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Last updated Saturday August 17, 2019

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Telegram Crypto Group Siacoin SC
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Active Admins: @CryptoBuu & @shadymeh

Listed in:
@Crypto > @CryptoCurrencies

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5 months AGO
  1. 2019-03-08 06:23:06

    We just published out Community Update for February!

  2. 2018-11-14 10:53:29

    ❗️❗️Unfortunately many Telegram users are receiving private messages from scammers requesting: 1. Help to withdraw money (These are fake/clone websites phishing for your identity). 2. To join a gambling syndicate (These will ask you to send crypto & are a complete scam). 3. Help from an exchange admin (These admins are FAKE, no exchange will private message you requesting you send crypto EVER). If you dont know the person messaging you, please click the block and report button at the top of the message. We have made telegram aware of these issues and hope for a resolution soon. Stay diligent and please share this post.

  3. 2018-10-04 11:51:43

    ❗️Sia Fork answers Exchanges will update to the new fork. Its unlikely the old chain will succeed as most exchanges will update & support the new fork and the old fork wont be traded on the major exchanges (if any exchange). This is an update for Sia

  4. 2018-07-28 07:06:46

    @hyperspaceapp for hyperspace questions. Not here

  5. 2018-07-10 16:23:50

    Hyperspace fork is over. You can move your sia around freely