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Last updated Sunday June 16, 2019

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Telegram Crypto Group 0Chain
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A Fast, Secure, Scalable, Free Blockchain Platform. Tailored for dStorage.

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  1. 2019-04-17 14:24:44

    🔰 Welcome to 0Chain! 0Chain is a 'Layer 1' blockchain protocol that enables decentralized applications to abstract infrastructure and ‘zero-trust’ protocols. 0Chain permissionless infrastructure cloud is designed to host the next-generation of software and services providing greater speed and security than existing cloud solutions. 0Chain main products are: • 0ChainNet is a fast, secure, public enterprise-grade blockchain powered by an innovative and original consensus protocol. It is used by 0Box to provide a zero-trust, fast cloud solution for the consumer and enterprise. • 0Box is the world's first enterprise-grade, high-performance, high-security, zero-trust dStorage™ platform. Upload, store files and take control of your data. • 0Wallet security and conveniency without the hardware. Using an innovative slips key protocol, all you need to transact are 2 devices and a PIN. 🔰 AlphaNet • 0ChainNet Explorer: • 0ChainNet faucet: (need to create a wallet first) • 0ChainNet Service Providers: • 0Box iOS Beta app download: 🔰 ZCN token • ZCN is the first and only cryptocurrency that has an underlying asset value based on mathematics: • When a user locks their ZCN, these tokens collect an “interest” which can be used toward payment of transactions or data services. Benefits: • Super fast transactions with sub-second (0.45s) steady-state finality. • ZCN can scale to infinite TPS on multiple parallel chains without impacting performance. • ZCN can be used to receive services for “free” as the token is redeemable upon service completion. • Distributed worldwide, built on the principles of blockchain with a growing set of miners. 🔰 Papers • 0Chain Whitepaper: • 0Chain Valuation Whitepaper: • 0Chain Consensus Protocol: • 0Chain Storage Protocol: • 0Chain Split Key Protocol: • 0Chain Economic Protocol: • 0Chain Governance Protocol: • 0Chain Token Reward Protocol: 🔰 Community Website: Announcements: @ZCN_announcements Service Providers TG: Trading Chat: Medium: Twitter: Youtube: FB: LinkedIn: Reddit: Github: Other Languages: Francais Telegram Chinese WeChat: 韭菜们 中文的话 我建了一个0chain微信群 吐槽也过来吧 二维码24小时过期 加我微信拉你进群 15652240090 Chinese Telegram:

  2. 2018-09-28 08:13:37

    60000 $ZCN GIVEAWAY! Vote 0chain on KuCoin! More info here:

  3. 2018-09-02 17:05:35

    Welcome to 0Chain! Please refer to the following links for general information: Announcements @ZCN_announcements Website Papers Team Medium Twitter Youtube FB LinkedIn Reddit Github Other Languages: Francais Telegram Chinese WeChat: 韭菜们 中文的话 我建了一个0chain微信群 吐槽也过来吧 二维码24小时过期 加我微信拉你进群 15652240090 Chinese Telegram: