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Last updated Sunday December 16, 2018

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  1. 2018-12-06 15:17:44

    Hi all! Recently, I got tired by switching between a number of crypto exchanges and wasting time and money on scattered crypto trading tools. And a month ago, I came across Kattana - a desktop crypto-trading terminal that allows to trade on multiple crypto-exchanges from one app and has the tools that cover the whole workflow of a trader in one place, from market analysis to measuring trading performance. The terminal is in beta right now, but it looks really cool and promising. I’ve found these benefits to be a game changer for my crypto-trading experience: 1. Being a desktop-based app, Kattana is completely secure. Your API keys are stored locally, on your device only. 2. Kattana has a fully customizable interface. You can save your custom layouts that suits your trading needs best. Moreover, it works perfect with 2+ monitors. 3. The terminal offers a unique feature: it calculates your actual trading performance as compared to a benchmark index. It shows whether your trading is better than a regular buy&hold strategy. 4. The app works with Binance, Bittrex and HitBTC. The team also plans to add more exchanges in the nearest future. 5. Kattana is absolutely FREE. The app has some minor cons as well, but the team is very responsive and improves the product with a lightning speed. For instance, they didn’t have a Windows version of the terminal at the moment of start, but it was launched this morning 😱. Coming from a successful crypto hedge-fund, the team knows what they are doing. So, I definitely urge you to try Kattana! You can download Kattana and improve your trading experience here:

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