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Last updated Monday November 11, 2019

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A New Era of Token Sales and Digital Asset Exchange: Best practices from the Crypto Harbour by Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange

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  1. 2019-10-30 11:30:12

    GSX Group Founder & CEO Nick Cowan, along with GSX Group’s Phil Young & Juno Services CEO Frederick Kanyike will be in London next week supporting the Think Gibraltar campaign.

  2. 2019-09-18 10:57:40

    Dear Community, As part of our institutional pivot, we are reducing the trading pairs that are currently listed on the GBX-DAX. We intend to focus on a core group of digital assets, which include the more established, high profile cryptocurrencies, as well as a range of tokens brought over from the GBX-GRID and our Sponsor Firms. Please click here to view the list of trading pairs that will be delisted and cease to be available on the GBX-DAX as from Monday 30 September 2019 at 12:00 UTC. If you are holding any of the tokens and/or currencies that are to be delisted please withdraw them from your GBX-DAX account at your earliest convenience. Any de minimus balance (less than US$10) of delisted tokens and/or currencies remaining in the DAX after 6 months will be converted to GBP and will be provided to a Gibraltar charity.

  3. 2019-08-17 09:34:21

    Dear Community, We have published our GSX Group Newsletter on Medium , covering H1 2019, allowing all community members the ability to catch up on what has been going on and what is to come.

  4. 2019-07-31 13:19:16

    Welcome to the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange Community, We are a Regulated and Insured Cryptocurrency Exchange, with fiat and stablecoin on/off ramps. Log in to GBX DAX and start trading today! GBX is a subsidiary of the GSX Group, along with Gibraltar Stock Exchange, Juno Services and GSX Blockchain Innovation Centre. The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange's Native token is STACS, the STACS token is also the native token for the GSX Group proprietary STACS Blockchain Protocol. Our Announcement channel allows you to catch up on all our recent news and events. Some of the most recent announcements are as follows: • Juno Services, a Subsidiary of Gibraltar Stock Exchange Group, looks back at Juno Services CEO Frederick Kanyike's first month on the job • Bitbond, a Fintech Lender and Security Token Issuer, Looks to Partner with Gibraltar Stock Exchange GBX aligns its focus with the group vision of institutional cryptocurrency and Blockchain adoption • GSX Group CEO Nick Cowan speaks about Gibraltar’s collaborative approach to both Blockchain regulation and education, in the IBM Blog Blockchain Pulse. • GSX Group, Development & Strategy, Daniel Evans shares his views on Coindesk, about Facebook’s Claim Its Crypto Is for the Unbanked Simple Group Rules: Please be polite at all times, swearing and abusive behaviour will not be tolerated We do not engage in speculative talk regarding our native token STACS (other market conversation regarding all other cryptoassets is allowed) Have fun and share your opinions on all crypto/blockchain related topics.

  5. 2019-07-09 14:39:01

    Dear Community, This is an important communication regarding your account and details changes at the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX). The Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) Group, which the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) is a part of, is committed to utilising Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), through the development of the STACS Network, to transform capital markets, towards a new era of blockchain-powered finance. The aim of the Group is to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the advancements in blockchain. GSX Group contains three distinct divisions within its comprehensive fintech ecosystem, Exchange Services (GSX and GBX), Financial Services (Juno Services and Fort Capital Solutions) Technology Services (Hashstacs Inc.) focusing on institutional clients. The Group intends to build out its services, offering a complete solutions suite, including: • Issuing, listing and trading* tokenised securities on a regulated stock exchange using the STACS Network. Currently, GSX supports listing Digital Securities including Corporate Bonds, Convertible Bonds, Asset Backed Securities, Debt Derivatives, Open-Ended Funds and Closed-Ended Funds on the Blockchain. The STACS Token powers the STACS Network and more details of its utility and usage on STACS will be released shortly. (*trading venue subject to regulatory approval ) • Providing a complete blockchain ecosystem (STACS Network) for tokenised securities to financial institutions seeking DLT solutions, through the GSX Group subsidiary joint venture – Hashstacs Inc. • Build global liquidity pools for tokenised securities through DLT interoperability via the STACS Network. • Administering funds (traditional and tokenised) including offering same-day bank accounts under Juno’s client bank account service; company incorporation and corporate services. • Brokerage, advisory and distribution solutions for clients via Fort Capital Solutions, an FCA UK licensed broker dealer. As part of the strategic focus on institutional clients, having reviewed and evaluated customer demand, GBX will pivot from its current retail model to a more institutional investor focused operation. Therefore, we are committed to keeping our account holders informed of the coming changes to the GBX platforms, and what it means for you as a GBX account holder. On this basis, the GBX’s digital asset exchange (GBX-DAX), will continue to operate for institutional and professional clients. The trading pairs will be reduced in number, offering deeper liquidity for clients. Similarly, the GBX token sale platform, the GBX-GRID, will now focus providing service to projects in the initial stages of funding cycles. This focus on early funding, such as the pre-sale period, will be aided by our well-developed network of institutional and professional clients. The GBX remains firmly committed to the institutional cryptocurrency industry and is determined to leverage the opportunities that are forthcoming from the resurgent market. In the coming months, the GSX Group will make a number of exciting announcements, building on this repositioning and expanding service offerings for the institutional and professional client. What does this mean for GBX? Through this strategic repositioning, to compliment the GSX Group’s wider services, GBX’s primary platforms remain largely the same: • The Digital Asset Exchange (GBX-DAX) will continue, for institutions and professional clients, with the aim of opening of a dedicated Over the Counter (OTC) desk*, operating within 100% cold storage, to protect our client’s assets. (*Subject to regulatory approval) • Our trading pairs will be reduced in number, to reflect the institutional repositioning of GBX. Continuing obligations to some tokens will remain. • Our Token Sale Platform (the GBX-GRID) will cater to projects in the earlier stages of funding opportunities, such as the pre-sale period, being linked with our network of institutional and professional clients.

  6. 2019-06-12 07:01:50

    Dear Community, Today is Wednesday and another #HOW session is upon us with our CEO Kurt Looyens. He will be answering any questions you may have so, please remember to tag all of your questions with #HOW.

  7. 2019-06-05 10:13:47

    Dear Community, Kurt Looyens, CEO, GBX, is LIVE NOW, hosting a special live #HOW session (AMA). Join us on our Facebook page where Kurt will answer your questions and meet the people that make GBX possible. You never know who might join in for quick chat 😉

  8. 2019-06-03 13:59:02

    Dear Community, Kurt Looyens, CEO, GBX, will be hosting this months live #HOW session with a new and improved personal approach. You will have a chance to meet the faces behind GBX with Kurt as your host. Following our usual #HOW process, we ask that you submit as many questions possible, as Kurt will be answering and commenting on the community feedback. If you feel that your questions were not answered during the last live session due to the constraints of time, please make sure to resubmit and let us know. Date: Wednesday 5th June Time: 10am UTC Location: GBX Facebook Page

  9. 2019-05-28 16:34:54

    Another Wednesday is upon us tomorrow!! Our CEO Kurt Looyens, will be conducting his weekly #HOW. The community engagement that gives all members a chance to voice there opinions, ask questions and provide constuctive feedback to the CEO himself. Please remember that Kurt will be popping in and out of the channel during the day, given the busy schedule of a CEO. If you would like to make sure your contribution to the engagement is not overlooked, please remeber to tag all posts with #HOW We look forward to your attendance !!

