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Last updated Wednesday January 19, 2022

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Telegram Crypto Group AceD Hyper Deflationary [BUSD Rewards] Crypto Sportsbook and Casino
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Dear AceD community,
Welcome to our Official Telegram Group. We're glad you joined.

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over 2 years AGO
  1. 2019-09-02 15:49:15

    Hello everybody, We hope you are doing well! We are happy to see all of you enjoy our Discord Bets! After a lot of hard work, we want to introduce our new AceD-Discord-Stakingpool, you can access to it directly through Discord. You have to register with the bot first, you can do this by ?startstaking The command ?stakinghelp sends you a direct message with all the informations you need to stake on our pool. Make sure to join our Discord guys! Lets stake some AceD ;)

  2. 2019-07-17 20:14:39

    AceD Community, Today we are introducing an additional member redparrot-AceD to our development team! redparrot-AceD skillset: in JavaScript, c++, and html, php, smartcontracts (5 years javascript) redparrot-AceD will be working with us on completing AceD Poker, Project Moon, and future AceD games for the gaming hub. Let’s give redparrot-AceD a warm welcome to the AceD community!

  3. 2019-07-14 17:40:49

    AceD Community, After months of planning and hard work behind the scene, we're proud to announce the release of AceD Poker (currently in beta phase). Users will have table options to buy-in! Low Table 200/400 AceD Low Table 1,000/2,000 mBTC High Table 1,000/2,000 AceD Online Multi-Crypto poker platform - AceD Poker PLAY ON THE GO! Users will be able to compete against other players online not only through their computers but also through their mobile devices! 24/7 Live Chat Feature! Live chat for users will be available soon! Keep in mind that this is currently in beta. For any questions regarding AceD, feel free to contact the team on Discord. AceD Masternode Holders' Reward! Are you a masternode holder? 10% of the rake collected from Poker tables will be distributed to all AceD Masternode Holders on a weekly basis. Daily Tournaments! Daily Guaranteed Tournaments give you a chance to win big prizes every single day of the week. Sit N Go, Masternode and GTD. We will be working every day on improving this platform to ensure users will have a fun and safe experience. Thanks for your support! *Note: Please do not make any transfers/depos!ts Accounts are credited with play money AceD/mB***

  4. 2019-03-24 00:53:00

    @everyone Good day AceD Attention all AceD Masternode Holders! The Alpha phase of AceD Poker 2.0 is getting closer and closer. Along with some of the exciting new features of AceD Poker 2.0, we have an exciting new benefit for MasterNode holders that we’re sure AceD investors will love. MasterNode holders will now get a “piece of the pie” when it comes to AceD Poker 2.0. Here’s how: • 10% of the rake collected from Poker tables will be distributed to all AceD masternode holders on a weekly basis. • The weekly 10% rake amount will be posted in a designated channel on discord. • The AceD team will market buy $AceD on exchanges and then proceed to distribute to all masternode holders. (Initially the rake will be collected in BTC as we make our poker system AceD compatible.) At AceD we love our community and want to thank them for their ongoing support. This is just one of the ways we came up with to achieve that. Go AceD!

  5. 2019-02-27 09:52:38

    @everyone Congrats AceD Community - AceD Staking is LIVE on HOTDEX! Minimum requirement to stake: 1k AceD in order book/balance and a minimum of 1 coin in available balance. Exchange is on the latest v2.0 daemon and will be live throughout the hard fork. Visit 🍻

  6. 2019-02-26 20:56:49

    @everyone Dear AceD Fam, The old 2.0 wallets had an outdated version of the Stake Miner. If you want to receive stakes, update your wallet to the new stakefix version posted here MN owners don't have to update.

