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Last updated Monday October 14, 2019

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Telegram Crypto Group Official Crypto Signals
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This is the channel that will help you with signals, charts and suggestions. We are following news and analyzing coins. You can learn and gain with us!
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Contact : @IDarkRebel

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  1. 2018-11-07 15:45:01

    ✅✅ Trade and Signal Rules of Official Crypto Signals ✅✅ 👉🏼 Never do panic sales. 👉🏼 Divide your money. This is safer and less risky for you. On this occasion you won't miss new opportunities. 👉🏼 If the signal goes to the 1st target and then the other way, it is only a correction. 👉🏼 Always pay attention to the stop points. Especially when #BTC makes sudden movements, you will see that all altcoins will fall down and always remember to put a stop at a certain point in positions where you are always profitable. If you missed it, try to buy it at a lower price as a second tactic. 👉🏼 Pay especially attention to the new dates of the coin in the signal. Because there happens a dump close to the news date. 👉🏼 As soon as a new signal arrives, you can reevaluate what is in the purchase zone from the available signals. Then you can make a progressive sale to the next targets.