  10. 2019-05-27 14:02:51

    Welcome to the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange Community, We are a Regulated and Insured Cryptocurrency Exchange and IEO Platform, with fiat and stablecoin on/off ramps. Log in to GBX DAX and start trading today! GBX is a subsidiary of the GSX Group, along with Gibraltar Stock Exchange, Juno Services and GSX Blockchain Innovation Centre. The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange's Native token is STACS, the STACS token has a range of platform utility and is also the native token for the GSX Group proprietary STACS Blockchain Protocol. Our Announcement channel allows you to catch up on all our recent news and events. Some of the most recent announcements are as follows: • Former ABN AMRO Executive Kurt Looyens appointed as CEO of GBX • Juno Services, a Subsidiary of Gibraltar Stock Exchange Group, Announces Frederick Kanyike as CEO • GSX Group Account Centre launched for GBX • GBX is added as a market on Blockfolio • GSX Group CEO Nick Cowan speaks about Gibraltar’s collaborative approach to both Blockchain regulation and education, in the IBM Blog Blockchain Pulse. • GSX Group, Development & Strategy, Daniel Evans shares his views on Coindesk, about Facebook’s Claim Its Crypto Is for the Unbanked Simple Group Rules: Please be polite at all times, swearing and abusive behaviour will not be tolerated We do not engage in speculative talk regarding our native token STACS (other market conversation regarding all other cryptoassets is allowed) Have fun and share your opinions on all crypto/blockchain related topics Come say Hi and get to know the team, GBX will be at RISE in Hong Kong July 8-11 2019

  11. 2019-05-22 15:26:43

    Attention all members of the community, There is a fake Facebook account pretending to be GBX (Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange). They are trying a common scam to get users to deposit BTC or other crypto. Please do not fall for this scam, stay vigilant. The fake FACEBOOK account is: The real GBX FACEBOOK account is: If you are ever unsure, always head to GBX.GI and click our facebook link or confirm in our telegram channel. Thank you and thanks to @jesvinguok for bringing this to our attention. A vigilant community helps to make a safer community.

  12. 2019-05-15 07:40:43

    Dear Community, #HOW is back, with CEO Kurt Looyens available in the Telegram community today to answer questions and talk all things GBX and crypto. Join us for some croissants and a chat 😋

  13. 2019-05-13 13:17:21

    Once again, we would like to say a big thank you for participating in the GBX Knowledge Pro Quiz and congratulations to the winners: 1st Place: @amoc2018 2nd Place: @Tanyhed 3rd Place: @Sozmax Emails are on the way with further details. Keep an eye out for future competitions and the chances to win great prizes 🏆

  14. 2019-05-11 15:58:05

    Dear Community, 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣 Your voices have been heard and the Knowledge Pro Quiz: Quick fire rounds will be held on Monday 13th May at 12pm UTC. There are two more contestants that have made it to 3rd place, but have not made contact, please check your email inboxes and spam folders. If the two 3rd place contestants do not make contact before the start of the round, the prize will be given to the only contestant remaining by default. 🥇 contestants for 1st place are: @amoc2018 , @antoinestevers and @majesticcrypto1 🥈 contestants for 2nd place are: @Haz_d , @Tanyhed and @boncrypt 🥉 (current) contestant for 3rd place is: @sozmax Rules: At 12pm UTC on 13th May 2019 we will mute the GBX Telegram community channel and put forward 1 Question for the 1st place contestants @amoc2018 , @antoinestevers and @majesticcrypto1. We will then unmute the channel and the first person out of the two to answer correctly will be the winner. This same format will be followed for 2nd and 3rd place contestants. 🏆 Winners will be notified and the STACS balance will be airdropped into their GBX DAX account. Good Luck to all!! 🤞

  15. 2019-05-09 14:49:49

    Congratulations to all those that participated in the GBX Knowledge Pro Quiz. Winners will be emailed instructions by 10/05/19. Please read the email carefully and follow all instructions. The Quick Fire round for all those that have made it to 1st, 2nd or 3rd place will commence on Monday 13th May 2019 at a time TBD by consensus.

  16. 2019-05-08 08:08:09

    #HOW is back, with CEO Kurt Looyens available in the Telegram community today to answer questions and talk all things GBX and crypto 🤓

  17. 2019-05-07 09:19:34

    As part of the continuing development of the GSX Group ecosystem, and the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) user on-boarding experience, a new KYC centre called the ‘GSX Group Account Centre’, has been created. Users will receive an email detailing further instructions.

  18. 2019-05-06 17:18:31

    Dear Community, There is only 2hrs 45mins left for the Quiz. For all those that had tried to enter the quiz for a second time and were not able to, we have adjusted this to allow you all to enter. Access via the following link and try for a chance to win 10,000 STACS.

  19. 2019-05-02 05:42:40

    Dear Community, GBX is launching the GBX Knowledge PRO Quiz on 03/05/2019. There will be a STACS prize pool up for grabs, so, its time to hit the books 🤓 Read our blog post for the full details.

  20. 2019-04-05 13:00:16

    CEO Fortnightly Message 05/04/19 Dear Community, I have returned from my trip to London (only to return for further meetings there next week!) where we had some consecutive meetings on building a stronger foundation for the whole GSX Group towards the future. Big News Incoming! Next week will become a historic moment for the GSX Group, and we are preparing to release some very exciting news. I can’t divulge too much at this stage, but rest assured our community will be one of the first to hear about this tremendous milestone. The whole team have been working diligently in the background, and the time has almost come, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements early next week! Get excited. Brexit Preparations Most of us will be suffering from ‘Brexit Fatigue’ as the uncertainty continues to loom over the future of the United Kingdom’s relationship with the EU. Given the recent news of extensions and ‘No-Deal’ scenarios being up in the air, I want to assure our community that the GSX Group has prepared for every eventuality, we have established worst-case contingency plans, meaning our colleagues who live across the border will still be able to work, regardless of outcomes. I have expressed before that I believe Brexit (in any form) will not affect our business model, as it transcends borders and reaches across the world, and I remain confident that despite Brexit, the GSX Group will continue to grow in strength. STACS Team on the Road After the successful demonstration of a GSX demo bond using the STACS Protocol, the team at Hashstacs Inc, our joint venture behind the technology, have been on the road providing more demonstrations to large exchanges and organisations, with interest in this transformational technology gaining more traction amongst traditional financial institutions. We are now entering the final steps and gearing towards the launch of the STACS Network in full. We will naturally keep our community updated on this exciting prospect. STO Global-X collaboration Earlier today GSX Group group announced the start of collaborations with STO Global-X on the development of exchange technology relating to digital securities. You can read the full announcement here. GBX - The Big Community Quiz! Time for some fun! We want to thank our community for their constant support, joining us on this journey to bring about a new era of blockchain powered finance. We thought it would be fun to have a community quiz to test your knowledge on GSX Group, Blockchain and Crypto, to see how well our community truly know us! Of course, there will be prizes. Our community manager @cryptodonny will provide more details soon, so get the textbooks out and start swatting! That’s it for this Fortnightly Message. I hope you share my excitement on what is to come for the GSX Group; it is going to be a moment for the history books. Since our initial token sale and the incredible journey we have travelled so far, it is inspiring to see so many of your still with us and together pushing for the same goals and opportunities we strive to achieve. Nick Cowan CEO - GSX Group

  21. 2019-03-22 14:26:42

    CEO Fortnightly Message 22/03/19 Dear Community, As many of you have seen, we have been making some significant progress in building the trading experience for our users on the GBX-DAX. We have some interesting developments that will further enhance the user experience in the pipeline, and as always, our community will be the first to know. We champion our core values of institutional-grade standards, the fact we are licensed and regulated, coupled with the safety of our clients assets as a top priority, through our insured, multi-sig, cold wallet operations. All those elements are key to a strong foundation for our long-term success, but our focus must now be on user adoption and experience, watch for updates concerning this endeavour soon. Our community, as part of our journey, have offered tremendous support to the GBX, and wider GSX Group. They have shared our content, registered accounts, visited our stands at events and even visited our offices (i’m looking at you, @Wtiger1 & @Sozmax!), we want our community to share in the success of the GBX, at every step of our progress. We also want to continue to grow our community, which we can do through our referrals programme, if you support our efforts, you can do so while gaining STACS rewards in return, and together we can build an exchange for the future. Here are some key features since my last update, plus a few words from me on the future of STACS and the GSX Group ecosystem: GBX-DAX listed Five Stablecoins - PAX, DAI, USDC, GUSD, TUSD As I mentioned above, we are diligently working on providing our users with top-tier digital assets, and now we have listed some of the biggest stablecoins in the market. Stablecoins are fast becoming a highlight within the token economy, you can read more about our listings here. GSX-Group Developments and the STACS token Since the creation of our Telegram group for GBX, our companies under GSX Group have gone from strength to strength. You may have noticed that I have talked more about areas outside of GBX, such as GSX and the STACS Network. The GSX Group, as a whole, is on the brink of some major advancements, and the STACS token, our utility token that fuels that Group ecosystem, plays a significant role in those advancements. More will be revealed when the timing is right, but I wanted to give you all a short update on some of the areas in which GSX Group has developed in recent months. I know markets are tough, and the stacs token price has been under pressure - but we see an expansion of the utility over the next few months as we build out our STACS network. The Gibraltar Stock Exchange Today, GSX provides technical listing in debt and funds, traditional avenues which have begun to gain real traction; with our value and speed to market we are seeing much higher levels of engagement from the larger institutional players (we recently admitted a $55 bln debt program from Morgan Stanley). However, we firmly see that the future lies in the tokenisation of securities, or smart securities as we call them. In order to develop our own digital exchange, the team within our tech subsidiary Hashstacs have been working literally 24/7 to prepare the STACS technology for roll out. I’ve mentioned before on the successful launch of a ‘demo bond’ on the STACS Network, we were pleased with the initial results, and we will be further developing GSX to become one of the first stock exchanges to offer digital securities in the world, more on this soon (we hope to announce something in the next week or so!)

  22. 2019-03-13 11:46:54

    Following our latest announcement, the five stablecoins PAX, DAI, USDC, GUSD, and TUSD are now live on the GBX DAX and are all trading against BTC, ETH and USD. To celebrate the listing of these top-tier stablecoins, the GBX will be giving all users 30 days fee-free trading for all stablecoins on the DAX. The fee-free trading period has begun and concludes on Thursday the 11th of April. For more details, please read the article here

  23. 2019-03-08 14:09:03

    CEO Fortnightly Message 08/03/19 Dear Community, I am writing to you from the UK, where I have stopped over to meet with colleagues in our London office, and attend several meetings concerning the GSX Group. It has been a very productive two weeks since I last updated you all. We have hit another momentous milestone in our evolving history and taken another significant step towards realising our goals for a blockchain powered future for the financial markets. Here’s a breakdown of our major highlights over the past two weeks, starting with that key moment for GSX, the STACS Network and the wider GSX Group: The Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) Uses New Blockchain Protocol to Deploy Demo Bond This week has seen us achieve another historic milestone for the GSX, and wider GSX Group. Hashstacs made headlines with the STACS Network and the GSX used STACS to deploy a demo bond. You can read the full breakdown of the successful deployment here: XEM Joins Growing List of Digital Assets on the GBX-DAX The GBX recently listed the XEM token from NEM, brought to the exchange by the Sponsor Firm Techemy. With this, we welcome the NEM community to the GBX-DAX, and hope they enjoy their user experience with us. Together we can accomplish great things. OMG is listed on the GBX-DAX OmiseGO’s OMG token represented another successful token listing for the GBX-DAX. For more information on the trading pairs and the OmiseGo project, click the link below: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Fiat Trading Pairs to be Listed on the GBX-DAX Continuing to build on our user experience, with more trading opportunities for our GBX-DAX account holders, on 13th March 2019 we will list Fiat trading pairs for Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Check the link below for details: GSX Group Sponsors True Global Ventures’ Disruption in Finance Ben Soh, Executive Director of the GSX Group, was invited to a Fireside Chat at the Disruption in Finance event in Hong Kong. The event was Sponsored by the GSX Group. You can read the details of the event, here: That’s the round-up for this fortnightly message. As you can see, the GBX has continued its tireless work, building a comprehensive offering for our users, with more tokens and fiat pairs. We have something special lined up next week, so keep an eye out in the telegram channel and on the GBX Blog, Medium and social media for more details! Nick Cowan CEO - GSX Group

  24. 2019-02-22 14:02:12

    CEO Fortnightly Message 22/02/19 Dear Community, February is coming to a close and with each update I give to the community, the GSX Group takes another step closer to our goal of bringing about a new digital era for the global financial industry. There are some exciting prospects on the horizon in March, which I am eager to share with you. For us, 2018 was a year of building our foundations and aligning our focus. 2019 for the GSX Group will be the year of execution. We stand by our incredible achievements to date, and at the end of this year, we can look back again (perhaps to this fortnightly message) and remind ourselves of the further leaps in innovation and progress we have made. More will be revealed soon, and when it does, our loyal community will be amongst the first to know. Here are some of those steps forward I mentioned we have taken over the last two weeks: 1. OST Listing on the GBX-DAX The GBX-DAX has just recently listed OST (Open Simple Token), a project that champions the mass adoption of DLT, and seeks to support others in that endeavour. You can read more about OST, their listing, and the trading pairs, here: 2. ICNQ Listing on the GBX-DAX Last week, Iconiq Labs, one of our GBX Sponsor Firms, had their ICNQ token listed on the GBX-DAX. The team at Iconiq have long been a part of the GBX journey and share a common ethos of institutional-grade standards and a collaborative approach to user adoption. You can learn more about ICNQ and their team here: 3. GSX Group Co-Founds STOCOOP The GSX Group has been building bridges within the growing tokenised securities market, participating in the formation of the International Cooperative Organisation for Security Token Offerings (STOCOOP). David Wang, Executive Director of the GSX Group, took part in the organisation’s founding. You can read more about the STOCOOP’s intentions here: 4. GSX Group BIC is Holding its Second Blockchain Educational Event As part of our commitment to help drive adoption and innovation in Gibraltar’s blockchain development, the GSX Group Blockchain Innovation Centre (BIC) is holding a second blockchain workshop. The full-day workshop, on 28th February, is in collaboration with the University of Gibraltar and Coinsilium. You can read more about the agenda and get tickets via the following link: 5. Block TV Interview I was given the opportunity to be interviewed by Block TV. We discussed the GBX as a regulated and insured exchange, the digital asset markets, and Gibraltar as a leading fintech jurisdiction. You can watch the interview here, featuring my pride of place signed Arsenal football jersey! So, another round-up concluded and another step forward for each part of our growing fintech ecosystem, which together presents a completely unique offering for our clients. Only with the support of our community and the drive and focus of our amazing team can we together achieve our highest aspirations. Until next time! Nick Cowan CEO - GSX Group

  25. 2019-02-08 15:36:27

    CEO Fortnightly Message 08/02/19 Dear Community, The time has come once again to update you all on the recent events taking place across GBX and the GSX Group. My schedule often means there aren't enough hours in the day, but I make it a point to keep you informed and take stock of the progress we have made. It is important to me that our community is kept up-to-date and a part of our journey towards a new era of blockchain powered finance. Here is a breakdown of some of the recent happenings since my last message, plus a reflection on some of the recent events that have transpired in other countries, making news headlines. I want to emphasise the reasons why we operate the way we do, and how we have established ourselves for the long-term. Let’s get started: 1. GBX-DAX Lists Stellar (XLM) The GBX has landed another huge opportunity for our users, with the listing of Stellar’s XLM token. The distributed payment network, Stellar, is a pioneer for user adoption in blockchain and providing a low-cost payments method to the world. You can read more about the listing, and trading pairs here: 2. My Reflection on Security On my travels, at events and conferences, I’m often asked why GBX? Why do licenses and regulation matter? Why is it easier to open an account on other exchanges, rather than GBX? The recent events in Canada and New Zealand are a backdrop for my usual answer to those questions and should serve as a warning to those worried about the security of their fiat and digital assets. If you’re not worried about your digital assets, maybe you should be? Let’s look back to the incorporation of GBX - it’s a diligent process to get licensed, having to demonstrate to the regulator that we met the nine DLT principles: I. A DLT Provider must conduct its business with honesty and integrity. II. A DLT Provider must pay due regard to the interests and needs of each and all its customers and must communicate with its customers in a way which is fair, clear and not misleading. III. A DLT Provider must maintain adequate financial and non-financial resources. IV. A DLT Provider must manage and control its business effectively, and conduct its business with due skill, care and diligence; including having proper regard to risks to its business and customers. V. A DLT Provider must have effective arrangements in place for the protection of client assets and money when it is responsible for them. VI. A DLT Provider must have effective corporate governance arrangements. VII. A DLT Provider must ensure that all systems and security access protocols are maintained to appropriate high standards. VIII. A DLT Provider must have systems in place to prevent, detect and disclose financial crime risks such as money laundering and terrorist financing. IX. A DLT Provider must be resilient and must develop contingency plans for the orderly and solvent wind down of its business. One of the critical considerations is the security of client assets (Principle five). We had to demonstrate to the regulator and consistently show that we adhere to Principle five, ensuring our clients' assets are secure. Here at GBX, we do everything in our power to secure our clients’ digital assets. Firstly, almost all our assets are in deep cold-storage - permanently offline, extremely (on the verge of impossible) difficult to hack. Additionally, our deep cold-storage is multi-jurisdictional, meaning any event in one jurisdiction does not affect the other. Within our procedures, we operate a multi-sig system, with different levels of approval. We are even insured against theft. All those safeguards combined indicate how passionate we are about the security of our clients' assets. A single person should never have complete control over a company’s assets, especially clients’ assets. Our licenses and regulatory oversight makes us robust and institutional-grade, for the betterment of our clients. We have to comply with the highest levels and therefore operate at the highest levels.

  26. 2019-01-25 14:59:25

    CEO Fortnightly Message 25/01/18 Dear Community, I am writing to you from Singapore, where I have been travelling this past week for some key meetings on the next stages of our development for the GSX Group (more on that below). There have been some exciting announcements for the GBX-DAX, which I’m sure many of you are already aware of, thanks to our brilliant AmaZix team and GBX Community Manager! It is impressive to witness the steady growth of GBX, which we are building for long-term success. Every day we make new improvements, bringing new additions to strengthen our product offerings and services. We always welcome the feedback of our community, and we know many of you are as passionate about our journey as we are. Here are some of the latest developments over the past two weeks: 1. EOS & TRX List on the GBX-DAX The GBX has hit the ground running for 2019, with an aggressive expansion of our tokens and trading pairs on the GBX-DAX. We have, this week, listed TRON’s TRX, which needs no introduction from me, preceded by EOS the week before, and not to forget XRP the week prior to that. That’s three significant tokens in three weeks. You can read more about these listings here: EOS: TRX: XRP: 2. My Trip to Asia I had the opportunity to head over to Asia for a range of meetings, travelling to Singapore, then Japan, and on to Hong Kong, before returning to Singapore! My trip was packed with meetings between flights, but as always it was an amazing experience. I have just finished giving a keynote at the Security Token Future Global Conference, which was sponsored by the GSX Group. I spoke about the emergence of security token exchanges and our own STACS Protocol. More details on the event will be posted on our blog soon. 3. Techemy Joins the Sponsor Firm Network As I mentioned above, it is great to see the GBX expand and grow, and the Sponsor Firms play a vital role in the future of that expansion. They are the core foundation for the success of token issuers. Techemy becomes the 24th Sponsor Firm, and you can read more about them here: 4. Hydra X Announcement Both the GBX and GSX have entered into discussions with Hydra X. The Singapore-based firm has been developing an innovative infrastructure for a digital asset financial marketplace, which could lead to future partnerships between us and Hydra X’s Sigma platform. You can find out more about the announcement here: 5. Security Tokens Realised Conference, London The GSX Group sponsored a two-day event held in London, where our business development Manager, Aymeric Bruneau, gave a presentation on Global Interoperability for STOs & TDRs™ (Tokenised Depositary Receipts) in relation to the vast potential of the STACS Protocol. The team did a terrific job at the event and our stand appeared to be packed out on both days. You will find more information on the event on our blog soon. That rounds up this fortnightly message. Many other significant developments are continuing in the background, and I’m excited to share that news with you once they come to fruition. Finally, a big hello to our newly-joined community members, and a thank you to our stalwart veterans that have been with us since the beginning. Without our community and supporters across our platforms, we wouldn't be where we are today. Until next time! Nick Cowan CEO - GSX Group

  27. 2019-01-22 18:40:56

    GSX Group Roadmap Update We’re excited to share the updated GSX Group Roadmap, which includes the entire group's milestones so far and plans for the future. This includes not only GBX and GSX but also STACS and the extended group, which in the past year has grown from strength to strength. Remember, your STACS is now the utility token of the GSX Group, not just the GBX. Our journey has only just begun, and we look forward to many more milestones and accomplishments being added to this roadmap in the future. Thanks again for all your support on this incredible adventure. Nick Cowan CEO - GSX Group

  28. 2019-01-11 16:10:01

    CEO Message 11/01/19 Dear Community, Happy New Year to you all. I hope you enjoyed the holiday period. It’s a great time to reflect on the progress made over the year, but also to look ahead towards future goals and achievements. As always, the whole of the GSX Group has hit the ground running for 2019. The STACS Protocol rollout is on the horizon, coupled with other developments and enhancements across the Group. Here are some of the first updates of 2019: 1. STACS Update The and websites are now online, with more details and content available. There is a lot of work going on in the background: building, testing and refining what has the potential to be one of the most disruptive transformations to the capital markets in decades. Keep an eye out on Telegram for further updates soon. 2. Ripple’s XRP Listed on the GBX-DAX Ripple’s XRP needs no introduction; it is one of the largest digital assets in the market. The GBX announced on Wednesday that XRP is now listed on the GBX-DAX. With our fiat onboarding capabilities and our full insurance facility, XRP is now even easier to trade in a secure marketplace. For more information on XRP’s listing, click the link below: 3. GSX Group CEO voted on to GANT Executive Committee The Gibraltar Government has created a new initiative, led by the private sector. The Gibraltar Association for New Technologies (GANT) will promote the adoption and understanding of new technologies, such as blockchain, within Gibraltar. It’s a privilege to have been elected to be part of the executive committee and look forward to what we can achieve together as a jurisdiction. You can read more about GANT here: 4. Trip to Asia Next week I will be heading to Asia. Amongst some scheduled meetings, I plan on attending Binance Blockchain Week. The event, held at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, it will be an excellent opportunity to interact with thought leaders and innovators within the community. We strive towards mass adoption and greater incorporation, and it’s events like these that can help steer the movement towards that goal. I hope to see some of our amazing community at the conference. Going forward, senior members of the management team from across the GSX Group will be speaking at events in London, Paris, Hong Kong, Korea and more. You can find our upcoming event details on our website here: That’s the round up for this fortnightly message and the start of a very exciting 2019 for the GSX Group. This year could see some tremendous opportunities come to fruition, as we grow our fintech ecosystem and global protocol, while supporting new tokens and increasing our liquidity on the GBX-DAX. On GBX, we will continue to improve our user experience and provide a platform that meets our community’s expectations. I hope everyone here is ready for an interesting couple of months ahead when you’ll see our diligence and hard work come to life in the form of the STACS Protocol. Nick Cowan CEO - GSX Group

  29. 2018-12-14 15:41:28

    CEO Fortnightly Message 14/12/18 Dear Community, This will be the last CEO Fortnightly message of 2018. We will pick up again on 11th January next year. It has been a full-throttle year for the whole of the GSX-Group, and particularly the GBX. We have hit many personal and professional targets as a company and team. That team has grown significantly across the Group, many of those here in Gibraltar. We have reached important milestones, broken boundaries, and built new pathways toward greater blockchain adoption. It has been an adventurous journey so far and we relish the opportunities and challenges that 2019 will bring, including STACS Protocol, while continuing to build on our fintech ecosystem, supporting a new era in blockchain powered finance. So here are the latest developments since my last message, followed by a round-up of 2018 — a reminder of the tremendous progress we have made since the start of the year. 1. STACS Update: Whitepaper & Litepaper now live The technical Whitepaper for the STACS Protocol and an accompanying Litepaper have been published on the website. The Whitepaper details our intentions for the STACS Protocol and the technology behind the unique hybrid blockchain system we have developed. You can read the Whitepaper in more depth here: 2. New Insurance Policy for the GBX Some exciting news this week for our community and the industry as a whole. Digital assets on the GBX-DAX are now insured, including both hot and cold wallets. The insurance coverage is in partnership with Callaghan Insurance and is an important step forward for the security of our users’ assets. This news will instil further confidence amongst our users, underlining our continued commitment to the highest standards of governance and due diligence as a regulated digital asset exchange. You can read the full announcement here: 3. GSX Group Joins The Millbrook Accord During the Blockchain South Leadership Summit 2018, the Millbrook Accord was formed — a working group that helps promote the development of an industry standard for security tokens. Members of the Millbrook Accord, including the GSX Group as a founding member, will work together to provide solutions to aid the adoption of security tokens and tokenised securities. You can find out more about the Millbrook Accord here:

