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Last updated Sunday October 13, 2019

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Telegram Crypto Group EINAX EXCHANGE
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9 months AGO
  1. 2019-01-09 06:34:07 Announcement: BTC deposits and withdrowals are now live. We are actively seeking for Ethereum based projects to get listed at our platform. Our team is now actively working on Stellar, WAVES, TRON, EOS and other blockchains integration. Dear Einax users and token developers! We have opened separate telegram group to support token developers at If you have any technical questions or need for coding expertise or advise feel free to join - we are always open to support you and your project! Einax v0.2.31 update is live. This update includes: - BTC deposits and withdrowals - Bug fixes 1. Live Markets are available at 2. To list your ERC-20 token please send us listing request at Please attach your website link, etherscan link, and logo of your project. To get listed your token must: - Be ERC-20 compatible - Have total supply less then 1 000 000 000 (we are no longer accept tokens with huge total supply for listing, exception can be made for established projects or tokens listed previously) - Have contract source verified on - Have website that clearly explains purpose of your project, terms of use and have clearly visible link to (you may add link to our website after we agree to perform listing) - Tokens that can mint/burn tokens for arbitrary address will likely be rejected 3. Useful links: API docs: Coinpaprika einax page: Einax logo for your website:

  2. 2018-12-04 08:02:28

    Dear einax customers! I am delighted to announce that today we are finally releasing Einax Exchange Demo market at What you need to know: 1. Demo market is NOT a real market. ETH and WT traded there are NOT real, cannot be withdrawn or deposited. Do not try to deposit or withdraw ETH to your TST account, because it will result in your funds being lost. Do not attempt to withdraw ETH from your TST account - since it does not connect to the Ethereum network. 2. Your current einax account will not work on TST. In order to participate in market testing, you will have to create a separate account. 3. Some features are disabled in TST environment (like SMS verification). 4. live vouchers will not work on TST and vice-versa. 5. Self-trading is ALLOWED for testing purposes (i.e. you can buy out your own orders in a testing environment). This will be permanently disabled in the live version. 6. All new accounts will receive 100 WT. To receive ETH simply redeem this TST Airdrop: 3680774 5833337 — 497446 7. Mobile version of markets is not supported at this moment Please feel free to register your TST account and try placing your buy/sell orders. If you experience any issues or believe that order was placed/executed incorrectly - do not hesitate to create a support ticket, or write us directly at We are also welcome all of your suggestions and feature requests. In order to get yourself familiar with einax trading interface please follow einax market interface guide available here: We will be frequently updating all available materials and improve overall service quality.

  3. 2018-11-28 15:04:13

    Ongoing airdrops: ETH: 3180738 9656623 — 834667 CETH: 3492909 0829300 — 754804

  4. 2018-09-24 11:41:41

    We have just added friendly telegram bot with itchy fingers to this group. All messages containing links to external resources (besides few whitelisted websites) should now be automatically removed. If you want your website to be whitelisted please pm @einax_mike

  5. 2018-09-12 10:59:03

    Have a taste of einax Airdrops! Receive some free $ETH from our promotional giveaway. Simply paste this code at your @einax_exchange account: 3596502 8405990 - 957656