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Last updated Friday May 07, 2021

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Zinc is a cost-cutting and time-saving hiring platform. With a straightforward integration into any hiring process, Zinc simplifies and accelerates the journey for workers and recruiters within the technology sector.

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  1. 2019-08-07 15:12:00

    ZINC IS MOVING FROM TELEGRAM TO DISCORD As most of you know, we held a vote last month to decide which platform we are going to move to from Telegram. This is due to the high levels of spam and bots joining our group. Join the Zinc discussion in our new Discord channel here ➡️ We will leave Telegram open for the next few weeks and we will be removing it at the start of September. Community members will no longer be able to post in Telegram so please join Discord.

  2. 2019-07-01 10:53:41

    01/07 PROJECT UPDATE ------------------------------------------------ Move from Telegram 🗳 We want to offer the community the opportunity to move to a different communication platform. Please make your vote on the Zinc DAO here: Thank you to those who have made suggestions for other platforms. Send an email to with your ETH address if you’re not part of the dao yet but want to vote. ------------------------------------------------ Zinc’s complete guide to reference checks 📚 Helen has written an extremely comprehensive guide on reference checks (over 6000 words) aIt’s been a labor of love over the last two months. This guide will not only help with organic search for Zinc but it also enables us to send individual parts to potential customers and users looking for more information on the referencing process. This guide clarifies the reference checking process and answers any burning questions users may have, such as, ‘at what point in the interview process should we check the candidate’s references?’ and ‘who are the best people to ask for a reference?’ You can read it here: ------------------------------------------------ Event: Rewarding Onboarding 🗣 After the success of our first event in Occupation: People, Zinc will be hosting a second event at the end of July around Onboarding. We’ve secured speakers from Enboarder, Trouva, GoCardless and Blockchain. If you’re interested in attending, please RSVP here: ------------------------------------------------ Evolving Culture 😊 What works when building culture and what really needs to stop? Our panel from the event ‘culture-add - just a fad?’ answers this and more: ------------------------------------------------ Zinc Video 📹 We’ve been building on the ‘how to’ blog guides that we published last month and working hard on a complimentary video series to explain in detail how to get the most out of the platform.We are hoping to publish these next week. ------------------------------------------------ Welcome - Lenard 🙌 We are thrilled to welcome a new junior Software Developer into the Zinc fold. Lenard Pratt joined us this week as a summer intern and is studying Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London. He’s picked up the stack extremely quickly and were thrilled to have another smart developer to join the team. Welcome - Francisco 🙌 We are also extremely happy to announce that Francisco Fidalgo has joined as our new Business Development Executive today. He will be joining Luke on the sales side to grow our client base. Francisco studied International Engineering at Lancaster University and has some promising experience within the startup world. ------------------------------------------------ Buildl 🏗 We’ve been working hard this month to improve our email deliverability. As emails are such a vital part of the Zinc process we want to ensure that 99% of our emails are not only delivered but don’t go into spam. We’ve been working on the technical aspects of the emails as well as updating and refining the copy as well as including a few design changes such as the email footer.

  3. 2019-05-30 14:14:00

    #31/05 PROJECT UPDATE ------------------------------------------------ Exchange update 🗳 We held a vote in the Zinc DAO last week between Qantadex and Graviex and Quantadex won. We will be updating the community when we have officially listed. We will continue to apply for additional exchanges so send your suggestions through. We don’t have the funds for a high listing fee so please bear this in mind. ------------------------------------------------ Event: Culture-add: Just a fad? 🗣 We held a very successful event on Tuesday night welcoming people practitioners from across London to network and learn from some top-notch speakers. We’ve worked really hard pulling the event together securing talent leaders from YoYo Wallet, Onfido & OpenSignal who spoke about all things culture. We will be writing a follow-up from the event and we’re currently organising the next one for ‘Occupation: People’ with the aim to host one every two months. ------------------------------------------------ Culture add or culture fit? 🤩 Continuing the theme of culture, Helen has written an insightful article into the difference between culture fit and culture add and what works for specific businesses: ------------------------------------------------ Zinc Guides 📖 We’re streamlining the onboarding flow for recruiters, candidates and referees. We’ve put together more detailed content around what each persona needs to do to get the most out of the platform. We will be expanding on these over the next month. You can read the three published articles here: - How to: Provide referee details with Zinc - How to: Build your verified reference portfolio with Zinc - How to: Provide a work reference for your colleague using Zinc ------------------------------------------------ Blockstack 💫 We are pleased to confirm that Zinc came 10th in the May Blockstack App Mining - a very respectable position with growing competition month on month: Blockstack have made further changes to the App Mining Program and have removed Democracy Earth as a reviewer, included Awario and made the Product Hunt score decrease after each month (so if a company listed 6 months ago the score is worth less than one month ago). We have also been speaking with Coinscrum and are looking to speak at an event in the summer about our Blockstack experience. ------------------------------------------------ Buildl 🏗 For the past two months we have been working hard as a team making changes throughout the app, ensuing it’s as user friendly as possible. We've refined the copy within the app, website and emails as well as changing the frequency of emails and text notifications. We've made design changes to the recruiter table and recruiters can now delete requests. Incorrect emails will be flagged at an earlier stage and we have also made updates to the login. Candidates can also add new referee details if a referee doesn’t respond within 6 days. We will continue to work on email deliverability and app improvements in June. ------------------------------------------------ Email subscription 📧 We have cleaned our database and we’re sending newsletters once a month to users on the platform. If you’d like to receive these, please sign up here: ------------------------------------------------ Welcome - Helen 😺 As mentioned in the last update we are thrilled to welcome Helen to the team. Find out more about why she decided to join Zinc and her experience in this Q&A: Team changes 🏫 - Francisco is joining Zinc in July as a Junior Business Development executive.