  30. 2018-12-10 16:53:24

    Dear GBX Community, I wanted to update you on the STACS Protocol as well as providing an update on the GSX. As announced recently, the GSX Group has entered into a joint venture with the Hong Kong publicly listed company, Chong Sing Fintech Holdings Limited, and blockchain development company, Prime Fintech Co. Ltd, establishing Hashstacs Inc. to assist in the development of blockchain technologies. Hashstacs Inc. is developing the Securities Trading Asset Classification Settlement (STACS) Protocol which will play a pivotal role, creating a unique public/permissioned hybrid global blockchain that will support the issuance, trading, clearing, and settling of digital securities. It will provide a scalable ledger network layer that seamlessly stacks on top of existing financial institutions and enables the tokenisation of the complete financial industry with zero inertia. The hybrid architecture maintains enterprise autonomy, while utilising revolutionary blockchain technology to create tangible and accelerated digitised financial services, adhering to the strictest regulatory standards. Following my trips to Asia, UK, and New York, I can tell you that the response from everyone has been incredible. I am pleased, therefore, to publish our technical whitepaper which details the protocol technology, as well as the staking and rewards mechanisms that will form a vital part of the STACS token utility. You can find and download the whitepaper here Regarding the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX), we remain focused on becoming one of the early tokenised securities exchanges, and of course, the GSX will adopt and use the STACS Protocol. We are working closely with our regulator, the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC), to ensure it is fully compliant with regulations, and we are also communicating with external regulators and partners to establish a global standard. Being a revolutionary change in the way markets work, this is a highly complex proposition given the regulatory and legal environment – but we are excited and optimistic about the challenge and will keep you updated regularly on developments as we progress into next year. Nick Cowan CEO, GBX

  31. 2018-11-30 14:31:39

    CEO Fortnightly Message 30/11/18 Dear Community, It has been an exciting two weeks since my last update. As some of you may already be aware, we have seen some significant developments and changes to our business. Before I go through those updates, I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to our community for their continued support. We’re in the business of changing the landscape of the financial world, and as we grow and develop in that endeavour, it is fantastic to see so many of you join us on this journey. So, on to the big news! The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) has been granted its DLT licence by our regulator, the Gibraltar Financial Services Commision (GFSC). We are now fully regulated, and the only Stock Exchange to own a regulated Digital Asset Exchange. But that’s not the only good news for our Community. Here is a roundup of our recent updates: 1. GBX DLT Licence On November 21st, the GBX began operating as a fully regulated entity under the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) licence from the GFSC. We have always maintained an institutional-grade platform, built on transparency, good governance, and best practices, and we have been rewarded for those efforts with a DLT licence. You can read the full announcement here: 2. STACS Token Update There has been a lot of interest in our upgrade from RKT to STACS as the GBX’s utility token. Our course has always set out to transform the capital markets with blockchain technology, the latest initiative is another step toward that goal. I recently updated you on the STACS Protocol and its incredible potential, and we wanted to make sure our community would share in our future success with the STACS Protocol as well as the GBX. Here is an update on the STACS token: 3. New Fiat Onboarding and Pairs More great news for our DAX users. We have extended our Fiat onboarding capabilities to include British Pounds (GBP) and Euros (EUR) alongside our current US Dollar (USD) offering. We are committed to providing the best user experience, and these new Fiat options make it easier than ever to get involved in crypto trading, overcoming the usual barriers to entry. You can learn more about what this means for our users here: 4. Consensus Invest 2018 I have just returned from New York City having attended Consensus Invest 2018. It was an excellent opportunity to network and promote the work of the GBX as a newly regulated exchange, the STACS Protocol and the broader GSX Group ecosystem. It was interesting to see more institutional participation, and the discussions and debates focusing on greater institutional adoption of the blockchain. You can find out more about the event here: 5. BIC Workshop Success The GSX Group Blockchain Innovation Centre (BIC) hosted the first professional Blockchain Educational Workshop in Gibraltar. In collaboration with London Blockchain Labs (LBL) and held at the University of Gibraltar, the workshop was attended by 100 local professionals for a full day's agenda on the fundamentals of blockchain technology. The day was a huge success and a fantastic experience for those in attendance. The BIC will be hosting more educational events in 2019. Click the link below for an overview of the workshop, and keep an eye out on the events page for future workshops:

  32. 2018-11-29 11:28:59

    Status update - 29th November With the help of IDEX, we have finished verifying the list of users and their RKT balances as of 23rd November 0300 UTC with IDEX. For those who have RKT in IDEX before the token swap, we have credited into their own Ethereum wallet the equivalent of STACS. For community members who have bought RKT on IDEX after the token swap on 23rd November, and are enquiring about the swap, please email (together with details of the trades/transactions history records) where the team will assess the issue and deal with the matter on a case by case basis. We will verify all available records and if the situation merits, we will absorb the ETH cost incurred in such deals, and acquire back the affected RKT. This is only valid for IDEX RKTETH trades after the token swap, on 23rd November only. In this case, users who were supposed to have STACS due to their valid RKT balances on IDEX before the token swap, get them. And innocent users who didn't know about the token swap but bought RKT using ETH, get covered back with their ETH spent. We feel that this is the best and fairest way to take care of all community members, to go beyond the extent of GBX DAX and ensure that nobody lost out. The STACS contract address is: 0x286708f069225905194673755f12359e6aff6fe1 Decimal places: 18 Ticker: STACS Thank you for your attention.

  33. 2018-11-26 16:51:42

    [Forwarded from Benjamin Soh | GSX] Status update - we are currently verifying the list of users and their RKT balances as of 23rd November 0300 UTC with IDEX. For those who have RKT in IDEX before the token swap, we will work towards crediting them STACS over the next few days. For community members who have bought RKT on IDEX after the token swap on 23rd November, and are enquiring about the swap, please email where the team will assess the issue and deal with the matter on a case by case basis. We will verify all available records and if the situation merits, we will absorb the ETH cost incurred in such deals, and acquire back the affected RKT. This is only valid for IDEX RKTETH trades after the token swap, on 23rd November only. In this case, users who were supposed to have STACS due to their valid RKT balances on IDEX before the token swap, get them. And innocent users who didn't know about the token swap but bought RKT using ETH, get covered back with their ETH spent. We feel that this is the best and fairest way to take care of all community members, to go beyond the extent of GBX DAX and ensure that nobody lost out. More details to follow in the coming days. Thank you for your attention.

  34. 2018-11-24 17:49:42

    Status update - we are currently verifying the list of users and their RKT balances as of 23rd November 0300 UTC with IDEX. For those who have RKT in IDEX before the token swap, we will work towards crediting them STACS over the next few days. For community members who have bought RKT on IDEX after the token swap on 23rd November, and are enquiring about the swap, please email where the team will assess the issue and deal with the matter on a case by case basis. We will verify all available records and if the situation merits, we will absorb the ETH cost incurred in such deals, and acquire back the affected RKT. This is only valid for IDEX RKTETH trades after the token swap, on 23rd November only. In this case, users who were supposed to have STACS due to their valid RKT balances on IDEX before the token swap, get them. And innocent users who didn't know about the token swap but bought RKT using ETH, get covered back with their ETH spent. We feel that this is the best and fairest way to take care of all community members, to go beyond the extent of GBX DAX and ensure that nobody lost out. More details to follow in the coming days. Thank you for your attention.

  35. 2018-11-23 10:31:55

    Status Update - As of 1030 UTC, we have enabled STACS trading. All Ethereum Wallet RKT holders should have received STACS Tokens. These are all unlocked. All DAX RKT account holders should have received the corresponding STACS Tokens, but require additional step to view the tokens within DAX (see below). Important Update for DAX users - All DAX RKT accounts have been credited with STACS. As the method that we used to credit your DAX account was unique, we are sorry that there is an additional step required to view these tokens. Please go to your “Account”, under “My Balance”, click on the Deposit button at the STACS Account. Within one minute, your STACS balance will be updated. For Ethereum Wallet balances, they should have already been credited. You can add the token by the contract address to view it in myetherwallet/metamask etc. The STACS contract address is: 0x286708f069225905194673755f12359e6aff6fe1 Decimal places: 18 Ticker: STACS

  36. 2018-11-19 08:03:55

    Dear GBX users, From the 19th of November 14:00:00 UTC to 20th of November 14:00:00 UTC, the deposits and withdrawals of all tokens will be suspended temporarily as we continue our new wallet upgrade. During this time, however, all tokens will continue trading as usual. This wallet upgrade is part of our continued efforts to deliver the world-leading, institutional-grade GBX Digital Asset Exchange (GBX-DAX) including improved performance and security.

