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Last updated Sunday March 24, 2019

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  1. 2019-03-14 11:30:14

    Welcome to the 3commas Telegram chat channel :wave: Before you get started chatting with other users, please be careful when receiving private messages from users claiming to be 3commas admins! 99% of the time admins will not initiate contact with members of this group. Here are some frequently asked questions: Q: Can support help me in this chat? A: Sometimes a 3commas support member will be online to help you. If your problem cannot be fixed by other users’ suggestions, contact 3commas support is fast and thorough :muscle: Q: I have a question that has likely been asked before… A: Check the 3Commas FAQ first: Then ask the question if you couldn’t find the answer. Q: What is the best bot/which bot settings make the most money/what kind of gains can I expect? A: This depends on your trading experience and style. There are lots of great start conditions to pick from, and just as many strategies for using trading bots. Find a strategy that works for you and master it. Q: Ugh, Telegram?! Isn’t there a Discord server I can use instead? A: Yes! Join the 3commas Official Discord server here: Q: Are there any other channels on Telegram where I can learn about 3commas? A: Try these two channels from two of our admins, Steve & Kenji: Steve: Kenji: Q: I’m a visual learner. Are there any good YouTube videos that show me how to…? A: Yes! Here are two good channels to start with: Official 3commas YouTube Channel: Moonin Papa: Q: I just saw a coupon for a 3commas subscription for 70% off! A: That’s not a question. And that’s not a real coupon, either. :smirk: The highest referral code discount offered is 20%. Q: Are there 3commas Telegram groups in my language? A: Yes! Czech/Slovakian: Español: русский: Deutsche: Q: Are there other 3commas channels on Telegram? A: Yes! BitMex chat: Trade chat: Announcements:

  2. 2019-02-21 09:05:50

    Dear friends, we would like to remind you, that our engineering team will perform some maintenance works on 3commas servers in the nearest few hours. We expect some downtime, but will do our best to finish works as fast as possible.

  3. 2019-01-28 12:38:35 Guys, we found some zero star feedbacks calling us scammers (though it is literally impossible for us to charge a person through paypal without his authorization) on a truspilot website. Can we please ask you to send some true reviews and feedbacks? Seems this reviews have huge impact on SEO and google ratings. Thank you, Yuriy

  4. 2019-01-05 12:09:38

    Warning users of Twitch and YouTube a hacker is going around both platforms and posting this link which gives them backdoor access to your PC. I have confirmed this with actual friends where they logged into coinbase and attempted to withdraw, purchase crypto. They also use the computer to forward the same link to multiple Twitch/YouTube crypto channels. Below is an example of a hacked account posting the link. I would recommend not clicking on any links at this point unless you are on a computer that is seperate from the computer you use for sensitive accounts, opening in a VM if you know how, also logging out of any account that has 2FA set up once you are done using it.

  5. 2018-10-16 09:16:18

    Welcome to 3Commas chat! Please check our userbase portal and blog: If you have any issues with the service please send a ticket to support via web widget on the bottom right or to