  4. 2019-05-21 09:42:25

    Exchange - register to the Zinc DAO to vote tomorrow In 24 hours time, we'll be holding a new vote in the Zinc DAO. We have been provisionally accepted onto two exhcnages (Graviex or QuantaDEX). The vote is to decide which one to join. If you would like to join the DAO to vote please send an ETH address to Click here for more information:

  5. 2019-04-29 10:23:14

    #29/04 PROJECT UPDATE 😎 Culture-add referencing tool and campaign ⚙ We have developed a culture-add referencing tool which aims to elicit the environments in which candidates might excel by drawing insights from previous colleagues and managers. We can also extract which management style would be most suitable for recruiters, enabling new joiners to thrive from the outset. Zinc’s culture-add referencing tool highlights the synergies in candidates’ values with a companies and those which might conflict, empowering recruiters to make better recruitment choices. Read more about it here: You can view the launch campaign on LinkedIn here: ------------------------------------------------ Event: Culture-add: Just a fad? 📆 We are hosting an event in London on the 28th of May We're bringing people practitioners together to discuss company culture. Ten years on from the landmark Netflix Culture deck, we're looking at how culture has evolved. Talent leaders from YoYo Wallet, Onfido & OpenSignal will be speaking about all things culture. Find out more about the event and the speaker line-up here: If you’re in London, do pop by and say hello. ------------------------------------------------ Blockstack 🤩 Since implementing Gaia for Blockstack users and making improvements based on trymyui feedback we are pleased to announce that Zinc came 5th in April’s Blockstack App Mining Program: Blockstack are making a few changes to the current reviewers and including an additional reviewer for May called Awario: Look out for next month’s score. ------------------------------------------------ Buildl 🏗 We have decided not to create or build a new feature for the sprint and have decided as a team to improve the current flow for all users within the platform. This entails refining the copy within the app and all user emails - candidates, referees and recruiters. We are also implementing the text notifications to candidates and making some design changes to the recruit tab. ------------------------------------------------ Welcome - Helen 🙌👧 We are really excited to welcome our newest Zinc member - Helen Gilroy-Powell. With a PhD in linguistics, Helen loves finding narratives that will resonate with users, ensuring they see value from their continuing engagement. She is driven by her keen interests in language which underpins her approach in developing creative, research-driven marketing solutions. ------------------------------------------------ Website Twitter LinkedIn ------------------------------------------------

  6. 2019-04-15 14:33:48

    #15/04 PROJECT UPDATE 🦄 Customisable questions 🎨 We have deployed a brand new question picker within the app. You will now see a ‘Questions’ tab on the left-hand side. Recruiters can seamlessly choose the type of reference to request - whether that’s pre or post job offer. We’ve created four pre-defined subsets of questions, all of which are customizable; culture-add reference, employment verification, competency reference and remote worker reference. You can check it out here: ------------------------------------------------ User flow: recruiter or candidate 🤼‍♂️ In order to tailor the journey for all users we have added a screen at login asking if the user is a recruiter or a candidate. New users will see this at first sign-in and existing users will be asked on their next login. Over the next few months we will be looking at tailoring the journey further, adding specific landing pages tailored to the candidate journey. ---------------------------------------- Gaia 👨‍💻 We've integrated Gaia for blockstack users. In the first iteration, user data is stored (encrypted) on Gaia alongside MongoDB. We'll be looking to expand our Gaia implementation over the next few sprints. ------------------------------------------------ The Zinc mission 🙏 We are continuously refining our copy ensuring what we do is easy to understand and accessible for every user. We have based a lot of recent changes upon real user feedback from TryMyUI (a reviewer on Blockstack app mining). This sprint has been no different and we have made more changes to the homepages and the About page - check out Zinc’s mission & story here: ------------------------------------------------ Website Twitter LinkedIn ------------------------------------------------

  7. 2019-04-09 08:51:01

    Vote for Zinc to be part of Ethereum Classic Labs Zinc have an opportunity to be part of Ethereum Classics Labs - which is a blockchain accelrator programme which helps accelerate innovative projects on the Ethereum Classic Blockchain. ( They have just finished one Cohort and are looking for suggested start-ups to join Cohort two this year. Vote for Zinc here:

  8. 2019-04-01 16:41:05

    01/04 PROJECT UPDATE The Zinc blog ✍️ We are thrilled to have built and launched a custom-built Zinc blog. The new blog will host all of our content around best practices and product updates - providing a useful resource for prospective users. This increases Zinc’s brand awareness, SEO and conversion within one domain. Take a look here and let us know what you think: ------------------------------------------------ Text notifications ☎️ Text notifications are now live! When a user (recruiter or candidate) requests a reference, they are now prompted to enter a mobile number for each referee. The referee will now receive a text message with a direct link to provide a reference (fully mobile optimised of course). This will help with the turnaround times of references, which is a big pain point for many recruiters. ------------------------------------------------ Unleash 🗣 Co-founder, Luke Shipley spoke on a panel at Unleash last week (the #1 HR Tech and Future of Work conference for HR leaders in the U.K. and Europe) The panel, talking about how blockchain will impact your business and the potential applications in HR and work was very well received and the two day event proved to be a very fruitful networking opportunity. We have since spoke with two additional ATS’s from the US and are looking at possible integrations. ------------------------------------------------ Blockstack 🏆 For a fourth month in a row, Zinc have been awarded a podium position on Blockstack App Mining. We are honoured to have come third and we thank everyone who voted in the previous rounds. Blockstack who currently work with 3 independent reviewers - Product Hunt, Democracy Earth and Trymyui are introducing a fourth reviewer for Aprils round - Digital Rights which will look at how our login is suited to Blockstack users as well as if we are using Gaia for our storage. We have updated our login and are currently implementing Gaia as a storage solution. We will confirm when this has been deployed. ------------------------------------------------ Website Twitter Telegram ------------------------------------------------