  37. 2018-11-16 14:38:34

    CEO Fortnightly Message 16/11/18 Dear FORTs, I’m sure by now you have all seen the announcement regarding our new Joint Venture, Hashtacs Inc. and the STACS Protocol. I want to expand more on our plans and the future for the GSX Group and the fintech ecosystem that we are building, so, great news. Today, you’ll be getting not one, but two updates from me. I want to go into as much detail as I currently can, regarding STACS (formerly GSP but now so much more), and to do that, it requires a second message to you all. Don’t worry, I won’t make you wait. It’s coming shortly after this update. Without further ado, what’s been happening at the GBX over the last two weeks: 1.Hashstacs Inc. Joint Venture This week we announced Hashstacs Inc., a joint venture between GSX Group, Chong Sing Fintech Holdings Limited and Prime Fintech Ltd. There’s a lot to tell you, but if you missed the official announcement, you can find it below. I will be following up this message with a dedicated update on STACS. Keep your eyes peeled. 2. Maecenas ART Token to be listed on the GBX-DAX The company behind a decentralised art gallery auction market, Maecenas, and their token ART are to be listed on the GBX-DAX. Brought to GBX by the Sponsor Firm Lightbulb Capital, trading for the ART token will be live from the 19th November, you can deposit now to be ready in time, and you can read about this latest listing and the utility of the ART token, here: 3. GBX-DAX Supports the BCH Hard Fork With the latest developments in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork yesterday, the GBX-DAX supported the change-over relating to a software upgrade. The GBX has taken care of all processes associated with the fork for our users, if you have any queries, please e-mail or message in the TG community. You can read about the BCH hard fork, and the GBX-DAX related procedures here: 4. GSX Group On The Road Web Summit 2018 The GBX was present at the colossal Web Summit in Lisbon, exhibiting to the 70,000+ attendees over the three-day event. It has been a year since we began our initial roadshow at Web Summit 2017, in which time we have developed an entire ecosystem to be proud of. You can view the write up of the event here: Societe Generale Innovation Week UK The GSX Group was invited to the inaugural Societe Generale Innovation Week UK in London. Hosted by Societe Generale as a networking and collaboration event, I had the opportunity to give a presentation on the GSX Group ecosystem and our latest developments. The details of the Innovation Week can be seen here: 5. BIC Gibraltar Blockchain Educational Workshop The GSX Group is always looking for ways to support the blockchain economy, both in Gibraltar and abroad. This is why we set up the Blockchain Innovation Centre (BIC), whose mission statement is to help grow and support the industry workforce for the new digital era. On the 19th November, the BIC in association with London Blockchain Labs is hosting a blockchain workshop at the University of Gibraltar. The event sold out 100+ tickets in just 10 days. Keep an eye out for future events, not just in Gibraltar. You can view the details here:

  38. 2018-11-02 14:16:27

    CEO Message - 02/11/18 Dear FORTs I’m writing to you today from Asia, after attending Hong Kong Fintech week and last week’s Gibraltar Week events in London. The GBX continues to grow and every week we’re seeing an increase in new referrals from our GBX Rewards programme and new tokens applying for both the GRID and the Exchange. Over the past two weeks, I’ve been in meetings in London and Asia, introducing the Global Securities Protocol to interested parties. The response so far has been phenomenal and we will soon be able to share more information with you. Time for the update: CGRID tokens distributed and now listed on the DAX After CGRID’s successful token sale on the GBX GRID, all tokens have now been distributed to all those that participated. CGRID is now also listed on the DAX and available to trade as a CGRID/ETH pair. It’s great to see the transition from primary to secondary listings happen, a reminder of the complete ecosystem the GBX offers issuers. You can find out more about CGRID’s listing here: 2. ICNQ token sale live on the GRID Iconiq Holding’s exclusive GBX token sale is currently live on the GRID. The team at Iconiq, who is a Sponsor Firm within the GBX network, decided to run their ICNQ sale on the GRID. We wish them the best of luck for their token sale. Patrick Lowry, the CEO of Iconiq Holdings held an AMA here on TG, so feel free to scroll up and find out more. 3. Gibraltar Week events in London Fintech and Financial Services events with Gibraltar Government Last week Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar hosted two events for the fintech and financial services sector. A fintech and crypto funds breakfast, held in the RAC Club and a financial service lunch in the Library at the Guildhall in London. Both events were packed houses as people continue to recognise Gibraltar as a leading jurisdiction for DLT and financial services, and I was fortunate enough to sit on a panel and share our thoughts on the future of virtual assets. Gibraltar International Fintech Forum London Gibfin held its first event in London last week, a great turn out, with more than 400 people attending a full day of industry-leading speakers from Gibraltar and around the world. The forum was opened by the Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo and saw the Hon. Albert Isola, Minister for Commerce address the attendees at the event. I also presented, updating everyone on GBX and our plans for GSX and the GSP. Sponsor Firm Summit in London It really was a fully packed week in London last week, as we also held our first Sponsor Firm Summit in London. 24 representatives from our Sponsor Firm network attended the day, which was filled with industry insights and open discussion regarding the GBX ecosystem and the industry as a whole. Once again I would like to thank everyone who attended, including some who flew in from North America and even from as far as Australia. A hugely productive day and a reminder of just how global the GBX network really is. A number of actions have come out of the summit as we push to grow the GBX.

  39. 2018-10-19 14:06:18

    CEO FORTnightly Message - 19/10/18 There is a lot of work being done in the background here at GSX Group. We have been hiring to strengthen our already incredible team, focussing on the GBX business development network in London and Singapore. Our work on the Global Securities Protocol (GSP) is also making significant progress. We continue to travel extensively meeting with our Sponsors, potential Sponsors, industry experts and project leaders. Many commentators on the global conference network note the current bearish sentiment that the sector is experiencing and although there are many questions and uncertainties in the short term, this is counterbalanced by a feeling that in the long run there is clear vision and optimism. Bridging that ‘canyon of doubt’, navigating the obstacles in our way requires energy, talent, creative thinking and some risk-taking too! What we also believe is that the global exchange scene 2 years from now will be very different to what we see today. The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) has continued to grow and develop. It is a testament to the robust platforms we have established, here is what has been happening since last we connected: 1. GBX Rewards Programme Goes Live Our GBX rewards programme is now live, each GBX account holder will find their unique referral link and code in their account profile page. Sharing this code online helps you gain rewards. For every person who completes registration for a GBX account using that link, both the referrer and the referral will receive rewards! It is our way of giving back to our community and saying thanks for your support. You can read more about the rewards programme here: 2. BLZ Live on the GBX-DAX The team at Bluzelle and all of us here are at the GBX are excited to see their token, BLZ, now live and available to trade on the Digital Asset Exchange (GBX-DAX). Brought to the GBX via the Sponsor Firm True Global Ventures (TGV). You can find out more about this blockchain veteran project, and the trading pairs available here: 3. GBX-DAX to List IOST Another popular token has made its way to the GBX-DAX, brought to GBX by the Sponsor Firm IOST will begin trading on the GBX-DAX on Oct 22 08:00:00 UTC, you can find out more about the listing details and the IOST project here: 4. GBX-GRID, The ASMX Token Sale The Sponsor Firm Kession Capital have brought their first token sale to the GBX-GRID. ASMX caters to lending platforms and loan originators, you can find out more about their upcoming token sale and the project here: 5. ICNQ Token Sale update Iconiq Holding is conducting a secondary release of their tokens on the GBX-GRID, the Group which contains the Sponsor Firm Iconiq Labs, has set a hard cap of €2 million worth of ICNQ tokens. You can read all about the token sale, which begins on Thursday, 1st November 2018, 11:00 (CET), here: 6. Smarter Ledgers Join the Sponsor Firm Network Smarter Ledgers, based in the United States and Europe, have joined our community of Sponsor Firms becoming the 23rd member in our growing network. You can read about Smarter Ledgers and what they can provide token issuers in our announcement here:

