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Last updated Sunday December 16, 2018

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Telegram Crypto Group NAi Tech
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For The First Time In The World. Block Chain Based Artificial Intelligence and Wisdom of Crowd for The World Financial Markets.

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  1. 2018-12-12 13:42:17

    Welcome to the Official Telegram for the NaiTech Community! 🙌 This Group is about NaiTech and the NaiTech AI Ecosystem. _ ⚫️Our Mission ⚫️ Our mission is to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to build an approachable Prediction Market platform which will enable the free flow of useful information and statistical data along with streamlined communication between brokers and investors. ⚫️TOKEN DETAILS 📄 Name: Nai Token Symbol: Nai Decimals: 6 Total Supply: 20,000,000 ⚫️Airdrop and Bounty⚫️ ✔️Our bounty program is live 🔥 Bounty Channel : ✔️The Most Anticipated & Most Awaiting - NAi Airdrop LIVE NOW for two weeks atleast. Token will be released very soon with the conclusion of the ICO. Upto 100,000 USD Airdrop of NAi Tokens Join Airdrop Now: ✔️Kyc is mandatory for airdrop and bounty. ⚫️Our Ico Ratings 💯⚫️ ✔️Track ICO Rating: ✔️ICO Bench Rating: ⚫️Token Sales⚫️ Our Ico sales is live 🔥🔥 ✔️Pre-Sale: 2nd July – 23rd Sep – Closed ✔️Public Sale: 24th Sep – 23rd Jan – LIVE NOW with 15% BONUS KYC: YES Token Price: 1.30 USD ✔️Sign up to our Token Sale to Get 15% Bonus on NAi Tokens. Use this Referral Code to get 5% Extra Tokens: ✔️2.0 USD is the listing token price already approved by 2 exchanges. ⚫️FOLLOW US ON OUR CHANNELS 📡 Official Website: Whitepaper: Token Sale/kyc Website: Reddit: Twitter: Facebook: Telegram Group: Telegram Announcements: BITCOINTALK: GitHub site: LINKEDIN: ⚫️NAI TECH INTRODUCTION VIDEO 🎥 ⚫️COMMUNITY RULES ❗❗ ✔️Focus discussions on NaiTech and its ecosystem ✔️No bad mouthing, no name calling, act like a gentleman/lady ✔️If you get a warning, respect it ✔️Deliver value to the discussion ✔️No referral links ✔️Please refrain from using offensive language ⚫️OUR ADMINS 👮 @mahsankhan @akhat1 ⚫️For partnerships📌 ✔️For anything related to partnership, sales and other information. Kindly ping us (@mahsankhan @MalikMudassir @appsgenii) directly or write an email: 🚨SCAMMER WARNING 🚨 Trust only those with "admin" tag in chat. No Admin will DM you first. ✔️No member of the NaiTech team will message you asking for a contribution. If someone is, please report and block them.