  9. 2019-03-15 16:53:44

    #15/03 PROJECT UPDATE Custom questions ❓ Based on user feedback we deployed custom questions into the reference flow. Users can now customise and save their own set of questions within the 'Account' tab. It's also compatible with our ATS integration - Greenhouse so users can use their own personalised questions (if they so wish). This is the first step towards a fully flexible referencing solution with multiple sets of available question. In the coming months we will be adding different varieties of referencing with a focus on culture-fit and competency information. ------------------------------------------------ Text notifications ☎️ To ensure a quick turnaround for recruiters and candidates, we are implementing an additional way of contacting referees. The updated flow will enable candidates to provide a referees mobile number which will send a notification via text to the referee. We will be deploying this on Monday. ------------------------------------------------ Zinc blog 📝 For the last few weeks we have been working on building a blog that sits within the Zinc website. Unlike our Medium blog, this will provide more in-depth information about Zinc, best practices and product updates. Hosting the content within our domain is good for SEO as well as encouraging users to sign-up within the same environment. We are hoping to deploy the new blog before the next update. ------------------------------------------------ Unleash 🗣 Commencing on Tuesday and Wednesday next week, Unleash is the #1 HR Tech and Future of Work conference for HR leaders in the U.K. and Europe. We are thrilled to confirm that Luke will be speaking on the panel “**Demystifying Blockchain for HR**” on Tuesday. The panel session will discuss how blockchain will impact businesses and the potential applications in HR and work.We will post an update on Tuesday - so keep an eye out! You can find out more information here: ------------------------------------------------ KuCoin update ❗️ Zinc has been delisted from KuCoin. This is due to low volume o n the platform. You can still withdraw your ZINC from Kucoin as and when you like. If you have any questions about this, please ask. We have applied to multiple exchanges over the last few weeks but we don't have an update on any new listings at present. ------------------------------------------------ In the press 🗞 HR Technologist have featured Luke’s article around the Rise of RecOps: ------------------------------------------------ Website Twitter Telegram ------------------------------------------------

  10. 2019-02-24 13:58:49

    #24/02 PROJECT UPDATE New landing pages We mentioned in our last update that we now have a razor-sharp focus on customer acquisition. In this campaign to increase the usage of our referencing and feedback tools we have deployed some targeted landing pages. We have developed various flavours of our referencing tool for building remote teams and hiring for culture fit. We are running Google ad campaign to test out these respective feature hypothesis. Please do get in touch if you know any teams that you think would be interested in these features. - Referencing: - Culture-fit referencing: - Referencing for remote workers: - Referencing for high turnover staff: ------------------------------------------------ Reference Question Generator In line with the campaigns above we have released a reference question generator. We are open sourcing a culture fit reference question generator – Janice. The aim is to encourage better questioning in referencing and inspire new ideas for information to extract. In order to try and better referencing for all. Create your questions here: ------------------------------------------------ Build your profile to earn & withdraw tokens You may or may not remember, last update we announced the ability to withdraw your ZINC tokens from the platform. We have not had nearly enough withdrawals from Zinc yet! If you’re reading this, the most useful thing you can do as a community member is to use Zinc for its intended purpose, by doing this you will spread the word. Start requesting and providing proofs to earn Zinc tokens you can withdraw. You can only withdraw tokens when you have collected 3 references. ------------------------------------------------ KuCoin update As announced on Telegram, ZINC will be no longer be listed on Kucoin from the 1st March. We had until the 15th of February to increase the volume up to 5 BTC per day. We neither had the finances, nor the inclination to take part in any kind of artificial volume increasing activities which is the reason for the withdrawal. You can still withdraw your ZINC from Kucoin as and when you like. If you have any questions about this, please ask. We have applications running at a large number of exchanges that have been requested by our community. If you have a particular preference then please do get in touch. ------------------------------------------------ In the press We were mentioned on one most popular product/startup newsletters around - Nir Eyal featured our ‘Return of referencing’ article in his weekly email newsletter: Zinc was featured in the Recruiter and HR publication HRD connect: Luke has published another article to raise awareness of our culture-fit reference question generator: Perfect your interview process for building remote teams was featured in Startup Grind’s publication: ------------------------------------------------ Blockstack We are thrilled to be listed second in Blockstacks App Mining Program for January - that’s now three months in a row we’ve been in a podium position. Zinc has again been awarded an impressive $16,000 which we will use to further improve the UI & UX of the dApp. If you haven’t checked us out on Blockstack, do so here: ------------------------------------------------

