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Last updated Monday February 24, 2020

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Telegram Crypto Group Cube Intelligence [Official]
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Automotive security based on blockchain


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PS: We give zero tolerance to the spam posts and abusing. We will remove the posts and users with immediate effect!

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almost 2 years AGO
  1. 2018-05-09 10:10:49

    [IMPORTANT NOTICE] Welcome to the Official Cube Intelligence Chat Group. Please be sure to read through the following before using the Chat Group. 1. Official Announcement Channel We have decided to create a separate, Official Announcement channel. This decision was made to allow the Admins to focus more on their original roles within the company. By launching a separate channel for Announcements, we hope to spend less time answering redundant questions. (This message will be the only pinned message from this Chat group from now on). This is the link to the Official Announcement channel: 2. Chat Group Rules We decided to define some rules to create a more pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for the Chat Group. You may be restricted or banned from the Chat Group if you violate these rules. Users posting the following will incur “Ban and Deletion without Warning” A) Advertising other ICOs or posting irrelevant advertisements B) Posting derogatory or any other maliciously intended posts regarding Cube’s projects (We will humbly accept and always welcome constructive criticisms). Posts containing the following will incur “Deletion without Warning” A) Foreign languages other than English (including communicating in foreign languages using the English Alphabet). This measure is to ensure the Chat Group remains a global space. This will also prevent the unbalanced sharing of information which might benefit certain language speakers. B) Profanity or offensive words against others. Please be respectful to others as they would for you. We appreciate active communication, but there is no need to use offensive or slandering words. If these behaviors are repeated, any Admin in his sole discretion has the right to ban the user. The following are our “Recommendations”. A) If possible, please check our announcements by joining the Official Announcement channel. Meaningless questions such as “Is this true?” with captures of the Official Announcement channel may not be answered. B) Admins will try their best to answer your questions to the best of their ability, but they will not answer any questions regarding unofficial rumors, predictions of token prices, overly recurring questions, unreliable facts etc. C) As mentioned above, Admins will try their best and appreciate contributors taking interest and providing valuable opinions. However, they are only human beings, so please understand that responses to questions will be delayed outside official working hours (9am~5pm Korea Standard Time). We will try to respond ASAP If there is an urgent issue. We hope that together, we all can contribute to creating a constructive and comfortable Chat Group. Have a great day. Best, Cube Intelligence