  40. 2018-10-05 13:10:11

    CEO FORTnightly Message - 05/10/18 I have been back in Gibraltar for the last two weeks, continuing to develop our ecosystem both here and further afield. Our work with the Global Securities Protocol (GSP), a subject that I touched upon in my last update, is particularly relevant. The GSP project is our technology subsidiary that is looking to bring together the advancements of blockchain and tokenised securities with the traditional financial world. It aims to radically transform the capital markets with Distributed Ledger Technology. Members of our senior executive team shall this weekend be returning from a global summit in New Zealand, where we shared ideas with some of the world’s other leading figures in the token securities world on how best to drive the industry forward. Recent announcements believe that the value of blockchain technology, when aligned with security tokens, will reach 10% of global GDP - roughly $8 trillion - within the next 6 years. Think about that for a moment, and consider where we are now. With an international effort that is collaborative, not competitive, there is no limit to what can be achieved. These are exciting times. I look forward to sharing further developments on how the GSP matters to you, our Community, as soon as possible. In the meantime, we have been hard at work as always at the GBX, delivering on our planned roadmap to provide an institutional-grade ecosystem for the crypto space. Here is what we have been up to recently: 1. DAX Listing Announcement: Bluzelle We are very excited that Bluzelle has come to list on the GBX-DAX, and amongst other pairings, utilise our fiat-onboarding capabilities with USD. You can learn more about Bluzelle and their work, plus the details of their listing here: 2. Referral Programme Roll-out The final touches are being made to our GBX Rewards Programme, and the roll-out has commenced so you can now begin referring your friends! It is our way of giving back to our supportive FORTs and ROCKers while introducing new users to our community. You can find all the details of our GBX Rewards programme here: 3. Sponsor Firm Summit Asia The GBX team held a Summit for our Sponsor Firms based in (and near) Asia. I delivered a presentation on the latest developments across the GSX Group, and we discussed and debated the rules and processes of the GBX-GRID and GBX-DAX, to ensure we are always providing the most robust and supportive services. You can gain an overview of the summit here: 4. CrowdVilla Token Sale Concluded The Crowdvilla token sale on the GBX-GRID was concluded. Due to the endeavours of Crowdvilla management team, they were able to reach the hard cap by selling to property owners who share their vision. Due to the paper works involved, the completion of their sale will take a few more months. You can read more about the sale conclusion here: 5. GSX Group Travels to Hanoi/Malaysia After my visit to Asia, the team continued the GSX Group roadshow, talking about our latest initiative the Global Securities Protocol. One of the events was led by the Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT), you can read about their experiences here:

  41. 2018-09-21 13:27:45

    CEO FORTnightly Message - 21/09/18 I’m writing to you this week from Singapore, where I have had some incredible experiences, speaking with people about the latest phase in our mission to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the emerging blockchain industry. In my last FORTnightly message I touched upon the emergence of security tokens. We see this as the next evolutionary step for our industry; establishing more products, markets and opportunities for broader participation and adoption. I've previously shared the work we have been doing behind the scenes at the GSX Group towards this goal, and I am excited to let you know about our latest endeavours. 1. My Trip to Asia and The GSP Protocol The meetings and events during my time in Singapore have been focused on communicating our technology solution, which we believe is required to support tokenised securities through good governance, best practices and the highest regulatory standards. We have called the solution the Global Securities Protocol (GSP). We aim to use the GSP to transform capital markets with blockchain technology, bringing together other stock exchanges, investment banks and qualified institutions to utilise the GSP, creating more avenues for issuers to gain access to the blockchain powered finance of tokenised securities. Naturally, RKT will play a pivotal role in the GSP, which will have public access and transparency. A protocol designed specifically for tokenised securities, open to all. More detailed information will be announced shortly. 2. Atlantic NeoTechnologies joins the Sponsor Firm Network Please join me in welcoming our latest Sponsor Firm, Atlantic NeoTechnologies (ANT), to our incredible community of token advisory experts. ANT is part of a Group with extensive experience in international banking, investment advice and asset management. You can read more about ANT's approval status as a Sponsor Firm here: 3. Sponsor Summit: Singapore As part of GBX’s commitment to our Sponsor Firms, we maintain a continuous two-way relationship, open to dialogue and feedback. Holding Sponsor Summits is a great way to bring our community of Sponsor Firms together, and provide a platform for discussion and debate. Through these summits, we collaborate and improve on areas such as the token issuer admission process, or redefining the listing and Sponsor rules. 4. Infinitus Token Sale Concluded Congratulations to the team at Infinitus for selling 92.89% of their tokens! It’s great to see innovative projects get the funding they need to provide solutions through the blockchain. You can find out more about the Infinitus project here: 5. Token Sales Live on the GRID Just a reminder, we have two token sales on the GBX-GRID. Both the Õpet and the Crowdvilla sales are currently live, and you can view the details here: Here is a quick snapshot of the projects: Crowdvilla is a community-focused, blockchain, non-profit organisation that provides a platform for users to share holiday homes around the world. Õpet is a foundation project building a blockchain to store the educational admission data of all students. In order to ensure data is accurately collected at the source, Õpet is also developing a mobile application chatbot to expand students' horizons.

  42. 2018-09-07 13:00:04

    CEO FORTnightly Message - 07/09/18 Since I wrote to you last, we have witnessed significant volatility in the markets and, with it, some voices of concerns about where the token industry is heading. We ignore the naysayers and, regardless of market conditions, look to the future with increasing confidence. There are a number of reasons why, that I‘d like to share with you. The demand for higher standards is now greater than ever before and comes from every corner: governments, regulators, industry, and general consumers. As a result standards, accountability and transparency are improving. There is of course still work to do on a global level but players such as GBX, in supportive jurisdictions like Gibraltar, continue to take bold steps to help move the industry forward, to increase confidence. The GBX-GRID (token sale platform) and our GBX-DAX (Digital Asset Exchange) are venues where today token issuers, buyers, and sellers can go and be treated honestly and fairly. Furthermore, the emergence of security tokens (securities issued in token form onto blockchains) are the beginning of the next evolutionary step for our industry: to create new products, new markets, widen participation and liquidity, enhance the delivery of service in capital markets, and improve the risk profile of the market’s infrastructure. From our meetings with many people in the industry, including more recently at conferences in London and Singapore, we believe that many are overwhelmed with information on this subject but at the same time, hungry for knowledge and eager for a regulatory compliant solution. Just as we are doing for utility tokens, we at GBX are playing a significant role in providing global leadership on security tokens within the GSX Group. Providing clarity, consistency and certainty on this matter is truly one of the main themes to watch out for now and into 2019. We are eager to share with you our plans soon and we wish for all our ROCKers to join us on this important step in our journey. In the meantime I have some fantastic updates to share, including some great upcoming announcements, so let's get to it ROCKers! Welcoming CCMC to the Sponsor Firm Network Our global network continues to grow, strengthening our offering for the GBX. Their experience as blockchain venture capital investors brings additional strength to the network. It’s a pleasure to welcome Martin and the CMCC team to the GBX. New GBX-DAX Listings Very soon we will be announcing new additions to our exchange, the GBX-DAX. Since launch, the feedback on the exchange has been great, but we know that you would like to see more developments so the team has been working hard on this. We can’t wait to share this with you, and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed when we do.