  11. 2019-02-10 11:17:34

    #10/02 PROJECT UPDATE 💪 New website 💻 We are thrilled to unveil our new & improved website. We have stripped the site back, updated the copy and added some custom design & animation. We now have a razor-sharp focus for our referencing and feedback tool which puts us in a nice position to grow the platform. -------------------------------------------------------- Mobile optimised dApp ☎️ We now have a fully mobile optimised application where HR Managers, recruiters and candidates alike can request references, update their profile and share information seamlessly through an optimised flow. -------------------------------------------------------- Payments 👛 We’ve updated the payments page so users can pay for the Startup and Enterprise plans in ZINC tokens directly on the site using a QR code. Simples. Token withdrawal Alongside the payment update, users can now withdraw incentive tokens from Zinc. Referees who share honest and qualitative feedback can choose to use the tokens to collect references or withdraw. You can only withdraw tokens when you have collected 3 references. Token supply Coinmarketcap has officially updated the token and circulating supply. As promised here is the published blog outlining the changes: -------------------------------------------------------- KuCoin update 🗃 As many of you know, we have an ST tag on our token on KuCoin. We have until the 15th of February to increase the volume up to 5 BTC per day. Since a trading competition is not possible we don’t feel this is realistic. We will keep you updated when we have news on new exchanges. -------------------------------------------------------- In the press 🗞 - January update - Luke has published another article which has been featured in the Recruiting Brainfood newsletter. This was the highest viewed article in the newsletter of 10 articles - Background checking global teams -------------------------------------------------------- Ethereum code-up 🖥 We hosted the Ethereum codeup on Tuesday night with Makoto Inoue from Kickback. The CEO from Incentivai did a talk and we networked with developers as well as the CEO of Indorse. of Andrew Spence - a big name in the blockchain/ recruitment space attended. -------------------------------------------------------- Back to- mine — Martin Dangerfield Zinc participated in a highly targeted, intimate in-house recruitment event in the heart of London. It was an all-day affair with lots of opportunities to speak to potential customers and partners. -------------------------------------------------------- Website Twitter Telegram --------------------------------------------------------

  12. 2019-01-25 16:46:39

    #25/01 PROJECT UPDATE 🦄 Blockstack 🏆 We are thrilled to have come second in Blockstacks App Mining Program for January - that’s now two months in a row we’ve been in a podium position. In January Blockstack added another reviewing platform called: Testmyui ( the results of which contributed to our latest success. Zinc has been awarded an impressive $16,000 which we will use to further improve the UI & UX of the dApp. If you haven’t checked out Blockstack, do so here: -------------------------------------------------------- Buidl 🏗 We are nearly finished our two week sprint and will be able to share the fruits 🍉 of our labour next Wednesday which includes: - A fully mobile optimised application - recruits and candidates will be able to request references, watch the demo, update their profile and share information seamlessly through the newly optimised designs. - Token - we will publish an article around these changes but we will be replacing ‘credits’ with tokens next week and implementing a better way for users to pay for the platform in tokens via a QR code. We are also adding a new ‘incentive’ tab within the accounts section which will enable users to withdraw tokens from the platform. Users will only be able to withdraw tokens if they have three verified references on their profile. - An updated recruiter flow - we have added some new functionality to the recruiter demo and potential customers will now be able to book in a call or demo after watching the demo within the app. -------------------------------------------------------- Direct Delta 🗣 Zinc is live on Delta Direct! All our latest updates will now be directly available on @get_delta! Make sure to enable notifications for our Direct updates so you never miss out. Delta Direct delivers trustworthy, transparent & leading edge cryptocurrency information to its users. -------------------------------------------------------- BackToMine - HR event 👯 Zinc participated in a highly targeted, intimate in-house recruitment event yesterday in the heart of London. It was an all-day affair with lots of opportunities to speak to potential customers and partners. We will be looking at attending more events like this throughout the year as well as hosting a couple of our own in March. -------------------------------------------------------- In the press 🗞 - Own it: Identity on the blockchain - Why you’ll start referencing again - Zinc has been listed as a top Greenhouse integration -------------------------------------------------------- Calling all recruiters & HR professionals ❓ Over the last three weeks we have been collecting invaluable feedback regarding the referencing tool. If you know any recruiters or HR professionals at tech scale ups please put us do connect us; Or refer them onto this form: Zinc t-shirts are available for any referrals or anyone that completes the survey. -------------------------------------------------------- KuCoin update 🔈 As many of you know, we have been given an ST on KuCoin. We have until the middle of February to increase our volume otherwise we risk being delisted. We are in close talks with KuCoin and will update the community next week regarding a trading competition. -------------------------------------------------------- Website Twitter Telegram

  13. 2019-01-13 16:14:51

    11/01 PROJECT UPDATE 🚀 New login 🔑 Based on previous feedback from decentralised users we prioritised the login to ensure we have a more streamlined flow. Essentially we have custom-built a new form using Auth-0 which enables users to login using their preferred favourite platform - from Google to Blockstack! We have deployed this, please let us know your feedback and thoughts on this cruciual part of the flow. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Custom questions ❓ On request by multiple customers we have added custom questions into our reference flow. This is a premium feature only available for users on Professional & Enterprise plans. The ability to add custom reference questions to create bespoke forms has come up time and time again. This is now running in production as of last week. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Mobile optimisation ☎️ We have made very good progress with optimising the app on mobile. Some elements have been implemented already such as the menu bar and the account page. We are still fine-tuning the profile page as we were not happy with the first iteration and will hopefully be able to share this with you after the next sprint. -------------------------------------------------------------------- New Member of Zinc 😁 We are thrilled to announce our new Head of Growth and Partnerships, Stefan van der Fluit. Stefan has founded two HRTech startups and helped grow Facebook’s Workplace product. Stefan competes on the ironman circuit in his spare time and is Cambridge university alumni. Stefan has made a big impact already, in week 1 - we’re delighted to have him on board. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Google design sprint 👩‍🎨 To welcome Stefan to the team we ran a Google design sprint. We got back to basics answering why we’re passionate about these solving problems in work & hiring, why we are kept up at night thinking and working through weekends. We’re building a best in class never seen before piece of software and we hungry to take our platform to the next level. defined a hypothesis statement, built a prototype and took it to customers for feedback. All in 1 week! The week brought clarity to our vision, our hypothesis and where we can be unbeatable. Look out for the results of the sprint impacting Zinc soon! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Calling all recruiters & HR professionals 🗣 We’ve been going out to market to collect fresh market research and feedback. If you know any recruiters or HR professionals at tech scale ups please put us do connect us; Or refer them onto this form: Zinc t-shirts are available for any referrals or anyone that completes the survey. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Proof Leaderboard 🏆 We’re aware that many of our community members don’t have data on their Zinc profiles. Bizzare I know! Our bounty campaign to build your profile has now expired. So we have a new incentive to request and provide proofs. We’ll be running a competition, awarding the top proof receiver and provider for the remainder of January. We’ll awarding Zinc t-shirts to the top 3 finishers plus $200 to the winner of each category. Building your Zinc profile and providing feedback is the most useful thing you can do as a community member. This brings more people into the network and you get a verified work profile too. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Website Twitter Telegram Reddit --------------------------------------------------------------------

