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Last updated Monday November 11, 2019

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Telegram Crypto Group - Platform(ENG)
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Russian chat: @bitrent_ru

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10 months AGO
  1. 2019-01-28 13:22:46

    📩Dear friends and RNTB token holders! 📣Let me inform you about the current work of the platform and the prospects for its development. ✅According to Road Map and White Paper Biternt, we are announcing the start of accepting the RNTB token in order to invest in properties around the world. ✅ In the very near future, the catalog will be updated on the Bitrent platform and the factual objects available for investment at the moment will be placed. 📅28.01.2019 BitRent has entered into a partnership with NAS investment fund ❎All the conditions for investing in RNTB tokens, you can read in the telegrams of our partners' chat , as well as on the website tthttps: // from 1.02.2019

  2. 2019-01-25 14:51:03

    Greetings to all! 🤝 Dear investors and participants of the BitRent chat!📩 We are glad to inform you about the partnership with the investment fund New Age Solutions, which will come into force on 01/28/2019 from the moment of signing the contract.✍🏼 To your attention we present an unprecedented offer from the New Age Solutions fund using the RNTB token Want to know more?🙌🏼 Follow the official link to a specially created chat for RNTB token owners.👇🏼 With regards, Your BitRent Team😊

  3. 2018-09-20 07:37:18

    👋 Welcome to the BitRent group 👋 - Chat / Group for BitRent members ♻️ In the group, you have the opportunity to communicate on any topic related to our overall BitRent project, participate in the debate, watch discussions of fresh topics. Administration: 👨🏻‍💻💻 Harley | BitRent Team 👩‍💻💻 Anna | BitRent Team 👩‍💻💻 Anya | BitRent Team 📢 FORBIDDEN: 📢 ❗️Advertising account sales, advertising lending. ❗️Posting of any links, audio and video messages (Except for the link from our news channels). ❗️ Forbidden obscene language. ❗️ Baseless and unsubstantiated negative. ❗️Report negative rumors ❗️Support discussions of not a loyal audience. ❗️ Publish posts, articles in the group that denigrate activities ❗️Publicate posts, articles in the group damaging the reputation of BitRent. ⚠️ A strong request to conduct a dialogue exclusively on the topics related to the BitRent project ♻️ All messages not related to the topic, discussions, can be immediately banned or deleted by the administrator together with their author, without warning. Let's respect each other and maintain order. Thank you for understanding! We are trying for you, Thank you. 😊👍

  4. 2018-08-23 13:48:37

    HURRY UP TO PARTICIPATE IN THE LOTTERY FROM BitRent Conditions for holding the lottery and determining the winners: To become a participant of the lottery, you need to send 1000 RNTB to the public address of the BITRENT purse: 0x8086E4dce695CF0bB5e13cd0AD51bF44B1DCc43F and fill out the registration form( All collected RNTB tokens will be divided into two parts. The first part (50%) - will be the prize fund in the lottery. The second part (50%) - will be burned, in order to reduce the number RNTB tokens in circulation, which contributes to the growth of the price of the token on exchanges. The winners will be determined in 3 stages, by results of which will be randomly determined winning tickets (winning transactions). A lottery participant is a purse. A lottery ticket is a transaction (TxHash) that confirms the transfer 1000 RNTB to the public purse address BITRENT: 0x8086E4dce695CF0bB5e13cd0AD51bF44B1DCc43F Summing up and publication of the results will take place at 17:00 on 07/09/2018 (UTC + 8), a video of the online selection of the winners will be posted on the site.

  5. 2018-08-17 17:46:07

    Hi there, welcome to BitRent community 👋🏻 Please, follow our social media and visit BITRENT platform website and stay tuned! 🤓 ✅Facebook ✅Medium ✅Twitter (ENG) ✅Twitter (RUS) ✅Bitcointalk ✅Bitcointalk (RUS) ✅Telegram ✅Instagram ✅Reddit ✅Linkedin 👍 We already listing exchange: 📊Bit-Z ✅ 📊Yobit ✅ 📊HitBTC: ✅ 📊OTCBTC: ✅ 📊ExRates: ✅ 📊Etherdelta ✅