  43. 2018-08-24 13:36:20

    CEO FORTnightly Message - 24/08/18 Hi ROCKers, It’s been another busy two weeks as we approach the end of the summer season. In Gibraltar and Asia, the teams have been hard at work as always and the new HQ is becoming a hive of activity as the business comes together under one roof. I would like to share with you some of great work and the progress the team at GBX have made in the last two weeks. 1. Blockchain Assets Capital become the 19th Sponsor Firm We welcome the boutique investment and advisory firm Blockchain Assets Capital (BAC), based in Australia, to our Sponsor Firm network. The continual growth of our global network shows the continued belief in the GBX Ecosystem. With more firms around the world onboard we will continue to see top quality token sales be presented to the GRID. I’m thrilled to welcome the team onboard and can’t wait to see what they bring to the GRID. To find out more about BAC, see the link below: 2. Iconiq Bring ICNQ Token To The GBX GRID. The Iconiq team, one of our Sponsor Firms, have been hard at work developing their own digital asset management project as part of Iconiq Holdings. It’s fantastic to see our Sponsor Firms wanting to use the GBX GRID for their own projects. Their token - ICNQ - is being adapted to work within their growing ecosystem. Exciting times all round and if you want to find out more, see the link below: 3. Infinitus Token Sale Is Now Live The Infinitus project token sale is now live. Infinitus is an encrypted storage Dapp of digital data. Their token sale of INF is currently taking place on the GBX GRID. The project was brought to the GBX GRID by Sponsor Firm Venture Capital Network. We wish them the best of luck. For more information about the sale and the project, click on the link below: 4. BIC & Blockchain: Back To Basics The GSX Group Blockchain Innovation Centre and Digital Asset Management (DAM) co-hosted a meetup at the Sunborn Hotel in Gibraltar. The event was titled Blockchain: Back To Basics and was designed to support the growing blockchain economy here on The Rock. The Meetup was a huge success with over 100 people in attendance from firms offering support services for the DLT and blockchain industry in Gibraltar. It’s been great to see the positive feedback from the event and we’ll be hosting more educational meetups and workshops going forward. You can watch a news report from Gibraltar’s local broadcaster GBC on the event here: 5. The GBX DAX Grows The GBX Digital Asset Exchange is growing from strength to strength with the number of registered users increasing each week. Originally we had planned to have zero fee trading for all those that registered before the 17th August, now we’re pleased to announce that we have extended this to the 14th September. If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t miss out! 6. Rock Meetup in Singapore The GBX team in Asia held their second ROCKout meetup in Singapore, these monthly events are an opportunity for the community to come together to learn and network. This month’s meetup was focused on the blockchain ecosystem and the key stakeholders involved. An enthusiastic crowd of more than 100 people turned up. Another great event showing the engagement from our FORTs across the globe. To find out more about the event, click below:

  44. 2018-08-10 13:00:37

    CEO FORTnightly Message - 10/08/18 Hi ROCKers, It’s the summer season which means, for many of our Community, the holiday season. While Europe has been engrossed with an unprecedented heatwave, here at the GBX we’ve been hard at work. Let’s kick off with the news. As you are aware, the GBX Digital Asset Exchange is now live and open to the public. In our first two weeks we have been really pleased with the account opening procedures, deposit and withdrawal processes as well as the feedback from the community. On the back of that significant milestone, I am thrilled to share further developments over the last couple of weeks. 1. New tokens on the GBX GRID As you may have seen, the GRID is filling up fast: The Õpet Foundation’s token issuance has been admitted to launch on the GBX. The Õpet token, OPET, will be available for sale, supported by Sponsor Firm Venture Capital Network (VCN). The Singapore-based Sponsor Firm Venture Capital Network (VCN) has successfully submitted a new token issuer, Infinitus, and their token INF to the GBX GRID. For more information about the Infinitus Project, please visit: Crowdvilla announced the start of the their token sale on the 6th August on the GRID. The initial Early Access Pre-Sale phase ends on August 31 with 30% bonus. There is a 14 day cooling off period before the contribution can be made, so make sure you register your interest before the 16th August to take advantage of the early access bonus. You can find more information here: 2. The Sponsor Firm Community Grows The Sponsor Firm network has gained a Gibraltar and UK based addition to the continually growing community. Ramparts have been approved to become the 18th Sponsor Firm offering more opportunities for token issuers to launch from the GBX-GRID. You can find out more here: 3. T2T Lists On The Digital Asset Exchange (DAX) After had their successful token sale on the GBX GRID, the T2T token is now listed on the GBX Digital Asset Exchange. T2T faced tough market conditions, but this is a company that has a great product (which we use) and the utility the token provides will only grow. T2T will be the first of many tokens launched from the GBX GRID that are then available to participants through our exchange. You can register to trade on the GBX Digital Asset Exchange here: 4. Remember, Zero Trading Fees till the 14th September. I just want to remind everyone, if you haven’t already signed up, you have one week left to make sure you benefit from Zero Trading Fees on the Digital Asset Exchange until the 14th September. Remember the cut off date is the 17th August.

  45. 2018-07-27 14:58:10

    CEO FORTnightly Message - 27/07/18 Dear ROCKers, It has been a very busy and very productive two weeks for the entire team here at GBX and I’m excited to share this update with you: 1. The GBX Digital Asset Exchange Is LIVE. The 23rd of July marked one of the most important days for GBX as a business. The GBX Digital Asset Exchange is open to the public. After going through the KYC process, individuals and institutions will be able to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and our own Rock Token (RKT) with the US Dollar. We have opened with fiat onboarding making it easier for our users to get started on our institutional-grade platform. Additionally, against BTC and ETH, there are other crypto pairs that you can trade including BCH, ETC and LTC. This launch is the biggest milestone for the GBX so far and one that has taken countless hours of incredible work from the team, demonstrating how much we can achieve together. Not forgetting the amazing support from our community, and as a thank you, we have launched with zero trading fees until the 14th September 2018, as long as you are signed up by the 17th August 2018! Don’t miss out. Details of our exclusive trading competition will be announced soon, so stay tuned ROCKers! For more information on this incredible milestone, visit: 2. DLT Capital, Stratx & MasterNode Ventures Become Sponsor Firms Our Sponsor Firm network continues to grow, and we are happy to announce that there are three new additions to the network since my last update. Let’s give a warm welcome to DLT Capital, Stratx and Masternode Ventures. Based in Germany, DLT Capital is an international consultancy and investment firm, comprising of industry experts with extensive experience in traditional corporate finance, coupled with community and marketing management services. You can find out more about DLT Capital here: Stratx Consulting Inc specialises in due diligence and research relating to crypto-assets. The team behind Stratx, based in Toronto, Canada, have a great deal of experience in blockchain and traditional capital markets, giving a well-rounded and comprehensive service to token issuers. You can find out more about Stratx here: MasterNode Ventures is an Australian based blockchain/cryptocurrency advisory service and incubator, founded in December 2017 after conducting one of Australia’s most successful token sales to date. You can find out more about MasterNode Ventures here: 3. Zero Carbon Project Admitted To The GRID The Zero Carbon Project has been admitted and is now getting ready for it’s token sale on the GBX GRID, with a start date to be announced soon. The project aims to offer a marketplace to help reduce carbon emissions and is the first token sale brought to the Grid by Sponsor Firm AmaZix, who have considerable experience in the crypto and blockchain space. For more information about the Zero Carbon Project please see the GRID:

  46. 2018-07-13 12:59:21

    CEO FORTnightly Message - 13/07/18 Hey ROCKers, Mid-July already?!?! They say time flies when you’re having fun. We’ve been working hard across the board, and there is so much going on behind the scenes, it’s incredible! As per usual, here’s my quick update for everyone. 1. Live AMA On Wednesday 11th July I hosted my first LIVE AMA from the brand new offices in Gibraltar. I strongly urge you all to head over to facebook to watch the video. Our community is always great at getting involved and joining the conversation, so it was great to give you all an update. 2. CGRID & CrowdVilla on the GBX GRID It’s been busy for the GBX GRID recently. We’ve had two new tokens admitted to the GRID and things are ramping up. I know you all want to see more tokens make it to the GRID and it’s something that everyone is working towards. Our Sponsor Firm network continues to grow and as the network grows, the experience and reach across the globe is evident to see. More details about the upcoming sales will be announced as soon as we can, but in the meantime, you can find more details about each of the projects below. Find out more about CGRID here - FInd out more about CrowdVilla here - 3. Sponsor Firm network reaches Australia Last week we were especially excited to announce that Crypto SA had been approved to join the Sponsor Firm network. Our reach now is more global than ever with 14 Sponsors now confirmed, with further announcements coming very soon. We can boast having Sponsors in North America, UK, Continental Europe, Asia and now Australia. Crypto SA bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience in the space and of course opens the GRID up to new and exciting projects from “down under”. Welcome to the family gents, we can’t wait to see what you bring to the GRID. 4. New team members As always, it’s exciting times as we can introduce more new members of our team. Our new Head of Business Development in Gibraltar, Kurt Looyens joins the GSX Group, bringing with him a wealth of experience from a career in institutional banking. Marta Stejter also joined the team this week as our new Marketing & Events Executive. Her experience in event management, media and communications will be an asset as she becomes a core part of our international marketing team. We want to welcome them to the team.