September 17, 2021

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Telegram Crypto Group Mega Pump Group
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Cryptocurrency's #1 and biggest signal group!

All of our signals are free! We will never ask for money in exchange for any premium services. #DYOR. None of our signals are financial advice. Trade our signals at your own risk!


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over 1 year AGO
  1. 2020-06-13 11:01:39

    Hello everyone, Since The ALTS market is rising and burning heavily Coins are going for 2x - 3x in no time So here we present you the very next "Mountain ALT Signal" This one will be little different We Will go for given targets slowly but it will go for it... Not only 100% It will go for + 200% We will be looking for an ALT that's still in bottom and FA wise looks cool And we are gonna see Massive FOMO into it.... Stay tuned for this one The Mountain ALT 15th JUN | 4 Pm GMT. on Binance

  2. 2019-08-15 20:24:24

    Pump result : 70% gain on DATA, as you can see everyone that bought in the first minute made almost 50% profit which is amazing in this market! As we promised this pump had 0 prepump and our team helped push the price higher for everyone, the MEGA pump group is officially back! Congratulations to everyone who bought! We will announce the next pump soon, stay tuned! Edit : By the way the pump is still up 50% even 4 hours after our pump, amazing results! We can safely say that this is one of the best pumps we have done in a while. We have something big coming for the next signal, soon we will announce the details, stay tuned!

  3. 2019-03-05 17:06:31

    Overall great pump +35% with 1300 BTC volume, we had very high expectations expecting to reach above 100% but we have run into many unconditionnal sell orders as you know Binance is filled with hidden sell orders and bots trading. We are receiving many messages of appreciation and we are glad many of you managed to turn a good profit on it! It still is a very good pump as we have managed to go a little higher than the first wave meaning that everyone was in the profit if they had sold at the top of the 2nd wave! If you would like to join our VIP group contact @Johncarasca we still have some spots available!

  4. 2019-01-25 19:46:43

    πŸ›Ž Pump announcement! πŸ›Ž The next pump will be scheduled for : Date : Sunday January 27 Time : 18:00 pm GMT Exchange : Binance Weekend pumps are usually alot better because there is alot more outsiders trading on Binance and that is why we believe GXS managed to hit 45% last sunday. Hopefully this sunday we can break the 50% gains!

  5. 2018-12-17 14:29:37

    πŸ›Ž Pump announcement! πŸ›Ž Hello everyone, the next pump will be scheduled for : Sunday December 23 at 17:00 PM GMT time on Binance . Once again it will be a free for all. Our affiliate system will start working again next week after our next pump but you can still keep inviting members as your invites will still be counted until then. You will be able to check you total amount of invites after next week. Join our discord and check the # affiliate-info tab for more information.

  6. 2018-12-10 17:54:37

    πŸ›Ž Pump Announcement! πŸ›Ž The next pump will be Scheduled for Sunday December 16 at 17:00 pm GMT time on Binance using BTC pairing we are expecting to have at least 2x the volume for our next pump. - MEGA pump team

  7. 2018-11-30 21:58:06

    Hello everyone, for our next pump we are going to try something that has never been done by a public pump group before. Usually these type of pumps are done by a coordinated elite group of whales but we believe that if everyone in our group worked together we can make this happen too! We are going to pump a coin by manipulating the price up as group together. Instead of everyone buying the coin at market price and making the price go up high in a few seconds, we are going to ask all of our members to set buy orders at certain targets and make the price go up high gradually within a few minutes allowing outsiders to see the action , always keep the price up above a certain level and avoid an immediate dump. For this to succeed, we need the collaboration of all of our members. This is how it will work : 1- The coin will be announced with Target #1. If for example the target is 6500 satoshis, everyone in our group will set buy orders at 6500 satoshis. This will create a big buy wall at 6500 satoshis keeping the price up for a few seconds or minutes. For our first target we are going to aim for 10%-15% increase. 2- A few seconds after, we will announce Target #2. If for example the new Target # 2 is now 6800, everyone will place a buy at exactly 6800 satoshis. This will keep the price up again allowing it to gradually move up and give time for outsiders to join the action. Typically we will aim for a 15%-20% increase for our 2nd target. 3- We will continue to announce targets until we see alot of outsiders activity. We are confident that by using this strategy, we will create long lasting pumps and everyone in our group will make profits when outsiders join in and create more action. Spread the word, this is an opportunity you will not want to miss! We will announce the pump date very soon. -MEGA pump