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Last updated Tuesday October 19, 2021

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Telegram Crypto Group Digipulse Airdrops
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about 3 years AGO
  1. 2018-08-02 13:53:17

    ATTN: To achieve mass adoption, we'll soon introduce Digipulse Freemium! Sadly, since only 2 people have used #dgpt for its main purpose, it's becoming obsolete. So we're offering our investors several exchange options before delisting the token on Dec 15, 2018. This decision didn't come easy (an understatement) but our data shows that the token isn't fulfilling its main objective. Out of the 320 service sign-ups we’ve had until July 25th, only 2 people have actually allocated tokens to the service, meaning that only 2 people have actually used the DGPT token for its main purpose. Community members who have supported our vision, rather than just token speculations can either exchange their DGPT for a share in the company (for 10k holders and above), or become a 'lifelong' Digipulse Premium subscriber (proportionally to the number of tokens held). 👉 GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENT: 👉 IMPORTANT DGPT TOKEN HOLDER INFORMATION: 👉 CEO BLOG POST (tl;dr)

  2. 2018-07-01 13:13:08

    Thank you all for your faith, trust and patience! 🔐🌎👍🚀 We're super proud to announce that DIGIPULSE HAS LAUNCHED! 🔐🌎👍🚀 Go to to create your first vault and start your free 30-day trial! Please share the love on social media! Now that we have a product, we'll be putting in all efforts in getting the word out as much as possible with PR, Ads, Media coverage, and Sales! ❤️ Twitter: ❤️ Reddit: ❤️ Facebook: ❤️ LinkedIn: