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Last updated Monday November 11, 2019

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Telegram Crypto Group Blox Product Discussion
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Blox Product Discussion

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  1. 2019-11-06 11:09:14

    Everyone please note there is a fakr Facebook page pretending to Blox. Please disregard the messages!

  2. 2019-10-10 13:27:47

    Extra, Extra - read all about it! The IRS released some groundbreaking news for cryptocurrency taxation! For investors, professionals and the industry at-large, Blox would like to provide you with more information about this exciting news! #CryptoAccounting #Blox #CryptoTax #IRS

  3. 2019-09-24 13:02:32

    Don’t miss last week’s incredible and insightful on Crypto Accounting, the good, the bad and the cost basis! We were joined by special guests Friedman LLP, BPM and our very own Alon Muroch! Watch it today! #Blox #Crypto #Blockchain

  4. 2019-09-23 08:45:38 gathers together and summarizes today's best tools for crypto investors. When it comes to managing crypto for businesses or investors, having access to the best tools protects your bottom line and boosts productivity. Give it a read or share with a friend! #CryptoAccounting #Blox

  5. 2019-09-18 11:49:44

    For our Customer of the Week, Blox is proud to introduce, @EfficientFrontier! Their services provide professional liquidity management, analytics and more to inspire fair trade in digital markets! Welcome! 😎

  6. 2019-09-09 14:22:43

    Blox would like to invite you to join our webinar on September 12th at 12:00PM (EST). We will be with ABC, FriedmanLLP, and BPMAccounting to discuss Crypto Accounting: The Good, the Bad and the Cost Basis! Visit this link to register today!

  7. 2019-09-04 09:04:29

    Blox would like to invite you to our webinar, Crypto Accounting: The Good, the Bad and the Cost Basis on September 12th at 12:00PM (EST). This webinar will be co-hosted with the Accounting Blockchain Coalition, BPM and Friedman LLP! Together, we will be discussing the current state of crypto accounting and the future of the industry with our incredible guests! - Alon Muroch, CEO of, an industry-leading crypto accounting and tax software. - Steven Baum, CPA & Crypto specialist at Friedman LLP, a leading U.S accounting firm. - Dmitry Alexeev, Tax Partner at BPM, a California-based based consulting and accounting firm. Visit the following link to register:

  8. 2019-08-15 13:35:32

    Blox and our CEO, Alon Muroch, were featured on Bloomberg discussing the issue with crypto taxation inside the U.K and U.S. Click the image to read the article!

  9. 2019-08-07 11:18:47

    Blox office design amplified! Check out the quotes on that wall!

  10. 2019-07-30 12:50:22

    Our Co-Founder, Adam Efrima, pens this informative article illuminating the crypto accounting best practices for 2019! Dont get lost in the world of #cryptoaccounting. Blox can help you out! #forbes #blox

  11. 2019-07-18 11:19:34

    Blox Mobile App Just Got Better! We know our users love our Blox mobile app, so we decided to refresh it just for you! In this update from Blox, our PROFESSIONAL & BUSINESS users will love our enhanced and refreshed look on mobile for iOS and Android OS. The renewed user interface and user experience will bring you faster app performance and added functionality to make Blox even more productive and easier to use. We also want to introduce you to Insight Cards - where all the most important information you need is only one glance away. We keep you updated with all you need to know about your accounts, portfolios and transactions, right from the Blox app! Renewed UX/UI 📲 Faster Performance 🏍💨 Insight Cards NEW 💡 UPDATE NOW

  12. 2019-07-11 07:42:05

    Blox is proud to announce our partnership with @Zilliqa - to bring their global users the power of Blox’s platform for crypto accounting, management and tracking! This partnership signals the emerging industry need for smarter and more accessible crypto solutions for any user, anywhere!

  13. 2019-07-07 12:41:35

    What has Blox been up to? -Attended Accounting Blockchain Coalition Event - Official Members of ABC Organization - Sponsoring Bitcoin 2019 in SF - New customers: Insolar, Dharma, Sazmining Inc., Elite Mining Inc and many more! - Introduced new features: Transaction Table - Improved UX/UI for web, iOS and Android OS We have had a busy month - but get ready for the summer of Blox! Stay up to date by visiting us at!

  14. 2019-07-04 11:36:13

    Wishing all of our friends, family, customers, and users a happy independence day! - Your friends from Blox #America #July4th #FriendsFromBlox

  15. 2019-07-03 13:28:22

    CEO of Blox, Alon Muroch, shares his insights on the 4 crypto trends to expect for the next 5 years. Take a look at our latest article on @AccountingToday! The future is bright for crypto accounting.

  16. 2019-07-02 13:04:32

    Is it Libra from Facebook? Government intervention? The CEO of Blox explains to Forbes what is preventing crypto from going mainstream. You want the answers? Give it a read to find out!

  17. 2019-06-30 14:35:37

    Just because you have a great accountant, does not mean they understand what is needed to be a crypto accountant! Adam Efrima shares his insights with Forbes, on how to explain crypto accounting to CPAs that are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies.

  18. 2019-06-27 17:31:59

    What is your feeling about the market right now? public poll HODL we are about to m👀n! – 8 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 67% @Farhad_E_Tally, @uv_mi, @NasirGSM, @YuriyLavor, @SheepGod, @KevinSteele, @Slyx373, @Thirty2thousand BUY while it's low – 3 👍👍👍 25% @Topsykrett, BayBars, Fonz SELL it all! – 1 👍 8% @thorbjorn 👥 12 people voted so far.

  19. 2019-06-26 12:24:48

    Our news is out on the wire:)

  20. 2019-06-25 13:48:46

  21. 2019-06-20 13:23:05

    What’s up on the Block? A June update from!

  22. 2019-06-17 10:55:36

    Our Co Founder, Adam Efrima, was recently published on @Forbes to discuss his 5 predictions for the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Take a read and let us know some of your future blockchain predictions!

  23. 2019-06-10 12:51:55

    We researched insights from leading Crypto CPA experts and the results were eye opening! Take a read and stay tuned to get access to the complete report.

  24. 2019-06-06 17:57:49

    Blox is proud to be considered the new champion for crypto asset tracking by DisruptorDaily! It’s not easy, especially with some other great apps out there. Blox is steadfast in our commitment to provide a stunning, easy-to-use and intelligent platform for all our users.

  25. 2019-05-29 12:08:44

  26. 2019-05-27 07:41:23

    Look at all those smiling faces! Headquarters looking 💯🔥

  27. 2019-05-26 10:20:22

  28. 2019-05-24 14:04:17

    Also, we are happy to introduce you to the new Blox Medium page, where our big ideas and brilliant thoughts live and breath for you to read! If you would like to request a topic for us to discuss, please contact us anytime! We hope you enjoy!

  29. 2019-05-16 12:50:26 - One of the most important needs for todays crypto and blockchain companies is smarter solutions for accounting and bookkeeping. Check our Co-Founder, Adam Efrima, believes the future is bright for the future of crypto accounting!

  30. 2019-05-15 11:14:49

    We celebrated yet another great milestone for Blox. Our company is growing together with our industry, and we need to make sure we keep pushing in the right direction. We're happy & excited to move to our new offices!! A new beautiful home for blox employees:)

  31. 2019-05-13 20:38:37

  32. 2019-05-12 12:24:31

    Binance API Key Update Dear community, Due to the recent hack on the Binance exchange, they have recently blocked-out all current API’s. This means your current Binance information is not being updated into the Blox platform. Please create a new API key via Binance to continue support and integration with Blox. Blox would like to let you know that we are a Read-Only platform. This ensures all your assets and private information are safe and secured, during and after syncing with our platform. Thank you, Team Blox

  33. 2019-05-09 14:05:17

    Businesses that own or operate with cryptocurrencies understand the complexities of tracking, managing and accounting for their digital assets. For today’s crypto mining companies of the world, they face a distinctly complex set of challenges. Blox was built for crypto companies of all kinds.

  34. 2019-05-07 11:03:25 While the rest of the crypto world is looking at the price of Bitcoin, Blox is looking at the future of the industry. 🧐🧐🧐 Crypto accounting is a rapidly growing industry need. Take a look at the current state of crypto accounting, and how it will play a significant role for the next generation of crypto. #cryptoaccounting #blox

  35. 2019-05-01 08:11:45

    OKCoin, a global digital asset exchange is now supported by Blox! You can now synchronize your OKCoin account to start tracking and managing all your assets from the Blox platform. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

  36. 2019-04-29 11:26:00

    Technology is at the core of what we do, but behind our tech and platform is relentless security working 24/7 to ensure your assets are safe and secure. 🔐 Check out our blog post to help you understand security for crypto management and accounting. 💪

  37. 2019-04-25 15:09:23

    A picture tells a thousand words…🌅 That is why Blox users 💙 the Daily Snapshot feature to view their entire financial balance across all their #crypto accounts, wallets, and exchanges. 📸📊🔥

  38. 2019-04-14 12:26:02

  39. 2019-04-11 17:43:53

    Another day, another update to Blox! The entire team has been hard at work refining the crypto asset management platform we all know and love! While this is V1 of this update, there is more to come as the TX Table continues to be developed! For the first release, we have unveiled a smarter way to effectively track, label and manage your assets with more control than ever before. The new Tx Table makes it easy for you to categorize see more details about every transaction you or your business makes. - Get a detailed overview of all your account transactions - Chart of accounts logic with three levels of categorization - Enhanced transaction organization and accuracy - Easily view corresponding and related transactions - Improved UI to easily distinguish between transactions events - View your entire history of transactions across all your exchanges and wallets V2 is coming soon!