  7. 2019-02-24 18:39:03

    @everyone We got some news for you on discord today :) #1.) The AceD Team would like to introduce the new AceD Poker platform, now in the works! As with the first iteration of AceD Streaming, we learned a lot from our first release of poker. We collected all feedback and we are going to build a more comfortable game for our next release. Some things you can expect are: - Compatability with any device, Woohoo! - More user friendly interface - Full player statistics - Chat system - Unlimited tables - Ability for AceD team to rent out tables to other cryptocurrency projects for a set fee; a great way to increase our visibility! - Tournament organization With these features we will be able to compete with the big players like WSOP Poker or PokerStars. Stay posted for development updates! #2.) There has been a lot of excitement with the recent news of AceD Streaming and AceD Poker updates. We just want to let the community know a few other things we are currently working on. - HotDex exchange will soon allow staking of AceD (if you prefer, over Cryptoshark's successful system). - Bug fixes and a couple new features in the AceD wallet. - We have begun designing some AceD merchandise to be sold through an online store. Show your support for us AND look cool doing it! We are really enjoying the community activity lately. We would like to welcome all of our newcomers to AceD!

  8. 2019-02-21 14:27:04

    @everyone AceD is heating up! The AceD team has some exciting news! After interviewing 6 development teams we have chosen who will go forward as our AceD Streaming developer! We will be working alongside a team with very useful past experience including cryptocurrency exchange platform coding, cryptocurrency wallets, game emulators, and anti-malware systems. We are fully confident they will exceed our expectations, but what will this mean for you? STREAMING IS COMING BACK! We have gathered mountains of feedback on AceD Streaming 1.0 and we are going into the next release ready for anything. This is just the beginning. Strap on your spacesuits. We are in for a ride.

  9. 2018-12-27 12:20:58

    @everyone The new AceD website is scheduled for completion by the end of next week! The website includes an updated roadmap and a look into the AceD team's goals. We are almost done with a complete revamp of the Bitcointalk Announcement thread. Our new thread will be kept much more organized and up to date. Rest assured, we will be making all relative news and updates known in a timely manner. In the meantime, play World of Warcraft with the team and other community members in the brand new Offical AceD guild! US Sargeras Alliance DM @Kaz-AceD if you have any questions, would like to join, or are interested in a guild leadership position.

  10. 2018-11-19 01:54:30

    @everyone We are now in RPG BETA phase with most major bugs currently patched as of 9/18/2018. We are still looking for more beta testers, so please DM @MaGe-AceD or @AceD-MCLXI to join - you will receive a BRONZE star for your contribution. Did you know there is a rare long-range spear that doubles the size of your melee hitbox?

  11. 2018-11-15 17:11:27

    @everyone We will be starting the ALPHA testing phase of our new MMORPG game. 7 Spots open for community members, please DM MaGe AceD if you're interested. First come first serve basis, seeking active community members! Snacks and Drinks will NOT be provided but maybe a testers bounty? 😂 Don't count on it. Thank you everyone. - #soonmoon

  12. 2018-11-09 16:40:31

    @everyone Please vote on the proposal in #aced-proposals (in aced discord)to change the currency of AceD Poker from AceD to cAceD Audio effects are being added to our new game. Can you guess what it is? AceD Staking Pool #Total paid out = 298.038296 AceD Casino Stake #Total paid out = 203.521600

  13. 2018-11-01 03:49:46

    @everyone Everyone, let's get some votes in at EvoNodes to get AceD listed! -TOP 3 coins will be listed. -You have to register an account, very quick process. - You can vote once every 24hrs. Let's prove we have the best community!

  14. 2018-10-29 10:59:58

    @everyone Please vote in #future-poker-coin-listing AceD Staking Pool #Total paid out = 301.900609 Casino Stakers #Total paid out = 223.177600

  15. 2018-10-28 23:28:08

    @everyone In the best interest of our poker players and the community, it is clear that the majority wish to reduce the casino rake to 2%. As of now, the poker code has been lowered to a 2% rake. money_split = math.floor((*0.98) / len(winners))

  16. 2018-10-26 22:13:07

    @everyone AceD has been ENABLED on Cryptobridge. Happy Trading!