  14. 2018-12-21 16:13:42

    🦄 #21/12 BI-WEEKLY PROJECT UPDATE 🦄 Zinc has been listed as one of the Top Ranked Blockstack Apps 🚀 We are ecstatic - this is a massive stamp of approval from various sources further validating Zinc as a dApp for the future. Rankings were determined according to the App Mining algorithm which uses scores from independent app reviewers from Product Hunt and Democracy Earth. Poll places were determined on a variety of things which makes this so exciting. Product Hunt judges gave Zinc a team score - which is determined by internal team members conducting reviews on different aspects of an app. Democracy Earth voters and judges gave the dApps a “likability score” of 90 and a “traction score”, which ranks how many total votes (including downvotes) an app received, relative to other apps. As part of the mining Zinc has been awarded $12,800 - an impressive amount which we will use towards further improving the dApp. You can find out more information here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Product Hunt - 6th ranked in the day! 😺 Product Hunt ( is the place to find the best new products in tech. They have a massive trove of user data (upvotes, comments, etc), that they use for ranking. Zinc achieved a very respectable score of 305 upvotes last Tuesday. We saw a huge uplift in traffic to the site and lots of user sign-ups. Having a presence on PH is very important and whilst it provides immediate brand exposure it also serves as a long-term trust validator for people researching Zinc in the future. It’s not too late to show your support. Visit our listing here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buidl 🏗 It’s been another packed 2 weeks and we have achieved a lot in a short space of time! Based on user feedback we have made some UI & UX changes to the login-flow by removing one of the screens and consolidating the choices. This has been finished but it will go into our 4 week deployment at the start of Jan! Another bit of work which has been finished and adds to the candidate journey is our GitHub integration - enabling users to link their GitHub account and extract a summary of their validated skills onto their Zinc profile. We will also enable a ranking system within the platform to encourage a bit of healthy competition between users on Zinc! Mobile optimisation for the candidate journey has already begun and we hope to show you the fruits of our labour on the 3rd Jan - some of the team are working throughout Christmas to ensure it’s complete. We have also just scoped out a new bit of functionality to the reference flow to enable users to add custom questions to the form - we hope to show you this in early January as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the press 🗞 More great press - Perfect your interview process Part 2 in this series was featured in Recruiting Brainfood, a weekly newsletter sent to just shy of 10k relevant users. We've since caught up with Hung who was very pleased with the amount of traction this topic received. You can view the article in the newsletter here: - Startup In Review: Zinc | Automated Hiring Tools To Empower Applicants ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Happy Christmas & thank you! 🎄

  15. 2018-12-11 09:43:36

    😺 Zinc is LIVE on Product Hunt 😺 Check out our profile and show your support! 🙌 ---> <---

  16. 2018-12-03 22:17:00

    ⚡️ #03/12 BI-WEEKLY PROJECT UPDATE ⚡️ ————————————————————————————————- Token update: token burn 🔥 As requested by community members, we have burnt 50% of the unsold tokens form the first Crowdsale in January. There were 2.24m unsold tokens. Yesterday, the 2nd of December 1,120,000 ZINC tokens were sent to the ENS burn address ( We’ve contacted CMC to ensure everything is official and recorded. The remaining 1,120,000 ZINC tokens will be used to supplement exchanges listing if the opportunity arises for a top 10 centralised exchange 👍 Update from CMC: "In your case, your new total supply comes out to 22,879,999 ZINC due to the token burn, and circulating supply comes out to 3,370,358 ZINC as per our grading rubric. This will be reflected on our site shortly." ———————————————————————————————— Blockstack 🦄 We are thrilled to announce that we have fully integrated with Blockstack - an ecosystem that gives you control over your fundamental digital rights: Identity, data-ownership, privacy, and security. A great alternative to logging in with MetaMask, Blockstack perfectly aligns with our values 👏 ———————————————————————————————— We need you - Blockstack App Mining 🏅 As part of the integration with Blockstack, we have also entered into App Mining which is essentially a competition for early-stage innovative dApps to earn Bitcoin each month. Zinc has qualified for the first round and we are now in the review stage. This comprises of two third party reviewers - Product Hunt and Democracy Earth. ———————————————————————————————— Product Hunt 😺 ( is the place to find the best new products in tech. They have a massive trove of user data (upvotes, comments, etc), that they use for ranking. Product Hunt comes up with two different scores for each app — a “community” score and a “team” score. Product Hunt Community score We will be ‘hunted’ next Tuesday. The more upvotes a business gets, the better it ranks during the day and the more exposure you get - product of the day/ week/ month etc. Companies are strictly not allowed to ask for upvotes so we can’t do that but we will provide more information about our listing and share it when it goes live. We hope everyone will support us. Product Hunt Team score Product Hunt judges will also give Zinc a team score - which is determined by internal team members conducting reviews on different aspects of an app. Democracy Earth 🌏 Democracy Earth is a platform for borderless peer-to-peer democracy. They’ve built a platform that anyone can use to gather votes in a trust-less, decentralized way. Democracy Earth has built a platform for Stacks token holders to vote on how apps should be ranked. Each token holder gets a certain number of votes, and they can distribute those votes however they want. It’s possible to give all of your votes to a single app, and you can also “downvote” an app with one of your votes. After a voting period, each app has a certain amount of upvotes and downvotes. First, we calculate the percentage of total votes that are upvotes. If you got 90 upvotes and 10 downvotes, you’d get a “likability score” of 90. Secondly, we calculate a “traction score”, which ranks how many total votes (including downvotes) an app received, relative to other apps. And about the ranking algorithm here: You can find out more information about app mining in general here: The top app gets paid 20% of the total pot. So, for a pot of $100k, the top app receives $20,000 USD The next app gets paid 20% of the remaining pot. The remaining pot is $80k, and 20% of that is $16,000. This process continues until every app has been paid.