  40. 2019-04-09 17:49:13

    Blox is here at CIS 2019 and we decided to go big!! We aren't just at the event, you can even catch us on the road, too.

  41. 2019-04-08 14:27:14

    By the way guys, CIS is your chance to meet Team Blox! We will be attending the LA-based event tomorrow and are looking forward to meeting all of you and checking out all the cool projects! Check out our CIS blog post and get ready for the ride. Let us know if any of you are attending the event!

  42. 2019-04-04 15:55:03

    Hey guys, check out our CEO on Speaking of Crypto podcast, episode #58. “The great thing about crypto is that there is no barrier to entry. Anyone with a computer can start using it.”

  43. 2019-04-03 12:56:15

    Our human workforce can be our biggest asset or our biggest liability. Adam Efrima, Co-Founder of Blox, discusses how a potential mistake from human error has cost businesses money, customer loyalty and brand reputation. Take a look at his most recent piece in Coinspeaker!

  44. 2019-03-31 13:22:20

  45. 2019-03-26 13:39:53

    Our co-founder, Adam Efrima, had an insightful Q&A with BitIRA, discussing why finance professionals should rely on smarter technology for tracking digital assets.

  46. 2019-03-12 15:13:39

  47. 2019-02-27 09:39:43

  48. 2019-02-20 10:11:26

    Woop woop, it's time for MEET THE TEAM! Today with our lovely designer from our Chinese office, Fei!

  49. 2019-02-18 12:21:51

    We are happy to share with you our new segment! Meet The Blox Team, first up, our Director of Product Management!

  50. 2019-02-13 16:01:15

    Welcome to our AMA everyone, we would love to get your questions as you wish and we have a few we already collected in the past week through our support channels and some that came up in the past months

  51. 2019-02-11 11:04:30

  52. 2019-02-07 12:24:38

    Hey guys! We want to share with you our new video showcasing all the major features Blox has. We hope you like it! Feel free to share it with friends or in other channels. Let's spread the word about Blox!

  53. 2019-02-04 16:05:02

    It is time to make some announcements! In the past months we’ve been working really hard on getting our product ready for scale, and adjust it to our users' needs, while making sure we keep company growth and focus on the things that matter the most: Product, product, product! We are proud to release new website, consolidating our business & B2C platform into one, pricing & plans tiers and our CDT staking mechanism. Now, what does that all mean? - All users are now upgraded to Pro Tier where they will have access to most of our business features available on the web platform: * Bookkeeping tools - Classification, attachments, full documentation. * Shared workspace - Invite other users to join your portfolio. * Alerts - customizable email alert system for any significant movement, transfer or change in any of your portfolios or balances. * End-of-day portfolio snapshots - Automatic EOD snapshots for all portfolios, assets, and accounts. - Special promotion until Aug 1st - FREE 5000Tx storage space! Make sure you tell your friends so they can enjoy this awesome perk! - CDT - An integral part of Blox eco-system - Visit our website CDT for more information Our CEO will share some more details soon, which will share once out. But we wanted you all to get a sneak peek at our recent work. Also, we will have a LIVE AMA with him right here in Telegram next week so get your questions ready! It’s time for Blox to take the stage, FRONT & CENTER. We’ll be sharing a lot of info and news on our social channels so make sure you help us make the world know. It is time to get better, time to get Blox! We’re here for any question, suggestion, and bugs. Blox team!

  54. 2019-01-14 12:35:38

  55. 2018-12-30 18:21:37

    For a look back on Blox in 2018 here's a great piece by Alon Muroch 👍 “Blox in 2018” by Alon Muroch

  56. 2018-10-25 17:30:18

    As noted by CoinDesk, Blox will be a sponsor and attending the upcoming #ConsensusInvest! Shaping up to be a tremendous event with many other notable speakers and project exhibitors!

  57. 2018-10-19 11:38:58 Today we want to share with you our new media section called Weekly Recap. We'll do our best to gather the most relevant news in the crypto markets so you don't miss anything! We hopy you like it!

  58. 2018-10-18 12:33:26

    🔰 NEW UPDATE! 🔰 Big UI changes, NEW Settings Menu and much more!‼️ Time to take a look!

