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Last updated Tuesday January 28, 2020

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Telegram Crypto Group INSCHAIN OFFICIAL
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insChain is an insurance ecosystem platform based on blockchain technology, we have launched several products, you can see all of our products on

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  1. 2018-10-10 03:17:40

    InsChain is a blockchain based insurance project founded by senior American actuaries, risk management managers and first-class experts in insurance, investment, artificial intelligence, and big data fields.InsChain platform can support new insurance business models .InsChain platform is designed with specific insurance industry pain points in mind and provides solutions to solve these problems.

  2. 2018-08-15 07:52:49

    【Great news】GETX would be listed on CoinX 21/08/2018, deposit and withdrawl would be available on 17th. See more details on And it is just the first step in August, more exchange is coming!

  3. 2018-07-24 07:42:55

    Great day everyone, we are glad to announce that insChain’s unique design account security insurance is now available to purchase on CoinRED Exchange. The coverage is almost 700 USD and we are now offering 1000 policies promotion with only 21GETX to enjoy following protection: Exchange Hacking Exchange physical invaded Exchange Employee Fraud Individual Account Hacking Transaction address entrance incorrectly Transaction delay *