  17. 2018-11-17 10:56:17

    #16/11 BI-WEEKLY PROJECT UPDATE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Buidl 🏗 As requested by some early customers, we were thrilled to deploy a brand feature last week - ID checks. Bolstering our hiring toolset and allowing companies to collect “proof of right to work data” in a decentralised fashion. Most importantly letting applicants own the proof afterwards so it can be reused on other web3 apps and throughout the rest of their careers. This is a big step forwards being one of the first of it’s kind mainnet national ID decentralised identity apps. But also in the versatility and value of building your decentralised work ID on Zinc. It’s clear to see how this national ID proof can be ported and reused used across a wide range of applications. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Build your MV-Zinc Work-ID for 30 tokens 🙌 We’ve launched our latest campaign on bounties network to encourage workers to build their work ID: We had a great response in our community during the testing iterations in the summer. We funded eah account with 30 Zinc tokens to get users started building their work ID’s. However the usage of these tokens for collecting work data was disappointing. We had a few requests to withdraw these funds without trying out the system - which missed the point of the testing 🙂 We want to reward those people that have been using the platform for its intended purpose and are offering to pay the tokens back to users who have collected 3 pieces of work data. It’s not too late if you haven’t started either, see the full instructions here; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vote 🗳 By popular demand, we held a vote 3 days ago regarding the 2.24m unsold tokens from the Crowdsale in January. The options were to burn, freeze or use the tokens to supplement an exchange listing. We are speaking with Clearpoll regarding the validity of the vote and will come back as soon as we have more information. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Devcon4 Bounties 🦄 It was very pleasing to see some credible figures in the community come back for their second and third work proofs, to build out their decentralised work identity. We had 43 submissions to our bounty. We were able to do some extensive user research following the conference, interviewing attendees and organisations at the event. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Website 💻 We have been hard at work on the design & copy for the new landing pages and we hope to share this with you early next week. We have also started on two new product pages for the main website - one for referencing and one for ID checks. These pages will provide more insight into the features, explaining why they’re useful as well as a step by step process of how to get the most out of it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PR & content 🗞 Despite a lack of content over the last couple of weeks, we have been working away! We will be sharing content from Forbes in the next update as well as a couple of other links from HR related media. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Website * Twitter * Telegram * Reddit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  18. 2018-11-13 16:21:51

    Have your say 🗳 What would you like to do with the unsold tokens from the January Crowdsale? Here are the options for the 2.24m tokens: - Burn - Cold storage - Supplement exchange listings (we have taken these options from community feedback over the last week) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vote using this link on clearpoll: The voting will end in 3 days time. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

  19. 2018-11-03 18:16:11

    🕺 #03/11 BI-WEEKLY PROJECT UPDATE 🕺 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ October update 🎃 October was again a very productive month for Zinc. We’ve listed below some of the key points from the last two weeks, but you can read the whole feature here if you haven't already 💪: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Buidl 🏗 As well as finalising the payment solution and the MetaMask update (mentioned below) the team took on another meaty technical sprint with the implementation of a new feature - Document ID checks Whilst we still have a week left in the sprint, and some of the tech guys were at Devcon (mentioned below) we are making good progress and set to meet our two-week objectives. Adding another hiring tool to Zinc will broaden the appeal of the platform. Validating candidate identity and right to work is a vital step in the recruitment process. Zinc will make ID checking faster and easier for employers, while giving candidates a verified right to work proof that they can use throughout their career. We will send the new feature in the next update. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Payment solution 👛 After much consideration, research and consultation, we decided to implement a freemium subscription payment plan which can be paid for in tokens and fiat. Using a credit system in app to simply the UX for users. Recruiters and companies hiring can sign-up to Zinc and try it out for free, enabling them to test the platform, request up to 3 references per month. After this is used up, recruiters can opt to sign-up for the Startup or Enterprise plan, choosing to pay in fiat or ZINC tokens. The monthly subscription will enable them to conduct 20 or 50 references (plan dependent), and very shortly this will include ID checks. The credits can be used across the platform and one reference and one ID check will cost 10 credits each. This offers maximum flexibility where a user can choose where to use their credits each month. We were clear from the beginning that empowering workers was a fundamental objective. For this reason, we’ve incorporated a free version into the platform so workers can collect data about themselves, building out a decentralised identity they can keep for the rest of their career. We are still making changes to the payments flow and have some design changes to implement next month — we’ll include this in November’s monthly update. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MetaMask 🦊 As you might have heard, MetaMask has been working on some updates to improve the privacy features within their platform. The changes took place yesterday (Friday 2nd Nov) so we planned ahead and implemented changes to ensure a decentralized users flow won’t be interrupted and they can log in seamlessly as usual. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Devcon4 🦄 Zinc attended DevCon 4 this week as an Olympic Community Sponsor. DevCon (which sold out each ticket wave in minutes) is undoubtedly the biggest event in the Ethereum calendar and we were thrilled to have a presence at this momentous event. Luke, George and Sanjeev from the team flew out to Prague Monday and it’s proved to be a very busy, insightful and productive week for us. Devcon4 Bounties