  59. 2018-10-13 07:22:31

    Hello fellow Bloxters! I'm happy to present to you our first of many altcoin technical analysis! This time - Ripple (XRP) 😉 Love it or hate it, let us know what you think! 👍

  60. 2018-09-23 19:25:10

    🎉 Welcome all newcomers!🎉 Welcome to Blox, your next-gen crypto portfolio tracking & management app! 🚀 We're so thrilled to see all of you joining us on our journey! 💡 Got a question / idea / suggestion regarding our product? Feel free to express it righ here, or PM one of the admins or team members 🤙 ✅ Don't forget to check out the pinned message 😎 ⁉️ Experiencing Issues? Feel free to drop an email to and our amazing team will get right on it! 😎 🌐 Useful links for you: Website: Android app: iOS app: Web app: Get better. Get Blox.

  61. 2018-09-09 11:43:39

    Goooood morning Blox! We're excited to announce a redesign to the website! We feel it effectively portrays our longterm vision with Blox as well as details and showcases some of our strongest features and assets! Take a look today at:

  62. 2018-09-07 10:27:39

    Happy Friday Bloxters! In case you missed it, Finance Magnates published an interview with our CEO, Alon Muroch, speaking about regulation and financial information in the crypto space. You can listen to it here:

  63. 2018-08-29 15:17:13

    We’ve just released a new Android Version What’s special about this on? So many NEW things❗ 1⃣ New Blox Stories V2, including: - Insights Surveys - Token Specific Fun Facts - Token News & Updates 2⃣ New Token Page V2, including: - Market pricing - New social sentiment surveys - List of Tokens ‘People Also Viewed’ - Daily Profit & Loss graphs - Token Rank Timeline graph 3⃣ Token Badges ❗️ - Look for the special ‘Token Badges’ on your favorite token pages 🤓

  64. 2018-08-20 10:39:40

    🎉 Welcome all newcomers!🎉 Welcome to Blox, your next-gen crypto portfolio tracking & management app! 🚀 We're so thrilled to see all of you joining us on our journey! 💡 Got a question / idea / suggestion regarding our product? Feel free to express it righ here, or PM one of the admins or team members 🤙 ✅ Don't forget to check out the pinned message 😎 ⁉️ Experiencing Issues? Feel free to drop an email to and our amazing team will get right on it! 😎 🌐 Useful links for you: Blog: Android app: iOS app: Web app: Get better. Get Blox.

  65. 2018-08-09 13:32:41

    Hello everyone! We have a cool announcement for you today! BitGo has added CDT to their list of exclusive tokens❗️❗️ read all about it 😎

  66. 2018-08-07 15:02:18

    In case you guys missed @DaniFX last Technical Analysis, and you want to know if we should be bearish or bullish on Bitcoin we STRONGLY suggest reading it now! So far he got all of his predictions spot on 🎯 H's probably right again 🤓

  67. 2018-07-31 08:59:26

    have you guys heard of the new McCoin? You should...🍔🍟

  68. 2018-07-26 12:24:38

    📣 Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Traders and HODLers, the quiz results are out!! 📣 There are a total of 367 users who answered all questions correctly, out of which 326 are eligible to receive the GRAND PRIZE for having completed all the required steps! A total of 100K CDT will be distributed between the happy winners 💰💰 If you are one of the winners, we will let you know personally, and if you weren’t contacted, that means that you did not win... better luck next time 🧠 If you still wonder about the questions, here are the correct answers:🤓 1️⃣ Author of the original Bitcoin whitepaper - Satoshi Nakamoto 2️⃣ First top 10 exchange to list CDT - HitBTC 3️⃣ FUD means - Fear Uncertainty & Doubt 4️⃣ CDT operate on what blockchain standard - ERC20 5️⃣ Vitalik issued premined tokens in - 2015 6️⃣ Carlos Matos’ infamous project - Bitcoinnect 7️⃣ A master node is - A node that provides additional supervisory services 8️⃣ Global peak of cryptocurrency marketcap - Over $800B 9️⃣ What is a hash? - Takes an input of any length and returns a fixed string of numbers and letters 1️⃣0️⃣ The Blox button that was implemented is - HODL 1️⃣1️⃣ The crypto that increased by more than 3000% is - XRP 1️⃣2️⃣ The first block in a blockchain is called - Genesis 1️⃣3️⃣ The cryptocurrency measured in photons is - Litecoin 1️⃣4️⃣ The best portfolio tracking application is….(drum roll) BLOX 🤯🤯🤯 Let us know what you thought about the quiz❗️ We look forward to receiving your feedback so next time we’ll make the campaign even better 👊 Get Blox. Get Better.