  17. 2018-10-24 02:04:27

    @everyone The AceD Casino is down around 500 AceD since yesterday due to one person winning almost 5x his initial deposit into AceD Blackjack There has been speculation that this mysterious person is also a casino investor - as he would get his cash back even if he lost to regamble in blackjack! AceD Web Wallet Staking Pool: #Total paid out = 207.622313 Poker release coming in 0-2 days.

  18. 2018-10-22 19:49:40

    @everyone GitHub is back online. Please download the latest wallets here: As you can see, 98% of masternodes have received at least one payment!

  19. 2018-10-21 13:29:32

    @everyone The Web Wallet has been re-enabled and has been converted into a staking pool! You will now receive daily payouts, no matter how much AceD you deposit.

  20. 2018-10-18 11:11:47

    @everyone The AceD Web Wallet at will automatically stake your balance for you if you don’t want to leave your computer on.

  21. 2018-10-15 12:02:35

    @everyone Tests have been going well on PoS. Dev is still fixing a small bug in the masternode setup, so we are planning Thursday or Friday for the final fork. As the dev is busy with the blockchain code, AceD Vault rewards will be delayed until the fork is finished - they will be sent in one lump sum at the end of this week. Thank you for your support and patience!

  22. 2018-10-11 22:18:25

    @everyone The house is up 334 AceD. Rewards are currently being paid out. Poker is undergoing a graphics update to make the interface more user-friendly and professional.

  23. 2018-10-10 03:54:42

    @everyone The house is up 203 AceD. Rewards have been paid out. One investor is taking nearly 40% of the investors share of profit! Poker has been completed and is in the final stages of testing by the team - it should be clear who to watch out for at launch!

  24. 2018-10-08 23:18:50

    @everyone The house is up 305 AceD. Rewards will be paid out later today. Tests have been going well on poker. We are polishing the frontend graphics for release. There will be two variants of poker: Texas Hold 'Em and a Traditional 5 Card poker. Up to ten players will be supported in a game of Texas [Hodl] 'Em and a maximum of five for 5-card poker.

  25. 2018-10-06 10:36:15

    @everyone Casino stake rewards have been paid out. There is a total of 5000.86 $ACH invested in the current program with one investor holding 60% of the stake. All $ACH balances will be converted to ACED after the refund period has ended at a rate of 5x your AceD Cash balance. The Aced Vault website is currently located at Investors may still deposit and purchase Casino Stake packages with AceD.

  26. 2018-10-05 11:08:34

    @everyone AceD Community, We have been hard at work trying to find a resolution to recent price dumps. There will be some big changes coming soon for AceD that will create a more attractive environment for prospecting investors. First, we are changing from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake. We do not have a sufficient mining community to warrant any more rewards to go to miners. As it stands, a very small amount of hash power is needed to earn a sizeable portion of the mining block reward. Some miners found ways to exploit the low volume of AceD. This translated to frequent dumps. It is not healthy for the project to continue with this. Proof-of-Stake(POS) will offer a block reward of 4 ACED per block to be split among all staked wallets based upon their ‘weight’, or how many coins they hold. POS will provide us with a more stable and secure blockchain.

  27. 2018-10-03 20:59:08

    @everyone game_die At last, we have the cure to your gambling itch. Introducing AceD Scratchers, with prizes of 100, 1000, and even 10,000 AceD! Each card is 5 AceD per scratch. Play here at:

  28. 2018-10-03 04:48:05

    @everyone 10/2's daily report: acedcash The House is up 115 AceD. Casino staking rewards have been paid out moneybag AceDAce Scratch cards at 99% completion. Release is scheduled in the next 24 hours. Jointherevolution Our volume has steadily climbed to over 2 BTC. New investors are coming in!

  29. 2018-10-02 13:32:10

    @everyone ACED deposits and withdrawals have been enabled on Cryptobridge. 🚀

  30. 2018-10-02 03:35:18

    @everyone Latest update from Cryptobridge team, deposits/withdrawals will be enabled within the next 12 hours.