  20. 2018-10-21 13:25:35

    🦄 #21/10 BI-WEEKLY PROJECT UPDATE 🦄 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zinc is a FORBES contributor 🗞 We have some VERY exciting news to share..... As you know media and thought-leadership coverage plays a very important role in our marketing strategy, and as such have spent a lot of time nurturing relationships with journalists and influencers and our hard work is paying off. We are thrilled to announce that Co-founder, Luke will be a regular Forbes contributor to the crypto & blockchain section(, submitting 5 articles per month. This is an amazing opportunity for Zinc and will give us substantial brand exposure in a relevant field. In case you were wondering...despite working with Naeem Aslam (an advisor at Forbes) as an advisor during the Crowdsale, this opportunity did not come through him and was acheived through hard work building relationships with the right people. This is not an easy feat and there are hundreds of people on the waitlist for this. We have been very busy the last couple of weeks writing the first months articles as well as producing a comprehensive content calendar. We will be able to start sharing the fruits of our labour in the coming weeks. A bit about Forbes. Forbes is a global media company, focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle. ranks 151 out of all the websites in the US and 457 worldwide. Forbes receives over 100 million views per month on average and is listed number 4 in their category for news and media. Have a look at some of the impressive statistics here: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buidl 🗃 🏗 For the last two weeks the team have been working on implementing the payment solution which we hope to reveal by the end of the week. To give you a bit of early insight, the workers that Zinc will be empowering, we will not be charged any fees. We are implementing a freemium Saas platform where workers can request references to build out their decentralised identity. Additionally, we have continued to work on the decentralised login, ensuring that impending changes to MetaMask won’t impinge on our decentralised user flow. The additional tooltips have also been implemented and we hope to reveal the new welcome screen within the app by the end of the week. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Third party integrations 🔗 We are thrilled to announce that we have nearly integrated with Workable. We are finishing the testing today/tomorrow and we should be able to publish the listing in the next update. This will provide another customer acquisition channel and expose Zinc to more opportunities within the hiring sector. Who are Workable? Workable puts enterprise-level recruiting technology into the hands of small and medium-size businesses to find and land top talent. For hiring managers and recruiters, Workable's intuitive recruiting technology feeds the talent pipeline through more effective sourcing. For hiring teams it provides collaborative tools, intelligent reporting and a better candidate experience. Based in Boston with offices in London and Athens, Greece. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DevCon 4 🦄

  21. 2018-10-05 11:28:44

    🙌 #05/10 BI-WEEKLY PROJECT UPDATE 🙌 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- September update Last month was a massive month for Zinc. See how everything unfolded here: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zinc in the press 🗞 We’ve had some really good coverage this week: Zinc has been nominated for the National Online Recruitment Awards in the best innovation category alongside the likes of Google for jobs. This is a great accolade and one which we did not apply for ourselves. HRTechnologyNews: Revealed: Our top HR Tech picks for October: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Third party integrations 🔗 We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully integrated with Greenhouse, and our profile is now live within their app. We will be releasing a press release with Greenhouse in the coming months. Customers of Greenhouse can now validate their candidates skills easily through Zinc. We can be found within the partners page: What is an applicant tracking system? An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a softwareapplication that enables the electronic handling of recruitment needs. An ATS can be implemented or accessed online on an enterprise or small business level, depending on the needs of the company and there is also free and open source ATS software available. Who are Greenhouse? Based in New York City and San Francisco, Greenhouse Software is the fastest-growing provider of enterprise talent acquisition software. Thousands of the smartest and most successful companies like Cisco Meraki, Time Inc., and Airbnb use Greenhouse's intelligent guidance to design and automate all aspects of hiring throughout their organizations, helping them compete and win for top talent. Greenhouse has won numerous awards including #1 Best Place to Work by Glassdoor, Forbes Cloud 100, and Talent Acquisition FrontRunner leader by Software Advice. To learn more, visit -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Influencers 📹 --> CryptoBlood has featured Zinc! The sound is a little low, so please turn it up on your computer. (This is an unpaid interview) In case you hadn’t seen them, we were featured in some YouTube videos over the last few weeks. --> KenTheCrypto: --> CryptoMirage: --> dApp University: --> Crypto Blood: --> Cryptopedia: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buidl 🏗 We have also been working on our own Block Explorer, which is essentially a UI to the claims attested on Zinc. View it here: We have been working hard on some updates to the decentralised login to ensure that any impending updates to MetaMask won’t impinge on our decentralised user flow. We have also been making improvements to the overall recruiter journey, adding in tooltips where information was lacking. We have also been working on a new welcome page within the app to demonstrate the clear actions a user can take. Looking ahead, we have an ambitious pipeline of work and intend to tackle the payments solution and implementing ID checks over the next couple of months.

  22. 2018-09-28 18:10:39

    #28/09 WEEKLY PROJECT UPDATE Zinc in the press 🗞 We’ve had some really good coverage since the launch of the product. UKTN Zinc were featured on the front of the UKTN news section for the article: 5 tips for hiring a top tech team We had another hit for the launch press release last week (making 5 in total!) 📣 We have been offered a VERY exciting opportunity to be a contributor on an internationally recognised media company focusing on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle. We hope to share more on this in next week's update when the details have been finalised. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Content 😸 We continue to produce technical content for the community. Have a read of the latest articles we’ve published: We’ve had some great exposure from being an official dApp at ETHBerlin and as such have had over 150 attendees create their decentralised identity and collect a work proof through Zinc. Have a read of this on-chain identity article Luke published: - The real cost of on-chain identity - A journey to mainnet ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Influencers 📹 In case you hadn’t seen them, we were featured in some YouTube videos over the last 2 weeks. Here's a recap: - KenTheCrypto - CryptoMirage - dApp University - Crypto Blood - Cryptopedia Luke also spoke with Natu Myers, a Unifii reporter on a podcast and it was published to the gated website ( last week and blasted out on their email list of thousands of investors. We have spoken again with Crypto Love ❤️ (!) and hope to share that content next couple of weeks alongside another podcast. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Customer support is key ⚡️ We've been working on a new FAQ page for the website to help answer any questions users may have. Have a look here: We are working on an automated chatbot and customer service feature to help onboard users and assist with any questions in a smooth and timely manner. This will be implemented into the platform on Monday - look out for the chatbot on the bottom right of the screen! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buidl 🏗 Since the launch of the product last week we’ve been working on improving some of the current features and implementing the additional customer support mentioned above. All of the changes have been made and we’ll be looking at designing and building the background checks into the platform by the middle of October. On top of this, we have also been working on a own block explorer, which is essentially a UI to the claims attested on Zinc. We will be launching this in the next release planned for Monday. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Website Twitter Telegram Reddit

  23. 2018-09-17 16:21:39

    🙌 #17/09 WEEKLY PROJECT UPDATE 🙌 📣 Zinc is LIVE & available to the public, from today 📣 We are thrilled to announce our launch onto the Mainnet. As many of you will know, this is a significant milestone for Zinc and a huge step towards achieving our vision for interoperable, decentralised identities. Following beta tests with GoCardless and, we have had great pre-launch feedback with Kieran Dodd at describing Zinc as a ‘user friendly piece of software’ and Alexandra Kelly, a veteran in the world of referencing, claiming Zinc to be ‘a great innovation in the industry.’ Have a read here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zinc in the press 🗞 We’ve had some really good coverage since the press release went out this morning. Have a read here: - Recruiter - OnRec - HR Technologist - Crypto News Review ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Influence 📹 Zinc has also been featured in some YouTube influencer videos. Have a watch here: - dApp university: - Crypto Blood: - Cryptopedia: We will have a few more videos & podcasts over the coming weeks so stay tuned. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- New website 🖥 We have a fresh new look. Complete with Zinc's signature branding, bespoke animation, and targeted copy, the new homepage is now live. We look forward to welcoming both recruiters and candidates onto the platform as we start to populate the Zinc ecosystem: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- User help If you’re unsure on what to do, have a read of these articles: - A workers guide to collecting a reference with Zinc: - Collecting a work proof with Zinc - A recruiters guide to referencing a candidate with Zinc ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Great feedback 😁 We’ve had some great responses from the feedback during community testing. Here are the results: 81% of users rated the product 8 out of 10 or above 78% of users rated the design & UX 8 out of 10 or above 70% of users said they would use the platform in the future 83% of users said that platform was easy or very easy to use We really appreciate everyone who took the time to try out the platform. We are reviewing the open-ended suggestions and we will be implementing changes over the coming months - you will be notified or big innovations and product innovations along the way. The SWAG competition is now closed and we have picked 5 winners at random! Please check your email later on today to see if you’re a lucky winner. T-shirts will be sent out within the next 4 weeks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bug Bounties 🐞 Thanks for the submissions to our smart contract and UI bug bounties. They are closing this week so make sure you have a look. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  24. 2018-09-08 14:19:14

    🚀 #08/09 WEEKLY PROJECT UPDATE ~ Mainnet, Community testing, User Airdrop & SWAG giveaway! 🚀 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ⚡️**Zinc is LIVE on Mainnet ** ⚡️ We are thrilled to announce our launch onto the Mainnet. As many of you will know, this is a significant milestone for Zinc and a huge step towards achieving our vision for interoperable, decentralised identities. Have a read here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🇩🇪 Why don’t you prove it? Zinc launches first ‘work proof’ at ETHBerlin 🇩🇪 We launched the first in our portfolio of ‘work proof’ tools at ETHBerlin. Zinc’s new ‘work proof’ is a real-time way for instructors and course leaders to award attendees with proof of their attendance and level of engagement. Have a read here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👥 Community testing is LIVE 👥 We’ve decided to do community testing for a few reasons: - Exclusivity to you, our community ~ we want to thank you for your dedication & patience over the last few months. We hope you’ll enjoy testing out the platform for the first time. - Feedback ~ we value your opinion. We’d love to hear your thoughts, suggestions or problems so we can buidl the best product possible. We will read each and every suggestion given — your voice is important to us. - Software debugging ~to prevent and/or squash bugs in the software. To start testing head over to ❓**Testing help** ❓ If you’re unsure on what to do, have a read of these articles: - A workers guide to collecting a reference with Zinc - Collecting a work proof with Zinc - A recruiters guide to referencing a candidate with Zinc ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🐛 Bug Bounties 🐞 We are also holding 2 bug bounties which are live at the moment: Smart Contract Bug Bounty UI Bug Bounty ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🎽 Feedback for SWAG 👕 Your feedback is invaluable to us. After testing the platform, fill in this short survey and let us know what you think. Leave your email at the end of the survey to enter the SWAG competition. Lucky winners will be selected at random and announced on Monday 17th September. Here’s the link: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🎊 User-base Airdrop ~ 30 ZINC Tokens for the first 10k users 🎊 This is not your everyday ‘Airdrop’. This is our user-base airdrop, specifically designed to encourage early adoption, community engagement and user feedback. The first 10k users to sign up will be gifted with 30 ZINC tokens. One reference will cost 10 ZINC Tokens. For now all work proofs are free. For now, all tokens are locked in the account for users to start building their decentralised identity. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💻 IPFS 💻 If you have an IPFS + Ethereum Stack this is well worth a read. Ali has written an interesting article about how to use it . Have a read here: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------